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tv   WUSA 9 News at 530pm  CBS  October 12, 2017 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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the wharf is officially open. there was a ceremony this morning that kicked off four days of events. the area is one of the first in the country to get a facelift called urban renewal in the late 1950s. back then, thousands of people got pushed out. 23,000 people, and 1400 businesses had to leave. >> when change like that happens, it gets labeled with one word, gentrification. we hear about it all the time. low income people kicked out. with the new wharf open, what will be other unintended consequences of what some call this 21st century urban renewal? >> what does gentrification mean to you? ♪ [ music ]
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>> kind of like white plight in he reverse. >> gentrification can kind of become this code word, i think for resisting all change. >> it carries with it, historically some baggage. >> reporter: gentrification affects them all, but in very different ways. ingly feel more for my wife, more than i do for myself, because moving out, it was painful for her. >> reporter: david white was pushed out of southwest, because of rising rent at water side towers. just around the corner. >> knocking down a church like i did. >> reporter: the pastor's church is now a hole in the ground. >> i feel like i was on a patient's sick bench when i had to watch my church be razeed. >> business is booming. >> there was
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turnover. generally, the economic profile is elevated. that's what happens. and yes, some people do lose. >> what es me off actually is the fact that people of color have had problems that they have now for a long time. but it's only when higher income people come, then all of a sudden things get quote unquote better. >> reporter: didn't want to be part of that losing equation, so he stopped flipping houses, and started a dog walking business. >> because at that time, i didn't want to be a part of gentrification. >> reporter: right around the same time, abetta was leaving the game. >> it's all a way of leverages the resource you have, which is property. >> reporter: reverend bledsoe was trying to get in. faced with an aging church and a small bank account, he cashed in on a great idea. >> we created a development team to at least start asking questions. >> reporter: riverside baptist church is now making room for fran
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all over town. a mixed use building. out of 167 units here, 20 will be set aside for affordable housing for people making between 46, and $74,000 a year. in southwest, a new mixed use includes churches like st. augustines over here. it has condos attached. but these churches didn't sellout, they sold up. riverside baptist, they're getting a $6.5 million church in the deal. >> the reason we're still here is because people before us were able to flex with that change. when you cannot adjust to change, that's when it's dangerous. >> reporter: these are drawings of what the new riverside baptist church will look like. the pastor said it's about bringing the past with you, instead of living in it. >> we've brought stone from the original church. >> reporter: the past hasn't always been kind to this congregation, because they've been here before, almost 60
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it almost crippled them. the governor tore down the original 5th baptist church. >> know how many members they had when they opened this church in 1968? 35. all of those people were thrown out. displaced from southwest. we know this happens. >> they lined up the bulldozers and leveled everything. >> reporter: private companies are driving the change. >> it's going to work, or they'll be bankrupt. >> reporter: so while more homes or businesses are being built, those swanky condos with big price tags are simply out of reach for many. >> my goodness. i've never seen so many construction cranes in high life. >> reporter: remember david
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southwest is not what he remembers, and he wants to move back. even though this change was the reason he had to leave in the the first place. >> good for the washington economy. bad for a lot of its residents, because they're going to have to do like i did, if they haven't done so already, and move further out. >> reporter: now another question for the wharf is what happens to the famous fish market down there? it's considered the country's oldest open air fish market. it used to be known as the war wharf. now it's called the municipal seafood market. it's owners are suing the new developers. the lawsuit focuses on one main issue. a parking lot. >> this used to be all parking. every bit of this used to be all parking. that's a big building to have two dumpsters in, you know? >> white says he decides what goes into a designated common area as part of their lease. but he says the new wharf developers built a garbage facility in that spot,
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that's a critical tool for his businesses to thrive. >> what are you going to do with three bushels of crabs in a metro? you don't the. you've got to get here. you've got to be able to pick them up. got to be able to park. >> the new wharves say they offered cheaper parking in a garage. now a judge will decide if the garbage facility can continue it to be built, or if it has to come down. whenever that happens, you'll find out on our wusa9 app. >> because that's what you want to smell when you go to the seafood market. a big garbage dump right next door. coming up, a guy's bucket list gets him in a police chase. and your next speeding ticket could come from the sky. >> a little bit of drizzle. a couple of spotty showers around. a couple of sprinkles approaching nats park now. it's not going to be a huge deal. if ye
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somewhere else tonight, i recommend a light jacket. we'll come back and talk about why we issued a yellow weather alert for friday.
