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tv   WUSA 9 News at 530pm  CBS  October 3, 2017 5:30pm-5:59pm EDT

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fiat chrysler says the brake shields were improperly installed. water can get in, and that of course can make it pretty hard for your car to stop. the automaker says there has been one crash that may potentially be related to the problem, but no one was hurt. so dealers will inspect and fix the problem if your vehicle is in that group. atm fees have hit a record high for the 11th year in a row. this is a report from it says the average fee for using an out of network atm is $4.69. that's almost $5. that's up 55% over the past decade. the report finds washington is among the city's with the highest average atm fees. over the course of a year, this is something that can add up to hundreds of dollars. these are fees that are punitive in nature, and they keep escalating. >> so the report
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found those overdraft fees hit a new high of $33.38. ouch. that's wusa9 news at 5:00. the news at 5:30 starts right now. we begin this half hour with the latest on the las vegas shooting. 59 people dead. and more than 500 injured after 64-year-old steven paddock fired on concert goers. we've just learned paddock spent time working as an irs agent, and as a mail carrier in the '70s and '80s. police say paddock had an arsenal of 23 weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition in his room at the mandalay bay. investigators are trying to figure out what set off the retired accountant, who had no history of gun violence. authorities say paddock modified two guns to make them fully automatic, and that sparked a renewed conversation about gun control. >> why isn't this called domestic terrorism? apparently there are a
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of things that have to occur. >> it's a critical distinction. when you call a case like this domestic terrorism, that gets the fbi involved, and all of the law enforcement who are responsible are looking at threats across europe, africa, asia, and the middle east. right now, that may not be necessary, because the theory of this case right now is this guy, this gunman, seems to be a loner, nobody affiliated with al-qaeda, isis, you name it. there are three points to get across here. first and foremost, if it were called terrorism that would tie up crucial federal law enforcement assets that are needed to investigate and look into terror threats overseas, and terror cells right here in this country. right now, those resources do not seem necessary at all. as things stand at this moment. federal law says that a criminal involved in terrorism cases needs to have some sort of over-arching goal. he or she needs to want to
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politics. and this man seems to be just a crazed madman. so, of course, leslie, it seems so simple for many of us who are watching, and of course all these families. it was terrifying. let's call this terror. but for law enforcement, that brings in resources that do not seem to matter right now. >> you have more on this on if you want to learn more. heartbreaking stories about the victims continue to drive home the impact of the shooting. people like rosio guillen of california who leaves behind four kids. >> the older, the two youngest, are just calling mommy today. that just breaks my heart. >> john fippen also had four kids. friends say they'll miss the general contractor, singing on the job, and
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helping hand. >> this is a really great guy that unfortunately, a lot of people are never going to get to know. >> students in gallop, new mexico, held a vigil to remember their high school office secretary, lisa romero uniz, who they say was their friend, mentor, and advocate. the list goes on and on. each one of these 59 victims has a story, and a ton of people who care about them. their memories will live on long after the massacre fades from the headlines. >> books will be written, movies will be made by the acts of heroism during that shooting. carter evans has more on the every day people who saved lives. >> reporter: concert goers who were not injured became first responders. moving victims to safety. tom macintosh was shot in the
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>> took my belt, and tied my leg off, and basically kept me from bleeding out. he saved my life. >> reporter: victims were rushed to five southern nevada centers. university medical center treated more than 100 patients. >> so many coming in, so fast, we did what's called damage control. which is really just stopping the process of dying. >> reporter: trauma surgeon jay coats says they train for situations like this. >> have you ever experienced anything like that? >> no, this is the largest mass casualty i've ever been involved in. >> this is a well oiled machine. >> reporter: toni mullen got the call around 9:30 p.m. after her shift was over to come back to the trauma center. she said the patients just kept coming. >> every death means something. every death touches us. when these patients were coming in, the loss of life that we were hearing was so grave, we just go into a motion that we do what we need to do. >> reporter: the staff here at the hospital met with a doctor
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who treated patients after the pulse nightclub shooting. they were able to learn some of what they learned from that doctor on sunday. carter evans, cbs news, las vegas. stephen colbert and his colleagues took a break from jokes after the incident in las vegas. >> and many were making a similar point. we're going to hear wha
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some of the late night comedians took a break from the jokes to get serious about what happened in las vegas. >> let's start with late show host stephen colbert. >> this time it was a concert in las vegas, last time it was republican congressmen and their staff underfire on a ball field. last week, representative steve scalise returned to the floor and was greeted with a bipartisan hero's welcome. it was the kind of moment that gives you hope that congress might work together for the common good. and the bar is so low right now, that congress can be heros by doing literally everything. universal background checks, or come up with a better answer. enforce obama's executive order that denied mentally ill gun purchases. or a better answer. reinstate the assault weapons ban. or come up with a better answer. anybodbu
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>> abc's jimmy kimmel was emotional last night as he described the horror that unfolded in his hometown. >> i've been reading comments from people who say this is terrible, but there's nothing we can do about it. but i disagree with that intensely, because of course there's something we can do about it. there are a lot of things we can do about it, but we don't, which is interesting, because when someone with a beard attacks us, we tap phones, we take every precaution to make sure it doesn't happen again. but when an american buys a gun and kills other americans, then there's nothing we could do about that. >> on the daily show, trevor noah can't understand why americans are so afraid to talk about guns. >> we seem to do everything to avoid talking about guns. every time there's a shooting, you've got to look at something else. is it muslims? is it their religion? is that what it is? is it blacks
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is it the mentally ill people? is it white nationalists? now after this incident in las vegas, we're asking a new question, is it hotels? just to keep track of the argument. mass shooting, mass shooting, mass shooting, mass shooting. we have to take care of this hotel check-in issue. >> we welcome your thoughts on the shooting, gun control, or really anything else on your mind right now. hit us up on twitter. still ahead, the former ceo of equifax tries to explain how the personal data of more than 145 million americans ended up in the wrong hands. >> and the nats got back to work today, getting ready for the playoffs. coming up in sports, the story of how one nats player spent his off day. >> still pretty chilly tonight. there will be some 40s, some 50s downtown. 46 in culpepper. we'll come back.
