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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  October 23, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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two teenagers dead in the suburbs and police say they knew each other. >> there's a link between rain and a problem on metro, but does this put you in danger? >> and how you can help survivors of domestic violence tonight. >> and can a business charge you extra just because you paid with a
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you asked, we'll verify. we'll get to all of that ,, but first an amber alert. the child is believed to be in the custody of james king. they could be in a red hyundai elantra with virginia tags swx1828. take a good look there. that's caden, amber alert. police believe they are headed to petersburg, but we wanted to pass this along in case the two of them end up heading north to our area. doppler radar shows rain at the west taking aim at the metro area. the chief has a yellow weather alert posted. here he is. we'll look at d.c.'s most accurate forecast. hey, top. >> big time storms now west of town moving very slowly off to the east, individual storms moving norat
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an hour, but big time rain back toward warrenton, upperville and also just west of sterling and chantilly. notice the red there. that's rainfall rates of about an inch per hour. as you go out 50 in between aldie and chantilly, some hefty rain in. addition to tracking rain -- rain. in addition to tracking rain, we're also tracking wind. there's a wind advisory for frederick and western sections of leesburg gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour. we'll come back and let you know if the winds die down before the commute and if the rain rolls out before your morning commute as well. we're tracking metro on the news at 11:00 and rain, yes, rain, is causing fires in tunnels. new just released documents detail metro's water problem. the number of fires reported in the metro system had doubled in the last few years. transportation reporter pete muntean is here to break down one reason why. >> reporter: here's the deal. water and metro do not mix. it'swe
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third rail. water keeps leaking into tunnels pooling up and causing sparks. they can be really big and cause a fire. there were 32 track fires in the last three months. compare that to only 15 during the same period three years ago. that is more than double. why the increase? you guessed it. metro says it's rained more. there was 9 inches of rainfall in july alone. the average july rainfall metro says is about 3 inches. you have to go back in time to really understand this problem. the red line is metro's oldest line made with older tunneling techniques and it's hardly watertight. leaks up here in maryland can trickle down and cause fires all the way down here near dupont circle. metro has a new program to fix it, but that means shutdowns. this weekend there will be no trains between grosvenor and the medical center. pete muntean, wusa9. now to a
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new tonight, a father's fight to keep his son's memory alive by fighting gun violence and the instant gun violence changed the lives of two virginia families. police in alexandria old it us two teenagers who were -- tell us two teenagers who were shot sunday night in alexandria were part of the community of tc williams high. >> reporter: last night's shooting resulted in the loss of a former titan and significant injury to another titan referring to two of the three teens involved in yesterday's triple shooting at all veterans park. listen to the police scanner we have of the only survivor. >> victim outside of cvs, adult male with a gunshot wound to the stomach. he's conscious and breathing right now. >> reporter: today alexandria police called what happened last night a murder suicide and identified a 19-year-old from maryland as the shooter. police say he killed a 17-year- old girl, injured a 15-year-old boy and turned the gun on
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himself. because they're so young, that's why this man became so emotional at the scene. a source tells wusa9 the 17- year-old killed and injured 15- year-old are brother and sister. friends told reporters earlier the suspect was an ex- boyfriend. alexandria police are not confirming any of this tonight. what i can tell you is there will be more counselors at the school here tomorrow. the principal said they'll be closely monitoring those students who are grieving. here at tc williams high school in alexandria, stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> alexandria police have identified the 19-year-old suspect as jairson nunes lopez. they are not releasing the victims' names at this point. we want you to meet a father in prince george's county standing up for families who lost loved ones to gun violence and doing it through an organization named after his son. the darrell harrellston, ii
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crime foundation. darrell sr. said he's carrying on his son's legacy helping other families find support. >> i'm going to speak for them today and speak for any other person who has lost a child. i'm going to speak for them today, too, if they need somebody on speak for them. i'm an advocate for those who lost loved ones to gun violence, any violence. >> harold, jr. was shot and killed last year in camp springs, maryland. police caught the suspect who was just sentenced to 120 years in prison. our michael quander talked with the hairstons tonight about their son and their mission. his full report is on and the link to the foundation is on michael's facebook page. we have new information on a story we've been watching closely, the case of carlos bell, the teacher's aide accused of child sex crimes. tonight he's facing more charges involving more alleged victims. the number of kids is now up to 42. some o
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years old. now bell admitted to being hiv positive. prosecutors say none of the alleged victims has tested positive for hiv. bell remains behind bars tonight awaiting trial. coercion, sexual exploitation, slavery, sex traffickers target average suburban teens in the most common places and those criminals do it because they can. you're about to hear from a man who admits that people like him beat the system all the time and why getting busted for selling teens for sex is like a get out of jail free card. >> these are the average suburban kids. >> they're promised them the world and then delivering them into hell. >> sit your daughter down and let her know there's people out there really ready to manipulate her.
