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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  October 6, 2017 1:52am-2:20am EDT

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james. (laughter) (applause) >> you know you're a good guy, so leave a tip, do it now. don't you think shall don't you think you should leave a tip? (applause) leave a tip. leave a tip. leave a tip. >> james: okay, okay, okay. >> leave a tip. >> james: stop, stop it! fine. i don't even know if i've got any-- have got any-- i have-- okay, (laughter) can you break a $100? >> boo! boo! >> james: i've only got-- i've got two $100 bills. >> give them the money. give them the
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>> james: i'm doing it, there you go, there, there. (applause). >> james: there's your tip. (applause) what? okay, okay, there you go. (applause). >> james: a hundred bucks. all right, all right. look, okay, all right, you know-- i've done t okay, a hundred dollars to park a car, that's quite the hustle. all right, listen, i love to tip, i am a big-- i'm a big tipper, let's have time, we got one more question. i really want a question about the show or me, my-- my-- my rise, yes, yes, the lady up here, yes, there you go. >> hi, hi, james. i was your waiter atiolanda's mexican-- .
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♪ ♪ ( cheers and applause ) >> james: welcome back. let's meet our guests tonight, he
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please welcome ana de armas. >> james: he stars in the new film the snowman, please welcome the incredible michael fassbender. michael fassbender. ♪ ♪ >> james: thank you so much for being here, thanks for coming by to see us. i'm sorry everyone at home has to see such a deeply unattractive couch. but thanks for coming back to see us. this is your first late night talk show. >> yes. >> james: i feel honored, how are you feeling, has it been october so far, are you
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>> i'm screaming inside. i'm very nervous. >> james: really? >> but you know-- i am between you and michael. you know. >> james: that really is every girl's dream. now michael, i have heard and i think this is true, we have some mutual friends and they told me that you are desperate to do carpool karaoke but you haven't asked me if you could do it. (applause) i never thought that was something you would want to do, why? >> because i like singing. >> james: do you? do you enjoy a car yoakee. >> i do, actually, it gets a little ugly, especially if i have had a few drinks. >> james: really. >> i don't like to let go of the mic. >> james: what is your go to song. >> if i want to sound halfway decent i will do something frank sinatra. >> james: nice. >> and if i'm feeling more ambitious i might tree
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>> james: ri rihanna song would you do? >> umbrella. >> james: no. would-- i would pay a lot of money to see fassbender singing umbrella. >> yeah, i'm not sure you would. >> james: i absolutely would, i genuinely would. i could see you releasing like a sort of buble-esque christmas album. >> i was going to release an album called covered in love. it would be me and a horse in a tuxedo. >> james: on the cover. >> on the cover. >> james: what would we do, just standards? >> i would do everything but in opera style. >> james: no. >> yes, yes, yes. >> james: are you serious. >> i was thinking of starting off with the scorpians wind of change, you know. >> james: how does that go. (whistling). >> james: so pre-- predominantly whistling. i would buy t i'm into that
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>> for christmas. >> james: it's so wonderful to have you here, you are originally from cuba but you moved to spain when were you 18, which can i only imagine must have been quite the culture shock. >> yeah, it was a big one. but-- swrz what were the biggest changes from cuba to spain? >> food. >> james: really? >> yeah. i love eating, like rice and beans and chicken and everything. but i didn't have candy growing up. so when i moved to spain, i got obsessed with buying candies and gumies and ice cream and donuts and everything. so i had to stop at some point. >> james: well, now are you in america, what must that be like. >> yes. >> james: huge, one thing in spain, you can't move with donuts, like i gained 30 pounds since i started this show. >> i was obsessed also with canned good, i had only seen sardines before so i was like
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everything that was inside a can for me was like so easy to eat. didn't have to wait for a pressure cooker for three hours, you know. >> james: i never thought that people would look at canned food and go this is amazing. that is something i never thought i would hear. can you teach us, what is a classic cuban phrase or expression for michael and i to learn. >> well, you can say-- (-- do you know what that means. >> james: i don't know what it means but i like saying it. >> everyone will love you if you say that. >> james: what does it mean? >> it is just like a friendly-- . >> james: what does it mean. >> lake what's up, dude. >> james: that's what it means, it was dirtier. >> e
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>> james: look at this canned sweet corn, what is that. >> you really want to learn that, from all the things you can think of, that is-- corn, okay. -- . >> james: it's true. >> i would eat it if you said it. >> james: now michael, one thing i didn't know with you, you are incredibly passionate about race car driving, so passionate in fact, look at you here, this is you on the podium after quite a major race. this isn't some kind of celebrity come and drive a car day, this is like an actual proper race, what is it about it that makes you want to do this? >> wearing the suit. >> james: is it? >> no, no, yeah, ever since i have memories i always wanted to get behind the wheel of a car and thankfully, you
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ferrari invited me into this series called the ferrari challenge and getting to live out that dream. >> james: so how fast are you going in the car? >> it depends. some of the faster tracks on the straights, like 170. >> james: no. have you had any accidents? >> yeah, actually. last weekend we were racing in miami and i was doing okay, actually. i was in second place and i crashed. and i took out first place with me and my teammate which is the number one no-no. >> james: was it your fault? i will take that as a yes. >> kind of, you know, i crashed, you know, into the back of him, but the guy in front-- . >> james: it was your fault. >> but the guy in front of him went off the track and came back on the track and he had to brake-- sounds like i'm making excuses, i will take the blame. >> james: would you ever start racing cars. >> i already do. j
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>> i'm kieding. >> james: i was going to >> yeah,. >> james: michael, we have to congratulate you on your brilliant new movie, the snowman. so scary, so terrifying. tell everyone what it is about and who you play. >> i play a guy called harry hall which is, it's based on sort of these norwegian scannedi noir type series. and i play a detective and very excellent detective. but he's got a drinking problem. which you've never seen before. but he's sort of an expert in tracking down serial killers. and there is a serial killer on the loose who basically springs into action when the first snow starts to fall. and his signature is building
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snowman outside your house pointing to the house, you're next, basically. >> james: it's properly scary and completely brilliant. let's take a look at a clip from the snowman which is in theaters every everywhere october 20th. >> that is the last thing my father was investigating before he got killed. >> you broke into-- house because were you afraid i would find out this was personal and take you off the case. >> pimp and they were both in bargain when the murder started. >> i know how much you want this but you can't force the pieces to fit. >> do you actually think he killed them? >> i don't know. i don't think either of us do for sure. (applause). >> james: stick around, more with these two when we come back.
