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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  September 28, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. we begin with good news from capitol hill [audio difficulty] got a huge welcome as he returned to capitol hill this morning. he was nearly killedback in june when a gunman ambushed a baseball practice session. the bullet tore into blood vessels and/or against. he thanked thespecial agent who helped saved his life. . good afternoon, thanks for
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8 days afterhurricane maria flattened most of puerto rico food, water, fuel and medicine are in short supply. the trumpadministration moved to waive restrictions on ships to allow deliveries for ships to travel there. some lawmakers still criticizing. . >> reporter: more than 3,000 shipping containers are sitting at the port of san juan. >> in these containers we have medicine, water. >> the vice president of the the shipping service says the supplies could help more than a half million puerto ricans. >> unless trucking companies start showing up unfortunately there is nothing that we can do. >> reporter: the governor told us there's a shortage of drivers to deliver the essentials. >> the bus drivers that would initially take these [audio difficulty].
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>> can't find them or reach them. >> reporter: most roads are still blocked by debris. linesstill stretch for a half mile or more as people wait in the heat for necessities. >> this is our third day getting gas. >> reporter: under pressure from congress the trump administration is now temporarily waiving restrictions on foreign ships to allow deliveries into puerto rico. lawmakers called for more. . >> we are american citizens. they have fought in every conflict, they have shed blood. they have died for our freedoms. it is morally ly he be come wanted on us to help them. >> and president trump is planning to travel to the island next tues
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. playboy founder hugh hefner has died. playboy he wantprizes say he passed away peacefully at his home. he was91 years old. he became theultimate playboy himself. hewas born in 1926 to nebraska farmers. in 1953 after he began publishing the magazine the first addition sold nearly 55,000 copies. that wasa big deal back then. as you can imagine lots of responses on social media right now. let's take a look at some of them. tom tweeted hughhefner was an icon no question but characterized him for civil rights and women's rights champion is disinn again with us. >> richard tweeted [audio difficulty] contributions to the world are everas
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. >> all right. you can join theconversation. log onto any ofour social media pages join our conversation. now, wusa9's first alert weather rated d.c.'s most accurate forecast. >> a refreshing breeze in the air. there goes maria. we've got to get her out of here so we can get shipping over to puerto rico as well. behind ityou also see sunshine and breezy conditions and cooler temperatures. we're in theupper 70s to near 80 now. mid-80s in richmond. only inthe 50s in the mountains and 60s when you look at pittsburgh and the nice cool down is headed our way. locally we've gottemperatures in the 70s, fairfax, rockville only 73. north beach at 80.
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northwesterly winds coming offshore so feel pretty good and looking good. there's thejefferson memorial this noon hour looking at temperatures today, they're not going to get much warmer than they are now. say upper 70s to low 80s, winds at times will gust, 20, 25, maybe 30 miles an hour. thingswill calm down some tonight. the futurecast is fairly quiet as we go through the overnight period. temperatures falling bymorning in some spots looking we may see a few upper 40s before the sunrise on friday. and thenfriday as we go throughout the day i think a good deal of sunshine, and highs tomorrow will be in the 70s here. all these mid-70s and low to mid-70s and may a little shower that's going to try to come through tomorrow evening. ofcourse our forecast available anytime you want it, . >> looking forward to that 7- day. i know there's some falllike temperatures finally in that. new at nth
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teacher's aide who pled guilty to 15 federal child pornography charges is facing a hundred years in prison. caraway hasbeen sentenced to 75 of those. prosecutors say the abuse took place at a community center where he directed a youth choir and where he was at children's home. >> someone came and ran and told us that the police were out there with guns and get into the building. some terrifying moments in fairfax county after an office with kids inside was put on lock down following reports of gunshots. it did later turn outto be a suicide. the shootingitself happened in falls church. here's a map showing you the location. this is not too farfrom the shopping center there. the building held offices as well as that preschool. now,we're told at least one office in that buiin
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is going to remain closed. there is nothreat to the community right now. unfortunately those -- fortunately the preschoolers are home and safe with their families. we do not know allthe circumstances surrounding this. i'm sure we'll haveupdates throughout the day on our website. the vice president is holding a tax reform event. president trump rolled out his proposal yesterday. it is thebiggest tax overhaul in 30 years. the gop says the planwill cut taxes for the middle class. democrats insist that'snot the case. the presidentsays it's a 6 trillion dollar $6 trillion tax cut that will favor working class americans. >> it will protect low income and middle income households, not the wealthy and well connected. >> what a family of 4 would gain with respect to an extra 12 $12,000 in standard deductions they lose more than $16,000 in
