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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  October 24, 2017 5:00pm-5:29pm EDT

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threatening to slash tires on his girlfriend's car. officers showed up. police say fowler drove off, and the chase to stop him ended at the county line. about an hour later, officers said they spotted fowler again, and this time they caught him. officers say he was driving a fire department pickup truck. new video tonight ever a maryland liquor store owner hoping to arrest a man, right in front of his business in largo. this is the second video we know of, that shows j kim detaining someone in his store. people who live in this area say they're ticked off, and they say the owner is taking things too far. as wusa9's michael quander explains, he might be well within his rights. >> reporter: charges were dropped after we broke this story and this video surfaced
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it showed j kim and other employees cuffing, and detaining a cust the measure after he allegedly knocked some items off the calendar. since then, community members protested, and started a petition to to get the store shut down. so far, nearly 6,000 people have signed, and shared their own experience. experiences like this video that seems to show kim chasing a man standing outside of his store, even though police were already there. then he appears to be seen right here, helping officers once the man was already on the ground. >> is it legal in maryland? >> yes, it is. >> reporter: julius says people in maryland are allowed to make citizens arrests. >> if a crime is committed in your presence, and there's not a law enforcement officer presence, you can actually detain the person until the law enforcement officer gets there. >> reporter: local police department do
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can make a citizens arrest, if you witness a felony, if someone is acting disorder, or disturbing the police. hunter warns, arrests like these could be dangerous, and open these so-called peace officers up to charges and lawsuits. >> you may think it was a crime, but it was not actually a crime. you can also be charged with kidnapping, or false detainment. >> would you recommend citizens to make an arrest like this? >> in my professional opinion i would say no. >> reporter: kim's attorney says it's not unusual for situations like this to go down inside of liquor stores. he said the way his client reacted was appropriate and justified. michael quander, wusa9. >> there appears to be a lot of gray areas when it comes to citizens arrests. we learned this evening, there is no law about this in maryland, but there are a couple of court cases that address the issue. if you want to see
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directly to his facebook page. an amber alert that was issued for a 3-year-old boy in chester field, virginia, was canceled. but the man believed to have taken him is still out there. kaiden thomas merchant was found overnight. police thought kaiden was in extreme danger while in the custody of this man, 44-year- old benjamin king. police say he may be driving a 2016 hyundai elantra with virginia license plate. xws1828. many more questions than answers tonight on a lost, and now found party host and emcee. social media blew up over the weekend, as they tried to find harris. >> reporter: just a strange and mysterious story. no an o
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cell phone today. one of her sisters actually hung up on me when i called to find out if she was okay. that woman, her sister, did talk to our station in cleveland. >> when she just appeared, it was like something's not right. >> reporter: 48 hours after she disappeared. police at virginia state university found nautica harris on their campus south of richmond. 130miles from the hotel where she was supposed to be. >> when i first saw her face, her look was so blank. >> reporter: her sisters say she had no shoes, no coat, just a t-shirt and jeans. over the weekend, hundreds of thousands of people viewed her sister's pleas on social media for harris's safe return. >> we were getting people asking us for money, stuff about her being in a sex, involved in a sex trafficking thing. >> reporter: harris had hosted a party at the popular club ro
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the hyatt regency in tyson's. when her manager got there, she was gone. >> maybe she'll pop up in the morning. nothing from nautica. her phone is going to voice mail. >> reporter: now people on the internet are asking a ton of questions about what really happened. those questions only deepened when harris posted this video on instagram of her hosting the party at rose bar. was she ever really missing? did she ever really need help? and unfortunately, at this point, we really just do not know. her sister would only tell me that harris quote needs to get herself together, and she hung up. leslie. >> all right bruce. fairfax county police did say they are looking into the situation, but they're still waiting for an update. police at virginia state university would only say they had found harris on
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himself feuding with senators from his own party just when he needs them the most. he was trying to rally support for his agenda, including a tax reform plan. rippinginto him were senator bob corker, and senator jeff flake, of arizona, who made the same announcement today. >> the personal attacks. the threats against principles, freedoms, and institution. the flagrant disregard for truth, and decency. >> the president has great difficulty with the truth. on many issues. he's obviously not going to rise to the occasion as president. >> reporter: president's reaction to senator corker, this tweet. bob corker couldn't get elected dog catcher in tennessee, and is now fighting tax cuts. new video into the newsroom, an angry protester throwing russian flags at president trump inside
