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tv   WUSA 9 News at 530pm  CBS  October 2, 2017 5:30pm-5:59pm EDT

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that's near the utah border. law enforcement says he went on their radar. >> not at all. we've checked the federal databases, and local databases, and state databases. and we had no knowledge of this individual. >> the shooting has taken at least 58 lives. hundreds more people are injured. police say paddock killed himself before s.w.a.t. teams stormed the hotel room. officials tell the associated press, that police found at least 17 guns in that hotel room. asked about a possible motive, the sheriff says at this point, he can't get into the mind of a psychopath. reporters caught up with paddock's brother in orlando, florida. eric paddock says his brother showed no signs of distress or mental illness, and that he didn't have any religious or political affiliation. >> there's not anything i
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say. how do you, i mean, my brother did this. this is like it was done you know, like he shot us. if he'd have killed my kids, i couldn't be more dumbfounded. >> eric paddock says he wants to know where his brother got the machine guns from. until the pulse nightclub shooting last year, the nation's deadliest mass shooting was the virginia tech massacre. the shooter was a virginia tech student from fairfax county. he opened fire from a dorm, killing 32 people and then himself. peggy fox covered that shooting, the families, and the survivers. today, she talked to a mom of one of toes survivers. >> reporter: leslie, all of those emotions from those dark hours of waiting to hear if your son or daughter is alive, come rushing back for these parents when there's another mass shooting like this. >> this
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horrific, horrific proportions, that the ripple affects are just going to be broad. many, many, many hundreds of communities are going to be affected by this one. >> reporter: lori hoss's daughter, emily, was a student at virginia tech. she was in french class in norris hall, when sung wi cho went door-to-door. >> i caught a call from emily pretty early on. >> reporter: she was lucky. her daughter survived. >> emily is a very, very strong person. to live through what she lived through, and to go back to the scene of her attempted murder, day in, day out for two of and -- two and a half years i think is brave. the fear, and the anxiety, and the grief, it's ju
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my heart goes out to those families. >> reporter: hoss, like other parents and survivers of the virginia tech massacre has now become an advocate for gun control. she is the virginia state directer for the coalition to stop gun violence. >> you can speculate on every situation. you know what the gunman did, what he didn't do. we don't know enoughfacts in this situation. all i know is we have an epidemic of gun violence in america that is not being addressed. it is being ignored by the very persons who have the power to do something about it, and they're in the pocket of the gun lobby, and i find that disgusting. >> reporter: cho bought his guns legally. the law has been tightened to close that gap. however, background checks are only federally mandated when purchasing guns from gun dealers. all right, peg. just a reminder, you can stay up to date 24 hours a day, with everything that's happening in
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breaking news app. tonight, police are still hunting for the person who killed ashanti billie. cameras caught her car driving onto the base, shortly before one of hire shifts, then it was spotted leaving 30 minutes later. police aren't sure if she was the one driving. her body was found in north carolina on friday. the fbi is investigating her death. now to fairfax county, where police say a george mason student took a hallucinogenic drug with some deadly consequences. tonight, police are worried that other students may have taken that same drug as the 19- year-old sophomore. this all happened early saturday evening, just before 5:00. he was at the potomac heights residence hall, when he ran through a 5th floor window, and fell to the ground. police think that student took the drugle
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campus. they didn't say which drug it was, but they did say this. police have been informed that other students have this substance in their possession, and therefore may be at risk. dmu police want students to know there is a medical amnesty program, that means if you took the drug and you fear for your safety, you can call officers for your help. while you may get some educational programs, there will be no punishment. the phone number is on your screen now. you can find more information on our wusa9 news app. so hollywood's hottest movie, hollywood's hottest movie is bad news for the clown industry. the unintended consequences of the new film "it." we're going to talk about that next. first, here's topper. >> right now, it's pretty mild. but it's going to end up being another chilly night. if you're headed out, these are lows overnight. 48 again gaithersburg. 45 in
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so no clowning around with this next story, the movie "it" is the number 1 movie at the box office. >> kind of freaky. but as reporter katie eastman explains, it's had unintentional consequences for law-abiding clowns in the u.s. >> mascara helps the eyes show up better. >> reporter: there's a confidence she gets when the makeup goes on. >> i wanted to be one of those funny people. i wanted to be somebody that made other people laugh, but i was so shy. >> reporter: comedy came out of cathy shook three decades ago. >> i've been clowning for 33 years. >> reporter: she calls herself a caring clown. but every october, that confidence is threatened by people who call her creepy. and it's happening even more this year, with the release of the movie "it," where pennywise the
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sewers. >> i've had people honking at me. >> reporter: too nervous to drive, while wearing his clown makeup, because people harass him on the road. >> it's too risky. especially this time of the year, i would not risk it. >> reporter: they've been heckled, and honked at, and worried the words could turn physical. >> there are some people that are truly afraid of clowns. we know that is a fact. but then there are people who are clown haters. don't quite know why. they just are. >> reporter: still, this doesn't stop them from transforming into marmalade, and hugy bear. every week, they do volunteer rounds at the longmont
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hospital. they're here to care. >> all right, so there is something called the world clown association and they have issued a statement about scary clowns, disavowing any relationship with horror characters, saying the creepy clowns work against their goal of providing fun, g rated, child friendly entertainment. >> seeing the clowns driving around on the road, give them a break. they're not going to hurt you. they're going to someone's party. just a few hours before monday night football. inside the red zone. if that's the red zone, then i think we've got problems. we're going to go there in a few minutes. >> it's the next story coming up about artificial intelligence, and how employers are using it to hire you.
