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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  October 25, 2017 7:30pm-7:59pm EDT

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♪ tonight -- ♪ i know you won't leave it here we go again. are justin bieber and selena gomez back together? ♪ what do you mean >> why he's hanging at her house. you caught everybody offguard. >> blake's new song. his hidden message to gwen. you want a dance party? >> is kelly clarkson already coming in between blake and adam at the voice. >> i can see the headlines the. >> my daughter wanted to meet a princess. >> our night out with jessica simpson and her daughter. and our behind the scenes es collusive at "live" with kelly an ryan. >> you look so handsome. this is "entertainment tonight." justin bieber and
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gomez were once hollywood's hottest young it couple. >> there is nothing like showing up at your former girlfriend's house to kick up the rumor mill and send it into overdrive. ♪ baby take it or leave it >> reporter: these are the images fueling social speculation that a selena and justin reconciliation could be in the works. ♪ what do you mean >> reporter: "e.t." has learned it's a fact the two reunited sunday at selena's home. justin arrived first, followed ten minutes later by a casually dressed selena. but a source tells us it is pure fiction that the meeting was romantic. she's still committed to her boyfriend, the weeknd, currently on tour. so what's really going on? well, "e.t." has learned selena was hosting friends from hillsong church. with our source explaining, quote, selena is the one who got justin involved in this church. so they have a lot of mutual friends now from that. ♪ the heart wants what it wants ♪
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says selena is making amends with enemies of the past after undergoing a life-saving kidney transplant in may. she also met up with demi lovato at the instyle awards. and today, selena released her new single "wolves." ♪ ♪ i've been down the darkest alleys ♪ >> reporter: she says the song mirrored what she was going through in a time in japan. weeks after her tokyo concert in 2016, she cancelled the remaining date of her tour due the anxiety and depression from lupus. smoet ♪ well, our source tells us she knows how precious life is. there is nothing but love on blake shelton's new album. he's sing his heart out for his gal, gwen stefani. >> there's a songr
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there that are directly personal. ♪ you name the babies and i'll ma name the dogs ♪ note you be the receipty and i'll be the funny ♪ >> reporter: blake even featured gwen's kids in the wedding-themed video. and now the lyrics for another song. and there's another sweet shoutout to gwen. "e.t." got an early listen before next friday's reels. the song's called "turnin' me on." and blake sings "she's revlon red in the blackest night lighting up the room in the world just like she's turnin' me on." >> just make a statement. >> reporter: stefani, of course, has been a longtime brand ambassador for revlon cosmetics. and an even longer advocate for a bold red lip. ♪ ♪ it's my life >> reporter: shelton goes on to sing that that someone "knows how to set me on fire." ♪ why did you have to go and make me like you ♪ >> reporter: a source close to blake shelton tells "e.t." that blake and gwen's real prri
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than to give blake his first child. and blake is dying to be a father. >> i just made an album that feels like i feel right now. that's just happy and going with the flow. and hoping to stay on that plane as -- until i die. >> aw. well, you know, blake also sings her kisses taste like whiskey burning through my veins. h they should go ahead and get married. blake will have another lady to contend with in good friend kelly clarkson. she joins "the voice" on monday. you are now on the the voice. >> i love this show! >> i'm excited y'all to turn a chair and pick my team. >> reporter: kelly will have to wait till spring to pick her own team. >> what? >> reporter: but starting monday, she's getting a taste of "the voice" experience ahead of her new coaching gig. she's the key adviser on season 13. >> lock eyes with the awe yens. you're
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world or wreck your day. >> reporter: kelly's highlights. well, of course, there's the adam experience. >> i can see the headlines. blake and adam over. adam and kelly, new best friends. >> reporter: getting connected to contestants. >> i'm kelly, y'all. >> we know who you are. >> hi. >> this is not happening. >> i'm kelly. do y'all sing in the same jenre or a different one? >> pop. my new thing is cyndi lauper. >> reporter: and reuniting with another "idol" alum. >> that's so cool. i can't wait to be with jennifer. >> reporter: clarkson's already pals with coach blake. >> dip. dip into that. >> oh, dip. >> reporter: clarkson's husband is blake's manager. >> he's dumb for putting both of you together. >> it's not the first time she's ever called me doum to my face. just so you know. >> reporter: kelly says one of the best parts of her blake friendship is getting to know gwen.
