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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  October 20, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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a fresh start for young men. join us for a dinner that saves lives every single night. >> a young man kicked out of cub scouts because of the questions he asked his senators. >> a cia pup lands in fairfax after flunking out of school. >> tiny salads to hand out at halloween, is this viral post a trick or are these really a treat? we'll verify. >> and up first to
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surprising new study about body cameras and police brutality. let's get started. but first we're on some breaking news in fairfax county, a young man fighting to live at fairfax inova hospital after he fell about four stories and landed on some rocks at great falls park. he was with a friend at the time that he fell. that friend called for help. we'll keep you posted as we learn more. [ sirens ] >> go that way! get out of here! there's gunshots coming from over there. go that way! >> video from police body -- video from police body cameras gives us a world as they rush into danger. it can also be used to hold them accountable for their actions and many hope those devices would make it easier to do just that, especially in cases of police brutality. so did it work here in d.c.? a new study says no. here's marcella robinson. >> repr:
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departments in 2014. a year later a research group started constitute did iing the impact of those cameras right -- studying the impact of those cameras right here in d.c. involving some of the most controversial officer-involved shootings. december 11, 2016, brian sterling was shot. he was unarmed. his family members were upset because treanor failed to turn on his camera before the shooting, which is against department protocol. by december, 2016 every single d.c. police officer was wearing a body camera. that same month on christmas day a d.c. officer shot gerald hall during a domestic dispute all captured on his body camera. for 2 1/2 years researchers look the at 2,200 d.c. police officers, the results? even with the body cameras on there was no major change in use of force or the complaint levels against those officers. some think it's time to reevaluate. >> maybe these body worn cameras aren't doing the jo
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able to. if we can't measure any tangible benefits to body worn cameras, maybe the study or the police department ought to think about other ways of investing millions of taxpayer dollars that are currently spent on body worn cameras. >> reporter: tangible or not, the d.c. police chief said cameras help build trust in the community eliminating those he said she said situations. >> now while the research said they don't really impact behavior, the chief said these cameras are here to stay because they use them in training situations looking at split second that these officers so often have to make. >> we'll see how long this works and how long they'll stay committed to this. we've got new information on a story we told you we'd keep an eye on for you. those body parts found near the chesapeake bay in shadyside in anne arundel county and new tonight we've learned those bones are human. a first exam revealed they are those of a white or an asian female in her mid-20s or early 30d
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of the bones, police are working off the theory that they found the remains of a woman who went missing within the last year. in montgomery county allegations that a man swiped right on the tinder dating app and then sexually assaulted two women. he is 33-year-old collin black of rockville, a guidance counselor at einstein high school in the kensington area. police say the victims don't know each other. now to the nation's opioid epidemic, are insurance companies partly to blame? that's what new jersey governor chris christie wants to know. he's chair of the president's opioids commission. there's concern many insurance groups would rather cover the cost of powerful addictive painkillers instead of less addictive but more expensive drugs that do the same thing and there's evidence insurance companies are limiting coverage of mental health problems and substance abuse. now christie warned the insurance companies to expect some new regulations. he says they've been raking in
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epidemic of addiction. let's get real about that word, addiction, and the stigma associated with it. it can be the biggest hurdle for someone trying to get clean. they don't want to be branded as an addict. debra alfarone met some young men in prince george's county who found that getting real, getting honest and getting in the kitchen can deliver them from death's door to a new life. >> i want you to go ahead and we're going to cut these sausages in half. >> reporter: the ingredients start out raw just like these young men's stories. >> i was sexually abused when i was 7. >> reporter: where do you think you might be if you didn't have this? >> honestly i'd probably be homeless or dead at this point. >> reporter: in the end they come together just like these men here at nick's place, a recovery home for young men struggling with addiction to create something nourishing, something healing, something that will set them on th
