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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  October 5, 2017 11:15pm-11:49pm EDT

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as he and his helmets comes off to boot. >> tony: another timeout by tampa bay. they are still in this. they have to go down and get some points. tom being safe with the footbal football. >> jim: not being safe with the contact. >> tony: no, just don't -- oh, look at that. let's take his helmet off too. just to makeatters worse. >> jim: allen to punt to reedy a local kid out of st. petersburg. he was on the falcons practice squad in 2014 when dirk koetter was the offensive coordinator. he brought him here when he became the coach.
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new kfc $10 chicken share. perfect for two people to share on game day. [crunch] it's finger lickin' good. >> jim: after the game, the mazda postgame show. plus a live interview with the star of the game on the mazda postgame show.
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bucs. big hit, somehow bouncing off of it. that is humphries. out of the 42. he was really slammed by gilmore. listen. [thudding] two scores, one timeout left to play. a little soft touch. >> tony: jameis versus two men, a good decision. get them on the ball, keep going, a model huddle, a little bit babyish, huddled up. >> jim: they rush 5, that pass is wide of humphries his time.
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winston with 107 yards passing in this quarter to push his total up to 216. >> tony: sometimes when you go against the team that is going to play these type of coverage is against you. you have to be able to run the football, if not it is hard to get a chuckle. i like what they have done, they open him up and -- this is a playwright here, here we go. >> jim: 3rd & 3. they pick up the pressure. he could have run for it, but he flips it instead to sims. first down at the 42, gain of 10. >> tony: get back up, call your play. you have plenty of time, even though you have one timeout, you do want to score before the two minute warning would be ideal. and to save the timeout. >> jim: here is winston, in a jam. oh, that looked like an awkward tackle, he has on his feet qukl
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>> tony: you have to throw that ball away. those are killer, he is not going to get the snap until under 2:45. that is too much time at this point in the game. >> jim: second and 5 2:40 left to go. losing the snap, steps up, flips it. in the direction of humphries. and it is ruled incomplete. >> tony: that is a big call whether he was in the grass. we will see. if the knee is down before he let's go up the ball. just takes his eyes off for a second. a little bit wide. that is really close. >> jim: i tell you, smartly avoiding the sack. >> tony: i would throw it if i was nearing them. >> jim: they do. a challenge flag out. bill belichick just tossed it. >> tony: takes amount of field range, a lot of reasons to
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>> referee: new england is challenging the rule on the field of an incomplete pass, they are saying that the runners knee was down prior to the forward pass. we will review the play. >> jim: you had one look at it, it is really close. >> tony: we will see if we can get a super high level guy in the back who works a camera, stopping this right at the moment. that looks down to me. as the finger on the ball? >> jim: it is out of his hand, may be a behind that? it looks down right there pretty still in control of it. >> tony: that looks down to me me. >> jim: that confirms it right there. >> tony: if that holds up the way that it looks to us right there, it is -- oh, yeah, it's just -- yeah, he is down. we will see if they agree with
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the high level cbs grass appear in the booth. >> jim: i've never been called the breath. >> tony: i thought that's what you were. >> jim: are you in the huddle at this point? whatever way it's going to go, and the patriots are going to win meant a challenge. but still trying to figure out some plays that you maybe need to call? speak to are calling the play now. winston should have his team on the ball. you just need to get up and run the play quick. you want to get back quickly. the thing you need to determine is around 3rd & 12, so you need to get in the range first. the hard part will be -- >> referee: after review the runner was down before the pass credit will be third down at the 47-yard line. new england will not be charged with a timeout. please set the game clock to 2: 2:35. >> tony: third down, if you want to kick the field goal, if they get it to the
