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tv   WUSA 9 News at 530pm  CBS  October 16, 2017 5:30pm-5:59pm EDT

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tumor. the average survival is about two and a half months. >> reporter: at the virginia maryland regional college of veterinary medicine, they infused something called molecularly targeted saito toxin. it binds only to the coatings of the cancer cells. it does not hurt the healthy cells nearby. >> these drugs bind to those cells. >> reporter: q has responded incredibly well to the new treatment method. her tumor has shrunk dramatically, and she is feeling much better. >> at 6 weeks, it shrunk by 60%. >> reporter: this is the same kind of cancer that killed senator ted kennedy,
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vice president joe biden's son bo. researchers have used similar drugs in humans before. but the drug and delivery methods that have saved q are showing much more promising results. this is just a phase 1 trial. it is designed to determine the right dosage for the new drug. some dogs have responded much better than other dogs. but there are a number of pets who have seen the same kind of recovery that q has seen, and that really is super promising adam. >> these numbers are scary though. 4% of dogs will get cancer in their lifetime. it's the second most common. if people suspect is in their dog, can they get them into this trial? >> this is really cool, because you can. you have to pay for the initial mri, and you have to pay for travel to blacksburg, but treatment, the follow up,
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forbid, your dog has this cancer. >> probably a lot more cost effective than trying to treat it on your own. >> you just can't. it's really a deadly cancer. >> we love our pets and keep them close. we go to prince george's county now, where the school district is set to receive a $25,000 grant. it will be focused on 40 schools with high needs. the emphasis is on the instructors. great teachers and great leaders will create great schools. with that theory, the money will be used for teacher redramatic, and improving incentives to keep the best teachers in the district. tonight, we're also learning about a big event for the anniversary of the million man march. >> we will take a strong position
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tyranny, and oppression. we are the black power movement and we are united to go against all form of trump-ism, et cetera. >> now the ten thousand black men's march will take place on april 21 of next year in southeast d.c. on what organizers call d.c.'s toughest street. it will end at the white house. the scandal plagued weinstein film studio is setting itself up for a potential sale. the move coming after four more women came forward this weekend to say they were sexually harassed, or assaulted by hollywood heavyweight harvey weinstein. the studio says it will negotiate with the private equity firm. it was founded by a close friend of
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chaired his inaugural committee. saying he is being unfairly frozen out of the nfl, colin kaepernick is suing the league. he's accusing the team owners of colluding, and not signing him. the reason? his protests during the national anthem. kaepernick started kneeling during the anthem last year. nfl owners will be discussing the anthem protest during their meetings this week. cbs sports is reporting that no major game day changes are expected, according to their sources with the players association. a recent study found 10's of thousands of preschoolers are struggling with untreated vision problems. they recommend a child's first eye exam should come at about 6 months. the report in the journal of american medicine organization finds more than 174,000 preschoolers have vision impairment, and that problem is growing. >> if a kid can read far away,
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tests. when it comes to reading up close, they might have major difficulties that might not be detected. the words might look like they swim around on the page. >> eye doctors say, if parents notice they're holding a book too close to their face, or squinting, those might be signs of an eye problem. president trump reignited a debate, and hundreds of you are telling us what you think on social media. the fidget spinner craze, it's catching on 240 miles away in the international space station. >> we'll talk low temperature it's tonight. coldest so far. 46 downtown. not much of a problem. 36 in sterling, and 35 in leesburg. we'll come
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all right, let's get to what is trending tonight. let's start with a story that's been simmering for a few days, and has gotten a lot of comments, hundreds of them in fact on our wusa9 facebook page. >> addressing a group of conservative christians on friday, president trump complained about the phrase happy holidays. he promised to return merry christmas to the national conversation. a couple things to point out here. mr. president, you're like way early on this one. secondly, we're all free to use whatever term we like. no matter what him, or any president says. yes, this conversation is happening before halloween. nonetheless, a lot of you got pretty fired up about this when we asked, which one do you say? >> james has this number 1 comment. he wrote, happy holidays refers to the holiday season
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them. thanksgiving kwanzaa, christmas, new year's eve, and it country take anything away from you, to celebrate everything with anyone else. >> close behind is virginia, who wrotes for goodness sake, why is this so important? there are real disasters out there. i'm jewish. if someone says merry christmas, i say it back. same for happy holidays. what difference does it make? i'm with you, girl. adam, i know you're concerned about this. it's getting a lot of clicks tonight. ed sheeran nursing a busted arm. >> i just can't get enough information about this. i'm on twitter. he wrotes, i'm currently waiting on some medical advice which may affect some of my upcoming shows. please stay tuned for further news. sheeren was on a break from touring. his next
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we will see what happens. >> see if a song comes from this. let's head it to argentina for the annual waiters races. servers are trying to move as fast as they can without spilling the bottles or drink glasses on their train. the winner in each category took home $1,000. >> look at their faces. just concentration. >> focus. we love this video from nasa. astronauts showing off their fidget spinner skills in zero gravity. apparently it took 6 months to get them to the iss. the astronauts themselves, spinning. aside from the lessons on physics, these guys are having a great time with science. you know, when you're in outer space, and stuck there for a while, what else are you going to do? so a big blow for a promising redskins rookie. why is this stuf
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diane roberts will explain on the way in sports. and right after the break, a brand new art exhibit in d.c. that lets
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for a baby's heart in thel, first 12 weeks of pregnancy.
