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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  October 4, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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campus threat, a young white man found, arrested and charged with threatening to kill black students at a local university. >> is a metrobus problem affecting your safety on d.c. streets? >> if you hate standing in line, this woman will do it for you, no, seriously. >> but first tonight inside the mind of a madman, a profiler talks to us about the shooter
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fbi. let's get started. she flew back from the philippines under the cover of night. marilou danley, the girl friend of las vegas shooter, stephen paddock. federal agents picked her up at the los angeles airport before a day of intense questioning. we know the shooter transferred $100,000 it a philippines bank account before the massacre. was it hush money? does she know why he opened fire into that crowd and did she know he was planning it? her sister says. no way. >> she has no place for that. >> danley's attorney said she knew nothing about the crime. paddock met his girl friend while she worked at a casino and according to her family, danley was madly in love with them. people who saw them around their hometown
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texas, say he might not have felt the same way. paddock and danley were inside a local starbucks a lot inside a casino and the baristas who worked there told reporters they often saw him yelling at her in public. >> it's details about the crime and traits like that that lead fbi profilers to develop their sketch of a criminal's personality. we asked retired criminal fbi profiler dr. mary ellen o'toole to share her thoughts on this horrific crime. she begins with the scene itself. >> it's cold blooded, predatory. he's on a perch 32 floors up and he's shooting down at these people just like a hunter does up in a tree waiting for the deer or the animal to come through so they can shoot the animal. when you look at those behaviors, those are behavioral traits. that's what profilers do. we look at personality traits that are manifested at the crime scene. the way i analyze this case is that this is
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suicide and it's done by a way of killing all these people. it can't get any more elaborate or egregious than that. if a psychopath commits suicide, it's rare because they tend to be terribly optimistic individuals. they suicide when their backs are against the wall and they have no other option and they're thinking when they suicide is you're not going to tell me when i can die. you're not going to control my life. i am the one who decides when i'm going to die and when i've seen psychopathic individuals who suicide, they do it on their own terms with their own weapons in their own very elaborate way. this is the most elaborate i've ever seen. >> there's late word tonight that officers found 1,600 rounds of ammunition and more explosives in the shooter's car and the sheriff says paddock actually planned to escape from that hotel room, but he wouldn't answer any questions about how.
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we've got an update on the young woman you see behind me, kristin bolinger from hagerstown. she was hurt in the las vegas shooting, her life saved by two men who jumped on top of her to protect her and one of them did not survive. kristin's parents are in las vegas tonight, but here's the deal. they still can't seem to find her. she is one of more than 500 people taken to hospitals after the shooting. las vegas police are now involved and we know you'll want to know this, too. so we'll keep an eye on the story and share more when we know it. when tragedy happens, people want to help. look at this. the massive response to the carnage that unfolded sunday night in las vegas, people here lined up around the block to donate blood, but there are some questions. we got a message in our verify inbox asking if i donate blood in the dmv, will it help the victims in las vegas? our verify researchers talked to a spokeswoman for the americaned
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with the greater chesapeake of potomac region and she said yes. she sent 250 bags of blood and platelets to las vegas monday, another 200 this morning. they could be asked to send more. keep in mind that blood was already bagged ready to go. it didn't come from new donors. you can take up to -- it can take up to 36 hours to test newly donated blood before it can be sent to the hospital. any new blood now has to be held a bit before it can be shipped. we can verify whamo, you can donate blood in one state and have it end up in las vegas or be used towards some other catastrophe. you can't earmark your donation for a particular place, but the red cross has an app called rapid pass and you can track where your donated blood ends up so you can see if it went to las vegas. so a lot of love sent from annapolis to las vegas tonight. they held candles and sent
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cause. something needs to be done about gun violence in this country. >> our lawmakers must understand that there are a lot of americans who are tired of this extending our thoughts and prayers to families of loved ones or family members and loved ones to people killed in massacres and there are actions that can be taken to help prevent these kind of incidents from happening. >> those who feel strongly about changing the laws aren't going away. they'll be back on lawyers mall saturday night. big headline tonight in the crisis in puerto rico, more federal money is headed to that american territory, $29 billion to pay for relief and recovery efforts and to pay out federal flood insurance claims and that's on top of the $200 million the government is spending every day to cover the work that's being done to clean up after hurricanes
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mainland. despite the relief efforts starting to take shape puerto ricans are still standing in long lines for food, gas and cash. supermarkets are restricting their purchases and the atms are empty and with power out to almost the entire island the stores that can open are insisting on cash. the 10 d.c. police officers who went to puerto rico to help out are back tonight. all of them used to work on police forces on the island years ago. we asked about this one photo of the group alongside a very sick elderly man and his wife on the right-hand side of your screen there. >> she opened the door without knowing what's going on. she just opened it. it's late and we asked her about her husband and she started crying. she said he's dying. so we stepped in the house and we saw him. we brought water. we brought food and
