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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  October 24, 2017 6:30pm-6:59pm EDT

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lynnman coming at me and i just start doing some irish dance move and i just run right by him. this is the "cbs evening news."
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why didn't you speak up, what are we going to say? mr. president, i rise today to say enough. >> reporter: the breadth of his condemnation was matched by a series of comments made by his g.o.p. colleague bob corker earlier in the day. >> the president has great difficulty with the truth on many issues. >> reporter: like flake, corker is retiring at the end of this term. >> a bad day from my perspective for our nation, and i think the worst of it is going to be the whole debasing of our nation. >> reporter: corker chairs the powerful foreign relations committee. he says white house aides have repeatedly asked him to talk president trump out of bad decisions. >> it's obvious his political model and governing model is to divide, and he has not risen to the occasion. >> reporter: mr. trump once thought so highly of corker he consid
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president. >> a great friend of mine, somebody respected by everybody, senator bob corker. >> reporter: but today the president called corker incompetent and a light weight who couldn't get elected dogcatcher in tennessee. when he gets hit, he's going to hit back. i think senator corker knows that, and he's maybe trying to get a headline or two on his way out the door. >> reporter: that does not explain why other big-name republicans have also recently islamed -- slammed the president's politics and behavior. >> bigotry seems emboldened. >> reporter: it all made for a tense lunch today between the president and republicans, who said tax reform barely came up. >> i don't have any observation about that. >> reporter: after lunch, the senate's top republican wouldn't address the elephant in the room. at what point do you have an obligation as a leader of this party to weigh in on these very serious criticisms of the president? >> what i hav
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do is to try to achieve the greatest cohesion i can among 52 republicans, to try to achieve for the american people the agenda that we set out to achieve, and tax reform is what we are about. >> reporter: flake argued his party has a duty to speak out. >> we have fooled ourselves for long enough that a pivot to governing is right around the corner. i have children and grandchildren to answer to, and so, mr. president, i will not be complicit or silent. >> reporter: the president's allies were undaunted. in fact, the conservative outlet bright bart cheered flake's decision to retire after just one term. they said it was proof that steve bannon's strategy to force out vulnerable mainstream republicans is working. anthony? >> mason: nancy cordes with the latest episode of family feud. thanks, nancy. now to the ambush in niger. investigators want to find out if u.s. soldiers and
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allies were set up by villagers. four americans were killed in the october 4th shoot-out. they were part of a larger patrol. margolis now is -- margaret brennan now is following this. >> reporter: the 12 u.s. soldiers and 30 nigerian forces had been on a reconnaissance mission for nearly 24 hours. the patrol then received new orders to meet with elders in the village of tongo-tongo where an isis offshoot had recently been recruiting supporters. a u.s. official tells cbs news the patrol wanted to speak with the elders about countering isis' expansion. they may also have been searching for a wanted terrorist. the villagers delayed the troop's departure. when they left, they were diverted from their planned route for unknown reasons. that's when they were ambushed by 50 enemy fighters. u.s. officials say it is unclear whether the attack was planned or simply one of opportunity. chairman of the joint chiefs general joseph dunford. >> they did not expect resistance on this particular
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planned it. >> reporter: when the attack was over, three u.s. soldiers were mortally wounded, two injured, an one stranded. sergeant la david johnson was separated from the group and his body recovered 48 hours later by nigerian forces. military investigators and members of congress are now asking whether this was a failure of intelligence or preparation. white house spokesperson sarah sanders. >> we're going to make sure that we get full and adequate answers for not just the american people but for the families of those that were lost. >> reporter: 800 u.s. troops are in niger to advise and assist local forces in their fight against terrorism. >> americans aren't doing the actual fighting unless it's self-defense, and in this instance to me clearl it was self-defense. >> reporter: lisa williams served as ambassador to niger during the obama administration. >> it's important because niger can create a bulwark. it can be... we can... if we can help them stop terrorism there, then we are less to worry about on the homefront. >> repo
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with family member of one of the injured u.s. soldiers. he's a staff sergeant with seven deployments, and he's back at fort bragging from a bullet wound to his elbow. meanwhile, nigerian authorities have arrested that elder. >> mason: margaret brennan at the white house. thanks, margaret. the f.a.a. is investigating a close call at san francisco's airport when an air canada jet failed to respond to repeated orders to abort its landing. this follows another near disaster three months ago involving the same airline at the same airport. here's transportation correspondent kris van cleave. >> 781, go around. air canada 781, go around. >> reporter: with air canada flight 781 closing in on runway 28 right sunday night, air traffic controllers at san francisco's airport made six calls to the pilots to abort the landing. there was no response from the flight from montreal with 149 on board.
