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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  October 4, 2017 5:00pm-5:29pm EDT

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seem to be talking about. christian was born and raised right here in town. this is where she went to school and she still has a lot of family members who live in this area. she moved to las vegas three years ago. her father says she was an employee at the mandalay bay hotel where all of that chaos went down over the weekend. so far here's what we know. kirsten's -- they're hoping to connect families with their loved one. it's a little more than four miles away from where that shooting happened. last we heard from daniel higgins was they were working to get information about what hospital kristin was in and how she was doing. >> what was the first thing you want to do when you see her? >> embrace her. what would you do if it were your kid, you would love her. and she's going
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what would you do? i'll say, i thank god she's alive. >> you have to remember one of the most incredible parts about kristin's story is two men jumped on top of her to keep her from getting shot. she suffered cuts because of glass on the ground, but one of the guys who tried to save her unfortunately passed away. kristin's father is looking forward to meeting the one that survived. in hagerstown, i'm michael quander, wusa the. >> her family is in las vegas after being told their daughter is in the hospital, but they can't find her, so police are getting involved and officers are putting a freeze on organizations -- until they can find out what's going on. there's a lot going on in las vegas and we'll keep you up-to-date. the
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paddock had 24 guns, all purchased legally. 12 of them had these bump fire stocks. the devices are attached to the back of a rifle, and what it does is it allows squeeze triggers to slide back and forth quickly which simulate automatic fire. and bump stocks are illegal workarounds to turn an illegal we'll on and turn it into machine guns. paddock had been stock piling weapons since 1982. he had nearly 50 guns all again legally purchased. in the last year or so, he bought 33 firearms. many of them rifles. a lot are asking, why wasn't the atf aware of that. federal law requires that authorities are notified if two or more handguns are purchased at one time. rifles are not apart of that law. democrats on capitol hill are using the las vegas massacre to call for greater gun control. republics
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not the time -- it would take great courage to pass new laws. >> i've seen great courage when my life was on the line. now is the time to come together. be responsible. >> particularly inappropriate to po lit size an event like this, entirely premature to be discussing about legislative solutions if any. >> republican senator john soon did offer a glimmer of hope for democrats. he said it could be time to look at bump stocks, those devices that can turn rifles into automatic weapons. the governor of puerto rico say 34 people have died from hurricane maria. he released a statement after trump released the statement. he and the first lady looked at the destruction from the air, but they did not visit the harder hit areas where there's no running water or power. before leaving
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rico's substantial debt may be forgiven. ten volunteers from the dc police department did see some of the hardest hit parts of the island. and they're in tears over the devastation there. the officers just arrived back home after a week of bringing food and water and medical supplies to those in desperate need. bruce lashawn is -- >>reporter: i'm here with the amazing metro police officers who risk their live to go down to puerto rico and help the people of puerto rico in their time of need. a tough time. sergeant mendez was one of them. you did a ton of work helping other people and then at some point you grabbed a moment, and saw your dad. >> there's no light, no electricity, no nothing and it was like finding nemo looking for my dad. it felt good speaking with him, seeing him, and feeling the warmth of my dad. >> there's a photo of you with ld
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what was that moment like for you? >> it was sad. but it was so amazing. >> she opened the door without knowing what was going on. she opened -- we asked her about her husband and she said [indiscernible] and hugged me and she said he's dying so we step in the house and we told him about the water and [indiscernible]. >> the situation is pretty bad. if you go -- if you stay in the metro area, things are getting good. but if you go to central -- to the central of the island -- >> i want to say the porta rican people are strong -- >> the pictures do not show how great the devastation is in puerto rico. these folks want to help, they're going
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says he's going to give them 24 hours off, and then it's back to patrolling, back on the streets, guys. all right. >> we're ready. >> bruce lashaw usa9. >> the city gave the officers a week of paid leave to help puerto rico. let that be a good example for other organizations and other cities looking to help out at any time there's a major disaster. the dc national guard flew them in and out. they doug into their own wallet to provide many of the supplies that they gave to the american citizens there, and there is still a need for much more help there. hey, tom. >> we're looking at a beautiful evening. it's crystal clear and temperature wise, it will be above average. by 6:00, 73. back in the 60s at 8:00. clear skies, the full moon. technically it's tomorrow night for the harvest moon. 66 at 10:00. also with clear skies. we'll come back. we're trackind become tropical storm
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means to our rainless streak. and breaking news coming up. a verdict in the trial of a young man accused of killing a popular caterer in a virginia park. that's right after the break. and we're going to talk about a confederate statute
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let's get to that breaking news from fairfax county. a not guilty verdict in -- 20-year-old bonds was charged with that murder. it happened last year after a wedding reception that ended in a fight over folding chairs at a park in -- the victim there is catering chef
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july. the jurors told the judge they could not reach a verdict. breaking tonight, police arrested an alexandria man for threatening to murder african-americans at howard university. the suspect is 24-year-old john russ. according to court documents, russ used a wifi at an alexandria restaurant to post a statement online. he faces five years in prison if convicted. russ will be in court in alexandria. we'll have more tomorrow. sky over the manassas battlefield, and that's where views are repairing a statute. the national park service says someone spray painted the words "dead" in gold spray paint. the monument went up in 1940. the first battle of manassas and the bull run was the first battle of the civil war. it was where stone wall
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nickname when he helped -- the search is underway for a suspect who managed to escape dc police. he was stopped on lamont street last night for a traffic violation. despite being placed in handcuffs, police say he took off and it was determined he did not have a drivers license from this area. a search of his car found large amounts of drugs and cocaine. so it hasn't rained for three weeks. choppers coming back after the break to tell us about breaking that streak weekend. the secretary of state tillerson addresses media reports that he called the president a moron. and right after the break, new details on allegations of
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to go see a real doctor. go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life. doctor poses! dad! cigna. together, all the way. we are following up on allegations of racism inside the principle much george's county police department. we're looking for hard facts and we're doing this because the department has said the justice department has opened an investigation into complaints about their hiring, promotion and discipline practices with minority officers. scott broom is in the county on day 2 taking a closer look at what this is about.