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and they have to kick the ball. or you have to all the sudden throw the football past the first down marker. if not, it will be really tough to see with the coach calls right away. >> jim: as bad as the patriots defense was, they did not allow a third down conversion of third or ten longer. winston on the run, there is a conversion on 3rd & 10 plus, and it is a big one. it keeps them in the game. jackson with the grab. >> tony: well done by winston extending the play. in the soft zone. deshaun watson between the two defenders, and let's make sure that his feet, as they are getting up on the ball. go, go, go. oh, he did not show me anything. i think he is in. >> jim: he is. it was a gain of 29. from the 18. dropped. right in the belly of brate. >> tony:
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warning, they will have two timeouts after they kicked off. that's what i would be thinking as a quarterback. i would be taking shots, once you get past 2 minutes, then you are trying to score on side for the most part. right now they are still in this and could take it deep. >> jim: five wide's, evans at the top. to the end zone, and it is cost for the touchdown! and there he is, the red zone specialist, brate! >> tony: remember we talked earlier about the next level back shoulder that looks
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brate is covered, but when you throw the ball perfectly on the back shoulder, it is on comparable coming and he did not push off. i thought he was going to give a notch, but to hold onto the ball, boy, that is a big throwing catch right there. >> jim: with mccourty behind him, and here is the extra point. and this kick is good. they got the touchdown with 2:09 on the north side of the two-minute morning. a an ideal situation for them. >> tony: your rights, that was big. now two timeouts. >> jim: sunday regional action on cbs. many are for you are going to see jacksonville at pittsburgh, and some will get their game late including baltimore at oakland, seattle down at the rams, and of course it all got started with j.b., phil,
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cowher, nate, boomer, the "nfl today" at 12:00 eastern on cbs. >> tony: all right, jim, one timeouts, 2:09, are you kicking it deep? >> jim: i will tell you this, i will tell you that nick folk's last successful onside kick came in 2015 as a jet against the patriots. >> tony: i think that they are going to kick this one down the field, no, deftly offside in this. they could pooch it though. >> jim: here is the onside kick. and it is grabbed with complete control by ebner. and there is the flag. where it's where the ball was kicked. >> tony: it has to be offside. >> jim: tampa bay left early. the old rugby player. ebner. >> tony: you can go either way. you can kick it outside or deep, it depends on how you trust her defense to get out and get the ball back,
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or 50. >> referee: offside, kicking team number 41, five yards will be added to the end of play. first down. reset the game clock to 2:08. >> tony: the reason that you could kick it deep, if you kick it deep and get the three and out, 1:20 with the ball back up, probably on the 40 or 50 coming in. but you only need 20 yards. so you have 1:20 with 20 yards left to go is what it would have been, basically. >> jim: gillislee, off the left tackle for 2, and the last time out the bucs. >> tony: what yard line earlier when they decided to punt? >> jim: right here. >> tony: the big decision will be on fourth down. ifhe
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pretend they run for another yard or two, two-minute warning, they get to the 31. that's going to be the decision. there they are. the craftsman right there. you know them pretty well, don't you? >> jim: i have done a few of their games. since 2004, approaching 100. you have the afc package, they have been what they have been. i don't make the assignments. i just go where they tell me to go. and here we go, 2nd & 8. >> tony: they have to motion the guy back in. look at this pit only new england. motion back in there, throwing the screen. >> jim: brady looks over, and it is dropped. and we have the 2 minutes warning. with a third down play coming up on the other side. d light's all. icecobuuudlightserrre! icecobuuudlightserrre?
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>> jim: coming up next to the "mazda postgame show" after the game. what are they going to do? speak to some sort of a motion and to let tom brady back in this game. a drop and back. in the pocket. he completes it. >> jim: short of the first. hogan down at the 30. they can run the clock down to about 1:12, 1:12, 4th & 3 or a 48-yard field goal -- >> tony: you have to kick it now, don't you? >> jim: maybe you go offside.