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arrival wouldn't be clear of the similar -- same runway in time. a supervisor in the tower resorted to using a red light to alert the plane, which landed anyway. after landing, the tower made three more attempts to reach the air canada plane before finally hearing from the pilot, claiming there was a highway with the airliner's radio. >> that's pretty evident. >> i'm afraid these fellas were almost clueless. >> reporter: ross aimer is a retired airline captain who often flew into san francisco. >> going enter a place like san francisco, if i don't hear any transmission on a very busy frequency for more than 30 seconds, i know i have a problem, and i either switch radios or get a radio check. >> reporter: in july a different air canada a320 came within feet of colliding from four airliners waiting to take off from san francisco. >>
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directly over us. >> reporter: in that incident the air canada pilots mistook the taxiway for the runway. an n.t.s.b. investigation is ongoing. in a statement, air canada says its flight was initially cleared the land when it was six miles out and the airline will investigate what happened. the f.a.a. is investigating, as well. anthony? >> mason: kris van cleave on the near disaster there. thanks, kris. there was plenty to clean up today after tornadoes tore through the carolinas and parts of virginia. the national weather service confirmed two tornadoes touched down in south carolina. a suspected tornado in hickory, north carolina, flipped planes and damaged hangars at a local airport. heavy rain also caused flash flooding in the region. the f.b.i. today released 1,500 pages from its investigation into the 2012 massacre in newtown, connecticut. anna werner reports they shed new light on the troubled young man who murdered 20 first
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hook school. >> reporter: the f.b.i. documents include an interview with an unidentified woman who said she was in contact with adam lanza for over two years on a gaming web site dedicated to the 1999 columbine high school shootings. she told investigators lanza kept a spreadsheet, meticulously documenting the details of hundreds of spree killings and mass murders. she described him as depressed, isolated, and someone who said he viewed death as an escape from his joyless existence. the files show indicateors of a young man headed for trouble inch a briefing with victims' families in 014, f.b.i. profilers said lanza didn't snap but was careful, methodical in his planning. another woman interviewed told agents she previously heard lanza say he planned to kill his mother and children at sandy hook. he was diagnosed with asperger, a high-functioning form of
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with computers that his mother nancy said her son had hacked into a government computer system, bringing authorities to her door. witnesses described his mother's behavior, too, telling agents she never let anyone come into her home. one describing her as a gun nut, who loved the feeling and power of a gun in her hand. landza used his mother's gun to kill her and then the 20 elementary school students and six adults at sandy hook elementary. manny gomez is a former f.b.i. agent. >> there are a lot of mentally ill people that are actively seeking to copycat these types of situations. it's going to happen again if people don't step up and try to identify the next adam lanza. >> reporter: the documents also show that lanza talked about school killers with what was described as "respect and understanding." he was also appary
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march 2011, almost two years before it happened, anthony. >> mason: anna werner, thanks. we're getting new insight into another mass shooting, the attack in las vegas that killed 58. "the new york times" has developed a new time line by piecing together evidence from videos taken at the scene. here's jamie yuccas. >> reporter: "the new york times" investigation says the shooting started at 10:05, matching the investigators' time line. after some initial single shots, automatic gunfire can be heard with jason aldean on stage. [gunfire] but at 10:06 p.m., one minute into the attack, the "times" says stephen paddock wounds mandalay bay security guard jesus campos in the hallway. this contradicts investigators' latest time line, which says paddock first shot campos and then began to shoot into the crowd uninterrupted. it's one of the many questions being raised by a team of digital investigators at "the
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videos to create a time line. >> ours is not the definitive picture of what happened. more information will emerge, but it does give us new insights into what happened. >> reporter: senior story producer malachw brown. >> we analyzed every burst of gunfire which had its own fingerprint. >> reporter: 30 seconds after campos radioed in came a second round of automatic gunfire into the crowd of the route 91 harvest festival. there is just a 17-second lull. then a third burst of gunfire. and only 20 seconds later a fourth burst. "the new york times" counts more than 900 rounds in all into the crowd. at 10:10, muffled gunfire is heard from a taxi driver's cell phone video indicating that the shooter might have been firing into the hallway again. what's unclear is why officers wouldn't arrive on the 31st floor for another two minutes and not until 10:22 to the
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floor. >> where are the cops at? >> reporter: a full seven minutes after the shooting started, taxi driver corey langdon questions why there are no officers or panic outside mandalay bay. >> everybody is just standing around. >> reporter: more than three weeks after the shooting, there are still many unanswered questions, like what was paddock's motivation, why did he allegedly shoot himself, and why are there still so many questions about the time line? anthony, we reached out to the sheriff's office, who is the lead investigator in this case. they told us there is no investigative update at this time. >> mason: jamie yuccas with that still-confusing las vegas time line. coming up next on the "cbs evening news," an ancient exerercise that may help heart attack patients. later, how an n.f.l. star stays a step ahead of the competition. megared advanced triple absorption