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controversial photo. remember this one? the dress? some people see a black and blue dress when it's clear it's -- >> gold and white, duh. >> there's a new one, it's a shoe. >> this is just about as obvious as me showing off. what color is that? >> blue. >> this does look like pink and white, but because of the story i'm guessing it's the other way? >> why do people see different colors? because it gets amplified more in dim light. that's why people see different colors of the dress and shoe. both of those photos were taken with low light around it. >> we tracked down the original shoes on the website, and look, the colors are
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and green and white. an iowa man led state troopers on an early morning car chase. why? because it was on his bucket list. police chased him for a few minutes, and stopped him with a pit maneuver. he faces a slough of charges, but he will be able to check something else off. >> jail. the officers are like, forget about traffic, we're just going to go around you. >> they can decapitate criminals as well. is that a side benefit? i don't know about that. putting a 20-foot altitude limit on this. but they are open to letting it go higher. they're still testing it. it should be on and above the road in the next few yearses. can you please put your shoe on. >> freeze, or i'll cut you. >> please put your shoe on. >> why? it's kind of comfy
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it does not smell like anything. you're going to start rumors. fake news foster. after the break, tonight is going to be the night for the washington nationals. we can feel it. apparently she can smell it. we'll be out at ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed giof a woman'sd put thpersonal decisions,rge not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie
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mark herring: my mom to provide for our family. at one point, she got fired for of all things -- getting married. that was a lifelong lesson for me: when people are hurt, you need to stand up and do something. and i've never forgotten that as your attorney general. whether it's protecting veterans and seniors from shady debt collectors, or cracking down on gangs and drug traffickers, i have one guiding principle: do what's right for people.
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an amazing young girl from fairfax county who learned to play the violin with one arm is inspiring people. peggy fox has the story. >> reporter: this is one amazing girl. she's playing a violin with a prosthetic arm. despite the fact she was born with an incomplete arm, she wanted to play the violin, but needed a better prosthetic. they built her a new, multipart, 3d printed prosthetic arm, with bow attached, and presented it to her last april. >> it ha
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flexibility for me to move my elbow, which is the key. >> reporter: now she's playing like there's no tomorrow, and gave us a sample on great day washington this morning. >> that is so great. you have learned so much. >> i'm going to play it all my life. >> all your life, wow. fantastic. >> reporter: a man who runs a charity called when you dream a dream saw our story back in april, and today, right here in our studios on live it'd, he surprised isabella with an amazing gift. >> we're going to fly you to boston, and we're going to put you in the first row for the boston symphony orchestra, and it happens to be in row i. like isabella, row i. >> great, can you believe that? for you and your mom. >> thank you. >> so what do you think, isabella? >> wow. >> it's a surprise. >> yeah. >> repo:
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mom head to boston tomorrow, on an all expense paid trip to see the boston symphony. >> you inspire people in the world. people with physical challenges. these are the people that really need to emphasize that the world is made for isabella, and dreams can come true. >> reporter: peggy fox, wusa9. >> by the way, the college students who helped to create isabella's arm, they are now graduates, and they continue to keep isabella's prosthetic arm in working order. in fact, just last night, a piece broke apart, and two of them came over to make repairs. another called in on face time from saudi arabia to help. isabella and her mom call them the fantastic five, and consider them part of their family. they are amazing, all of them. >> and so is she. we're over here in the weather command center. hot, cold, rains, wind.
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for the next five hours. what are conditions like for the fans and the team? we saw chicago last night, they could barely get a grip on the ball. >> here in the low 60s. so a jacket is a good idea if you're a fan, and less in terms of drizzle and showers. it will be a little damp. not great, but it is october. of course it's too bad they weren't playing 21 days ago. that's gone now. a live look outside. a bit of fog, a little bit of drizzle. a delightful evening. still 63. winds still easterly at about 11. here's the radar. we do have just a couple of sprinkles moving from northeast to southwest. and again, nothing heavy. but you're out there, and sitting for three hours, a jacket is a pretty good idea. this is going to sound crazy. but even a ball cap. you don't have a cap for the nats. a little ski hat. going to keep you warmer. a little bit
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activity. just a sprinkle here or there. and also toward college park. right now at the ballpark, everything is just north of the ballpark. again, you're going to probably see a shower or sprinkle before it's over. cooler with showers and drizzle tonight. we will continue our yellow weather alert. bus stop temps, 55 to 64. kind of cool. just damp. again, nothing heavy in the morning. yellow weather alert friday for yep, showers and drizzle. this is a little bit different. morning clouds on saturday. some of these clouds will actually kind of hang tough for a while. it may take until 1:00, 2:00 to get some sun back. nice, and very warm on sunday. sunday evening we could end the day with a thunderstorm. cooler start to next week. 68 tomorrow. 79 on saturday. 84 on sunday. then boom. low 60s on monday, and upper 60s to near 70 on tuesday. future cast, tonight,