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take a timeout, not going to punt again. if they punt, you can take the penalty. he is not snapping this football. there is no way that he snaps this football. >> jim: and a timeout with 1:14 left to go. >> tony: he pointed earlier from a couple of yards back, but he has to kick this one. >> jim: it was five yards back of this, but gostkowski is coming out. it will be 48 yards. >> tony: you still have -- even you are down 1:10, about to do, but a good check on a first or second down, you are fine. you really have a lot of time. if you are good in the two minute
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not much wind out there. it has all died down. >> jim: from 48, and the kick is good. making it 19-14. >> tony: here we go! let's take a look at the replay first, jim. >> jim: that ball was moving with the wind. buffering. >> tony: it did a little, i'm going to fade, no, i will draw, because all opposing field goal kickers are good in this building, but not tempos. >> jim: gostkowski 4 for 4 on the other side nick folk is 0 for 3. >> tony: that's the nfl in the nutshell. you want to know how close, right there. one kicker makes for and the other mrs. three. >> jim: brady is stone-faced
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the bucs have a chance. >> tony: this is similar to last week, new england's -- giving the field goal to carolina at the end, now you see that they have to score a touchdown. this is 1:10, not a lot of time to score the touchdown. a huge time with not a lot of timeouts. asking a lot. >> jim: the kick to reedy, and he will not try it. >> tony: winston in college was fantastic. asking him to do it again, seven career game winning drives, fourth quarter over time. including -- >> jim: like four days ago. >> tony: he has an option, it will be difficult, but this first play is everything. no sacks, that will end the game. you don't have enough time. probably get the ball and bounds, four plays, get
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out-of-bounds twice. >> jim: with time. the heave, he has his man. near midfield was jackson. >> tony: hurry up, you have to get up. he has to stand there, jim. >> jim: jackson gets to the sideline, and at the last moment, godwin comes in for him. and movement, it will cost them five. >> tony: jameis upset right there. >> jim: that was some way to start the drive. >> referee: false start number 59, 5-yard penalty. this also requires a 10-second run off, please set the game clock 2:34. 34 seconds, you are sti
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think about the sideline. going to need two man coverage, alex cuts by the wide receiver. >> jim: winston floated incomplete. and humphries is in the area as well. 26 seconds left. >> tony: if you are bill belichick, he will stick them two man. no home run falls down the sideline. but that gives you a shot for about a 30-yard play in the middle of the field if you want it to. but then you have to get up and spike it pretty well have one opportunity. here we go. >> jim: doing it without the speedster jackson was down on the sideline. winston's pass complete and out-of-bounds. as humphries. >> tony: now run it again. that's what you have to do.
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get to the sideline. it is two man, they let you get out-of-bounds and that coverage. >> jim: on that pass play, stop the clock at 19 seconds. >> tony: you can still throw it in bounds. but down to the 15 or that 10 to do it. otherwise you are working the sideline. bill belichick running it again, take a look. to see if he turns his back to the quarterback. >> jim: winston, middle of the field, getting the completion. hass to hurry up and spike it. >> tony: they will get it snapped. they will get a clocked at like three seconds. >> jim: they have one shot for the game. one play. >> tony: i'm okay with that, it was covered two. bill belichick adjusted. now here is the one that i want right here, jim, chipped the edges with the running back and
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quarterback to buy time and throw a ball to the end zone. you cannot let him get it fast. >> jim: desean jackson has come back in. o.j. howard onto the field. jackson shaken up on the first play. one play for the game! >> tony: three-man rush, a lot of time, jim, find a soft spot in the pocket. >> jim: a big guy and evans to the end zone, and it is incomplete! and to the patriots hold on for the victory! the pass was headed towards the rookie o.j. howard, jonathan jones defended it. into the patriots walk off the field off of this heart stopping victory that became high drama in the last few minutes. >> tony:an
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three-man rush, you are going to have -- look at this, just, your guy is not looking yet. i know that he felt -- >> jim: completely out of sync here. >> tony: howard is a rookie who has not been in that situation before. >> jim: he is saying look, you have to look. >> tony: the problem is he has to get to the end zone. winston wanted him to catch at the 5 and run it in. they are all back there at the end zone. the patriots survive! survive and advance! that's what they are doing so far. a tough day for folk, who is usually a really, really good kicker. he did not have his best day today. >> jim:
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for 235 yards in the fourth quarter alone. goes over 300. 334. >> tony: he brought them back. they were too far back. no help with some of the cakes. that's how close it is. >> jim: the final score is new england 19 and tampa bay 14. coming up next it is the "mazda postgame show." we will be back with more after this, it comes down to the very last snap. and the patriots take it. you have been watching "thursday night football" on cbs and the nfl network. ♪ truck buddy? ♪ ♪ ♪ state farm knows it's more than a truck. so why not give it the protection it deserves.