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ren. it's being the number one newborn intensive care unit in the country. and giving parents peace of mind. it's less recovering in our bed, and more jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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what will our look and feel like 20 years from now? >> one art gallery says you shouldn't have to wait 20 years to find out. >> reporter: it's art that changes, based on movement, touch, and sound. >> yeah, it is magical. >> reporter: it wasn't even possible until now. >> i'd like to know how they make it. like i don't know how, but
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>> reporter: with projectors, and motion sensors on the walls and floors. >> these are leaves that people have also drawn. so they are helping create the exhibit. i think that's really neat. >> reporter: gallery goers get to experience art and technology. art house opened in d.c. just a few months ago. >> it's really fun, it's different. it's not like going, i love the museums in washington, but this one is really special. >> reporter: it even has innovative adult beverages, with leaves spilling spilling out of the glass. this is the first gallery space dedicated to high-tech art in the world. >> what we tried to do, we tried to spark this creativity in society. >> reporter: it plans to revolutionize art as we feel it. >> it's pretty cool. >> reporter: in
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>> the autumn spirit exhibit is running now through november 5. it's best to buy the tickets online, because they go pretty fast. >> that's how i want to experience autumn. it was cold for me today. >> last week, it was hot for people, and now too cold. maybe by thursday, you'll like it. 70s and sunny. >> your seven day looks beautiful. >> let's start with a live look outside. it is just spectacular. it is a little on the cool side. yes, 65. more importantly, look at the dew point, 36. when you see dew points in the 30s, you think, if these winds die down, which they will, it's going to be a cool night, and it will be. that's one reason we have frost advisories north and west of town. frost possible in upper mo
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bus stop temps, 34 to 36. i think a sweater or sweatshirt is a pretty good idea for the kids tomorrow. cool, but gorgeous tomorrow. a cold start, and a cool finish. we're not going to have the gusty winds. 60s will feel a little more comfortable. each day will be a little milder. by the time we get to friday, we'll be in the mid-70s. through frederick, back into martinsberg, we're looking at a frost advisory. that doesn't mean the temps are going to go below freezing. if you have plants that you want to keep, bring them in. if you have plants you can't keep, cover them. they'll die if you don't uncover them tomorrow. mild finish to the week. 70 wednesday. 74 thursday. 75 friday, and 78 saturday. so a little something for everybody this week. i think most folks would like at least 1
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tonight, 7:00, 10:00, 55 downtown. but already some 40s in the suburbs. winds die down before midnight. by morning, 46 downtown. 38 in gaithersburg. 38 as far south as manassas. by 1:00, it's still kind of cool. you probably still want a sweater or something. upper 50s. i think these numbers may be a shade low. still, even if they're 60s, a little cool at lunchtime. this time tomorrow night, we're clear. 61 downtown. 61 in fairfax. then tomorrow night, temps fall quickly again. we'll probably see a frost advisory posted tomorrow night as well. by 9:00, we've got 40s in manassas, and culpepper, and also in gaithersburg. so probably some 30s again tomorrow night. the night though, clear and cold. diminishing winds. low, 34
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winds out of the north, northwest at 5 to 10. here's your day planner. 40s to start. 54 at 11:00. full sun. 58 at 1:00 again. not much wind tomorrow. so a little more comfortable. just beautiful on wednesday. sunshine, 70. gorgeous on thursday. 74. how could you not play golf this week? i don't know. 75 on friday. fantastic. looks great for high school football. bison in town on saturday. looks fantastic. upper 70s. upper 70s on sunday. the clouds will come in late monday. still a good day, upper 70s. even showers, even some thunderstorms possible overnight next monday. if you're a fan of the burgundy and gold, mondays always feel a little better after a victory. washington escapes with a 26-24
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the bad news, they suffered some injures. jonathan allen is expected to be out 2 to 3 weeks. head coach jay gruden shares what that will mean for the team. >> it's an impact. we have a good group of defensive linemen. >> all righty then. the day after a win everything seems a little nicer. we already talked about that. the burgundy and gold are now 4- 2 after that 26-24 win over the 49ers. frank hanrahan explains how this team is improving. >> reporter: give the redskins defense a lot of credit in this 26-24 victory over san francisco. remember the last game out? did not hold kansas city in a two minute drill, allowing the chiefs to get the game winning score? that did not ha