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dependents. >> it calls for slashing the corporate tax rate and reducing the 7 income tax brackets to 3. . senators are on capitol hill today meeting with intelligence committee staff looking into how russian internet trolls used social media during the election. a number of techcompanies are expected to testify in public next month. >> reporter: congressional investigators say russian internet trolls were able to purchase facebook 5s with the goal of dividing americans. cbsnews confirmed at least one of the 3,000 ads specifically targeted baltimore and black lives matter movement. >> we hope to learn facts. what has been done, what has been published, who is doing what in this? >> it would be useful to understaha
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social media outlets are doing to protect the public. >> reporter: lawmakers say the trolls are still at it. oklahoma senator langford said while nfl protested this weekend russians were flooding social media with hashtag boycott the nfl and hashtag take a knee. >> they were taking both sides of the argument this past weekend and pushing them out from their troll farms as much as they could to raise the noise level in america. . >> reporter: facebook, twitter and google have been invited to testify about russian influence on social media at a senate intelligence committee hearing on november 1st. in a facebook post wednesday zuckerberg wrote the company will do its part to defend against nation states attempting to spread misinformation. . also in that same post
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facebook was always anti-trump, he said both sides were upset about ideas and content they don't like. 11,000 signed petitions were delivered to the board today to save -- [audio difficulty] urging board members to implement a flat fee. the group is made up of riders, community organizations and labor groups who say they've had enough of the anti-writer decisions made by the board. well, in response to recent deaths along train tracks 2 board members are leading the charge to educate the community about rail safety. it's beinghosted at the vre station. atrain hit and killed an 18- year old girl who was walking on the tracks back in august. . coming up next meet the bride who thought she would never see part of her big day until our special assignment
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. it is one of life's biggest milestones, getting married. imagine paying a photographer to document your special day and never delivered what he promised. a local familythought those priceless memories were lost forever. >> to hear the family tell it indian weddings are spectacular, 4 days of music and dancing. that's why they signed a contract to pay a local wedding photographer 6 thousand dollars $6,000 to capture every moment. >> it's not the money. i justwant my pictures. that's i allwant. >> by the time we met with members of the family they were desperate. . >> we pleaded with him literally pleaded.
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they've been trying to get all their daughter's wedding photos and videos from chris walters and his company georgetown pics. >> we pleaded with him saying look, you are a photographer you should know how it feels to lose memories. these are press shoesmemories. >> we even said that we're at your mercy. >> but we like you to please show some humanity. >> we don't get a response from him that is the most frustrating part. >> back in 2015 the family signed a contract agreeing to pay walters 6 thousand dollars $6,000 to document their daughter's engagement, wedding events and reception. >> this is the [audio difficulty] and if you want to go back and see those moments and you don't have it >> they've already paid 4 $4,000 plus thousands more for a lawyer to try to get their memories back through legal action. itdidn't work. >> i sometimes think about it
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able to look back at our wedding day again. it's really, reallyupsetting. >> obviously we cry inside. wetrusted him and you know, he -- he broke that trust. . >> i've tried text messaging, calling him, calling from different phone numbers, we've tried email, and then we tried going to his house. >> those memories are more precious to the family both doctors that's because they have a doctor. >> we wrote him a letter and put it on his front door. >> just to think about what he's done to us and how he's hurt us. >> for a year after the wedding a family friend pleaded with walters who did turn over a small batch of unedited still photos but no video. >> so we did some digging and uncovered records indicating that's owes 74 thousand dollars $74,000 to the irs, filed for bankruptcy 3 times, had more than a dozen cases against
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and d.c. dating back to 2007. when we approachedwalters's home we heard his voice inside. hey chris i can hear you're home but he wouldn't come to the door. >> last chance to work with us. we tried a new tactic. we called his wife. . >> yeah, are you married to chris walters? you don't know. 30 minutes later walters called back. hepromised to ship the photos and videos and provide us with a tracking number. but we insisted on meeting him in person. he agreed as long as as we didn't bring a camera what would it mean to you to get the video back? to get all thosephotos? >> i mean, i don't think i can describe that. it's -- you know, kind of completeness. >> i would be so relieved, so happy
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video over and over and over again and see those pictures you know as often as i can. . >> here's everything. here's all your videos, photographs including your engagement photos. >> are you kidding me? >> what? . >> how did you do that? . >> oh my god. oh my god. >> no way. . >> you're totally -- you're totally joking. . >> oh my god. . >> oh my god, thank you. . every photograph. we bought a driveto hold all of it. and you canthank john for dubbing it all over. >> thank you. >> i'm actually kind of speechless.
