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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  October 3, 2017 6:00pm-6:29pm EDT

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teams busted down after paddock killed himself. >> investigators have yet to nail down a motive for this mass shooting. paddock has no history of gun violence, but a former fbi profiler believes he was a psychopath who saw his life coming to an end, and committed suicide in the most sensational way possible. peggy fox reports he may have even used a real life playbook. >> it's a very cold, calculated crime. predatory. he's on a perch, 32 floors up, and shooting down at these people, just like a hunter does when they're up in a tree. >> reporter: mary ellen otoole says the las vegas shooting is very similar to the 1966 university of texas tower shooting, committed by 26-year- old charles whitman. >> he took a
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multiple weapons, and drug that trunk up an elevator and flights of stairs to the top of the texas tower. >> reporter: paddock put his weapons in suitcases, both carried them up to their sniper perches. >> initially people thought there were multiple shooters on the top of the tower that day, because the shots were coming from so many different locations. but it was only one shooter. >> do you think it's likely steven paddock researched the shooting in texas? >> i would suggest that he probably did. >> reporter: based on their actions, she believes both shooters were psychopaths. >> what kind of a person commits a mass shooting? >> reporter: when you have those kind of personality traits, callousness, cold blooded, predatory, really well thought out, and instrumental violence. instrumental violence is killing people you don't know who never did anything to you. it's a very unique kind of violce
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by individuals who have a psychopathic personality. >> reporter: says psychopaths rarely commit suicide unless they feel like their life is over, then they do it in a most elaborate sensational way. >> there's no way now at 66 years old, i can fix this. >> reporter: one thing certain, steven paddock had some secrets. >> that former fbi profiler believes investigators will soon learn what led to his rage. something that meant he was going to take his own life on his own terms. more than a dozen fbi agents were back at the concert site today, searching for clues. nevada's attorney general says the whole field is littered with items that have been discarded during the
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there are lots of blood stains everywhere. brandy smith shows us the challenges investigators now face. >> reporter: we talked a lot about how massive this crime scene is. how much work investigators will have to put into it, and i wanted to illustratethat for you. right behind me, you can see the empty lot where the country music festival was held all weekend, closing out on sunday. then across the street, more than 400 yards away, you have mandalay bay, the hotel where the shooter camped out on the 32nd floor, raining bullets down on the crowd. that's the reason you're seeing right now police canvassing las vegas boulevard. they have this area of the strip shut down, so they can check for any evidence. so think about it. they are searching the hotel. they're searching the street in between, and they're going to have to go back onto the festival grounds to see what evidence is there, as well also to connect victims and fans who attended
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belongings left behind. in las vegas, brandy smith, back to you. all right, we've learned of two maryland connections to the shooting. kristin bolinger was severely injured. she's from hagerstown, and moved to vegas three years ago. doctors told her family two men jumped in on top of her to shield her from the gunfire. she suffered cuts to her upper body, and her spleen. >> we didn't learn she was still alive until this morning. we thought she was deceased. >> just imagine the horror of parents not knowing if their beloved was alive. bolinger was alive, but one of the men who protected her was not. the community raised money for
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out to check on her. >> yet another victim from this area. tinea frost is from maryland. she lost her right eye. frost graduated from arundel high school in 2008. her teachers and coaches remember her as a popular student. an official gofundme is being flooded with donations. >> if i could see tina right now was to continue to be the bad ass fighter that she was on the soccer field. >> frost was a star soccer player at arundel. she was working as an accountant in san diego, and attending the concert with her boyfriend. heros come in many forms. tonight, we're learning more stories of terrorism in the wake of the las vegas mass shooting. right now, we're going to share two for you. heather was working as a bartender at the concert. she es
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but jordan mcledoon did not. heather used his cell phone to call his girlfriend who was sheltered nearby. >> she said be honest with me, like what's going on? and i said he didn't make it. she said to me, you know, he's the love of my life. like are you sure? i said yeah. >> heather didn't want anything else to happen to jordan's body, so she stayed there with him. with his body for more than four hours. taylor winston and his girlfriend were dancing near the concert stage when the shooting began. the former marine served two tours of duty in iraq. >> the shots got louder and louder closer to us. i saw people getting hit. it was like, we could be hit at any second. once we got to the fence, i