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just generally clouds. i mean, a couple sprinkles here and there, but primarily, sprinkles along i-81. upper 50s, low 60s. 60 buoy. 62 downtown. by morning, 61 downtown. a 55 in manassas. 61 in fredericksburg. one of the warmer readings. 58 in culpepper. by 1:00, probably can walk to lunch tomorrow afternoon without worrying about an umbrella. most of the football games, i think will be dry. but some will be played in a little bit of a mist, and some drizzle. temperatures 60s. 68 in fredericksburg. by tomorrow night, date night, temperatures low to mid-60s. a lot of clouds, and yes, just a couple of sprinkles here and there. for tonight, what you see is what you get. cloudy and cooler with showers
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i think even downtown, we'll see temps fall into the upper 50s. low 60s to start. 67 at 1:00. again, a little drizzle possible at anytime. saturday, morning clouds, but a good afternoon. 79. 84, very warm on sunday for the game. thunderstorms may end the day. 6, 7, 8:00 at night. that will lead to a much cooler monday, back in the low 60s. near 70 on tuesday with sunshine. just gorgeous. wednesday and thursday, sunshine. low 70s wednesday. mid-70s on thursday. there's magic in the air. >> there is. the nationals going for their first playoff series win ever tonight. darren, i wasn't trying to be negative before. so let's get that out of the way now. i want
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this though. both teams are coming in on very short rest. they played late in chicago last night, and flew in today. who knows how that might affect things. >> let's not look at that at all. this is game 5. the winner moves onto the championship series. if being tired is an excuse, get off the team. so you know what, there's a lot at stake, especially for the nationals. this team has not won a playoff series since the franchise moved here in 2005. you just mentioned that. let's look at dusty baker in closeout games, as manager, he has lost 9 consecutive close out games. streaks are supposed to end. we talked to dusty baker and all the negative streaks that are here in d.c. he says this is a different team. those streaks don't matter. >> most of them weren't here. there were a few guys that were here. but most of them haven't been here. i mean, you can't put that pres
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pressure, but hey. we've got to win one game, you know. regardlessof if you've never won a series here. sometime, the repetition and the talent in other sports, basketball you hear about it. hockey, you hear about it. there's different things. you've got to dispel those negative thoughts, and just say hey, it will be us. >> reporter: all right, so i have one word for game 5, and that word is champagne. too many times in nationals history, we have seen another team come and beat us, and pop the champagne. we've seen it happen in 2012 against the cardinals. 2014 against the giants. 2016 against the dodgers. they need to get it done today, and have the champagne popped in their clubhouse. let's put this way. the franchise hasn't won a clos
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that team wasn't even in d.c. that was the montreal expos. if tanner roark needs to come in, let's hope he steps up. dusty baker said if he has to go with max scherzer, he'll do that. so the nationals are all in on this one. there's only two reasons to celebrate with champagne. one is to quench your thirst, and the other is because you did something special. that's why my one word is champagne. coming up at 6:00, we dig deeper into the idea of putting convicted domestic abusers on a public registry in maryland. >> up next, a look at how the national anthem protests at the
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the philadelphia eagles take on the carolina panthers in thursday night football. pregame starts at 7:30. the debate over kneeling in the national anthem is now including football players of all ages. in charlotte, north carolina, a high school coach is requiring players to stay in the locker room during the anthem, no matter how they feel. >> reporter: varsity football players are used to testing their physical limits. but lately, they've been thinking about a different kind of boundary. >> do you want to ee
5:58 pm
think that's my place. >> reporter: 16-year-old nigel somerville is a team captain. >> do you think players cross a line when they take a knee? >> i don't know, because that's not for me to decide. but i think that people who take a knee love their country just as much as people who want to stand up for it. >> reporter: the head coach says their city, charlotte, north carolina, struggles with racial tension. >> have any of your players expressed a desire to take a knee? >> honestly, they have. honestly, they have. and i'd be telling you a story if i said we haven't had many conversations about it. >> reporter: he decided to keep the team off the field during the national anthem. >> i don't want the outside world judging us, 14, or 15- year-olds for something they may do, or something they feel right now that may come back to haunt them later in life. >> reporter: president trump ha
5:59 pm
players to stand for the anthem. commissioner roger goodell believes more dialogue is needed. >> i think it's a reflection of some of the deeper divisions in the country, like hyper partisanship. that are especially relevant to the experience of professional athletes. >> reporter: and to these high school athletes, whose coach is using the controversy as a teachable moment. charlotte, north carolina. a recent cbs news poll found that 52% of adults disapprove of nfl players kneeling during the anthem. a 31% do approve. coverage of the eagles/panthers begins at 8:00 here on wusa9. breaking right now. a tragic building around nationals park, and the southeast waterfront area. we're just a couple of hours away fro
6:00 pm
game 5 nationals vs. cubs, and the opening of the wharf, which includes a new nightclub. it's going to be gridlocked in the area. >> the anthem nightclub is located in the brand new wharf, that's about a mile and a half away from nats park. the good news is metro will stay open an hour later to help all the fans and concert goers who don't want to fight the traffic. >> we've been here before, the chance to go to a league championship series. the problem is, washington hasn't won one of these games in decades. the nats hope to end the losing streak tonight. the sports director, darren hayes is live tonight. >> reporter: we are confident, but so are the nationals. that's probably the most important thing, because they're going to be the ones playing on this field tonight. dusty baker says he knows all that history. the team hasn't won a franchise series, since the team moved here in washon


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