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talk to a state farm agent today.
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♪ >> announcer: welcome to the "mazda postgame show" ." >> it came down to the wire here in tampa. at jameis winston with the last effort. and jones comes up with a nice play as a patriots hold on to win 19-14. improving to 3-2. and a reminder, chris hogan will be coming up here on the "mazda postgame show" site. he
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league-leading, welcome everybody to the "mazda postgame show," i am with a bunch of hall of famer's. deion sanders, marshall faulk, michael irving, and steve smith. and we smoke so much about the patriots defense that came into the game. burst in the lead, but a solid performance tonight. >> yes, we talked a whole bunch of other defense but i told you guys in the pregame, when it is all over, this team will be in it. and they have stepped up tonight. the defense stepped up. you know that they were tired of hearing everything, everybody talk about, they gave up an average of 32.5 points in the first few games played this game, even if you add on the three most field goals and give them 23, that is still about ten points less than they usually give off. >> and you are one of those people that spoke about the defense coming in, what went right for them? >> what went right
11:47 pm
offense. watching the game, you know, what new england did not do all the four games, all of the sudden they come out and they look like they are still hurtin hurting. but they did not scheme a lot of good offense of plays, they did not go into a bunch formation. they tried to force the ball to desean jackson at times where it should've been in coverage. if there was coverage, two and four, and the last play, you knew that he had to go down the middle, but still a blind pro which was not open. so a lot of those were spaced, and they had a lot of pass rush on the team that was not stacking the quarterback, so it was one of those games where it was kind of fickle. >> i find it hard to figure out. i do not know if it was as much new england playing good defense or of tampa did not make enough adjustments when they figured out, oh, they are not playing on me. i really do not know. e
11:48 pm
tonight. i did not feel like they were as sharp as i've seen them. >> i agree with you, steve, it was very sophisticated for the tampa bay buccaneers. but please find a way to get the ball vertical to desean jackson. he makes things happen. secondly, defensively, tampa bay, they mustered up a rush. i don't know where they got that. but it came early and often. i am pleased with that. but for but for tom brady and the new england patriots, defensively, like you said. they really looked great. i don't know if it was good because of the way they are playing tampa bay or the gesture that they made in the past week. men, congratulations to tom brady tied for the most wins in nfl history. for more let's go to jim nantz and tony romo. >> all right, amber, thank you. it was almost a wild finish year, 18 yards out, one throw, last play, if you are jameis winston, where it are you doing
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>> tony: you are dejected. you try to get the comfort level with this team. now you know that you are this close pretty also know, sometimes just the kicker -- and it's one of those things where you sit at home, thinking about every play that you could've had. and that's what it comes down to. >> jim: how about for brady in the patriots to rebound after the loss on sunday to come back and improve the record to 3-2? >> tony: the fact that they came in and one man, without their best off, but the defense played good for a really long stretch. and brady turned it over twice tonight. not a pick all season. this environment, they gave a little bit of life to tampa. and they did not take advantage. that comes back to get you at the end of the game. you just saw the patriots have a very unique way of staying mentally tough and figuring out how to come out with the w. >> tony: what is -- >> jim: what is it like
11:50 pm
not on the field? >> tony: you know the feelings of the guys and you want to situationally execute and do it the right way, you saw a lot of good things by both teams at the end. bill belichick did not let them get the home run, and then calling his own. jameis winston took what he should. >> tony: i enjoyed it. >> jim: coming up on your local bloom back after your local news, followed by "the late late show" tonight only on cbs. ♪ for more football, though "mazda postgame show" continues on nfl network. ♪ patriots take it 19-14. for tony, tracey, jay, and all the crew. jim nantz, thanks, so long from tampa, thank you for watching the "mazda postgame show"!


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