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these things these guys have gone through. i just want to be part of the community and help out. >> reporter: that's local star chef adam greenberg on the food network. so has d.c. chef alan mccoy. they're teaching these young men an important life skill, how to cook. >> these guys are really inspiring, just to be able to be here and see what these guys are doing and the courage they have to work their way through this. i've got some friends and family that have gone through this and it's really hard. >> reporter: tonight is more than about the meal. it's about these chefs showing simply they care about people they just met. >> extra sweet slice of lemon. >> i'm making one of the first dishes i learned how to cook when i started out. >> really appreciate them coming and doing this for us. >> that's perfect. >> it's helping me get back into society. >> our guys every single day demonstrate that recovery is possible. >> reporter:
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started this place. >> there's a little bit of healing in this for you. >> my son, nick, was 22 years old when he died of this disease and that was 20 years ago. >> reporter: she says nick fought hard. he went to rehab. she remembers this, his last visit. >> when i asked him how it was, he said it's okay, but there's no one here my age. >> reporter: so she created a place for men 20 to 26 years old. the rules are strict. the guys have chores. she helps them get jobs. they have to be to dinner on time 5:30. >> bless this food. thank you for this wonderful night. >> reporter: tonight is special, not just because of the chefs and the cameras. men who have graduated and stayed sober came back to share their inspiration. >> addiction diamond of robs you of your soul -- kind of robs you of your soul like, you know, being isolated and cut off from the world and loved
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around the table and just be real with each other and be hon and open and not like revert back to, you know -- honest and open and not like revert back to, you know, what got them in this position in the first place. >> reporter: ream, honest and open, the most -- real, honest and open, the most important ingredients for recovery here. demala said he was addicted to marijuana since he was 14. >> when i came here, i was really self-centered and didn't know what direction i was in. i had no hope and really wanted to give up on life. >> reporter: tonight he may have found his calling. he's talking to adam about becoming a chef. >> i'll give you job. you just got to keep it. >> reporter: that's what this place is about, a new start. >> he's trying to give me a new shot to make up for past mistakes. it's time to start to rebuild relationships and kind of start on a jour
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feel like i was supposed to live. >> reporter: none of this is easy. matt is 22. he says he just got real with what led him to use in the first place. >> when i was younger, i had -- i was sexually abused when i was 7. i grew up with add and depression. like that was in my genes and i didn't know how to deal with that. i was always a misfit and outcast. throughout the years of just progressively using i carried my friend's casket. i've overdosed three times. some miracle kept me here and i serve a purpose. if people look at you and they're like stop, put it down and it's not that easy. you can't just put down something that you've been doing to cope with things that have happened in your past that you can't open up about. >> reporter: the conversations can be heavy, but also they can be light. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and help these gu
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months. they're family. >> i found that the guys that i'm with right now who are convicts, felons are some of the most amazing people in the world and the things that they've done in their past doesn't dictate anything in their future at all. being that young and being able to address your problems and open up about it, there's people that are 50 years old that can't open up about that stuff and it sucks that people put us down all the time, but that's what makes us fighters, warriors. >> reporter: what do you think nick would think of the site? >> well, nick would say, "i can't believe my fricking mother." but he would also say, "i'm really not surprised," but nick would say to me during his addiction, he would say why don't you just give up, mom? why don't you just give up and i'd say no. as long as you're breathing, i'm not giving up. >> reporter:
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matter how tough it gets. >> through my using i ruined absolutely everything. i had no money, no car. i had no phone when i came in here. i had no job. i was homeless before i went in treatment and now i have the opportunity to literally start over, make myself who i wanted to be my entire life. >> a second chance. if you know a young man between the ages of 20 to 26 who is currently in recovery and might make a good fit for nick's place, debra has some contact information for them. you'll find it on our website in fairfax county the community voted, but does it matter? new controversy over changing the name of a local high school. >> and a young man kicked out of his cub scout den. his offense? asking a tough question to a senator. >> talk about tomorrow, howard's homecoming and what