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. >> let's sit down and you can react to getting this back. >> thank you. we just cannotthank you enough. . >> a dream come true. >> it's been so long. >> it seems surreal. >> yeah. . >> memories the family feared they had lost forever. . >> i think these memories are priceless and i just -- speechless. . >> my goodness. that gave mechills watching that. very unexpected to see that. when we asked walters whyhe had not delivered the photos sooner he did not have really any explanation just that he was going through some personal issues. now, for some tips onhow to find felt if he is, contractors you can go to our website just go to if you have a wedding story of your own maybe a horror story
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our conversation on facebook. that was so unexpected. >> great pay off. something that might make you feel just as excited, but the 7-day forecast is not looking so bad. >> the only people complaining are the people saying we need rain. it has been dry. i knowguard inside and lawns like the rain. mother nature isn'thelping at all. it is going tobe really nice around here the next few days. this afternoonbreezy. we'll have gusts 20,25, maybe 30 as temperatures get close to 80, maybe 81 here in town. north and west will notget out of the 70s today. we'rein for a chilly night. nats areback in town for the final home stand of the regular season. playoffs will start next weekend. i'm think ago lightjacket or sweat shirt but other than that we'll be in good shape. winds are gusting to 25in town. starting to pick up in southern maryland with gust t
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we'll feel the breeze all day long. compared to yesterdaywe're 13 colder at this time. and 6 colder in washington with the current reading right at 79. the big picture shows 81 in d.c. but pittsburgh, buffalo, detroit today in the 60s for highs. tomorrow not much changeand look at this low to mid-70s for much of virginia and maryland and delaware. even thebeaches. there's maria finallykicking her out. and we're looking at a decent future car's. the only thingi'm looking at rain wise in the short-term, a secondary cold front tomorrow night. fridaylooks good for much of the day, low to mid-70s, but here's this front, notice some showers, if they hold together we may see a passing shower tomorrow after dark across the region. not
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it. by saturday a cooler shot of air is in. i'm thinking saturdaymay not get out of the 60s. bigpictures in the tropics, there's maria, there's lee, they'll turn from tropical to post tropical. at that point they can come to together. early next week thebritish islands will be dealing with what's left of these weather systems. for us ourforecast decent. 81 todaybreezy, 56 tonight in washington with less wind. we'll be in themid to upper 40s in the cold spots. tomorrow 74 with maybe apassing shower. 56 tomorrownight. saturday breezy at types but i'm calling for [audio difficulty] nice on sunday 72, slim chance to see a shower monday and warm and dry tuesday and wednesday. we'regoing
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. on this week's episode sports off script they're going to weigh in on this week's protests at nfl stadiums and take you inside the locker rooms to get an idea why the players coaches joined it. . we'll be right back.
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[ door opens ] >> cane: hey. i came as soon as i got your message. it's good to see you. >> lily: yeah, i thought we should talk. >> cane: if this about the marriage counselor, you know, if you don't like her style or something, we could always change her. >> lily: i won't be going to counseling again, no matter who you pick. >> cane: why? you don't want to try anymore, or...? >> lily: i just think that we should talk, just the two of us, because we came into this marriage alone, and that's the way it should be now. so i think that you and i need to discuss our future -- tonight. ♪


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