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he shouts trump is treason. those flags had the president as name on them. the president was never in any danger, but the incident is being investigated as a security breach. a live look outside tonight, where we enjoyed another lovely fall day in the 70s. topper is on the terrace tonight, and are we still looking good for halloween? >> we are, a little on the cool side, but the important thing is dry. here's the forecast. dry, partly cloudy. a little spooktacular, if you will. 6 to 9:00 p.m., partly cloudy. that's pretty good deal. here are the temperatures for the next five days. kind for october. 66 tomorrow. 61 on thursday, a little cooler. upper 60s friday. almost 70 on saturday. and 65 on sunday. we'll come back, and tell you which day is going to be our next yellow weather alert day in just a bit. still ahead,
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interview with a man who made thousands of dollars selling girls to men. >> new details about metro's trouble dealing with rain. >> and pushing for more transparency after ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked
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they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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tonight, we're learning a little more about that ambush in niger that claimed the lives of four american servicemen, including sergeant la david johnson. >> reporter: three weeks ago, a dozen u.s. soldiers, along with nigerian soldierers were on a mission north of the capitol. that same day, they were ambushed by a grou
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french air cover joined in the battle. >> president trump's top military adviser are demanding more transparency, and there are sill questions about why johnson's widow was not allowed to see her husband's remains. military leaders are investigating that claim. police are looking into a new series of bizarre shootings in prince william county. someone opened fire on a car and a home in woodbridge early saturday morning. no one was hurt, and several shell casings were recovered. later that morning, shots were fired in dunphries. about 20 homes in prince williams county were shot at last year. police say they're having a hard time finding the person responsible, because they don't learn about the shootings until well after they happen. a new report blaming repeated fires in metro stations on rain. water keeps leaking into tunnels, it
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causes sparks that ignite those tunnels. there were 33 fires, compared to 15 just three years ago. metro is blaming the spike on greater rain totals this summer. the majority of the fires were on the red line. that's the oldest section of the tracks. metro has a plan to fix the problem, but that includes more shut downs. there's going to be some street closures around the district tonight for the annual high heel race. >> the race starts on 17th and r streets at about 6:30. it runs until 11, and it's always a lot of fun down there. for a complete list of street closures, head to >> sounds like it should be a lovely night for a race. topper's back with your full forecast in just a moment. >> and strong storms ravage the carolinas. we'll take a look at the damage.
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mark herring: my mom to provide for our family. at one point, she got fired for of all things -- getting married. that was a lifelong lesson for me: when people are hurt, you need to stand up and do something. and i've never forgotten that as your attorney general. whether it's protecting veterans and seniors from shady debt collectors, or cracking down on gangs and drug traffickers, i have one guiding principle: do what's right for people. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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police in tampa, florida, are intensifying their hunt for a possible serial killer, after three people were shot and killed within ten days in the same
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remain vigilant, yet calm, as they search for the killer. >> can you tell maybe the audience some tips of those people who may have to go to work at night, who may haveto walk at night, what they can do to be safe? >> anxious about answers of a possible serial killer still on the loose. >> we keep saying one person, or we think one person, but isn't this kind of what we would see with a gang? >> roughly 400 people packed into an elementary school auditorium to hear any updates. >> we filmed him. you see him walking. was he walking to a home? >> there are also questions surrounding this surveillance video showing a man police say they want to talk to. he was walking in the area, when one of the three victims, benjamin mitchell, was murdered. >> there's a very good likelihood that someone in this room knows whose doing it. >> reporter: police
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dugan wasn't ready to dismiss anyone in the community as a possible suspect. >> this pains me, if you're walking alone, you're either a suspect, or a potential victim. >> reporter: tampa mayor, bob buckhorn didn't hold back in pleading for the public's help. >> we need you to call us, and let us know what's going on. that's how we're going to catch this guy. and we will hunt this son of a [bleep] down until we find him. >> reporter: police are urging people with security cameras to turn over any suspicious activity. with halloween around corner, police are worried. >> not only have police increased paroles in this neighborhood, they've handed out light bulbs to homeowners to keep their front porch lines on. the goal is to get rid of any dark
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hide. the carolinas are cleaning up after being slammed with severe thunderstorms, flooding, and damaging winds. the storm sent a airplanes flying out of control, and into each other at an airport in hickory, north carolina. the national weather service believes it was the result of a likely tornado. in spartanberg, south carolina, tractor trailers were tossed about, and there was even a fire to contend with there. other videos show the rocky broad river bursting over its banks, and flooding roads in boone, north carolina. >> a tornado watch yesterday. it looked like it was damage from a tornado. we've got things that are changing around here too. >> the cool air is kind of lagging behind, moves in tonight and tomorrow. it's not crazy cool for october. let's start with a 3-degree guarantee. you might think, if it's getting cooler, why did you go so warm today? it's lagging behind. we went for a high of 75.