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not just can famous people. she's nice to people. >> she's normal. >> to everyone. it's a very, admirable thing about somebody in the spotlight. >> i gotta say this. kelly is the same way. regular, salt of the earth, girl next door. keltie knight, a good person, also. 20-year-old prince michael and 19-year-old paris made a rare red carpet appearance together last night. the siblings held hands as they posed on the red carpet. paris wore a zac posen gown and was in a relaxed mood. lip-syncing to an eagles song before the event. ♪ i got a peaceful easy feeling ♪ >> reporter: the two attended the mothers to mothers and the i elizabeth taylor's aids foundation dinner. taylor was michael's close friend and was godmother to paris and prince. ♪ cause this is thriller >> reporter: next month marks the 35th anniversary of the release of michael's "thriller." last night, both his brother, jackie, and father, joe,
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attended a bash to celebrate the release of michael's new "scream" album which features remastered versions of "thriller" and "blood on the dance floor." ♪ loving to a man >> what would michael think of the fact that we're still celebrating his music all these decades later? >> i think it's fantastic. the hard work he put in everything really pays off in the long run. i'm glad it's happening. >> reporter: and with the rumors about janet jackson possibly returning to the super bowl halftime show with justin timberlake, a source close to janet tell "e.t." there's's nothing to consider. and that there is no offer to perform with justin. adding right now, janet is concentrating on touring. and that's it. >> hmm. >> i'll be saying this until the super bowl. janet, whatever happens happens. i need' n sync there. >>st the not right unless janet is there. >> we got
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janet and' n sync. how jessica's ex john mayer celebrated his 40th birthday one year sober? then, what does matt damon's wife think of his dad body. >> when e met her, i was husky. she claimed she liked it. i'm like, you duped me. but first, deion sanders botox confectissionconfession. >> sue me. this is awesome. >> reporter: the former nfl cornerback just turned 50 and zsh. >> you look at a mirror. i see frown lines. i gotta do something about it. i know what you're saying. a lot of men are apprehensive. i'm not that kind of guy. >> reporter: now he's gearing up for his steady gig as analyst for "thursday night football's" pregame on cbs, as the dolphins take on the ravens. deion's other steady, girlfriend
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who he plans to marry as soon as her son does one thing. >> at the conclusion that dylan graduates high school. we're going to be, yeah,
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vivica a. fox and our own kevin frazier presented at the
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♪ gaga, gaga! >> look at lady gaga wearing next to nothing at game one of the world series last night. this is tame for her at baseball game. >> it was hot. >> but wait, let me take you back. 2010 what she wore to a mets game. next to nothing. >> she threw on a jersey for the
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>> last night was appropriate. you were there. i know you didn't go gaga. >> i totally went gaga. over the dodgers. i was decked out in dodger blue. head to toe dodger blue. so was my daughter. just like so many of the stars there, topping tonight's "know & tell." >> this is "e.t." at the world series. >> "entertainment tonight" at the world series. yeah, yeah. >> reporter: seinfeld cheered rob lowe and other stars rild up the cloud waving the home team flag. his 24-year-old son, matthew lowe, not alive for the last dodger world series in '88 barely made it. >> he had to run through the parking lot because his uber -- >> through echo park. >> you gotta want it bad. >> reporter: cbs corporation president and ceo leslie moonves also brought his son charlie. and our own mary hart was behind home plate to witness the victory. rob lowe took his son out to celebrate.
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>> reporter: another star's night out. >> my daughter wanted to meet a princess. >> reporter: that would be charlene of monaco. jessica's 5-year-old maxwell fulfilled her dream, decked out like a royal herself, in a gucci dress that costs more than a grand at the kickoff event for the princess grace awards gala. >> she was very shy. >> reporter: now, jessica's ex has something to celebrate. ♪ say what you need to say >> reporter: john mayer tweeted he's 365 days sober. quote, one year ago, i decided to give drinking a break. i post this because i want people to know that "that's enough for now" is on the menu, so to speak. last week, john celebrated another milestone. turning 40. mayer has been playing in brazil. he trekked there with buddy andy cohen to ring in his big 4-0, booze-free. john told "rolling stone" he always felt like he went overboard. quote, i it always felt wrong. i'm glad he's doing so well. he is so talented. still ahead, how george clooney bruised matt damos
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get mad. >> and his backside on the set of their new movie. >> i had one cheek that was completely discolored. >> oh, my. our kelly ripa and ryan seacrest exclusive. could she join him on "american idol." >> they've been calling for kelly. >> voice of an angel. closed captioning provided by.
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ralcandidate for'm governor,rtham, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda.
