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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  October 18, 2017 6:00pm-6:29pm EDT

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say it was before 9:00 and that's when prince walked into his job at granite solutions in harford county. he shot and killed three coworkers and injured two more. he worked there for four months and he took off -- he so the another person at a used car lot. that's called 28th street auto sales and service. this was targeted. this afternoon, check this out, the baltimore sun says prince was fired from a job for attacking a former coworker. they tried to get a restraining order -- the 37-year-old punched another employer. we're not sure who that coworker is or if this is at a different job. after the shooting, this man called 911. >> [indiscernible]
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tell something was wrong. they said call 911. they had their phones, but they were in such a panic. they said call 911 and said people were shot in the building. >> it was quite a scene this morning. police are stationed along i-95 between maryland and delaware at cut [indiscernible]. three of those coworkers in maryland are dead. the two that were injured, they are in critical condition and that last person shot in delaware, police say that person is going to be okay. back to you guys. >> let's hope they catch this gd soon, debra. you can follow this while we'reg news alert on the search for this killer. just download our free wusa9 app. president trump sparked controversy earlier this week when he claimed past presidents did not call the families of americans killed in combat. we know that's not true. now the president is dealing with a new controversy over a phone call that he made to the widow of
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green beret killed in west africa. president trump called the families of four u.s. soldiers killed in action earlier this month including sergeant johnson. johnson's wife took the call while on the way to the airport to receive her husband's body. congresswoman wilson says she was in the car with johnson's widow when she got the call. >> he said to the wife, well, i guess he knew what he was getting into. how insensitive can you be. >> the president denies he said that. >> i didn't say what that congresswoman said. i didn't say it at all. she knows it. >> and the white house blamed the uproar on representative wilson. >> i think it's appalling what the congresswoman has done -- >> johnson's family told the washington post that congresswoman wilson's account is accurate. >> this man is a sick man. he's cold hearted and he feels no pity or sympathy for anyone. >> president trump doubled dow
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administrations did not call gold star families after their loved ones were killed in action and he pointed to his chief of staff as evidence. >> i mean you could ask general kelly, did he get a call from obama. you could ask other people. i don't know what obama's policy was. >> white house records show that general kelly and his wife did meet privately with mr. and mrs. obama at a breakfast to honor gold star families a year after their son's passing. general kelly declined to comment and has made it clear in the past he does not want his son's death exploited. on memorial day, general kelly and president trump visited his son's grave at arlington national cemetery. mola lenghi, cbs news the white house. >> president trump says he has proof that his accounts of the call -- those on face -- larry says this reporting smells. another case of a partial truth if that. anyone with half a brain that would be more of a conversation than tha
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were held by president trump. but then again, it wouldn't have fit the liberal agenda. steve ---y radical democrat who has a big mouth and a history of exaggeration makes a claim. i'm no trump fan but i can't believe people trust these unsubstantiated claims. melly, had a message for the family, your son is a hero. may god bless him and we shall remember the sacrifice your family made. new at 6:00, two years after it was -- the department of veteran's affairs is promising people will be able to start signing up next month. we've had comments on our facebook page for people looking to sign up. we have a look. >>reporter: johnny is among then
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the va to get moving on the new identification cards. congress ordered the department to start issues the cards almost two years ago. >> this should have happened a long time ago. >> many vets carry around a fragile 214 form right now to prove they've served and they qualify for veteran discounts, but that paperwork has their social security number and date of birth on it which potentially exposes vets to identity theft. >> our social security number is on there and what some guys will do is take a black market and erase it. >> the pentagon issued wallet sized -- and people who have served 20 years or more. but with the new card, anyone with an honorable discharge will qualify. >> it's a huge deal for us especially more junior veterans. the men and women that serve four years, eight