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>> the grouped things are improving in san juan, but the center of the island remains virtually destroyed. and we checked in with d.c.'s air national guard. they flew down tons of supplies like bottled water collected by a puerto rican organization in northern virginia. they told us it all arrived on the island and it's been offloaded from the cargo planes. they'll be coordinating with fema to make sure those supplies get to where they're needed. well, it seems there's another trouble spot brewing in the caribbean, top? >> it's a little tropical depression, but all cases are it will become a tropical storm overnight, certainly by tomorrow afternoon. we do have tropical storm warnings along nicaragua and honduras and along the yucatan a hurricane watch. winds are 39 miles per hour. when the wind
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per hour or higher, it becomes a tropical storm. it will brush cancun. this is friday at 11:00. then it gets in the open waters of the gulf of mexico, probably becomes aim hurricane, could make landfall -- a hurricane, could make landfall in the gulf coast as a category 1. we'll come back and talk about computer models. they aren't all on the same page. we covered the threats targeting howard university when they first surfaced online back in november of 2015. prosecutors say 24-year-old john edgar rust is behind the posts that talk about ill canning black students on -- killing black students on campus. john henry picks up the story from there. >> reporter: these posts said anyone found at the campus or on metro would regret that
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soon. authorities say they found the man responsibility for the entire incidents. court documents suggest he was angry with protests happening at university of missouri back in 2015. after everything that happened at howard two years ago student say they were happy to see that he was arrested. >> that is definitely a great thing for society, but definitely for howard university. >> reporter: they caught him by zeroing in on the ip address of the device the post was written on. the numeric internet label can help investigators figure out where that computer may be. the ip address was provided to authority and then it became more clear. the ip address belonged on that panera bread in alexandria and records show rust's computer had used the wi-fi here around the same time that threatening post was made to the internet. he also had used his credit card. that all head the feds nab their -- helped the feds nab their man. he'll appear in court to
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years of his life from behind bars in. alexandria, john henry, wusa9. >> this isn't the first time rust has been in trouble. he's also a registered sex offender. he was convicted of indecent liberties with a child back in 2012. we're tracking metro for you with new information on two stories from the transit agency tonight. first more attacks on drivers, a 20-year-old was arrested for threatening a driver with a knife after not paying the fare. this comes after drivers have had drinks and even urine poured on them as they tried to do their job. metro and the drivers union are still at odds over how to handle all this, but they both say they want tougher penalties for people who attack drivers and that's not all. there's a problem with some of the buses themselves. did metro take too long to get them off d.c. street? >> and the latest pop-up bar drawing quite the
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the theme? halloween. we'll take you inside. >> and if you don't feel like waiting in line for it, no problem. we'll meet someone who will do that for you. >> all of that plus d.c.'s most accurate forecast is less than two ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs. but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too.
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the news at 11:00 continues with your money, credit reporting giant equifax back on capitol hill for the second of four hearings. this one centered around a $7.25 million contract that equifax just recently landed with the irs even though the company had that, you know, massive data breach exposing the personal information of a mere 145 million americans. and that headline wasn't the only thing that captured our attention at the equifax hearing. have a look at this. see him back there in the middle? that's the monopoly man behind former equifax ceo richard smith. really it's amanda werner, an executive with an advocacy group. she dressed up to draw attention to clauses common in the finance industry that make it rd
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dispute with your bank to court. well, this sounds like an action movie, a packed metrobus that could not be steered or stopped, but that's exactly what drivers say happened twice last week. now metro has voluntarily parked about 5% of its bus fleet. transportation reporter pete muntean is all over this story tonight in southwest. there's some fixes that are being made, pete. >> reporter: yeah. 105 buses now parked. drivers think the problem is with the bus master switch. when it fails, the bus essentially goes limp. it becomes lifeless. drivers now think this happened twice in the last week. the first incident on september 25th the driver had the bus stall out on i-395 in northern virginia. he had to steer the bus into a median barrier in order for it to slow down from 60 miles per hour. the second incident september 28th was the p-18 route in ft. washington, but it was only after that second ci
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metro parked these 105 buses. >> so this happened twice. those are some pretty scary incidents. why didn't metro take action after the first incident? >> reporter: that's the $1 million question drivers want to know. i talked to metro's largest transit union and members think metro should have done something about this earlier. in fact, they think they had proof this was going on on september 26th, the day after the first incident. they showed me this e-mail exchange between one of the maintenance supervisors e- mailing other maintenance supervisors warning about the problem with the ignition switch. he said that this was an issue, metro sort of sidestepping this tonight saying it wasn't really a problem or that's not really representative of the problem. even still members of metro's union say that everyone in the agency should have known about this right away. >> things happen. this is public transit. things do happen in public transit, but let's be open about it and let's talk about it and let's change our approach how we do business.
