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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  October 3, 2017 5:00pm-5:29pm EDT

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as a coupleof brave men in the crowd risked their lives to save her. she moved to las vegas three years ago, and was working at the mandalay bay hotel. bolinger's father describes her as an artist, kind, and someone people like to be around. wusa9 spoke exclusively to her family. >> we were terrified. we didn't know if kristin happened to be working. we didn't know if she was off at the concert. we didn't know, so initially we had fear. >> telling me that it was actually hours, days before you all learned anything. >> yes. >> we didn't learn she was still alive until this morning. we thought she was deceased. >> there's a shooting, there's a shooting. >> the doctorate the hospital told us
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covered my daughter up. the fella on top of the pile lost his life. i don't know his name yet. he lost his life, but the other fella survived, and my daughter just wound up with glass lacerations from broken glass. >> do you think they saved her life? >> they saved her life for sure. they definitely saved her life. >> is it still emotional for you to talk about? >> yeah. >> why. >> very emotional. >> it's our daughter, dude. >> it's such a shock. this much, this much pain. i mean, this is like war. >> what would you want to say to her? >> we love her. we'll be there in a
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hours. >> we know she's a bolinger, so we know she's tough. we know she's tough. she'll get through this. >> the family says bollinger spent this morning in a second surgery. community members raised enough money for her father and step- mom to fly down and check on her. there is still a push to raise enough money to cover her medical bills. michael has posted information on how you can help through his facebook page. tina frost is from crofton, maryland, she lost her right eye. she graduated from arundel high school in 2008. her teachers and coaches spoke for the first time, and an official gofundme page is being flooded with donations. >> we're concerned for everyone, but it's one of our own. >> cross was a star soccer player at un
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accountant for ernest and young in san diego. she was at the concert with her boyfriend. [ bell ringing ] victims of the las vegas massacre remembered today at washington national cathedral. the cathedral's bell rang 60 times for the victims of the las vegas shooting. the leaders from across the region were on hand, and urge a national conversation on gun control. the massacre in las vegas is sparking new conversations about gun violence and the gun laws in the u.s. the shooter steven paddock had an arsenal of 23 weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition in his suite at mandalay bay. authorities say paddock modified two of the guns to make them fully automatic. here in washington, senators had differing opinions on addressing the nation's gun laws. >> i
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time to have a hearing. just find out how does the technology work, and is there a legislative is solution. >> i understand the other side of the argument. we need more laws. but it's been my experience that criminals obey gun laws like politicians keep promises. >> in the wake of the las vegas massacre, a bill that would have eased restrictions on gun silencers was shelfed on capitol hill. that move after two democrats asked speaker paul ryan to remove the nra backed legislation from the calendar indefinitely. concert goers in las vegas dragged the wounded to safety on anything they could find. >> some of those heros are frustrated that firefighters were staged so far away. bruce leshan talked to one man who is convinced that people died waiting for help. >> we just need
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over to the hospital. >> reporter: citizen heros caught on camera. rushing the wounded to the hospital in the back of pickups. >> a lady said that her husband was shot in the head next to me. i had to physically pull her off of her husband. >> reporter: air force veteran, mark lacey was there. as the concert went the from joy to terror. >> we started identifying the deceased and the injured, and pulling tables, carts, beverage carts, and you name it it for temporary stretchers. >> reporter: lacey understands that leaders wanted to protect firefighters and paramedics from being shot at. but he is frustrated that they were staged about a block from the scene. >> i believe many lives could have been saved. a majority
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lied out. >> reporter: john oaks, the fire chief in east hartford, connecticut, says the faster you can stop the bleeding, the more people will survive. >> i'm sure his frustration is shared, and echoed by every single emergency responder, and member of the las vegas community. >> reporter: police have been speeding up their tactics to neutralize active shooters, and firefighters are adjusting too. more and more departments have medics trained to team up with police to move quickly into warm zones before they are completely safe. but in vegas, it may simply have been too dangerous. >> there was no additional help. it was just, every american doing the best they can with everything they have. >> reporter: bruce
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>> lacey is says his military training kicked in, and like a number of people, he returned repeatedly to the field of fire in hopes of saving more lives. breaking news coming to us now from prince george's county. that's where we're following allegations of racism from inside the department. we're going to have more from a live report in just two minutes. also, a young girl sexually assaulted on her way home from the bus stop. >> president trump contrasts the damage in puerto rico to hurricane katrina. >> we'll talk about our rainless streak in days. we're adding to it. we're now up to 21 rainless days here in the metro area. we'll come back and look ahead. we have big time rain on the seven day.