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didn't stay for a 20 year retirement got out, they have an id card. >> the -- the new card will have your name and photo -- and a non social security number on it. >> they deserve that. brush >> the va promises you'll be able to sign up for their cards. there's no fee and it's not clear how long it will take to get that new card. it's going to be another chilly night. primarily in the 40s tonight, bruce and no frost. 51 downtown, but 43 in bethesda. 39 in sterling. a few 30s, primarily 40s around the [indiscernible]. 41 in college park and bowie. we'll start tracking a cold front and let you know if it's going t
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still ahead, a 9-year-old sends trump a piece of his allowance. here why he did it and the priceless response from the commander-in-chief. but up next the russian investigation is on the minds of many of the senators in the room. attorney
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on capitol hill today, members of the senate judiciary committee grilled sessions for the first time since his confirmation hearing. sessions says he supported president trump's decision to fire former fbi director james comey because of how he handled the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. sessions refused to answer questions about his private conversations with the president on the matter. sessions had this teste exchange with the democratic -- about whether he lied to congress about his contact with russians during the trump's campaign. >> since you said you did not discuss issues with the campaign with russians, what in your view constitute issues of the campaign? >> well, let me say this without hesitation that i conducted no impr
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russians at any time regarding a campaign or any other item facing this country. >> okay. how -- >> i want to say that first. that's been the suggestion that you've raised and others. somehow we had conversations that were improper. >> may i suggest that -- >> i had a long time senator franklin. i'd like to respond. >> sessions told senators he han interviewed by muller. muller as you know is looking in between the trump campaign ask rush so to influence the 2016 presidential election. sessions reused himself from the election in march. let's turn to what's happening in obamacare. a lot of moving parts. we're going through this step by step. under obamacare, those subsidies let insurers reduce the premiums so lower income families could get coverage. yestery,
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democratic senator patty murray outlined a deal to fund those subsidies for two more years. today, president trump tweeted he could never support bailing out insurance companies, he says have made a fortune with obamacare. the white house called the alexander-murray -- he got a call from the president encouraging him to keep working. there's a lot of uncertainty where this will end up. 19 states serve notice they'll go to court to force the white house to keep paying those health insurance subsidies the president cut off last week. coming up, why some are blaming the government of mole is a for the murder of a journalist. a look at the origin of the "me too"
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you've probably seen hundreds of sexual assault stories flooding your social media timeline. men and women using the #metoo. actor milano brought attention to
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but michael quander explains this was in -- >>reporter: she started this movement ten years ago. she was focused on helping young black girls, but she realized there were a lot of adults who needed support. the whole point of this work is to let women especially young women of color know they're not alone. her website shows she got the idea after a little girl shared her story about being sexually abused and realizing she felt like she was by herself. burke wrote this movement is more than a hash tag, but a lot of conversation about what she calls radical community healing. >> we create a lot -- but not enough for connecting and healing. >> [indiscernible] several rallies marches over the years. she's the cofounder of a youth organization called just be ink which has a vision of developing girls into
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glad women are sharing their stories. we call it empowerment through empathy, hash tag me too. while alisa milano helped bring attention to this movement, it's important to know where it came from. michael quander, wus9. >> if you want to learn more about the movement and the woman about it, michael posted a link on facebook page. gerry sandusky will not get a new trial. a pennsylvania judge declined to overturn the guilty verdict against the former penn state coach. he's serving a 30 to 60 year sentence for sexually abusing ten boys. sandusky maintains his innocent. his attorneys argue that sandusky did not receive adequate -- the fbi is sending am
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investigate the murder of a journalist. she was 53. the reporter and blogger and hal tuesday politicians of corruption. she exposed the democratic links to tax payments. the prime minister described gal sierra as his biggest adversary. a little gee-- a little gio graph -- it covers 1222 square miles which is less than twice the size of washington dc. there's a population of 445,000 people which makes it one of the world's smallest and densely populated countries. tonight a tennessee boy is showing off his letter from president t.
