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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  October 23, 2017 5:00pm-5:29pm EDT

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years, and never had any issue. >> i am flabbergasted. i can't believe that something this terrible could happen nearby. just a peaceful area here, but i guess it could happen anywhere. it's just scary. >> reporter: casper imagines what he would have said to talk the young man out of the violence he planned. he might have played this song. anything that changed his mind, that picnic bench is casper's cherished place. now a marker of sadness. the 17-year-old girl is alexandria's sixth murder victim this year. peggy fox, wusa9. >> alexandria police say there is no evidence the shootings have any connection to gang activity. now to breaking news out of charles county, maryland. a former school aide, and track coach accused of child sex crimes now faces more charges involving more alleged victims. a new indictment hits carlos bell with 206
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victims to 42. some of the children were as young as 11. bell has admitted to being hiv positive. bell was a school aide at benjamin stoddard middle school. he was arrested in june, and remains behind bars, pending trial. they were just beginning their lives together, but sadly, two d.c. newlyweds are dead after a freak accident in dewey beach, delaware. two men, flattening a pole, then finally landing in the parking lot of the star board restaurant. >> it was a beautiful day, and it was a long time coming. >> reporter: the spanish step in northwest d.c. >> they were just the most fun loving people. >> reporter: the perfect backdrop for a wedding for polar opposites. >> one was really, really fun loving
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>> reporter: who had one thing in common. they were madly in love. greg was in construction design and his new husband, jimmy walton was a graphic designer. the two were avid bikers, splitting their time between their homes in d.c. and rajova beach. >> something like tharks the chances of it happening aren't that great, but it could happen to anybody. >> reporter: delaware state police say a man was driving a chevy suburban along coastal highway. the driver blacked out, and the suv crossed over lanes to to the southbound side. both chittic and walton did their best to get out of the way, but both were killed. the suburban flattened a utility pole, and hit another car before its destructive path ended in the parking lot of the popular star board restaurant. >> there's no one
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there's no one to blame. it's just a very, very sad, unfortunate thing that happened. >> reporter: greg chittic's family who lives in michigan told us over the phone, they're still dealing with the devastating shock of what happened saturday. in northwest d.c. -- >> we'll always love them. >> reporter: wusa9. >> investigators say the driver is not facing any charges at this time, because they do not believe alcohol or drugs were a factor. police in prince george's county now know the name of the student who posted an online threat that led to increased security today at eleanor roosevelt high school. after a thorough investigation, we're told that threat has been deemed noncredible. investigators say the greenbelt school was not specifically mentioned in the message, but students there were aware of
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the prince george's -- myisha johnson says she was hurt and upset after speaking with president trump last week. her husband was one of the four soldiers killed in an ambush this month in niger. mrs.johnson says the president didn't even know her husband's name. >> i remember him stumbling on trying to remember my husband's name. that's what hurt me the most. if my husband is out here, fighting for our country, and he risked his life for our country, why can't you remember his name? >> johnson also confirmed the account that president trump said her husband knew what he signed up for. she also complained she was not allowed to see her husband's body, and has been told nothing about his death. as members of the house of representatives returned to work today, president trump encouraged them to move quickly on the budget. the senate passed a $4 trillion budget last week, and paved the way for possible tax reform. president trump will be heading to capitol hill tomorrow to lobby for
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the administration wants the house to adopt the senate budget without any changes. some conservatives may balk at theamount added to the deficit. president trump says there will be no change to tax incentives for 401(k) contributions. he appears to be responding to a report in the "new york times" that republican lawmakers were considering limiting the amount workers could save in 401(k) retirement accounts. believe it or not, we are nearing the end of october. and it was yet another mild, fall day for us in the d.c. area. we're not complaining. temps in the mid-70s, but we do have showers and even storms on tap tonight. what is the timeline? when are we going to see storms tonight? >> reporter: i would say the critical time is 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. the commute will be fine going home. probably even a walk after dinner okay. a small price to pay for that incredible weekend. here is the radar ov
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hour. mostly showers toward i-81, and points west. they're generally moving due north. we're thinking more like 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. in fact, 8:00 tonight, some showers out toward winchester and la ray. temperatures still in the upper 60s. then we get into the 9:00 hour. some showers maybe as close as frederick or gaithersburg. big storms are possible out in the mountains. look at the temperatures at 11:00, it's still 72 downtown. 72 in buoy, and 71 in fairfax. by 11:00, showers begin to move into la ray, and move across the metro area as we move across the morning hours. up in philadelphia, mostly cloudy, mild. we're keeping it dry. look at the winds, southeast 10 to 20. could impact the game if there is a late minute or late second field goal. coming up we'll talk about halloween and when it's going to get cooler. the
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will now face charges in delaware. radee prince was arrested there last week after a 10 hour manhunt. before that, police say prince shot five coworkers, killing three at advanced granite solutions in harford county. after which, he reportedly drove to a used car lot in delaware, where he shot an acquaintance in the head. prince now faces a slough of charges, including attempted murder, and first degree murder. it's often a sign of what's to come next. still ahead, mixed reaction tonight after is starbucks announces they'll be opening their first stand alone store in anacostia. >> there won't be much brotherly love as your washington redskins get ready for the eagles on monday night football. >> you're watching wusa9 news at 5:00. we'll be back right after this. stay with us.