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>> some would say you're only a baby. >> yeah. some would say that. >> everything sounded nice like the fast life, being able to do whatever you want, no parents, no rules. >> reporter: why motivation? >> a pimp gave me this name. he said, "i'm going to call you motivation because you're dedicated. you inspired her to be something she wasn't." ♪[ music ] ♪ >> the money is addictive, man. it's like a drug. it's adrenaline. it's
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i'm seeing 100,000 in six months. it's run like a business. it's like baskin-robbins. everybody got different tastes. everybody got different type of girls they want. >> what did you think of that? >> that's your get out of jail card free. >> it's easy to beat the system. people beat the system all the time. so i guess he's telling the truth. it was a get out of jail free card. it made me feel like what happened wasn't really this serious and that it doesn't really matter. it happens all the time, like who cares if it's just another girl? who cares if it's you this time? >> every day getting money, every day we're running big
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cars, fancy cars, diamond rings, pinky rings, finer things. she love me because i gave her the game. >> to find out how maryland, virginia, west virginia and d.c. rate in terms of protecting children from sex trafficking, go to our wusa9 website or mobile app and tomorrow night at 11:00 teenage girls from suburbia
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talk about how they were targeted through social media apps, even where they work. so what lured them? it's important information for all parents tomorrow on the news at 11:00. still ahead tonight rain and wind rolling toward town. topper is coming back with a full look at d.c.'s most accurate forecast. >> and is it a sign of progress in southeast d.c. or not what the neighborhood needs at all? we'll get into some coffee controversy. >> and as we mark domestic violence awareness month, we're going to tell you how you can help a safe house in need tonight. you're watching the news at 11:00 on wusa9.
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five living former presidents, carter, bush, clinton, w. bush and obama together saturday night in texas for a concert to raise money for hurricane relief. tonight's update? since its launch in september the charity one america appeal has raised $33
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manpower helps, too. maryland governor larry hogan is sending 100 soldiers from the state's national guard to the u.s. virgian islands, boots on the ground to help the islands recover from hurricane irma. that deployment will last about a month. now let's talk about what's happening tonight in puerto rico. their message is simple. look at this tweet posted by an account that usually promotes territory. the american it's simple. we need power. here's where things stand tonight. 82% of the island still has no power. that includes the biggest hospital which went full time onto generator power just a few hours ago. 26% of the island does not have access to clean drinking water. it's been 33 days now since hurricane maria hit puerto rico. love shouldn't hurt, but in the time it's going to take me to share this story with you 20 people will be physically abused by somebody that they're in a relationship with. the largest emergency shelter in the district says there is good news. more people are leaving those en
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leaving the shelter itself in need of some help. here's debra alfarone. >> reporter: the largest domestic violence shelter here in d.c. is called d.c. safe. we can't show you where it's located. it's confidential. just know that people come running. they need help. they show up in their pajamas. they used to help 6,500 people a year. now they're helping 8,000. >> we're specifically asking for food cards because families come with their own set of needs and ripples and complications in the family. some kids need their prescriptions filled and with the food card the family can buy anything in the grocery store. >> reporter: michelle says women are leaving and bringing with them four, five and six children. that might have stopped them in the past, but it isn't anymore. >> our partners are helping us get the toward out. we work closely with met told -- the word out. we work closely with metropolitan police. there's more awareness in the community. churches are also being more supportive
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i believe in second chances. i believe there are feat and sikh chances. -- fifth and sixth chances. if you can find a way out, these survivors, we see them figure it out every day. we're just here like a contain are for their courage -- container for their courage. >> d.c. safe needs to raise $1,200 in the next two weeks. all the information you need is on our website and on our wusa9 news app. a promise for southeast d.c. is raising some eyebrows. d.c.'s government says a stand alone starbucks is coming to this new maple view nats development on martin luther king, jr. avenue. that means jobs and retail in that spot not too far from the anacostia metro, but here's the deal. it doesn't mean groceries and from that construction site you'd have to walk more than 1 1/2 miles to reach the closest full service grocery store, which is a safeway. that's one of three oc
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making trips to the atm, writing checks, ain't nobody got time for that. got cash? not so much. credit cards, debit cards, paypal, apple pay, that's where it's at these days, but hold up. some of that scrilla is it's going shook loose. mary williams saw an -- is getting shook loose. mary williams saw an extra charge on her bill. >> i was wondering if merchants and businesses are allowed to charge a convenience fee if you use a credit card to pay. >> we reached out to visa, mastercard, american express and discover and we can verify yes, whamo, businesses can charge you a convenience fee when you pay for things like your taxes, school tuition or concert tickets. that's because companies say paying with a credit card isn't the typical way to pay. can you believe that? and there's no way to get around these charges ot