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after the inauguration. he over heard his president talking about the -- the boy decided to send the president $3. on monday he got his money back in the mail. >> i thought well, how is he going to eat or drink or you know, pay -- if he needs to pay for his water bill. >> my first impression was you're going to give your money away, but at the same time i was like i don't want to discourage his generosity. >> i didn't expect for him to return it, but i'm like okay. >> it's simple. to the point. but at the same time coming from the president, makes it -- i don't know, just wonderful. >> in the letter, president trump wrote that he could not accept the money. he told elijaho
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-- the president wrote to think big and dream bigger. we're talking about the leaves. >> we are. not so much around town. >> you said this could be the peak. >> if you want to go to sky land drive, this is it. even into monday, you could stretch it maybe, but here we go. around town, a little to know change south and east of i-95 and color in our northern and western suburbs, but near skyline drive, passed peak as you go across the divide. this is the weekend to take the drive. you will not be alone, live look outside, beautiful. 67, dew points low 40s. not quite as dry as last night. that tells us a couple of things. the winds won't be as cold. no frost. chilly. looking at bus stop tey -- looking at bus
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temps, 60s. upper 30s, but 50 around the bay. and 60 by 9:00. warmer, just a beautiful, beaut. and friday just fantastic. high school football will be between 65 and 75. that's as nice as it gets in october. 70s are here to stay. it's time to make plans to do stuff outside. 75 tomorrow. 77 friday and saturday. 78 on sunday. and back to 77 on monday. cold front approaches monday, but i think it's going to be dry through the daytime hours monday. okay. tonight, 9:00, still 58 downtown [indiscernible]. temperatures don't fall that fast. 50s in frederick. 43 in fairfax and 49 in manassas. 40s hanging on in manassas and wind chester, 48. lunch
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around 70 with full sun and tomorrow morning, temps in the upper 60s and by tomorrow night, just cool tomorrow night. 60 at 10:00 downtown tomorrow night. that's unusual for october. so 50s to start. 55 by 9:00. low 60s by 11:00. we're going o call it 70. we're going to round up 70 by 1:00 p.m. beautiful friday. 77. gorgeous on saturday. 77. not a cloud in the sky . by sunday for the marine corps marathon, highs in the -- 77 monday. the day dry and showers and storming monday night and most -- cooler on wednesday, back into the low 60s for a high. 60s and 70, we like it. nfl owners
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cnarrator: ed gillespie and i wants to endis ad. a woman's right to choose. ed giof a woman'sd put thpersonal decisions,rge not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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vowould be a disaster forion virginia families.e adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged thousands more. 685,000 virginians would lose their health care. and adams is against medicaid expansion - denying coverage to thousands of veterans, children and the disabled. john adams: higher costs, less coverage, hurting virginians. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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now, wusa9 sports with daren hanes brought to i by xfinity. >> we are here in new york day two of the nfl owner's meetings and commissioner goodell addressed the media behind me. those discussions about protesting during the national anthem. listen closely to the commissioner as he tried to explain what the [indiscernible] are protest -- what the athletes are protesting about. >> we're talking about criminal reform whether it's bail reform or talking about sentencing, a mandatory sentencing, they're talking about changes that i think will make our communities better. there's bipartisan
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and it need focus. they're talking about what we can do to support them to -- that's again very positive. they're talking about equality issues, making sure that we're doing everything we possibly can to give people an opportunity whether it's in education or economic and what we can do toy februarying wait that. >> the nba season takes -- it features folt. here's what the rookie had to say about starting in his first nba game. >> it's like anything you could wish for. to have your home crowd in front of you, but -- being from where you was born, like i said, society, i have a lot of family so i'm excited. when you see me in my game -- there's a lot of players that came out of this aa
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play, i'm going to give it my all. >> a lot of attention will be on -- but there's high expectations for the wizards as they're coming off their most successful season since 1979. i'm daren hanes, wusa9 sports. >> we want that -- but we want john walt to school him. >> absolutely. we want a good match up for sure. >> all right. >> he can do well as long as the [indiscernible] win. >> all right. not as chilly tomorrow to start. 75 and sunny. upper 70s friday, saturday, and sunday and great for the bison. they're in town. >> no, you don't say. >> and a cold front next monday night into tuesday. >> big homecoming weekend. >> big homecoming weekend. >> cbs is next. >>
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