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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  October 9, 2017 7:30pm-7:59pm EDT

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♪ tonight, meryl streep stands up to the movie mogul accused of sexual harassment, harvey weinstein fired from his own company. after allegations from stars like ashley judd. then -- ♪ i won't back down >> after the surprise tribute, how jason aldean is reaching out to those affect bid the tragedy now. plus, how ben affleck backed up his girlfriend. you shake it off because you have to go home and raise your kids. inside janet jackson's star-studded concert. which cel erk b joined her on stage? after a week of dancing drama, what co-expect from the ballroom tonight. >> sometimes personalities clash. the bansoff. >> we're doing this.
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>> hey, hey, hey, hey. this is "entertainment tonight." oscar winning movie mogul harvey weinstein fired, ousted by his own company, after a string of allegations of sexual harassment came to light. a stunning knockout blow. >> could this be the turning point when the culture finally changes in hollywood? one of the most acclaimed actresses of our time is speaking out. >> reporter: oscar-winner meryl streep is slamming the hollywood mogul, calling harvey weinstein's behavior inexcusable. in a lengthy statement, streep wrote -- i did not know about his financial settlements with actresses and colleagues. i did not know about his having meetings in his hotel room, his bathroom, or other inappropriate, coercive acts. steep also praised the actresses who spoke out against weinstein, including ashley judd who told "the new york times" weinstein sexually harassed her 20 years ago. during the time she was making the movie, "kiss the girls," she says weinstein invited her to his hotel room and greeted her
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quote, i said no, a lot of ways, a lot of times. and he always came back what me with some new ask. around the same time, weinstein reportedly reached a settlement with actress rose mcgowan, after an alleged incident in a hotel room during the sundance film festival. mcgowan was 23 and had just appeared in the movie "scream." "the times" reports that mcgowan's agreement is just 1 of 8 previously undisclosed settlements weinstein made with women over the past three decades. so, was weinstein's behavior an open secret in hollywood? well, "30 rock" had this joke back in 2012. >> oh, please. i'm not afraid of anyone in show business. i turned down intercourse are harvey weinstein on no less than three occasions. out of five. >> hi, i know you have a job to do, guys. >> reporter: before he was fired from his company on sunday, weinstein's attorney said the "times" story was satur
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the man has denied any inappropriate behavior with judd. actress rashida jones told "e.t." it's great that women are speaking out. >> i hope it gives women the support they need. >> reporter: today, dame ewedy dench said she was unaware of any wrong doing and offered whole hearted support to those who have spoken out. "saturday night live" is taking heat for not comment tong scandal. they had jokes ready but shelved them. the creator said, this is a new york thing. weinstein is from new york. meanwhile, the show did have a moving tribute for victims of the laung shooting. ♪ well i won't back down >> so many people are hurting. they're our children, parents, brothers, sisters, friends. we hurt for you. and we hurt with you.
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♪ there ain't no easy way out >> reporter: a somber surprise "snl" opening appearance. jason aldean paid tribute to both the victims of the las vegas massacre and the late tom petty by performing petty's classic "i won't back down." ♪ stand by ground and i won't back down ♪ >> you can be sure we're going the walk through these tough times together, every step of the way. >> reporter: putting his words into action, the next day, jason and his nearly eight months pregnant wife brittany traveled back to las vegas on the one-week anniversary of the shooting to meet with victims. but back to "snl" jason stayed throughout the body cast joining host gal gadot at the end of the show. zbri had the best time. >> how was it on "snl "? >> reporter: ben affleck also attended the taping to support his girlfriend, "snl" producer lindsay shookus. he skipped the
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>> how was that? >> funny. >> reporter: tonight's standout skit is the preview of the e. fall lineup. ♪ i love you girl >> gwen posted an instagram with a slew of laughing emojis. "snl" is still on a ratings hot streak. that was the most watched week two episode in the last decade. next week, pink is performing. she's adding dates in australia and new zealand. kelt, it will be interesting she's out so long. >> they love her down under and here in the states. she's had four number one albums in australia. here in the states this weekend, there were so many celeb-packed concerts going on this weekend. and kicking off tonight's "know & tell" coldplay's crowd full of stars.
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songs. >> reporter: matt damon and wife, lucy, in the crowd full of stars at the rose bowl in pasadena, california. so were demi moore and daughter tallulah. but only mr. carpool karaoke himself, james corden, got to duet with chris martin. ♪ like a river >> you were. not me. >> reporter: 20 months after chris rode shotgun with "the late late show" host singing "us against the world," both harmonized on stage together. corden got a solo. and nailed it. ♪ i remember >> reporter: meanwhile, last night at the hollywood bowl, it was miss jackson's homecoming. ♪ >> reporter: the 51-year-old new mama showed off her svelte figure in a skin-tight black catsuit. just nine months after baby. at her first and only l.a. stop on her state of the world tour. janet reunited dozens of her former backup dancers on stage, including channing tatum's wife. >> jenna! dewan!
