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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  September 29, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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danger on the trail, women attacked while out for a walk. >> can the government monitor your social media based on where you're from? we'll verify. >> a woman with a rare genetic disorder needs medicaid to pay for help. so why did a judge cut her off. >> prayers that a body found behind a church isn't this missing prince george's county woman. we'll talk about that first tonight. let's get started.
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there is breaking news tonight. iyoung woman, ashanti billie, missing nearly two weeks and now a body has been found in charlotte and her family is on the way. marcella robinson joins us now. >> really awful news, not what ashanti billie's family is hopeful to hear praying the body found in charlotte is not their daughter. the search for ashanti billie started with this desperate plea from her mother. >> please pray for my baby, please. please pray for ashanti billie, my daughter, my baby. she's my everything. please pray for her. bring my baby home. >> reporter: now this nearly two weeks later. >> we have received information that a body has been located in charlotte, north carolina. >> reporter: a young woman's body was found in a field behind this church. it
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a assistant's family is to nort ashanti's family is flying down to north carolina. >> we ask you continue to pray this is not ashanti billie. >> reporter: her car was last seen entering, then leaving this military base in norfolk where she was supposed to go to work, but she never showed up, her cell phone and car later found abandoned. she recently graduated from wise high school up here in prince george's county and had just moved to norfolk a month ago for culinary school. tonight her family still hoping they'll find their daughter alive. >> i know she's scared. we know she's scared, but she's strong. she's a fighter. we raised her to be a fighter and be strong. she's coming home. she's going to come home to us. >> reporter: and the fbi has taken over the investigation, is now the lead in this investigation tonight. they are aware of the body found in charlotte but not confirming anything. >> it's not the ne
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wanted, but everybody is still holding hopeful you hope. -- hope. you can follow the developments in this story by downloading the wusa9 app. beautiful weather means a lot of us are outside exercising. on some popular trails in fairfax county there is fear after six women were attacked in the past two weeks. tonight we're learning 21-year- old jeremiah tolly is charged in the most recent assault yesterday on a trail in random hills road in fairfax county. here stephanie gailhard. >> like to explore different paths and they aren't very long. so you know that you can't really -- i thought you can't really get hurt on a short path. >> reporter: rachel's sense of security here is now shattered. other joggers feel the same way. >> scary, inappropriate, clearly i think this person must have some mental issues. >> reporter: police sa
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attacker grabbed a woman from behind in a bear hug and groped her. it happened thursday while she was walking alone on this fairfax county trail. thankfully she wasn't hurt. in all of the cases the women were exercising on trails just like this one around 4:00 or 5:00 when the seemingly unthinkable happened. detectives are now trying to figure out if all of the cases are connected. >> i'm actually really shocked about it just because i think of this area as a nice neighborhood usually and pretty safe and the fact that it happened so early in the day when it's not even that dark is pretty shocking to me. >> i have two children that take the bus. their bus stop is actually just about a block away there. so i'll probably walk them to the bus stop and kind of hang out until the bus comes. >> probably stay where people can see me and main traffic is located. >> reporter: police say it's important to keep the following safety tips in mind. you always want to exercise with a friend in a familiar area when it's still light out.
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also vary up your routine and pattern so it's not predictable and finally, be aware of your surroundings. stephanie gailhard, wusa9. new tonight a d.c. woman accused of throwing a cup of urine on a metrobus driver has been arrested again, this time for failing to show up for a court hearing yesterday. opal brown faces a charge of simple assault over the urine incident that happened last month in southeast. brown said she tossed the urine because she was mad at the driver and she hates metro. we're following another breaking story tonight. president trump's pick to head healthcare in america is out. this afternoon the president accepted the resignation of health and human services secretary, tom price. as you know, that scandal centered around price's use of private flights. pete pete muntean is -- pete muntean is here now
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talking about $1 million of those trips, a half million dollars worth of flying over the atlantic through asia, africa and europe. one trip, though, a chartered flight to only philadelphia. so we're only talking 100 miles. it really went against trump's promise of draining the swamp and that's really what he was very upset about. the new york times reporting trump berated price for two hours today. it was after price pledged to pay back $52,000 for his seat on those flights, but that was not the whole bill. here is trump to reporters this afternoon before all of this went down. >> i'm not happy, okay? i can tell you i'm not happy. look, i think he's a very fine person. i certainly don't like the optics. >> all right. so he didn't like the optics, but what happens now? there's an acting secretary effective at midnight -- >> there's an acting