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mark herring: my mom to provide for our family. at one point, she got fired for of all things -- getting married. that was a lifelong lesson for me: when people are hurt, you need to stand up and do something. and i've never forgotten that as your attorney general. whether it's protecting veterans and seniors from
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or cracking down on gangs and drug traffickers, i have one guiding principle: do what's right for people. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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a warning for parents now in a story we know a lot of you have been clicking on today, especially with halloween coming up. it's all about a new product on the market that looks like innocent candy. but it's with a combound originally forming in cannabis. they are legal to sell, because they don't have thc, which is what gives marijuana its psycho active effect. it doesn't get people high, but it's known to give user as relaxing feeling. perhaps more troubling, some of the tested candies do come back positive for thc. d.c. football fans are fired up tonight as the redskins get ready to take on the eagles in prim
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sports director, darren haynes is anchoring our coverage in philadelphia tonight. >> reporter: we're in philly for redskins and eagles, and boy do we have a show for you. i'll have my one word to describe what's at stake for the redskins tonight. want to know? i can't tell you, it wouldn't be a tease. wait until you see the customized cleats we delivered to to two redskins players, and yes, they are wearing them tonight. how do you like those bad boys? >> wow, those are nice. >> reporter: told you. that's not it. i'm going to debate against cbs philly sports director don bell. that's right. i'm putting the dmv on my back. so the redskins better not let me down. if they do, it's going to stink. like these portable bathrooms. never liked using those things anyways. so get your waterer, or whatever you drink for a football game. sit back and relax. tonight's game is going to talk
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tonight. even these eagles fans can't help but get excited. told you so. darren haynes, wusa9 sports. >> all right, darren. bringing uson a virtual tour of the parking lot there. redskins quarterback kirk cousins will be playing though, with a heavy heart. last night, he tweeted out that his beloved grandmother passed away. because of the gospel, we will he see her again. it's and the end of an era at rfk stadium. d.c. united lost their game last night against the new york red bulls. the loss didn't keep fans from celebrating though, as the united get ready to move into their new facility. the soccer team's departure leaves rfk now with no permanent tenants. straight ahead, a baseball celebrity living
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charged with assault. >> topper is back with a look at your
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ralcandidate for'm governor,rtham, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you.
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back on 9, all lanes have reopened after this nasty crash on the beltline. a second person was badly injured as he worked on the broken down tractor trailer. to fort bragg in north carolina, where bowe bergdahl arrived for army sentencing. he was supposed to learn his fate for leaving his post in afghanistan in 2009, but a military judge suspended the hearing until wednesday. bergdahl could spend the rest of his life behind bars after pleading guilty for misbehavior before the enemy, and desertion. former fox news anchor, bill o'reilly is slamming a "new york times" report about his alleged payouts for sexual harassment claims. o'reilly accuses the paper of comparing him to disgraced
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movie producer harvey weinstein. as meg oliver reports, o'reilly defended himself on his friend glenn beck's show. >> reporter: former fox news channel host, bill o'reilly spoke with his friend, glenn beck blasting a report in the "new york times." the times said o'reilly's contract was renewed despite the company knowing he had settled sexual harassment claims against him. >> never one time was there any complaint filed against me with human resources or anybody's legal team. nothing. zero. >> reporter: the report said o'reilly agreed to pay former fox news contributor lis wiehl $32 million to settle allegations that included repeated harassment. a non consensual sexual relationship
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gay pornography. >> reporter: o'reilly pointed to his website. it says she has no claims against o'reilly. the times reports the settlement was $32 million. >> in 20 years and 6 months, i resolved 3 things. and the only reason i did resolve them was to keep my children safe. >> reporter: fox says o'reilly's new contract included a clause including his dismissal of relevant information came to light. >> today, one of o'reilly's former coworkers a the fox, megyn kelly says she filed a complant last year, complaining about o'reilly's behavior toward women. today, o'reilly said she did not file a complaint. not that i know of. i never
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megyn kelly. ray wright is following assault and battery charges, following a fight at his home. police say they were called to the home of the world series mvp in the alexandria section of fairfax county around 4:00 a.m. yesterday. an argument between knight and a man he knew became physical. police say both men had physical injuries and were taken to the hospital. knight was released from jail. he's scheduled to appear in court january 8. d.c. police and family members need your help finding a missing 17-year-old mother, and her 2-year-old daughter. kae'lynn, and allina jones were last seen on pond street on friday around 9:20 p.m. the mother is about 5'1", weighs about 118 pounds. call d.c. police if you have any information about their whereabouts. a nasty school bus crash in ellicott city sends two adults, and two children to the hospital. police say the school bus driver was speeding and lost control of the bus this morning on ro