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should you start having to walk through metal detectors, and having your luggage checked when you go to hotels? i'm michael quander, coming up tonight at 6:00, i'll tell you why some people want to see changes. artificial intelligence is helping companies decide who they should hire. these computer companies aren't only looking at your resume. >> reporter: the next time you apply for a job, your first interview could be with a computer. >> she instantly engages with the candidate when they asupply. >> reporter: a program designed to help large companies process job applications. the interview looks
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conversation. maya interacts with candidates online, asking questions to gauge interest in a position, and find out details about their prior experience. the program uses technology to evaluate word choice, grammar, and how quickly they respond to questions. >> for example, if we ask about the pay range, and someone is hesitant, we can draw conclusions to how you're going to perform within the role. >> reporter: more companies are turning to artificial intelligence to automate the recruiting process. the algorithms decide which candidates should move on to in- person interviews. >> by replacing some of the mundane tasks, so they can spend their time on the most important tasks. that's really the value of ai. >> reporter: experts
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companies could eventually use it to handle their entire hiring process from start to finish. chris martinez, cbs news, san francisco. the whole ai thing is kind of frightening. >> it is a little. >> it's here, so we either have to embrace it, or it's going to gobble us up. does that make you feel better? >> not really. let's talk about something else. >> with that going into how long ago, but i had a roommate in college, who was in ai, way back when. >> you should have listened to him. >> he's a smart dude. i tried to understand him. still am. we're not exactly in rarefied air yet, but we've gone now quite a few days with no measurable rain at national. the longest streak is 34 days. that was not too long ago. back in '07, the 15th of september, through the 18th
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october. that's number 1. number 2 is, remember back in '95 how dry it was that summer? right now, if we take it, i'm going to take it through tomorrow. we're going to go 22 days would be our current streak. so be careful out there. it's not a drought situation, but it is very, very dry. so be advised of that. a live look outside. it's still 73. dew points still in the 40s. spectacular evening. remember, if you have clear skies, and dew points that are low, and you have light wind, that's a good recipe for another night. we're looking at 40s again in the burbs. the bus stop temperatures, 44 to 66. a wide range, 6:00 a.m. to about 9:00 a.m., both inside, and outside the beltway. a terrific tuesday though. highs around 75. that's pretty much spot on average. then the 80s are going to roll in on wednesday. they're going to set up camp for the rest of the week. we're talking low 80s, maybe a
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so 76 tomorrow. then 80 on wednesday. 83 thursday. back to 80 friday. a cold front tries to sneak south of us, but we bounce back into the low 80s on saturday. future cast tonight, 10:00. already 55 in gaithersburg. already 57 in buoy. by morning, we've got temperatures in the 40s. 46 in frederick. 47 in damascus. 46 in manassas. another pretty chilly morning, so just give the kids a sweatshirt on the way out. by 1:00 though, back in the low 70s. gorgeous, light wind, full sun. 71 in cumberland. and 72 downtown. that's pretty uniform. as uniform as we get in terms of temperatures here. by 5:30, about this time tomorrow evening, we're 73 downtown, 71 in gaithersburg. 74
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temperatures already 50sas we get into the 10:00 hour in leesburg. generally just light winds. on the day planner, mid-50s to start. these are downtown temps. then 69 by 11:00. we're looking at 72 by 1:00. so again, sweatshirt, you know, sweater for the kids is a good idea. 80 on wednesday. a bit warmer. 83 on thursday. a little warmer, and still dry. now, next seven days. i put a drop on friday. a cold front tries to sneak south. the nats in town for a playoff game. 82 on saturday. gorgeous. that's a 5:30 game. we do have showers on sunday and monday. now, wusa9 sports with darren haynes, brought to you
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if the redskins can beat the kansas city chiefs tonight, d.c. is going to be lit. they'll face an undefeated chiefs team with odds stacked against them. they'll have to stop the most efficient quarterback in the nfl, and not to mention, a six game losing streak against the chiefs. the skins look to shut down kc. >> i'm just expecting a fight. expecting for our defense to go out and try to dominate. it's going to be a fight. that's a great team over there. >> technique. technique wins in any circumstance or any situation, technique always wins. >> which technique do you use? >> let's see. i use not telling. why would i tell it, you know? >> fair enough. >> one thing josh norman did