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>> backstage. >> reporter: jenna, who danced on janet's "all for you" tour 16 years ago, was instagraming all night. and so was this lady. ♪ ah, ah, ah >> reporter: new "voice" coach jennifer hudson filmed herself snapping gum and getting her groove on in a box seat with some friends. >> get it, janet! >> reporter: janet's 9-month-old son eissa, not in sight as she celebrated at her official afterparty. but jackson did have family on hand. earlier, mom katherine, wearing bright orange, supported her from the audience. the 87-year-old was seen leaving in a wheelchair. and miley's sister, noah cyrus, also made her show a family affair. ♪ my achy breaky heart >> reporter: billy ray and miley took to the stage with noah at mad son square garden as he opened for katy perry on her "witness" world tour stop in new york. the girls danced
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sang. do you ever get sick of that song? i don't. katy is shooting "american idol" right now. a little while back, she said she would love to have charlie puth as a judge. why didn't it work? nischelle went to charlie for the answer. ♪ you just want to touch it >> reporter: all we heard was charlie, charlie puth, charlie puth. what happened? >> i was going to. then this single came out? >> reporter: were you talking to them? >> i was talking to them. and it just -- things in my life got crazy. >> reporter: katy perry was singing charlie's praises to ryan seacrest back in august. >> he's a writer. he's a producer. he's young, he's fresh, he's cool, he's hip, he's charlie puth. ♪ come a long way from where we began ♪ >> reporter: we heard katy even advocating for you. >> the reason i ended upsi
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got too overwhelming. it had nothing to do with them. they're wonderful. the fact that they would ask me to be a prt of it is beyond flattering. ♪ run around run around >> reporter: charlie's life got really crazy when his single, "attention," hit. more than 510 million youtube views. charlie kind of knows why the song works. >> it makes you feel like you're floating in the air. ♪ i know that ♪ i know that >> it drops out. ♪ you just want to touch it >> reporter: as if he's not busy enough, charlie's got a new album, "voice notes," out in january. with a new single, "how long," that dropped friday. >> you know you have that swagger. you're showing off that r&b. >> i have no swag. but thank you for saying that. >> you have product in your hair. you have swag. >> listen, geek swag is a real thing. he's got it. if a man playing an instru,
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>> two wors for you. ed sheeran. and nothing wrong with geek or nerd swag. it's in. up next, have maks and vanessa finally settled their feud? wait until you see where we just spotted the pair. and we're with mark ballas and lindsey stirling before tonight. kate hudson talks about her new do. what her
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a memorial statue was unvald in honor of an on the
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mark herring: my mom to provide for our family. at one point, she got fired for of all things -- getting married. that was a lifelong lesson for me: when people are hurt, you need to stand up and do something. and i've never forgotten that as your attorney general. whether it's protecting veterans and seniors from shady debt collectors, or cracking down on gangs and drug traffickers, i have one guiding principle: do what's right for people. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. ♪ well, well, well. is this proof that m
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vanessa lachey have settled their dancing feud? you may remember that maks didn't dance with vanessa on the show last week. hopefully, everything is cool now. >> he's dancing tonight. we're going the watch their chemistry and eye contact. maybe maks and vanessa should take a less kron from mark and lindsey stirling. >> reporter: this season, a lot of talk about the tension between couples. how do you keep the peace? >> there's moments i get frustrated. moments she gets frustrated. i usually have a the guitar. she has the vie line. we can jam together. >> we're pretty chill. >> we jam and just do it. >> reporter: another reason this partnership works so well? the two-time mirrorball champ and the violinist have been friends for years. >> of course, i have had lame ideas. >> we all do.