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e company. like any of these types of plans, it could help you with out-of-pocket medical costs. call now and request your free decision guide and explore the range of aarp medicare supplement plans. start gathering the information you need... to roll into sixty-five with confidence. >> mason: each year more than 700,000 americans suffer hea
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attacks. it can be a listening road to recovery, but jon lapook found an ancient form of exercise can be medication in motion. >> reporter: in the early morning hours in a new york city park, there's a quiet revolution in exercise. >> begin. >> reporter: tai chi is a chinese practice dating back centuries. it connects mind and body using slow, deliberate movements. >> never in any other exercise have i had something that was both energizing and relaxing at the same time. >> reporter: 73-year-old susan werbin has taken tai chi classes for more than 15 years. a recent study found it improves balance, especially in older people, and may reduce the rate of falls by more than 40%. >> you're moving slowly, but you're oil your joints. you're letting everything flow together so that you, you know, instead of the use it. >> reporter: now there is
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evidence it can be used to fight heart attack. it can help patients recover more quickly. but the american heart association says more than 60% don't do it. this doctor of the miriam hospital in providence wanted to see if tai chi could help. 29 heart attack patients who declined cardiac rehab entered a six-month tai chi program. 25 of them completed the program, and also increased their level of physical activity. >> someone said, "i got back on my bike. i felt that i could do it again." thing i was doing before my heart attack and i got scared, that gave me the confidence of doing it again. >> reporter: fear of another heart attack is a common reason of cardiac rehab. researchers believe tai chi could be a way of gently easing into a more vigorous exercise program. anthony? >> mason: medication in motion, john. thanks. still ahead, director james toback faces nese
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>> mason: the allegations directed at writer and director james toback are adding up. 38 women accused toback of a report of sexual misconduct in a report over the weekend. now more than 200 additional women told the "l.a. times" they were subjected to unwanted sexual advances. toback, who is 72, has denied the allegations. walking while distracted whether l cost you while in honolulu. starting tomorrow anyone caught looking at a phone or texting while crossing the street could face a maximum $35 fine first time. repeat offenders could be charged up to $99. they're going to make a lot of money in honolulu. robert guillaume died at home today in los angeles. he won two emmys playing benson du bois, the acerbic butler on "soap" and in the spin-off "benson. ". >> you
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so, be open-minded. look at everything-like prescription drug plans... and medicare advantage plans from private insurers. use the tools at or call 1-800-medicare. open to something better? start today. ♪ >> mason: suppose for a moment you were an n.f.l. running back. how would you train? weights? running? chip reid met a player who is stepping into stardom. >> reporter: alex collins, a 23-year-old running back with the baltimore ravens is having a banner year, leading the n.f.l. in yards per carry. but people are starting to notice that he sometimes
6:57 pm
like he's dancing. >> he's trying the dance his way through the line. >> reporter: and, in fact, he is. he's irish dancing. he learned it from the daughter of his high school football coach. were you surprised but how hard it was? >> most definitely. i got drenched in sweat. having 12 year olds laugh at me is not fun. >> reporter: but he stuck with it, and he says irish dance is the secret to his football success. >> i feel more explosive, because i'm always on my toe, so i feel like i have calf muscles like the hulk. >> reporter: he showed us some of his moves. >> there you go, there you go. >> reporter: and then offered some encouragement to someone with two left feet. >> oh, that was nice. that was amazing. >> reporter: and he showed us how he applies irish dance the football. i'm a big middle linebacker and i'm coming at you, and you do... >> i'll do something like that.
6:58 pm
with my little irish jig. >> reporter: off the field he's become an ambassador for irish dance, and in some cases a defender. this past sunday he met 12-year-old carl tubbs who says he was being bullied because he's studying irish dance. tubbs' mother reached out to collins, who jumped at the chance to help. >> i want to let you know i'm proud of you. i'm going to be following your career, man. >> reporter: for tubbs, it was exactly what he needed. >> it really inspired me to keep on going with irish dance. >> it makes me feel amazing. it makes me feel like i'm making a difference in someone else's life. >> reporter: irish dance is making a difference in his life, too, in ways he never imagined. chip reid, cbs news, ownings mills, maryland. >> mason: if this n.f.l. thing doesn't work out, he could have a broadway career. as for me, i think tai chi is more my speed. that's the "cbs evening news." i'm anthony mason in new york. thanks for watching. have a good night.
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ralpand as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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♪[ music ] i don't know why he lowers himself to such a low, low standard and debases our country in the way that he does, but he does. look, i don't like responding. you know, you can let him go unanswered, but it's just not me. we don't do tweets like that. we responded twice, to again, untruths. but it's unfortunate that our nation finds itself in this place. >> that's a member of the president's party. republican senator bob corker of tennessee. he's been at the center of a feud with the president


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