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the former head of equifax was called before congress today to explain the massive
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data breach at the credit reporting firm. richard smith said human, and technological errors combined to expose the information of 145 million americans. the department of homeland security notified equifax in march about vulnerable software, and the company fails to protect consumers. >> how does this happen when so much is at stake? i don't think we can pass a law that, excuse me, for saying this, but fixes stupid. >> there you go. smith resigned from equifax after the breach, but he's going to be just fine. he said data security is a national security problem and it will require congress and private companies to work together on a solution. almost inconceivable. okay, that's how the three year search for malaysia airlines flight 370 is being described tonight. there's a fine report out from the australian transport bureau. it concludes that authorities are no closer to learning a reason for the plane's disappearance, or where the heck it
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january. that plane may rest in a remote part of the southern indian ocean. that plane vanished in march of 2014. october is breast cancer awareness month. new numbers show just how far we've come in the fight against breast cancer. according to the american cancer society, deaths from the disease have dropped nearly 40% in the past 25 years. so that works out to more than 322,000 lives saved. researchers say early detection through mammograms, plus better treatment led to the decline. and this morning, our colleague, anchor andrea rone had the honor of cutting the ribbon on a unique cancer initiative that connects two groups of women facing challenges. >> 3, 2, 1, go. >> reporter: e
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called re-bra. their pre-op bras no longer fit properly. >> we're helping women on both sides of the equation. women who can no longer wear their bras, and helping them to do something really positive after a difficult experience. other side of the equation, we're helping women who can't afford them. and for whom other things are more important in their lives. >> reporter: the brahm foundation's re-bra partner is the interfaith closing center. annually, it serves 13,000 low income residents in montgomery county. >> we have been getting a lot of requests for bras. all kinds of sizes. when the brahm foundation reached out to us, i thought this is the perfect match. >> reporter: a donation will also help raise awareness. every bra donated
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bra will include the brahm foundation's breast cancer bill of rights in english and spanish, along with information about achieving and maintaining health. >> an article of clothing very precious and often absent in their live, and they get information on breast cancer. so a wonderful program. >> you don't have to be a surviver to donate to re-bra. throughout the month of october, 22 pure bar locations will be accepting bra donations. if you're interested and have the time, the brahm foundation is looking for volunteers. every time a new apple update ups out, people complain that it slows down their phones. >> a reporter claims that ios11 is killing his phone's battery life. he took steps to fix the battery problem, and claims you can do. so does the ios11
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the battery of older phones? we'll verify that for you tonight on wusa9 news at 11:00. tuesdays are a great night to check out movies in october. if you join amc's loyalty club, movies at amc theaters are just $5 all month long. for $10, you get popcorn and soda to go along with. we'll tell you all about it on our wusa9 news app. our little window of dry days is going to close here soon. let's review. our longest streak with no rain is 34 days. the middle of september to the middle of october, back in '07. so not that long ago. our second longest, 33. remember that well, summer of '95. remember the winter of 95-'96? there's no correlation, i just
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we're looking for something that could bring us a soaking rain. gorgeous, clear, comfortable, not humid, dew points in the 40s. 73, winds will become southwesterly tomorrow. satellite and picture combined. seeing clear skies in the east. a big area of high pressure. but there's a little system kind of off south florida that could become tropical. it may become tropical storm nate. what it's going to do is peel into the gulf of mexico, and then bring us some moisture late sunday. and perhaps, the soaking rain on monday. so get ready. if you're painting window sills or something, get it done by friday. clear skies right now. we're in great shape with temps in the 70s. for tonight, chilly again. comfortable, though. 40s and 50s. bus stop temps, 46 to 68. a sweater, a good idea. 80s are going to set up camp wednesday through saturday. if the clouds don't come in quick enough, it will be 80
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rain and storms possible sunday afternoon. the bulk of the rain appears to be on monday. staying warm though, no doubt about that. 79 tomorrow. 83 on thursday. 84 friday, 84 saturday. so tonight, 10:00, 6 # downtown. in the 50s. pretty comfortable to walk sparky after dinner. a cool, comfortable start everywhere. by mid-morning, we're in the 50s, and low 60s. then by lunchtime, wow. sunshine, mid-70s. that's tough to beat. day planner. 50s to start. probably our last morning downtown with 50s for a while. 75, full sun by 1:00. we get into thursday. still warm. dry, 83, and even warmer on friday, 84. got a little sprinkle north of town. saturday great. we're warm too. then sunday, some