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hi first idea is not always necessarily the best. so you have to -- flush out the bad ideas and i think as a choreographer and a student, have zero ego. >> reporter: so mark knows how to keep his ego in check. but what does he think of the drama surrounding other partnerships on the show? >> sometimes personalities clash. that's just -- life. it's as big as you make it. remember, we're here to entertain. >> atop the leaderboard. doing so well. regardless of the scores. you have never had a dance lesson? >> i have learned now spin and hold a violin. this is the first time i have had training. i considered myself in prime condition when i came straight off tour. we started the show. this is different. like, i have never been this fit before. my feet are hurting. my leg were killing me last week. >> of course, get your tissues ready. tonight's theme is most
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lindsey and mark dance the vie neez waltz to honor lindsey's father who passed away from cancer earlier in the year. >> these are always emotional shows. hopefully, maks and vanessa can get along. meanwhile, drama with the rest of the cast. and still ahead, is jennifer garner getting her body back if fighting shape for a return to "alias "? what she just told us. then, the the softer side of judge judy. her day with her daughter. how they're making high school girls' dreams come true. >> you have to plan for if future and make the most out of every day. closed captioning provided by --
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[ sirens ] >> how's it going, man? >> that's bradley cooper leaving an italian restaurant in santa monica. it wasn't your average saturday night dinner. bradley was joined by an interesting mix of folks. that's ted danson and his wife, mary steen burgen. sharing a ride with bradley. barbra streisand and james brolin. and director j.j. abrams got in the mix. >> that is a hard core power dinner. >> you hung out with powerful people this weekend. carly steele was hanging with kate hudson and sterling k. brown. >> they're such great friends. we had a blast talking about their new movie. >> there was a lot of singing and dancing on the set. ♪ back again >> i was kind of disappointed that i wasn't invited in on that. >> that's my fault.
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>> reporter: don't think kate really needs an invite. singing and dancing ranks high. i'm not sure whose instagram dance skills are more impressive. you have serious skills. >> i don't know. i have been watching your instagram dancing. >> i have do a little something something. i can cut a rug. >> hey, hey, hey. >> kate can actually do like real dancing. ♪ >> your instagram of your kids dancing, too, was so cute. when that song comes on, they just pop up and life is taking place right in front of your eyes. it is a surprise. >> reporter: joyful at home. in their new movie, kate and sterling tackle some weighty issues. >> he attacked me. >> reporter: "marshall" follows one of supreme court justice thurgood marshall's landmark cases as a young attorney. >> i never touched that woman. >> obviously, a pillar of the civil rights movement as it was happening. >> reporter: but, for
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>> ryder's ling, mom, you're cramping my style. when i did it, it was the first time he even could see that, you know, he looks like his mommy. it was really cool. >> it's a good look. i dig it. >> i mean, ryder, and bigham, have to know, they have the coolest mom ever. it's kate hudson. >> she's kind of hot, too. let's move and flash back to 2001 when j.j. abrams created "alias," starring jennifer garner. now that everything old is new again, like "roseanne" and "will & grace" there are rumors that "alias" could be coming back. we asked jen to set the record straight. boxing. speed-running. even cryotherapy. jen, who just joined instagram last month, posting her latest sweat sessions. so is she bringing sydney's sexy spy bo b
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reboot? >> no, they'll have to get to j.j. for that. i'm about to start shooting "peppermint." >> reporter: we were with the 45-year-old, looking pretty in pink at the hampton's international film festival premier of her other new movie, "the tribes of palos verdes." >> we're going to be happy here. >> i'm happier already. >> reporter: in the film, garner plays a married mom of two -- >> wow, mom. >> any time you're playing someone going through something, you have to just figure it out. and you actually, believe it or not, don't use your own life as much as you might think. >> reporter: jen seems to be referring to her split with ben affleck and his new relationship with lindsay shookus. >> you just get into it because it's your job. you shake it off because you have to go home and raise your kids. >> love that. jen was honored in 2014 as one
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who is being honored this year? jennifer lawrence. mar margot robbie. meanwhile, judge judy is helping shape the next generation of powerful women. >> have a seat. >> reporter: that's how we're used to seeing judge judy. tough as nails on the bench and no-nonsense at home. >> my husband and i eat out three meals a day. i don't like the cook anymore. >> reporter: she told us about the no-cooking thing 20 years ago, during a visit to her family home in new york. >> mom doesn't cook. i used to cob. >> reporter: that's also where her kids told us judy's had high standards from the get-go. >> give her a nonsense story about why you did poorly in school or why the principal is calling, forget about it. >> we're done. good-bye. >> reporter: but there's a softer side of this judge that not everybody gets to see. the "her honor" mentoring program that she sponsors with
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matches professional female mentors with promising young high school girls. >> we have lawyers. judges. doctors, you name it. we have it. we have had farmers. >> last year, i think it was the first year that we had a -- mente rks come back as a mentor. that's how old we were. usually, you can tell by your gray hair. >> now this program is such a success. one young woman first in her entire family to go the college. now she's working at google. >> i love the slogan. dream big, achieve bigger. and speaking of dreaming big, when we come back, a new reason for you to flip for ryan reynolds. >> do we need another reason?
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in the gym was on the young side. ryane said, it's always been a dream of mine to complete a standing back flip during toddler tumble time. >> dreams really do come true, ryan. way to go. take care, everybody. we'll see you later.
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