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breaking news new from prince george's county, where the chief of police is responding to a racism investigation within the department. scott broom is live. scott what's this all about? >> reporter: well, it's a department of justice. federal investigation has just been announced late today, chief stawinski announcing the department has been notified by the u.s. department of justice that the feds are opening an investigation into a complaint of alleged patterns and practices of racial discrimination, and favoritism inside the department among the officers themselves. essentially an employment complaint. the complaint was made by two officers organizations, representing about 111 african american, and hispanic officers they allege unfairness in discipline, and promotions inside the department. let me let you listen first to
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the response from chief hang stawinski. >> the main reason for the complaint is that -- if you look throughout the country, we're having all types of race issues. what makes you think that we're immune from that here in the county? if you think it doesn't happen, then you're living somewhere else, you know. >> we are prepared to fully cooperate without reservation, and provide any and all information that the department of justice requests. my father was the president of the union of prince george's county police department, because of the things he saw done wrong on this department back in the 1960s. i'm a product of that thinking. i won't stand for that. i won't tolerate an unfair work environment. i will not tolerate an injustice. i expect a lot
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women who do this job. i will not tolerate their believing that the environment inside the department isn't conducive to their best interest. >> reporter: so some real strong statements from the chief, undermining his policy for complete transparency, and openness as this unfolds. i asked the complaining officers for some examples out of their complaint that they gave the justice department. they declined to cite any examples. you may remember back in february, the department did receive some attention after an officer caused some outrage by coming to work with a license plate on his vehicle that was derogatory towards president obama. stawinski promptly banned that officer's vehicle from properties. a look at the discipline and the hiring practices that group has not produced any findin
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yet. the department is about 43% african american. about the same number of anglo white officers, and the balance are hispanic and officers from other backgrounds about 15% women here. promotions up to the level of captain, which is fairly high, are dependent on exams and other performance measures that are designed to be immune to favoritism. so this is all now in the hands of the justice department, which is announced this afternoon, it is going to launch an investigation. and we know these justice department investigations take a very long time. perhaps more than a year. reporting live in prince george's county, scott broom, wusa9. >> we'll follow this closely scott, thank you. we stay in prince george's county, where police are looking for a guy who sexually assaulted a young girl as she was just walking home from the bus stop. this happened last thursday about 2:30 near devon hills drive in fort washington. police say the suspect grabbed the girl, pulled her between two cars, and
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the victim was able to break free and then ran away. police say the victim is a hispanic male, 5'8", that's got to be the suspect right? police say the suspect is a hispanic male, 5'8", he also has black hair and a mustache. still ahead, how the memory of a virginia woman will live on at a local school. >> president trump arrives in puerto rico to survey the damage left behind by hurricane maria. >> and topper is back to tell
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common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, indigestion, and constipation. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. ask your doctor about victoza®. president trump getting a firsthand look today at the hurricane deserve stays during puerto rico. the visit came as many criticized the government's response to that category 5 storm. the president said puerto rico should be proud of that low death toll, in comparison to new orleans after hurricane katrina. >> 16 people, vs. in the thousands. [no audio]
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a group of puerto ricans in the d.c. area who got together because they wanted to do something. they collected two warehouses worth of goods in chantilly. they're looking for someone to donate space on an airplane, or space on a cargo ship, and well, low and behold, one of the volunteers is actually a d.c. air guardsman who, word
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check it out. first, they were able to get some items through on a plane from the humane society, but then connected with the 113th wing of the d.c. national guard. check it out. they are loading now, and this plane is expected to be leaving at around 7:00 tonight. so we're going to have more tonight for you, but this is a community effort. d.c., reaching out to puerto rico, and this plane will be landing in puerto rico. so texas, florida, puerto rico, many people who live in these hurricane ravaged areas may be turning to fema for financial help. one local man has a warning for anyone seeking federal dollars from the agency. he survived hurricane katrina, which hit new orleans 12 years ago. >> so fast forward. fema gives you the money. they help you get back on your feet. >> yeah. >> you think it's all good. >> i think it's all good. i'm working. i'm doing better. i'm having a good ti
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it's like 12 years later at this point, and i get a letter from the department of treasury. >> reporter: this letter. it said 12 years after the hurricane, the government wanted its relief money back. >> all right, so find out why this man is being asked to repay the government thousands of dollars they gave him. it's called fema, a cautionary tale, and you'll see it tonight only on wusa9 at 11:00. >> wow. that's interesting. >> it is. and it is a cautionary tale, which is why everybody should watch tonight. >> i'll say this. my sister-in-law is a lawyer, and she had problems with sandy. it took her two years to get back into her house. she's a real estate attorney. she could not fill out the forms from fema, they were so complicated. they try to make it a little complicated for you. rainless streak continues today. probably tomorrow. probably the next day. but we do have something in the pipeline. we haven't had this in
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there's a little tropical disturbance that will move into the northeast gulf of mexico. it really doesn't matter if it becomes nate or not, it's going to send moisture into the mid- atlantic. late sunday, sunday night, and it looks like all of monday we're looking at rain, and showers, and thunderstorms. the heaviest rainfall would be during the day on monday. we have the threat for rain and thunderstorms, for some, it's going to be a soaking rain. some areas could see over an inch. maybe 2 inches west of town. if you want to pick a better day this weekend, saturday looks better than sunday. although sunday does not look completely wet. dew points in the 40s. how nice is that? winds southeast at 9. the winds will eventually turn and become more southwesterly. but still another comfortable night.