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over, and gotmy stuff over. i saw a field with a bunch of white trucks. i tested my luck to see if any of them had keys in it. the first one had keys sitting right there. the third looking through people to take to the hospital. there was just too many. it was overwhelming how much blood was everywhere. once we dropped them off, let's go back for round 2 and get some more. i transported probably 20, 30 people to the hospital. >> winston credits his military training but rejects this talk about being a hero. saying he saw many people doing brave things during that shooting. mark lacey also returned repeatedly to the danger zone. he understands firefighters had to stage a block away to avoid being shot, but he is still frustrated about that. >> i believe many lives
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have been saved. the majority of the vehicles bled out where they were hit. >> fire departments across the country are looking at what happened in las vegas. they are trying to figure out what they can do to save more lives if this ever happens again. the vegas shooting sparked new conversations about the nation's gun laws, and president trump had this to say ahead of his trip to vegas tomorrow. >> we have a tragedy. we're going to do, and what happened in las vegas is in many ways a miracle. the police department has done such an incredible job, and we'll be talking about gun laws as time goes by. he was a sick man. a demented man. a lot of problems i guess, and we're looking into him very, very seriously. but we're dealing with a very, very sick individual. thank you. >> one democratic senator is pointing out
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government's apparent use of a bump stock. that's a legal device that allows a person to fire a semi automatic weapon as rapidly as a fully automatic one. california senator dianne feinstein says she is looking into legislation that would close that loophole. calling attention to republicans in action on gun control. our weather is going to continue to stay dry for a while. topper is out on the terrace to tell us more. >> it is fantastic right now this evening. if you're out late, i would recommend a light jacket or sweater. high temps tomorrow around 80. 85 in cumberland tomorrow. even 80 in frederick. we actually have significant rain on our seven day. up next, the prince george's county police
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prince george's county police chief hank stawinski is promising absolute openness tonight, this after he announced the u.s. department of justice is opening up an investigation into complaints about workplace discrimination. >> these complaints are being made by two minority officers organizations that represent over 100 members. and here is how the chief reacted. >> i hold no animus to anyone who advances a legitimate concern. my father was the president of the union because
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department back in the 1960s. i'm a product of that thinking. i won't stand for that. i won't tolerate an unfair work environment. i will not tolerate an injustice. >> in february, the department endured controversy over an officer who displayed a license plate on his car that demeaned president obama. stawinski banished that vehicle from department property. does feeding the birds keep the birds from flying south for the winter? you want to know, and we're going to verify. >> coming up next, president trump visits puerto rico. so why did
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president trump flew to puerto rico to visit the territory devastated by hurricane maria. >> the president compared the damage and the death toll to hurricane katrina. seth lemon reports from the white house. >> reporter: president trump toured the destruction in puerto rico and talked about the u.s. response. >> i hate to tell you, puerto rico, but you've thrown our budget a little out of whack, because we spent a lot of money on puerto rico. and that's fine. we saved a lot of lives. >> reporter: he says puerto rico should be proud of its low death toll in comparison to new orleans after
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katrina, which he called a real catastrophe. >> 16 people vs. in the thousands. you can be very proud of all of your people. all of our people working together. 16 vs. literally thousands of people. >> reporter: the president did meet with the mayor of san juan, who he chastised after she asked for more help last week. nearly two weeks after maria hit, 95% of the island remains without electricity. and food, and freshwater are in short supply in many areas. in response, the u.s. has deployed 12,000 federal aid workers, and 70% of the island's gas stations are back up and running. the president was also scheduled to meet sailors and marines, assisting with disaster relief. seth lemon for cbs news, the white house. >> president trump also met with the governor of the u.s. virgin islands. those islands sustained a lot of damage during both hurricanes maria and irma.