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effective at midnight tonight, j. wright. he's assistant secretary at dhhs. we'll have to wait and see. largely the repeal and replacing of obamacare falls on this person's shoulder. >> the dhhs secretary is not the only one being investigated for these chartered flights. so is the scandal over? >> i don't think. so the new york times is reporting. other journalists are digging into this chipping away at travel expenses of other cabinet members tonight, interior secretary ryan zinke, treasury secretary steve mnuchin and scott pruett and we've learned chief of staff john kelly is now personally approving travel of all cabinet secretaries. so this is clearly a focus of the trump administration tonight. >> he is really trying to get a handle on this thing. >> the military precision that he has. >> thank you, pete. we know you'll be following this for a while. the united states naval ship comfort is on its way to puerto rico
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the hospital ship left norfolk, virginia, this afternoon and should arrive tuesday. on board? medical supplies for at least 30 days and more than 800 service members. the need there certainly cannot be overstated. take a look. >> my insulin ends today and i need it to stay alive. >> so many people have either run out of medicine or just lost it when the hurricane barreled through. some local doctors are going old school setting up house calls. pharmacists are also hitting the road loading up their cars with life saving medicine. president trump said today his administration was doing a very good job responding to the crisis in puerto rico. retired generously oneray begs to differ. he led relief efforts in new orleans after katrina. he said a heavy dose of military manpower was critical and he said president trump's first mistake in puerto rico was not giving the relief mission to the military right
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puerto rico. his next stop is in d.c. >> i'm going to see senator mccain and senator graham and we're going to write it into the [ bleep ] bills that every hurricane that comes will have a task force follow it in. new insight tonight on how americans really feel about nfl players taking a knee during the national anthem. a new cnn poll found the country is split how they're expressing their opinion. 43% say it's the right thing. 49% say it's wrong and most of those are white and republican. there is agreement on one thing. 60% of americans say president trump did the wrong thing criticizing the players. the leaders league and a lot of you are talking about lieutenant jay silveria, head of the air force academy. some knuckle heads wrote slurs outside the dorm rooms of five black stts
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lieutenant general gathered all 00said this. >> the power that we come from all walks of life that, we come from all parts of this country, that we come from all races, all backgrounds, gender, all makeup, all upbringing, the power of that diversity comes together and makes us that much more powerful. you can't treat someone with dignity and respect, then you need to get out. if you demean someone in any way, then you need to get out. and if you can't treat someone from another race or a different color skin with dignity and respect, then you need to get out. >> that entire speech, as you might imagine, is full of passion and there is a message for all of us. if you'd like to hear it for yourself, we have it on i also have it on my
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page @leslifoster. thinking t a trip to cuba? you may want to stay away for a while. in fact, the state department is warning americans to stay away and president trump has ordered more than half of the u.s. diplomatic board to return home. this is all after those mysterious health ailments involving u.s. diplomats in havana. now the president isn't saying who was involved but does say whoever it is did some very bad things. eye popping headlines all looking to grab your attention, like this one, check it. the department of homeland security says it will force everyone who has ever immigrated to the usa to happened over social media. val asked to us verify if that's true. >> i would like you to verify if the article on facebook is true that states that dhs will force anyone that's ever immigrated to the u.s. whether you're a legal green card hold early or a natuze
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-- holder or a social media handles and -- to hand over all your social media handles and names you've ever used. >> we can verify whamo, yes, it's true. dhs told our researchers they've been tracking and collecting posts, social media handles and social mediasearch results from immigrants since the obama administration in 2012. they monitor and collect that twitter and facebook info so they can check information benefits and it's a mart of national security. -- matter of national security. people saw the update when they updated their security and that's when people found out this was happening. we told you about a woman fighting a rare genetic disorder who needed medicaid to pay for help, but a
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decided to cut her off. a spassignment unit investigation followup, that's next. >> it's going to feel like september tomorrow, a cool start. if 1 in gaithersburg, upper 40 -- 51 in gaithersburg, upper 40s in places like damascus, by 10:00 holding in the 60s. we'll come back, talk about if we make 70 degrees tomorrow and how long it will stay dry and cool. >> and we're still on baby watch, the latest from camp cousins is still ahead. we've got a lot more to talk about as we continue live from the nation's capital right here on wusa9.