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town, 70 to 75, mostly sunny and light winds. we'll come back and talk about the marine corps marathon and talk about how much change there is in the foliage west of town. >> plus a young dog might not have a future as a cia agent, but don't worry. it sounds like she flunked out into a pretty sweet situation. that's all head for you
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i'm really heartbroken that my den leader that i had a pretty good relationship with decided to kick me out. >> he was kicked out of his cub scout den. the group held a meeting with republican state senator vicki marble and he fronted her on
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quoting here, "why on earth would you want someone who beats their wife to have access to a gun?" his den leader thought that's inappropriate, so he has to go. his mom said the question and wording were all his. >> i hit the printer button and helped him print it out, but no, it was his own words. >> he can return to the cub scouts but not to that den that he was part of. tonight we dig deeper into the hyper loop tunnel that could one zip you from d.c. to manhattan in half an hour, the brainchild of elon mosque, grown-up boy genius. the site is near ft. meade in anne arundel county, so far not even a shovelful of dirt moved, but maryland's transportation secretary says just you wait. >> everything i've seen, it is doable with tension
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today. >> reporter: this is real. >> this is real. >> the tunnel will mostly run under state roads. worried about the cost? right now this is a privately financed project with no mention of any taxpayer money.  politics and football tied at the hip these days and not just at the pro level. tonight politics found its way to the homecoming game at j.e.b. stuart high school. literature about the school's upcoming name change circulated at the stadium and a lot of talk there, too. the fairfax county school board is set to vote on a new name next thursday. one possibility is dropping the jeb but keeping the stuart. tonight people lined up on both sides of the ball. >> i think ideally for me the best name change would be to maintain the word stuart and honor another person with that name. >> those of us in favor of the name change ask how is this in favor of stuart? >> peggy fox said several school board members appear to
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thurgood marshall high school in honor of the late supreme court justice. stay tuned. we'll let you know what happens next week. we'll we're talking about northern virginia, we have to tell you about lulu in a cia training program to teach her about detecting explosives. after a few weeks of training it turned out she just didn't want to do that. so the sweet girl might have flunked bomb school, but her handling is a fairfax county police officer and he adopted her. so she's home and living her best life. fun size candy, it's a halloween staple. imagine our surprise, though, when we saw a post gone viral showing fun size salad. uh-huh. little containers of salad ready to disappoint trick-or- treaters everywhere. are they legit? we asked mike valerio to verify. >> reporter: the official countdown to halloween is on. everybody is looking forward to the days of leftover candy and the sugar rush that, of
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that people got when this picture of a fun sized mini salad hit social media. people went nuts over the little bags. one woman asked where can i find them? kids in my neighborhood would love them. a few mentioned this will get your house toilet papered and egged, but before you run out to buy we, of course, verify. in fact, we tracked this photo back to this instagram page, adam the creator right here, guess what? he's a pro meme maker so we can see why some would be fooled and think the pic is real. dole got in on the action ling everybody know the photo is fake -- letting everybody know the photo is fake. shifting gears they did send a letter to the meme maker for using their trademark without permission but are not demanding the photo be taken down. so no need to
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product doesn't exist and this post is false. >> nobody would really want those anyway, right? >> i don't think so. >> you come up and somebody is giving out salad, you're like i'm good. so if we want to take a ride to see colors, is this the weekend? >> no. great video today from sky9. this is harpers ferry, just beautiful. we live in a very beautiful part of the country. there's not much color. i think you have to give it another five days. a little will pop over the weekend, but in terms of peaking it's probably a week away. in fact, very little color south and east of 95, a little bit of color now north and west of town, some good color well west of i-81 and near peak across the divide, but in terms of skyline drive and great falls park and happenners ferry, we have to -- harpers ferry, we have to wait a while. it has been warm and that can