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one. the redskins defense held them to get away with the 2 point victory. the redskins are now 3-2, and it gets even tougher. they go on the road now to face philadelphia next monday night on the road. inside the red zone, frank hanrahan, wusa9 sports. he we talk about the next opponent. yesterday's skin of their teeth win, injuries and a whole lot more on the wusa9 sports off script podcast. check it out on i join sports director darren haynes, and bruce johnson. we end with a a birthday wish. three fun facts about our man jay. the calgary native made his caps debut in 2009. he's married to ashley, they have a son brant. in college, he dropped the puck for the university of alaska in anchorage. who knew. >> interesting college experience. >> might i say, i loved in alaska as a young child. >> and how was that? >> i don't remember
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snow and moose, that's what i remember. >> and you got out, and never went back. coming up at at 6:00, fairfax schools will change the name of jeb stewart high school. but even after a public vote, there are still some big obstacles, before they decide. >> if you have a story idea, we want to hear about it. just send us an email to
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vowould be a disaster forion virginia families.e adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged thousands more. 685,000 virginians would lose their health care. and adams is against medicaid expansion - denying coverage to thousands of veterans, children and the disabled. john adams: higher costs, less coverage, hurting virginians. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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there's been one constant for the past 40 years at the urbanna volunteer fire department. here's stephanie galehart. >> reporter: don't let his age, cane, or hearing aid fool you. >> it's inside of you. you got to go, you got to go. >> reporter: doing good is in his dna. here at the urbanna volunteer fire department, glen baker is a staple. he's been volunteering here for 40 years, and he just turned 101. most days he's here helping out in the kitchen. >> do you ever get tired? >> no. no, you don't get tired. never get tired. i never used
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life. >> reporter: an energetic spirit. an infectious smile. >> he always brings a good mood to everybody. >> i've known him all those years, and never heard him say anything bad about anybody. >> reporter: what do you think about turning 101? >> great. great. the people are more friendlier. >> makes new friends all the time, and socializes, and you know, he's just what you hope you'll be when you're 100, you know? >> reporter: glen says he has no plans to slow down anytime soon. he says his secret to longevity is kindness, and generosity. in frederick county, stephanie galehard, wusa9. >> i'm sure he's quite a guy. glen is also a grandfather to six, and a great-grandfather to nine. that's a great story. right now at 6:00, it's a name change that has split a local school community. the fairfax county school board is
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name for jeb stewart senior high school. covering all sides of this issue. tonight, she gives us a look at the possible new name. >> reporter: so the school board is voting on renaming jeb stewart high school next thursday, and we have no idea how they're going to vote. here's some of the choices. dropping the name jeb, and keeping stewart. that actually received the most votes in a community vote last month. >> i would support that, because i think it's supporting the community. >> reporter: planning to vote for stewart high school. >> why would they spent two and a half years, voting voting to change the name, and not changing the name? it's ridiculous. >> reporter: more support than stewart. but the problem with justice ma
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area, but they would solve that by calling it justice high school. >> justice marshall was endangering his life going into areas where he was not welcome so we could stand here today, and he's from the community. >> reporter: another possibility, lewis mendez. he lived in the jeb stewart district, sending eight of his children to school there. >> he had a stellar military career, and a stelar career in the department of education. >> reporter: will they keep the name stewart? we'll know next thursday. in falls church, peggy fox, wusa9. >> whenever they decide on the new name, you can find it right here, as soon as it happens by downloading the wusa9 app. new details about the deaths of a teenage muslim girl in virginia. a grand jury indictment reveals


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