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that he's rocking those cleats right there. the skins corner will honor puerto rico, by wearing these adidas cleats over the weekend. josh norman donated $100,000 to help victims of hurricane maria in puerto rico. now norman's teammate, trent williams will start his 100th straight game at left tackle tonight. however, all the attention is on his 99th. the redskins lineman's house, robbed during last week's raiders game. williams family was home. luckily, nobody was hurt. police say several pieces of high end jewelry were stolen. how about a bit of history for you. on this day, 85 years ago, the washington redskins, known as the boston braves played their first game in franchise history. the team lost to the brooklyn dodgers. they
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championship. >> the uniforms have come a long way. we're going to pivot to some serious news here, coming up at 6:00. hotels in d.c. and across the nation, say they are ready to make changes if necessary, in the wake of the las vegas mass shooting. >> up next, why young girls suffering from concussions are
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concussions. they can have both short term, and long term effects. new research shows girls suffer from the symptoms longer than boys. >> reporter: on the so
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is in her element. >> i love playing soccer, you know. it's my favorite sport in the whole world. >> reporter: but she's been sidelined three times in the last year, because of blows to the head. the goalie has already experienced two concussions. >> just a straight week of sleep, headaches, no electronics. >> reporter: new research shows adolescent girls suffer from sports related concussion symptoms twice as long as boys. a study finds the extended recovery time may be due to underlying conditions, including migraines, depression, anxiety, and stress. >> you have your concussion symptoms, and then you have your stress, and your stress symptoms, and they can overlap. very often, the concussion symptoms have resolved, but you're still dealing with stress headache.
5:58 pm
is a sports physician. >> whether you have had maybe vision problems all along, and now that becomes worse, maybe you've had a little bit of anxiety, or depression, and now it becomes worse. >> reporter: bella is now on the road to recovery. >> you feel good today? >> yeah. >> ruer go ahead to get back to playing. >> definitely. >> reporter: she'll soon be back to practice, and back in the game. kenneth craig, cbs news, morristown, new jersey. >> researchers found boys in the study suffered from symptoms for 11 days on average, while the girls suffered 28 days. breaking tonight at 6:00, he has no criminal history, no history of violence, but the man responsible for the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history had a small arsenal in his hotel room. as many as 19 rifles and handguns by some accounts. police say 64-year-old steven paddock killed at least 58 concert goers, and wounded more than
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his life along the las vegas strip. his son said paddock was an accountant, and real estate investor. the fbi says paddock often came to vegas to gamble. they know of no connections tonight to any international terror group. paddock's father had been a notorious bank robb, and con man, who once made the fbi's most wanted list in the 1960s. police say paddock opened fire on a crowd of 20,000 people, just as country music star jason aldean was performing at the route 91 harvest festival. some people didn't believe it was gunfire. firecrackers is what some described. then people started falling. others started running. witnesses say the shooter, on the 32nd floor reloaded numerous times. >> every time he had stopped, he was reloading. we had gotten up, and made our way towards the fence,
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started shooting again, and we'd hit the ground. i must have heard him do it at least 15 times. >> it was just chaos. investigators say paddock was firing from the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel. the smoke from the gunfire set off the smoke detectors. the sheriff says that paddock killed himself before s.w.a.t. teams ripped down his door, and right now, they have no idea why all of this happened. >> this is an individual that was described as a lone wolf. i don't know how it could have been prevented if we didn't have any prior knowledge to this individual. it wasn't evident that he had weapons in his room. we have determined that there has been employees going to and fro from his room. >> no religious affiliation. no political affiliation, he


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