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look at all the days in the 70s, 11 days in the 70s so far in october, six days in the 80s, three days in the 60s. twice as many days in the 80s as the 60s and i think the next four days will add to the 70s routine. looks like saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday are all in the 70s. 3-degree guarantee, okay today. lowered it from 78 to 76. 77, pretty close. i'm going 77 tomorrow for the 3- degree guarantee. live look outside, it's still 60 which is really warm for this time of day and night and year. average high is only 67. dew points low 50s, comfortable, winds light north at 5 and yes, warm and just spectacular over the weekend. still warm and dry monday. that's going to be a pretty good day, but then windy with rain and thunderstorms tuesday. some could be heavy. that's probably our next yellow weather alert day and then breezy and cooler wednesday and also thursday. you can
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tomorrow night is the peak for the orion meteor shower 5 to 10 a.m., 10 to 20 per hour, not as prolific as the perseid meteor shower where you can see 20 to 50 per hour. quite frankly, i think these are oversold. i've had cricks in my neck trying to see them. 70s monday, tuesday, back to 63 on wednesday. 50s to start and then we're looking at 67 at 11:00 and 73 at 1:00. we're in great shape on sunday, 76, again cool for the marine corps marathon, 50s and 60s and still warm on monday. we're still in the 70s. even tuesday, even though we have showers and thunderstorms rolling in probably low 70s before it gets cooler. then two relatively cool days, low to mid-60s and right back in the low 70s on friday of next week. what did you think? >> well, that guy is not in
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manager, so even keel. >> lot of respect for dusty baker, but he's done. who's going ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose.
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ed giof a woman'sd put thpersonal decisions,rge not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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now wusa9 sports with frank hanrahan brought to you by xfinity. >> well, dusty baker not coming back as skipper of the nationals, who is going to get the job? it should be a coveted position, but looking at that track record, two seasons is probably all you'll get if you don't win the world series. former red sox skipper john ferrell won a world series in 2013, he could be there. astros bench coach alex cora another candidate likely or maybe the team goes in-house and hires this guy, pitching coach mike maddox. gm mike rizzo is heading up the search. the nba tonight wizards got by detroit with plays like this by john wall, like ballet on a hover board for john wall. that's two points. late going it was bradley beal closing out with a nice lay-in plus 20, 25 points, otto porter
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detroit and look who scores the game winner, the great 8, alex ovechkin, his 10th of the season as caps win 4-3 at the red wings. juicy match-up tonight in virginia in high school football. centreville hosting undefeated westfield, packed house to watch two very good teams go at it in conference play, all part of game on varsity friday night lights and our chris williamson was there. >> reporter: frank, one of the things i love about rivalry games, it's always an intense match-up no matter how bad or how good the team is and this year both teams really good. westfield came in trying to win their fourth straight against their bitter rival. pick it up in the 2nd hatch, westfield up 7-3. -- half, westfield up 7-3. noah kim throws a beauty to his boy kiley. does he have the jets to make it all the way? yes, sir, 85 yards
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house, 14-3. westfield trying to take advantage, this time kim hits his boy woodley breaking tackles, strong map and he takes it the distance for a 57-yard touchdown reception, 20-3 pouring it on. the bulldogs win their fourth straight against their rivals 27-11. with the win the bulldogs keep their dreams of an undefeated season a i la, but more importantly, they improve -- alive, but more importantly they improve to 14-6 of all time of bitter rivals. >> lots of fun. >> we'll be right back.
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cooking up a
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>> i have and let's start for tomorrow. tomorrow is homecoming and i think you're there at 8 a.m. from noon tomorrow. >> of course, topper. >> then we've got the marine corps marathon on sunday. we're showing that on sunday morning and next chance for rain is not until tuesday. a spectacular weekend to go out and do anything. i mean great for october, great for really any month. >> it's friends and family day at howard's tomorrow. so if i'm going, you're going with me. >> i'll pick you up. >> have a good night, everybody! >> frank, have a good run!
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