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hurricane disaster images are reminding one local man of his escape from mother nature's fury. >> reporter: schools covered in four feet of water. the damage so bad, school leaders had to postpone the fall semester. one out of every four students left, and never came back. >> i lived in anarchy. there was no government. you know, like i couldn't go to school. like what could i do. >> allen decided to start his life all over again here in d.c. and our federal government helped him financially, but 12 years later, the governor wants their $10,000 back with penalties. don't miss fema, a cautionary tale tonight at 11:00, on wusa9. you may have noticed a few less tweets today. birds are flying off for the winter. celeste from southern maryland emailed us this video of th
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hummingbird feeder outside her home. saying her friends are begging her to take it down. saying they're flying off for the winter. she ask us us to verify. they say don't listen to your friends. keep the feeders up. >> always tell people, we don't feed birds for the birds. we feed birds for us. after you've seen your last hummingbird, just leave the feeder up. we're saying just leave it up, because there's this whole other set of birds we now know passes through the area. >> just to be sure, we checked with mike par. he says don't worry about leaving yours outside during the fall, it's not going to keep the birds here. we can verify the idea that you need to take down the
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>> you want to fatten them up before they make that long journey. one out of every four males don't make it down to the gulf of mexico. you want to fatten them up as much as they can. they're also very finnicky. you've got to keep it clean. if you have the metabolism of a hummingbird, you can eat 250 pounds of meat a day. >> what about the forecast? >> okay the forecast. i have some good news. we're going to look ahead a little bit. we have a chance of some showers. also, some good soaking rain as a tropical disturbance begins to push moisture into our way. we're talking the threat for rain and storms. i think for some, if not most could be a soaking rain. how about that? a live look outside. a live shot out. 72 right now. dew point 51. still pretty comfortable. winds light east southeast at 8. they will turn and become southwesterly tomorrow.
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combined. here is the picture we're talking about. it's going to develop, and move into the northeast gulf of mexico. it may not become tropical. it has a very slight chance of becoming tropical storm nate. it will give us soaking rains. monday's commute could be a little bit on the messy side. another comfortable night though. 40s and 50s for us. bus stop temps, 48 to 68. i would remember a sweater, or sweatshirt tomorrow morning. the 80s will set up camp wednesday through saturday. rain and storms possible sunday afternoon all the way through monday. one model even has it into tuesday. 63 downtown, 50s in the burbs. a lot of 50s. there will be 40s. 47 in manassas. 44 this morning in dulles, not as cold as the 40s, the night before, but it's going to be comfortable tonight. 50s and 60s by 9:00. and then by lunchtime, we're in the 70s. by this time
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how nice is that? 57 right now, 57 by tomorrow morning. 70 by 11:00, and 75 by 1:00. warmer as we get into thursday. 83. still warm on friday, 84. maybe a sprinkle north of town. but nice, actually for the ballgame. then 79 on sunday. showers roll in. lots of rain possible monday. still warm though next tuesday. we're talking cribs, and not baby cribs. >> kirk cousins in cribs on tuesday. the redskins have a lot of injuries from yesterday. one of those, josh norman. that doesn't stop 9 cribs. we go mark herring: my mom always worked hard to provide for our family. at one point, she got fired for of all things -- getting married. that was a lifelong lesson for me: when people are hurt, you need to stand up and do something. and i've never forgotten that as your attorney general. whether it's protecting veterans and seniors from shady debt collectors,
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i have one guiding principle: do what's right for people. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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ralpand as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all. look at all these guys who got hurt, or missed time du
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on monday night. trent williams' knee. the list goes on. that doesn't include jordan reed who only played 13 snaps because they were managing his existing injury. the biggest one on the list? right there. josh norman. the corner out 2 to 4 weeks with a rib fracture. speaking of josh norman, today is tuesday. that means it's time for 9 cribs. this is where the redskins player gives us exclusive time inside his locker. josh norman, he may be out a few weeks for the redskins, but our weekly addition of 9 cribs continues to play on. ♪ [ music ] >> i'm josh norman. aka cherry nol. welcome inside my locker. as you can see,
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come on in. i got a lifetime deal with these guys. thank you lifesavers for making my day so sweet. but the gummies on point. like i said. what's understand don't have to be said. two times. already here. as you see everything looking down over all my lockers. that makes sure no one is coming in. it's like my security guy. i keep control. ♪ [ music ] shoe galore, and socks for a day. special thing here. i'm going to let y'all see. we're unveiling this this weekend. came fresh in, hot off the press. not bad, not
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kind of sticky. it's not the los angeles rams, not it. it's pushing food obstacles, busting open that door. this is my world, welcome to the crib, appreciate you having me. but hey, it's time for you guys to go. i've got to get to stepping, man. bye. >> watch out for that red cleat. that might hurt. >> there was a lot of stuff in his locker. that's part 1. he had two lockers. he has two additions of 9 cribs. >> not everybody gets two lockers. is it based on your salary? >> i don't know. i need to find that out. >> i know he's getting paid though. >> that's the news at 6:00. >> you'll be back at 7:00.
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