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with a check and yeah -- cash or with a check and yeah, that's likely to happen. my team talked to kimberly palmer from nerd wallet and tim shults to find out how to outsmart this fee. >> if you're earning 3% cash back, you're essentially cancelling out that convenience fee. you can think ahead and think about ways to minimize the impact of that convenient fee. >> go for it. yes, companies can charge a convenient fee if you pay with a credit card in the comfort of your home. yeah, it's more convenient than standing at the box office with cash or paying by the mail and no doubt, the man, he's going to get his money. those fees are actually illegal in some states, just not in virginia, maryland or d.c. our verify team is always doing your bidding. all you have to do is swipe through your e-mail and look us up. find me on
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@adamlongotv or e-mail me and the team. how is that 3-degree guarantee going? >> pretty well. thanks for asking. >> well, you told me to. >> i know. then we're going to wind and rain. >> lobbed it up and smacked it home. >> we went 76. it was78. we have a cold front going through tonight. we're going with75. right now it's 72, winds south, southwest at 15. heavy to the west, but moving eastward it loses its punch. i don't think we'll see anything severe tone, stop strong winds moving through, heaviest rain -- some strong winds moving through, heaviest rain north of leesburg, rain also back down into western side of d.c. everything essentially is moving eastward very slowly,
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individual cells moving north at 40. bus stop temps 58 to 68, early shower possible, best chance east of i-95, still warm tomorrow, cooler, still nice witness -- wednesday and thursday and milder friday, great end of the week. 75 tomorrow, 66 wednesday, mid- 60s thursday. that's average. low 70s on friday and mid- to upper 60s on saturday. that's pretty close to average. futurecast, 4 a.m. there are the heavy storms now, the red portions of howard county and northern prince george's county. the temps still 71 downtown, but by 9:00 everything is gone. sunshine returns to places like loudoun county and fauquier county and prince william county by 7 or 8 a.m. and just a gorgeous day. even by evening tomorrow we're looking a temperatures still in the low to mid-70s across the board and really not that cold. colder tomorrow but not crazy cold. re
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could gust to 24 in leesburg at midnight. they could gust to 38 miles per hour at 2 a.m. downtown and maybe 43 in gaithersburg and frederick. the good news is they're going away very quickly. by 4:00 high winds over toward annapolis and andrews and by 5:00 not much wind west, maybe a few more gusts downtown and just to the east of i-95. by 6:00 winds are about done. by 7:00 showers are about done. we'll keep a shower in and 68, 70 at 11:00, 73 at 1:00 and wednesday and thursday great, cooler but average, mid-60s, not bad. next seven days low 70s on friday. we're okay for the terps game. right now the dallas game looks cool and we want, highs around 60 and then we're looking -- wet, highs around 60 and then low 60s and sunshine on monday. redskins not looking too good right now. this is a big game, topper, and they came up a little short. can th
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what if home security was different? what if it looked different? what if the measure of working, was that you never had to think about it. ♪ what if it was so easy to use, you actually used it. [alarm] you have 3 minutes to exit. what if it gave you time, and what you really need from home security. a sense of security. ♪
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ralcandidate for'm governor,rtham, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you. kirk cousins looking to reverse a not so good trend. >> yeah. the trend unfortunately continues tonight for the
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and dance for the washington redskins. it's time for sports. >> now wusa9 sports with frank hanrahan brought to you by xfinity. >> yeah. you know, for years, redskins fans, we've seen this time and time again. we wonder what time will show up to play on the big stage. we've been saying all week this is a big game for the skins at the eagles on monday night football with a lot at stake in the nfc east. the redskins did not play with a great sense of urgency after a pretty good start at philadelphia. kirk cousins, 0-5 on monday nights coming into this one hooking up with chris thompson for an early touchdown, 10-3 redskins up early, but then it turned into the carson wentz show. eagle quarterback became a problem, three straight touchdown throws to put the eagles up 24-10, but the redskins answer with a touchdown and cut the lead to seven, but the eagles and that
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eagles leading late 34-17. it was a good start for the redskins, as i said. defense is looking sharp. offense made some plays, but the redskins lack that oomph when they get ahead to get further ahead. that's when they lack it. they don't embrace the chance and are rolling to keep it rolling. they had three possessions after that, couldn't do anything while the eagles started to rev their offensive engines where they would score 21 unanswered points. redskins finally answer with a score and kurt cousins, another bad interception. so in a big spot the redskins again coming up small. meanwhile the world's most overbearing living through their son father lavar ball is at it again. of course, his son alonzo plays for the lakers and our wizards visit l.a. and alonzo wednesday night and lavar had his thoughts on our wizards. >> washington is coming in here on wednesday. >> washington coming in
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witness? they better beware because alonzo ain't losing again, not in the same week. >> the wizards had a response. this is what lavar wants. i said don't take the bait, but on twitter they say man, please, we'll torture him. get ready to rumble on wednesday. i'm not even a dog guy, but this is just adorable stuff and this will all benefit a local charity, the homeward trails animal rescue. so buy that calendar. it goes for a great cause. >> look at them, the faces. >> smiles on their faces rather than angry going after people pushing them into walls
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what percentage of the leaves are
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tonight? >> about 10 to 15%. big time rain in western charles county approach lag plate a and running right up 95 -- approaching la plata and running right up 95 towards d.c. winds will die down about 6 a.m. you'll probably hear the wind overnight. we're looking at a nice wednesday and thursday, warm again friday and okay for the terps game, not so nice for the dallas game. >> looking like it's going to feel more like october. >> little bit. >> that's it for us tonight. >> the late show with stephen colbert is next. see you, everybody.
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