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if you'd have told me three years ago... that we'd be downloading in seconds, what used to take... minutes. that guests would compliment our wifi. that we could video conference... and do it like that. (snaps) if you'd have told me that i could afford... a gig-speed. a gig-speed network. it's like 20 times faster than what most people have. i'd of said... i'd of said you're dreaming. dreaming! definitely dreaming. then again, dreaming is how i got this far. now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. tonight an update to a story that had a lot of you talking about the state of healthcare in our country. a woman came to us in june after she found out she
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years, so we startgga pretty ma mistake. the lingering question, would she get her medicaid back. special assignment reporter whitney wild has the answer for us. >> andraea lavant needs home nursing every day without exception. the price is high and for years medicaid handled the bill. now what she desperately needs is gone. andrea la haven't's morning -- andraea lavant's morning routine starts with someone else. >> i don't get out of bed without the services. >> reporter: she lives with muscular dystrophy and needs home nursing every day. according to an invoice she showed us, the cost can run about $2,250 every month. it's so expensive that when we met her for the first time, her friend josie gilliland was filling in. >> she can't reach ac
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counter to get toothpaste or, you know, f of a shelf. >> reporter: from 2007 through june medicaid paid the bill. those payments stopped over the summer. >> can you hear me now? i'm trying to reach martin smith, a medical care program specialist. you transferred me to peter smith. i'm looking for martin smith. >> reporter: but after wusa9's special assignment unit started making calls, we found out maryland officials made a pretty big mistake. >> the medical assistance was based on zero income and i'm saying that was a department error. >> reporter: this clip of the appeals hearing and the department of social services representative said they did not want to be photographed at the request of management. during that hearing he said that someone there figured andraea lavant made no money
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her for medicarecase. they has a full-time job. she had told them that. she told them how much she made. it was more than the medicaid limit. >> in looking at the case we did not use her income correctly or apply it correctly when processing the application. >> reporter: our team got a comb of judge michael osborne -- copy of judge michael osborne's decision in her case. he noted multiple failures by officials. at one point he pointed to this code as to why they terminated her medicaid. that code does not exist. the judge said the agency presented no evie denctoas how it discovered that it had for over two years approved her. however, he decided that confusion plus mistakes doesn't change the math and he ended her medicaid. >> i was very sad. i think reaction is, you know, that i'm trying to get a handout or anything like that and it's actually quite
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responsible person, responsible citizen. >> reporter: she's hoping for a change in the system and better training for the people who approved her for medicaid in the first place. for now she's relying on donations and pulling from her retirement. >> everything that i know is here and so i'm going to fight to keep that because i worked really hard for it. i deserve just as much as the next person to be able to live my life. >> reporter: she faces the possibility of having to take the medicaid benefits back. that could add up to tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. she's researching other insurance programs but worries if she works with the same agencies, she'll end up on the wrong end of yet another mistake. whitney wild, wusa9. all right. it's te
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d.c.'s most accurate forecast. here's the chief, topper shutt. >> we'll talk about the 3- degree guarantee. we had a bull's eye yesterday and another bull's eye today, 75 and it was 75. we're going for three in a row, 69 tomorrow which is a little below average. 75 is close to average. it's 64 now, dew point up a bit but a very comfortable air mass. the winds turned southwesterly. the little system going through tonight will kick back to the northwest tomorrow. it will pick up and be breezy and a bit chill him saturday. most folks will be in the 60s. if you're at the soccer games where you're not moving, sweatshirt is a good idea. beautiful sunday, less wind, mild early. then staying dry -- milder. then staying dry and the 80s return next week. it's a nice start to october, though. 69 tomorrow, 72 october 1st, sunday. mid-70s on monday and also tuesday and we're back in
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that's a nice of temps. 7 a.m. 51 in frederick, 55 in bowie, 58 downtown. by 10:00 upper 50s to low 60s. notice the arrows, a northwest wind. we get into the evening hours. we're back in the 60s. most folks staying below 70. you might make 70 in fredericksburg, luray and charlottesville. tomorrow night at this time 52 in gaithersburg. if you go to an early movie, by the time you get home in the burbs it's going to be in the low 50s. lows eventually in the mid-40s and mid-50s. day planner goes like this, upper 50s to start and we hold in the 60s, only 67 at 1:00, still a fantastic
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sunday just gorgeous, low 70s, h is about average. the next seven days, got to hit the button, looking at really a nice stretch, but we're dry. upper 70s and 80s return wednesday and thursday and friday of next week. now could it have been any more perfect for high school football? >> thank you. good one in prince william tycoun
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now wusa9 sports with frank hanrahan brought to you by xfinity. >> every game is big, but this one tonight had playoff sitting implications for two very good football teams and bragging rights in woodbridge as freedom woodbridge visiting hylton as part of game on varsity friday night lights. this one was a doozy in the bridge. right before the break hylton trailing by 14, copeland going to throw this ball in the end zone and the catch was beautiful and the touchdown. fans
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42-35, but felton scores to tie this one 4th quarter touchdown to take the lead. now hylton with onth the ball d play falls within short of the 1st down six as freedom will not let you down winning 48-42 the final. >> we are a veteran team. we won last year like this. so i mean we prepare for situations like this. we prepare in practice and in the offseason in the weight room. so our heart just came out and we just did what we had to do. >> got to love the sounds of friday night football. look at that view and the flag staying in woodbridge, a pear of struggling team -- pair of struggling teams garfield and potomac. garfield rallied for two early scores including this touchdown pass to curtis hamlin. you can't do that with a bow and arrow, the whistles, penalty, too. potomac would rally, long pass play in the 1slf
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up a touchdown to retake the th topper shutt mentioned a glorious night for ball in northwest d.c., dunbar hosting wilson and up the gut for the touchdown, wilson taking down dunbar tonight 28-16. that gets me fired up. >> it's like 36 hours now. he's gone dark. >> we haven't heard anything, zero dark kirk. what's going on? >> baby watch. >> still nothing, nothing official, nothing on social media. you would think if it had happened, it would have been leaked. >> he left practice yesterday. assuming we go to the hospital, we know colt mccoy said he face timed into the team meeting today for a long time and the phone went dead. >> ate up his battery. >> for his fewi's s
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>> a nice close to september and a nice beginning to october, a little chilly tomorrow. keep that in mind. upper 60s and probably the coldest night tomorrow night and the 80s come back. we won't stay in this pattern, but remember october 1st is on sunday, our first measurable snow on record the 10th of october. >> yeah, whatever. >> enjoy your weekend. don't think about this. >> you're welcome. have a great night. >> good-bye.
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