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the bus flipped, landing on its side. a car ended up hitting the bus as well. luckily, everyone should be okay. uber commute is expanding into maryland. the ridesharing company already offers a feature in d.c. and northern virginia. it targets people who need a ride to work, or folks who are all right driving, and looking to share some costs, or use those hov lanes. you can find the commute option in the upper left hand corner of the uber app on your phone. and so, welcome, andrea. >> thank you. i didn't take uber or lyft. >> that was your problem. >> hi there. hi. >> good to see you. >> we're finally feeling some fall temperatures. >> we are. i've got to say the weekend was simply spectacular. 10degrees above average, but when your average is in the 60s, and you get to 70, that's a pretty good deal. let's look ahead to halloween. actually, right now, we're pretty excited. looks liit
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partly cloudy, dry, and really relatively mild. we'll say partly cloudy and spooky. 55 to 65. and we'll keep this updated for you day by day. and it's also on our website as well. a live look outside. it's cloudy, but still 74 degrees. the winds have picked up southeasterly at 16. 14, rather. gusting to 24 miles an hour. it will be breezy the rest of the night, but also, will keep temps up a bit. radar, some showers out to the west, amend really, they're going to stay out to the west, before we get to the 10, 11:00 hour. so we're in pretty good shape. they are going to stay out to philadelphia. showerers well west of i-81. nothing heavy yet, but we are going to see a rumble of thunder tonight. cooler tomorrow. excuse me, cooler wednesday and thursday. then milder and just fantastic again on friday. probably back in the low
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friday. pleasant for the terps game on saturday. right now, i know we haven't gotten through the eagles game yet, but right now wet and cool for the dallas game on sunday. that's a late game. 4:25 start i believe. 75 tomorrow. then 66 on wednesday. 65 on thursday. then boom, 72 on friday. nothing crazy and cool for a while. just a a brief period of temps about average. 7:30 tonight. temps still low 70s, upper 60s. by 10:00, most of the storms still west of i-81. a couple of light showers, maybe as far east as leesburg or frederick. temperatures still 71 in leesburg, and 71 in buoy. by overnight, everything rolls through. by 6:00 a.m., there could be showers still left. maybe as close to prince george's county, maybe ann arundelability, and points east
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we're already seeing clearing. by 8:30. 60. sunshine returns to leesburg. some sun in d.c. already. then we get into the afternoon. clouds could linger, prince george's county down into southern maryland. west of i-95, a pretty good day, and still not that cool. we're looking at temperatures still, 67 in gaithersburg, and 68 in frederick. by 6:00 p.m. about this time tomorrow night, 70 downtown. so the cool air, delayed a day, comes in wednesday and thursday. 60s to start. we'll keep a shower in here 7:00 a.m. sunshine returns. 71 by 1:00. okay, wednesday, cooler but nice. 66. seasonal on thursday. 65. that's a good day. friday, great. milder, 72. looks great for high school football. turf looks okay. a few clouds late in the day. but dry, 67. right now kind of wet and cool on su
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with highs in the low 60s. still ahead, police in florida are on the hunt for what some say is a possible serial killer. >> plus, a civil rights investigation into former hollywood producer harvey weinstein. >> starbucks plans to open its
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police are reluctant to use the word serial killer, but in a tampa, florida, neighborhood, three people with no connection at all to each other were murdered within 10 days. people on the seminole heights community walked the streets yesterday, vowing to take back their neighborhood. one father believes his 20-year- old son was targeted because he's autistic. >> he looked like an easy target. he never say nothing bad to me. >> heartbreaking. the young man was shot after taking the wrong bu
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work on thursday. another victim was killed about 100 yards away on october 9. two days before that, a woman was shot and killed less than a mile away while she was walking to meet a friend. police believe the cases are linked because of their timeframe, and proximity. so far, all police have is surveillance video of a man in the area on the night of the first murder. extra officers are on patrol, and police are warning residents tonight not to walk alone at night. in tonight's consumer alert, you'll want to check your freezer before you make dinner. the fda is recalling a brand of frozen veggies that could contain listeria. here are the ones to look out for. broccoli, vegetable blends, and cauliflower by man packing and sold in stores like wal-mart, aldi, and trader joe's. if you have any of these products, you can return them to the store from where
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bought them for a full refund. cars are safer than ever. so why are insurance rates on the rise? it turns out all the high-tech features like rear-view cameras and screens are more expensive to fix. when people are injured in crashes, it's costing more to treat them. last year, insurance rates went up nearly 8%, nearly twice as much as in a normal year. target is taking on a new strategy for christmas. the retailer is streamlining its number of promotions. placing hundreds of easy gifts for around $15 throughout the stores. around it's expanding its marketing. the company says after a disappointing holiday season last year, and confusing sales, it wants to keep things simple, and prices lower for shoppers. it's also making sure thanksgiving doesn't get lost in the early push for christmas. that's wusa9 news at 5:00. the
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now. right now, we have told you about the changing d.c. development, gentrification, but now, anna costa is going to change too. a starbucks eyeing a new development, making it the first of the franchise east of the river. sarah konsmo has more. >> it just gives the neighborhood hope. i feel like it will be something different. >> reporter: cameron robinson is talking about this hole in the ground. >> it would be a good idea to have a starbucks here. >> reporter: this is the future sight of maple view flats. a low income housing complex, with retail space that's street level. >> i drink starbucks coffee specifically every day. >> business at this loca


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