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tonight at 11:00. in the meantime, looking at just a gorgeous, gorgeous evening. 72 right now. dew points not crazy low. 56. winds are still gusting to 22 out of the southwest. they will eventually be coming around, into the northwest as we go through tonight and tomorrow. headlines go like this. we're looking at breezy and cooler tonight. 40s and 50s. so a little bit cooler. bus stop temps, 45 to 56. cooler. even cooler on thursday. then mild on friday. looking at a fantastic finish to the week. pretty kind to october. 56 tomorrow. down to 61 on thursday. upper 60s friday, and saturday. near 70 for the terps game. 65 on sunday. does not look great for the dallas game. that 65 may occur during the
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the day, and rain, and showers, even thunderstorms follow. let's zoom further south. it's getting pretty chilly across parts of central canada. look at the rest of the country. 70s as far north as boston. turning your attention to the southwest. 102 now in l.a. could be the hottest world series game everment we're looking at maybe the hottest ever was 100 degrees. what are you telling me? 2001. 94 was the hottest. we've got this in the bag. it's 102 now, and we're not far off from the start of world series game 1. 6:00p.m. tonight. 60s, low 70s. by the time you walk the dog, we're back in the 50s. temps won't crash. we're still 64 downtown. then 57 in frederick, and 56 in manassas. by morning, we're looking at temps in the 40s and 50s. so 46 in
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47 also in fairfax, and 46 in manassas. by 9:00, temperatures still in the 50s. good news, it's not going to be windy by tomorrow. afternoon, lunchtime, not bad, 62. 57 up in hagerstown. by about this time tomorrow night, a few shrouds along i- 81. looking at temperatures still upper 50s, and low 60s. we'll break it down like this. 59 at 11:00, we're finally about 62 by 1:00. thursday, even cooler, but still a nice day. low 60s. we'll be breezy again on thursday. then fantastic on friday. 68 with sunshine. saturday, great for the terps. clouds come in at night. rain and showers on sunday. 65. does not again, look great for the game. then we're kind of chilly on monday. upper 50s. then back to the low 60s, and dry for halloween.
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new trial is underway the at a hospital in boston, it that allows doctors to screen newborns for about 1800 conditions. by it testing the babies long before they show symptoms, doctors hope to start treatment early. that could save lives, and prevent suffering. but the testing also raises questions of privacy. >> we can't predict whether there's some sort of privacy breaches. most importantly, we can't predict the information is accurate. >> 9 of 10 families approached for the testing have turned it down. they could not trust this process of gathering information, because of cyber hacking. but dr. robert green believes before long, most americans will come to rely on these tests. two maryland communities appear in the world's top schools. >> johns hopkins of baltimore
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the high ranking is due in part to the medical school's strong research performance. the university of maryland in college park is number 50 on the list. the study based its rankings on the school's research output. including how often they are cited in scholarly circles. a breakup between a struggling retailer and a long time appliance partner. >> and why was a tiny company selected for the massive task of getting the lights back on in puerto rico. >> plus, behind bars, and revealing secrets. a man who sold young girls to men explains how he made tens of thousands
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ralcandidate for'm governor,rtham, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you.
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♪[ music ] hi. let's talk consumer news now. there's a good chance you've had a whirlpool appliance in your home at some point. now after a relationship that has endured for more than 100 years, sears and whirlpool are breaking up. sears says it's not me, it's you. sears says they were making demands that would make it impossible to sell their products at a competitive price. if you've ever had a dream of leaving your desk job
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traveling the world, delta is hiring. last year, fewer than 1% of the 150,000 people who applied were hired. if you're still interested, you can find out more at and say is a long to the vino at amazon. the e-commerce giant sent out an email to wine sellers yesterday, saying it would shut down amazon wine by the year's end. the issue is existing laws around alcohol sales and the inability to change them. as puerto rico tries to get back to normal, after hurricane maria, a small company in montana has been awarded a $300 million contract to help restore the power there. whitefish energy had two, count them two, full time employees when that storm hit. the company says it now has nearly 300 people, working on the island, and they're adding more people every day to their workforce. congress is investigating why the
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authority would sign such a large deal with such a small company. it's noted that whitefish is located in whitefish, montana. we've reached out to them. "the washington post," and they said yeah, ryan zinge, and the ceo do know each other, but only because it's just a coincidence, because they're from such a small town. if anyone took the rumors of kid rock running for senate seriously, he cleared that up today. he said blank no. i ain't running. that is wusa9 news at 5:00. the news at 5:30 is coming at you right now. ♪ [ music ] coercion,
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exploitation, slavery, sex traffickers target average,suburban teens. we first brought you this story last night at 11:00, we want to warn you, some of this content may be unsuitable for young children. but for parents and teens, this is an eye opening look at the sex trade. >> these are the average suburban kids. >> they're promising the world, and delivering them into hell. >> sit your daughter down, and let her know there's people out there ready to manipulate her. ♪ [ music ] >> some would say, you're only a baby. >> yeah. some would
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>> everything just sounded nice. like the fast life, and being able to do what you want. no parents, no rules. >> why motivation? >> man, a pimp gave me the name. he said i'm going to call you motivation, because you dedicated your woman, and inspired her to be something that she wasn't. ♪ [ music ] >> the money isaddictive man, it's like a drug. i'm making rapper money. it's like baskin-robbins, you


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