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♪ ♪
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( cheers and applause ) that was a clip from blade rauner 2049 way is in theaters right now, congratulations on the film. the reviews are incredible. it's going to be massive. tell everybody what this film is about and who you play. >> i can't. i can't. >> james: you can't tell who you play. >> yeah, that i can. but you know, it is such big mystery, been very hard to talk about it and share the experience about the movie because we-- you know. but i play joy, and i am ryan's love interest. >> james
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>> she's a very-- very hard. >> james: to be ryan gosling's love interest. >> i have to deal with a couple kisses, i'm like-- hanging with him. >> james: you have to kiss him on the lips. >> yeah. >> james: es sea so disgusting. i mean he's-- what was it like? >> no, but she is a very special lady, very smart, very vulnerable and emotional and someone you know, very toaz talk to. and is he confident and the only person he can trust and tell what is going on. and she is there to push him to find those answers he's looking for. >> james: now what was the-- what was the audition process like for you to get that role. >> it was like three auditions that i remember, you know, i don't know, i was very nrv
2:14 am
and so grateful for anything you do. and on the second edition he would finish and i could tell he was very happy with itment and he, you know, close haded the door and sat me down and was like we need to talk about something, you know, so we know we can move forward to the third audition. there are two things that i, you know, want to talk to you about first, first there is nudity in the movie. and second i might need to you, you know, darker, you know, put your hair darker and cut it. >> james: uh-huh. >> and everyone got very serious and tense and i was think being it for awhile and i said okay. can we talk about the hair because i'm not okay-- can we get a wig. and he's like-- are we discussing the hair instead of the-- . >> james: the nudity is just fine but don't touch this. >> i'm okay with getting naked but my hair-- so it was good t was great, the nexe
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ryan and i was like i'm fine with anything you want to do. >> james: you're like-- by the way just hearing that music gave us both chills, are you a fan of the original 1980s blade runner. >> absolutely, yes. >> james: incredible film, a master piece. >> i was just saying when they were showing it, i just loved the soundtrack, just hearing that soundtrack just brings back, you know, the whole movie. but i watched it again pretty recentliment i love the film. >> james: it's incredible. however excited we are no one is as excited a mr. reginald wads for blade runner 2049. when we come back jack hanna is going to be here with some incredible animals am you don't want to miss it. #r
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to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education. within welcome back. director emeritus of the columbus zoo, his new bool jack hanna awesome animal almanac is on sale, please welcome the one, the only, "jungle" jack hanna. hey, jack, how are you
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for us here? who have you got a gila monster, right. >> james: it's a what. >> an animal that can kill you. >> james: oh. jack hanna, everybody. we'll be right back. >> no, no, no. it's something called the gila, from arizona, new mexico, they call it a-- lizard, it is an animal, doesn't have fangs t has a venomous bite, they have to chew on you for awhile. >> james: has this one got a venomous bite. >> i never tried it. no, this animal here, just take a picture, it is very slow. >> james: [bleep] a picture, i'm getting out of there. >> he will chew you and kill you but make sure awe pop one up on instagram, no, i'm running. >> let's get rid of the monster because look who is coming. o
2:22 am
who is this we've got now. >> you won't believe this. >> james: what is it. >> we named it after you, he was in a famous movie, she called it smithie. >> james: after a character in a show i did. >> exactly. >> james: a beaver. >> his name is smithie. >> james: is this a beaver, i have seen a few beavers. i never thought-- i never thought i would be face to face with yours. >> you never touched the beaver. isn't that cute. isn't that beautiful. >> james: jack, you have got a beautiful beaver. can i hold him or is it. >> it's her beaver. it's hers. >> james: no, jack, i know, i know, it's a different thing. >> it's beautiful, isn't it. >> james: that is.


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