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it's the time of year, you've got to put a sweater on, carry it home. approximate the clouds don't get in her quickly enough on sunday, we'll probably get under 80. rain and storms possible sunday afternoon, through sunday night. and looks like all of monday. but we are going to stay warm tomorrow, almost 80. 79, and 83 on thursday. 84 friday, and saturday. 79 on sunday, because of clouds, and showers. not because we're trading any air masses around. average now down to 73. so, 10:00 tonight, temperatures in the 50s. not going to fall quite as fast tonight. 60s downtown. 57 in buoy, and 55 in manassas. by morning, there will be some 40s. manassas, culpepper, orange, all in the 40s. martinsberg, and also winchester, upper 40s. 57 downtown. by mid-morning, we're still kind
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to 60s. 75 downtown. look at this, even warmer in the mountains. 80 in romney. 78 in cumberland, 82 in petersburg. that is around 1:00 tomorrow. by 5:30, temperatures still around 80. hagerstown, martinsberg. a little cooler by the bay, as you would expect. by tomorrow night, not nearly as cool tomorrow night. gets a little more humid. notice the arrows. more of a southerly wind. that's going to keep us only in the 50s, to low 60s tomorrow it night. day planner, one more comfortable start. 50s. then 70 by 11:00. 75 by 1:00. warms up a little faster tomorrow. still beautiful on thursday. 83. then, i'll keep this drop. i made it about as install as i could. 84 on friday. cold front tries to go through the metro area, probably won't make it south of route 70. maybe a sprinkle north of town. that's it. sunday, we're warm, 84. great for both
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rain and storms on monday. there are signs next week a big pattern flip will occur. the family of a teenager who recently graduated from high school is starting a scholarship in her name. the body of ashanti billie was found. she had just moved to virginia beach to attend culinary classes. her mom says her daughter's legacy will live on there. >> we'll be starting the ashanti foundation. in conjunction with her high school for one student to attend the culinary program here at the art institute of virginia beach. >> police have not released any information on the suspect in billie's death, but the fbi has joined in on the investigation. a nest
5:25 pm
hatched on asateague island national sea shore. this is why we tell you to fear the sea turtle. >> yeah, because they move really fast. typically lay their eggs on beaches from florida to north carolina. it's really rare for them to hatch north of virginia, but that's just what happened in september. >> heard about what we've got going on up here. >> park officials say approximately 100 hatchlings emerged from a nest site, and made their way out to the ocean. so still ahead, we'll head back to our top story. why isn't the massacre in las vegas being classified as domestic terror? plus more on the life of tom petty, and what some of you are we are the tv doctors of america, and we may not know much about medicine,
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♪[ music ] tributes are pouring in for rock legend, and icon, tom petty. petty who wrote and sang dozens of rock classics died last night after suffering cardiac arrest. an inductee into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame, petty first
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band, the heartbreakers in the 1970s. petty also had a successful solo career, and collaborated with several other artists over his career. he joined bob dylan, george harrison, jeffrey lynn, and roy orbison to form the traveling wilburys in 1988. tom petty was 66 years old. on our wusa9 facebook page, madeline writes, i'm so sad, we came to see him every time he came around d.c. listen to him every day. rip, tom, you are the best. and jan writes, he will be sorely missed, rest in peace. the news of tom petty is causing a lot of us to break down. so go ahead and give it to us on our wusa9 facebook page. we're going to shift gears a bit and talk about some consumer news. more than 700,000 jeeps and dodge suv's are being recalled because the brakes don't work. you know
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fiat chrysler says the brake shields were improperly installed. water can get in, and that of course can make it pretty hard for your car to stop. the automaker says there has been one crash that may potentially be related to the problem, but no one was hurt. so dealers will inspect and fix the problem if your vehicle is in that group. atm fees have hit a record high for the 11th year in a row. this is a report from it says the average fee for using an out of network atm is $4.69. that's almost $5. that's up 55% over the past decade. the report finds washington is among the city's with the highest average atm fees. over the course of a year, this is something that can add up to hundreds of dollars. these are fees that are punitive in nature, and they keep escalating. >> so the report


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