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>> pete, if you can't steer a bus and can't stop a bus, i'm assuming the riders are in danger, too. >> reporter: well, that's what drivers will definitely tell you tonight. they think that thousands of riders were put in jeopardy over these three days when the buses were still out on the roads doing work, revenue service. this ignition master switch is a really big deal. it controls everything from the electrical system on the bus to the power steering, even the doors. they think that riders were definitely in danger, metro tonight still investigating. we're waiting to find out some answers from them, too. >> thanks, pete. we know you'll stay on top of it. standing in line, it's the worst. -- standing in line, it's the worst. this was the line outside the game of thrones pop-up bars. remember that? you've got lines for the bars, lines for the restaurants that won't take reservations. topper has got lines in
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golf course, but what if you didn't have to stand in lines at all? here's marcella robinson. >> reporter: life is busy. >> if i could pay for anything, it's to save me time. >> reporter: most of us don't center a lot of time to -- have a lot of time to waste, especially for this. >> no one likes standing in line. >> reporter: if only you could find someone to do it for you. meet jennifer goff. >> i started going up to people and asking them if they were interested in hiring me and she did. >> reporter: she'll wait and you'll get into some of hottest spot in the district. remember this game of thrones pop-up bar, if you stood in line, chances are she was with you. >> i tallied up the numbers recently and just for game of thrones this fast summer it was about 97 hours, give or take. the next biggest wait i'll have will be for the iphone 10. for the restaurant reservation or iphone reservation it's $30 an hour. if you're doing general admission concerts or the pop- up bar we
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>> reporter: some aren't really feeling the idea. >> i wouldn't necessarily pay someone to do it. it's part of life for me. >> reporter: but others would put goff's idea to use. she already has customers for the new iphone coming out the end of the month. one guy signed up to have her wait in line for him for 18 hours. in georgetown, marcella robinson, wusa9. >> you might want to give her a buzz to get into pub dread, the latest pop-up spot, home to supermario's bar and game of thrones bar. drinks are fall themed and the setup is pretty creepy. you can celebrate halloween all month long if you have enough money left over after paying her to stand in line.
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was $2,900. >> black friday coming, she might be looking good. we aren't waiting in line to hear about the tropics. >> we have to talk about it because it's going to affect the gulf coast area, maybe us getting into next week. let's start with the computer models. i mentioned everybody is not exactly on the same page. they're really not. in fact, they're okay now. they go across the yucatan, but notice all the models go well west into new orleans and west of us. it takes a track like this, we're looking at less rain and more severe weather, same time frame of sunday night into monday. this will become i think a hurricane as we get into the gulf of mexico and a tropical storm tomorrow and could be making landfall sunday passenger as a category 1. -- evening as a category 1. it could be a low end 2 making landfall. notice how the landfall is much furtr
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we're bringing it in more closely to new orleans. we shall see. we've got some time to watch it. as it goes northward, it's going to spread tropical moisture our way no matter what it does. the tropical moisture is coming our way. we kind of need it. we went 79 on the 3-degree guarantee. that's okay. we're going 83 tomorrow afternoon. still 65, a gorgeous night but not as cool as it has been. it's getting more tropical, humid. bus stop temps, 54 to 72, another beautiful day, late clouds, a sprinkle or shower possible to friday, saturday is dry. you're much safer planning stuff on saturday than sunday. 82 tomorrow, friday, 84 saturday and i went 80 again on sunday and monday even though there's clouds come in and rain. it will be very tropical and
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notice we have 50s and 60s, no longer 40s and 50s, 60 downtown, 58 in bowie. by midmorning a few clouds north hagerstown toward martinsburg, 60s headed for the low 80s. on the day planner 60 to start, 65 at 9:00 and then 80 by 1:00. hope you got to see the moon tonight because it's essentially the harvest moon is tonight. tomorrow a little cloud cover will cause problems, 82 friday, 84 saturday, maybe a sprinkle on friday, not a huge deal. the nats games are fine friday and saturday. there's the tropical moisture sunday night into monday. we'll see how much we get. that is kirk cousins, redskins quarterback. we'll tell you about him in a bit, but there's also another nfl quarterback. wait until you hear what he
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now wusa9 sports with darren haynes brought to you by xfinity.
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norman has a rib fracture with some damage to his lung, despite the injury head coach jay gruden has not ruled out norman for the next game against the 9ers. norman hasn't missed a game since the 2014 season. check out this picture, kirk cousins knocked out on a plane after the redskins loss to kansas city city. he tweeted out a picture today, i just don't understand the sunglasses on the plane and why he's flying coach the remember, kirk's wife julie just gave birth to their first child cooler, so here's my message to you, kirk. get all the sleep you can, brother, because when you get home, you won't get any sleep with this little newborn. for more on kirk cousins and josh norman's injury, listen to this week's edition of wusa9 sports with bruce johnson. >
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you got to hear how this reporter's question was answered. >> reporter: i know you take a lot of pride in playing receiver well and getting those extra yards. is that fun getting routes like that? >> it's funny to hear females talk about rights, funny. >> first of all, she's a woman and deserves the same respect as every man in this business. unfortunately sexism happens more than people think. unfortunately the reporter tweeted afterwards i didn't think it was funny. i think it was my job. jordan, it is your job and it's not funny. i played ball 18 years and i guarantee 90% of my male coaches couldn't run a route to save their lives. however, my coaches just like many women reporters all know sports. we have plenty here in
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diane roberts, candice buck. i read and listen to their work every single day and these women here know what they're talking about and in a panthers statement cam expressed regret for using those words, yet there was no apology. there's no reason to assume that a football reporter doesn't understand routes or that knowing about any sport, period, is dependent upon that reporter being a man or woman. this is just
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ralpand as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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