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so, what have you learned, scott? >>reporter: so we wanted to take a look at this today because the department of justice launching an investigation of a local police department is clearly a very big deal, but the complaint from the various officers who say they've been done wrong has not been made public, and the officers themselves are not providing any specific details as the usdoj looks into it. it makes trying to understand what may be going on inside the prince george county police department very difficult. but here are some facts as we know them. one, the complaint alleging black and hispanic officers are treated unfairly in promotion and internal discipline is 200 pages, and two, it was filed by two groups representing minority officers who claim they're speaking for 111 members. three, the naacp which has been involved in discussions with the department says the
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complaints forwarded to the justice department has grown from 55 to more than 100 since february. according to chapter 2 bob ross. fourth, the leaders of the minority officers perez was promoted to captain in 2017 and is a member of the internal affairs member responsible for investigating wrong doing. >> we are approximately 43 african-american, and 45% caucasian and the balance being latino and asian. the department is approximately 15% female. >> meanwhile crime in prince george's county remains at historic lows. >> to the community, this department has made progress over the last decade in crime fighting. just as we have looked at those structures, we have the opportunity to look at our structures internally and to ensure this department
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represents the finest and most progressive thinking in policing. >> all right, again, that is police chief hank reacting to this department of justice investigation into internal, hiring and discipline practices. the naacp reports it has seen a dramatic drop in community complaints about police behavior outside in the community. they say it is down to less than two to three complaints every six months. bob ross, the chapter president of the naacp here in prince george's county told me today, quote, public safety is doing well, but its internal issues that are apparently the challenge. reporting live in prince george's county, scott broom, wusa9. >> scott, we know you'll stay on this story. chief winski has promised full corporation as they look into promotion practices within the department. the news not much better as we continue in prince george's county. a new controversy over
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grades were inflated to boost graduation waits. there's a confident hotline two weeks to -- but some school officials say there were little effort to inform teachers and staff about the tip line. how are they going to get tips if they don't know about it. a result -- an audit is due at the end of the month. just when we thought we were almost done with the season, nate, the not too great is turning. >> it's about to develop. whether he develops or not, we're going to get the tropical moisture sunday and monday. >> we need it? >> it has been 22 days. we could use a little rain, yeah. let's start with the -- it's still a depression at this point. and it's way to the south of us. there are tropical storm warnings though that have
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been posted for nicaragua and honduras. you need 35 mile an hour to have a tropical status. it's going to have enough moisture and be overland and go back over open waters and become a category 1 before making landfall and heading into western north carolina. this is 5:00 on monday. so whether or not it develops, if it takes this track, it's going to bring plumes of moisture our way which we need. in terms of the computer models, are they in agreement? for the most part. some west of the official tracko middle tennessee and the ohio river and west of us. even if it goes west of us, we're going to get precipitation in terms of rain, thunderstorms and maybe severe weather. the closer it gets to us, the more significant the rain will be. so again, timeframe hasn't changed. sunday night into monday. live look outside, gorgeous. 76. dew points have come up. they e in the 40s earlier in the week. they're hovering aroun.
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to be as cool tonight, but comfortable, but no 40s and 50s. we're going to trade those in for 50s and 60s. let's talk about tonight, 10:00. 66 downtown. a few 50s, 59 maybe in frederick, but 64 in bowie and 62 in fairfax. by morning, some clouds to the north especially north of i-70. temperatures really pretty mild even at 6:00 a.m. we're talking low 60s. 60 in hagerstown. by mid morning, 65 downtown. cd clouds lingering. bakers town to cumberland back across the divide and by 1:00, 81 dispute the clouds. 81 in manassas and 81 in frederick. we get into the early afternoon or the early evening hours and showers and thunderstorms developing west of the divide. i think there's a chance some of these showers could get into cumberland, hagerstown, and a rumble of thunder around martinsburg. this is 9:30 tomorrow night. they'll stay north of town.