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developing. and then rain and storms possible on monday. temps will crash late next week. after 162 games this season, the next three are the most important. the nats have a chance to win their first playoff series in franchise history. they were back on the field today. however, it was yesterday that's getting a lot of attention. when the team was off. my man sean doolittle took full advantage. he and his fiance decided to elope. how about that? the nats closer was supposed to get married january of 2018 in chicago. listen to doolittle. he explains why the heck he decided to get married on a random monday. >> we've been together for five and a half years. we were planning a big wedding in chicago this off-season. you know, it was
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stressful, so many moving parts, plus trying to plan a wedding, getting ready for the playoffs. we had talked about it for the last, maybe couple months. you know, why can't we just be married? we're ready to be married. we've been together for so long. so we had some free time yesterday, so we made it official. >> i'm taking notes. remember this guy joel ward? the former cap's winger? he said he's going to stand during the national anthem. he dealt with plenty of racism. the capitals, their season gets underway on thursday. going deep into the playoffs, always on many minds. when the national anthem plays for the caps first regular season game, who's going to stand, kneel, or protest in some way? >> i think we're trying to get to the point where it's not about the national anthem, it's about equality, and injustice. people that
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being treated equal. >> for me personally, i'll keep standing, because that's what i was always taught. i feel like for me that that's a respectful thing to do for the flag. >> i think what they're trying to say is we want this fixed in our country, and we're making it known, and we're hoping that our country and leaders of our country recognize it, and we start doing something about it. >> so what to expecton thursday. coming up at 6:00, an fbi profiler reveals a possible motive of the gunman in the mass shooting. >> up next, why psychologists say it's
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mark herring: my mom to provide for our family. at one point, she got fired for of all things -- getting married. that was a lifelong lesson for me: when people are hurt, you need to stand up and do something. and i've never forgotten that as your attorney general. whether it's protecting veterans and seniors from shady debt collectors, or cracking down on gangs and drug traffickers, i have one guiding principle: do what's right for people. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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the las vegas mass shooting has a lot of people feeling a wide range of emotions. psychologists say it's normal, but nicky batiste reports it can interfere with lives. >> reporter: tragedies can lead to worry, fear, and confusion all at the same time. psychologists say it's important to acknowledge these feels are common, and talking about them. >> finding a trusted friend or family member that you can share your
5:58 pm
your child about what's going on. >> reporter: taking a break from the stories and images which can be overwhelming can help with coping. experts also recommend doing things you enjoy, like going for a walk, playing with children or pets, and reaching out to help others can make a difference. >> that actually builds our own resilience, or our ability to bounce back and move forward. everything from donating blood in your community, sending a letter to first responders. >> reporter: psychologist robin girwich says if your fear becomes overwhelming, you may need to seek out a professional. >> if you find yourself not going to the mall or a sporting event, that should be a red flag for you to say, i recognize it, and it takes an act of strength and courage to reach out. >> reporter: she says making a family plan about safety and security is a good idea, but to not let the it stop
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if you want some more information about this, check out the american psychological web page. that's breaking right now at 6:00. the gunman in las vegas had cameras set up inside, and outside of his hotel room. we're not sure why. but investigators release their own video that confirms steven paddock had turned his room on the 32nd floor into a sniper's nest, as he rained bullets down on a concert crowd for 9 full minutes. 59 people were killed. more than 900 wounded. law enforcement tells cbs news, paddock wired as much as $100,000 to the philippines. that's where his long time girlfriend has been located. authorities say danley is cooperating with the investigation. she may return to nevada as soon as this week. police video taken from paddock's room at the mandalay bay hotel shows an assault rifle resting on a stand. crime scene tape covering
6:00 pm
teams busted down after paddock killed himself. >> investigators have yet to nail down a motive for this mass shooting. paddock has no history of gun violence, but a former fbi profiler believes he was a psychopath who saw his life coming to an end, and committed suicide in the most sensational way possible. peggy fox reports he may have even used a real life playbook. >> it's a very cold, calculated crime. predatory. he's on a perch, 32 floors up, and shooting down at these people, just like a hunter does when they're up in a tree. >> reporter: mary ellen otoole says the las vegas shooting is very similar to the 1966 university of texas tower shooting, committed by 26-year- old charles whitman. >> he took a


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