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thcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you. ♪ in this game, we each have pumpkins hanging at the bottom of our panty hose. can you tell? >> looking good there, guys in behind those stockings,
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ripa and ryan seacrest got into the spirit. first, i reunited with my "all my children" co-star secs before she and ryan went live. >> how are you? we're heading that way. >> hi. you are so sandsome. >> how are you, buddy? nice to see you, man. how much time? >> 25 seconds. >> here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. >> they're calling 25 seconds before the show, kelly and ryan walking out. for them, an eternity on live tv. >> very nice. >> thank y'all very much. thank y'all. >> it's so much fun to watch you on camera. >> i get excited. i'm excited to see her on camera. in the past, you didn't say hi before you go on air. i like to say hi. we don't talk about much. >> ryan is exactly who he is off camera and on. and he is here and
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every person. >> reporter: next week, ryan will celebrate six months on "live." and it's clear his chemistry with kelly isn't just for the cameras. you're hosting a halloween party together? or, you know -- >> she's hosting. i'm a guest. >> oh, now you're guesting. >> he's the reason we're having the party. so i said, we're hosting it together. this would not be happening. i said, it's on a tuesday. >> it's on a tuesday. >> he said, we'll have everybody out by 9:00. i go, most people will not be arriving until 9:00. >> yeah, welcome to new york. the 42-year-old has to keep a tight schedule. in addition to "live," he's got a daily radio show and he's back to work on "american idol." i think you have to work kelly in there somehow. >> i've been calling for kelly. >> voice of an angel. >> oh, you're going the audition? i meant a special judge. >> i'm going for hollywood. this combination of judges makes me so happy. >> she said, you have to do
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host the show. >> he's the heart and soul of "american idol." >> reporter: and because kelly and i go way back, i couldn't pass up the chance to reminisce about our time together on "all my children." right now, i'm going to let you know, ryan there was a ryan before you for kelly on tv. ryan lavery was his name. hey, how are you feeling? >> oh. still breathing. that acting drove me into talk shows. >> this is so good. >> i'm going to be there. i promise. >> oh, my gosh. >> no. >> that's when i slipped you the tongue. >> that's right. >> it was full tongue. >> it happened. that's got to be the best reaction i ever got in an interview. >> you're out here slipping folks the tongue and kissing folks on the mouth. he's never kissed me in the mouth. just saying. >> well, that would be
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>> i think we should move on. >> moving on. matt damon is starring in george clooney's new film. as carly steel found out, matt seemed to be george's last resort. >> i asked george what kaults me looks for in a leading man. he said -- >> talent, leadership. when you can't get that, you get matt. >> you get matt damon. >> aw. >> that's exactly right. talentless and a follower. >> and a follower. >> that's why he likes me. i'm very directable. >> directable. >> reporter: an epic bromance which started on the 2001 "oceans 11" set. [ laughter ] >> that is in. >> reporter: in the dark comedy "suburbicon" george stayed behind the camera as the film's director. >> we've decided it could be best if your aunty margaret came to stay with us. >> reporter: matt sure was a trooper while filming a risque scene that involved co-star julianne moore and a ping-pong paddle. >> we realized that the way
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shot was, it looked like i was hitting her when i hit myself. >> he would hit and i would yell. >> i was really giving it to myself. i like i rough. i didn't realize how rough i like it. when i got home, i was like, wow. i had one cheek that was completely discolored. >> the things you discover about yourself when you're acting. >> it's about discovery. so lucy and i got a ping-pong table. >> reporter: that would be matt's wife of 11 years. and lucy wasn't the biggest fan of him going from "bourne" body to dad body for this role. >> my wife tricked me. when i met her, i was doing "stuck on you." i was a little husky. she claims she liked it. now she says she prefers the more "bourn" body. >> matt damon calls himself husky. i like it. >> thank you. >> you look amazing. it's weird that we're talking about fall fashion. it's been 157 degrees in los angeles all
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>> i'm moving on. promo considerations provided by -- it's the only mop you're going buy. it's the best mop you're going use. jennifer lawrence received an oscar nomination for the movie joy. that is the real joy mangano. she was celebrating her new book. another big celebration tomorrow. when rachael ray airs her 2000th episode. look who opens the show. >> please welcome, the one and
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>> i whispered in oprah's ear that if she had not brought me into her life, i wouldn't have my life. >> and bringing oprah back. that's a way to celebrate it. >> i think we all owe oprah something. >> bye, everybody.
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>> jeff: previously on "survivor," at the yawa tribe, cole broke a healers' trust. >> jessica's got an advantage for the next tribal. >> jeff: and got caught. >> it's my prerogative on who i tell. kid -- did i chew to form a relationship with someone i shouldn't have? >> jeff: at the soko tribe, ryan had an old alliance with a hustler and built a new bond with a healer. >> so you andry going to have to be friends. >> yeah. >> jeff: at the levu tribe, desi held all the power. at tribal council, the game turned upside down. >> this is being used against you to block your vote. >> jeff: and joe seized the opportunity. >> i got something for you, jeff.


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