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moon which is full tomorrow, you might want to look at it tonight. we're looking at clouds across the metro area, certainly to the north of the metro area. so tonight, clear to partly cloudy. cool. 54 to 64. comfortable. wind s s out of the is the west at 10. tomorrow morning for the day planner, yes, the 50s are gone. we start in the 60s downtown. 74 by 11:00 and a few clouds coming in by 1:00, 81. friday, we kept a stray shower in on friday. 82. it's not going to affect the bae and warm, almost hot saturday. highs near 85 on saturday. sunday, the showers roll in late. i think the first part of the day will be okay. if you want to plan something over the weekend, saturday is your best bet. rain and moisture -- tuesday, warm. another front comes through wednesday. showers and storms late. and that will cool us off late next
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tillerson is missing a report he considered leaving his post to secretary of state. nbc reporting tillerson considered calling it quits this summer after going so far as to call president trump a quote moron. the state department denies that claim. tillerson was asked about the report this morning. >> could you address the main headline of this story that you called the president a moron and if not, where do you think these reports are -- >> i'm not going to deal with petty stuff like that. i mean, this is what i don't understand about washington. again, i'm not from this place. but the places that i come from, we don't deal with that kind of petty nonsense. >> tillerson denies that vice-president pence had to per sway him to stay at the state department because he says he never threatened to leave. mark warner says there's a large consensus that russians hacked into political files and released that information in an effort to influence the
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top democrat -- provided an update on the probe today. warner says russia was trying to test the vulnerables of 21 states election systems, but no vote counts were altered. fema give it and take away. a story on how the government agents acted -- give back $12,000. right after the break, a warning about an outbreak linked to
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you can even see how well you're sleeping and make adjustments. does your bed do that? the most amazing part is they start at $699. that's $200 off our queen c2 mattress during our fall sale. ends soon. visit for a store near you. federal health officials say more people are getting sick from an infection related to dogs and cats. the cdc investigating 55 cases of something called camp -- the outbreak is linked to puppies sold to the national chain pet land. cases reported in 12 states including in maryland. it can be spread
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animals like dogs and cats. for people, symptoms can include, vomiting and nausea. >> wash your hands for 20 second seconds at any time you come into contact with animals especially when you're cleaning up animal poop or in contact with their food or their environment. >> that's fun. almost all people infected with this camp ulbactor recover, but those with compromised immune systems may have to take antibiotics. in tonight's consumer alert, what's believed to be the largest data breach got bigger. yahoo says that hack back in 2013, it impacted all 3 billion users. they thought it was 1 billion. that was what was revealed in december. the stolen information includes all the things you know about, the names and e-mail addresses, phone numbers, birthes
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a whole lot. a record-breaking gift today at the university of maryland. the school announced it received $219 million from a pledge. the largest donation in school history will be used to expand scholarships and make other investments at the college park campus. and bumble now means business. the dating site has new features. you can swipe right or left that can lead to jobs or internship. that's wusa9 at 5:00. the news at 5:30 starts right now. tonight, millions of people in hurricane ravished puerto rico are awaiting help from the federal government. for some, that help is going to come in the form of disaster aid money. our special assignment unit discovered just because fema gives that to you doesn't mean you get to keep it.
5:29 pm
than $12,000. the story we brought to you last night at 11:00. we know a lot of you haven't had the chance to see it. here's reporter eric flack. >>reporter: for gregory alan jrn agement agency, fema is a four letter word in more ways than one. >> it's painful, you know. i cried so many tears. i cried the suicide hotline and i haven't done that ever. >> this is a massive storm. the hurricane forced winds extend 100 miles. >> flood waters rushed over -- >> alan schools, the university of the louisiana was covered in four feet of water. the damage so bad school leaders had to postpone the fall semester. one out of every four students left and never came back. >> i lived in [indiscernible]. there was no government. you know,ou
5:30 pm
what could i do. if i would have stayed in new orleans, i would have died. >> alan moved to dc to be with his twin brother and enrolled in howard university. but without the scholarship money he had, he stayed on course for a degree in biology, but the memories of what happened haunted him. he says he was diagnosed with ptsd and the financial pressure of trying to start over only added to his stress. so he turned to fema. >> what did you have, what did you leave down there, what is missing and i told them, you know, and i was excited they cut me a check. >> alan got around $10,000 in disaster assistance which he says he used to pay for on campus housing and a new computer and cloths and we asked for documentation on all this, but he told us receipts or copies were lost or thrown away years ago. >> so fas


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