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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 31, 2017 4:00am-4:29am EDT

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it's tuesday, october 31st, 2017. this is the "cbs morning news." president trump's former campaign chairman is under house arrest this morning. he is one of three people in the criminal investigation potentially linking the trump campaign to russia. there are new questions casting doubt about the tale of two soldiers lost at sea. and severe weather in the northeast knocking out power to more than a million homes and businesses. crews have been working nonstop to get the lights back on.
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good morning, from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. the white house wanted this week to be about the republican tax plan and the president's trip to asia. washington is trying to digest the criminal charges from robert mueller criminal investigations. chair paul manafort and an associate are under house arrest. while former trump adviser george papadopoulos pled guilty, in a criminal case potentially linking the trump campaign to the kremlin. >> good morning. the white house insists this doesn't have anything to do with the president and is pointing fingers at the clinton campaign. the white house is dismissing itself from the first charges. the investigation into a
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trump campaign and russia. the president tweeted, in part, sorry, this is years before paul manafort was with the trump campaign. also, there is no collusion. manafort, along with his business partner, rick gates face money laundering and conspiracy. they both pleaded not guilty. >> there is no evidence mr. manafort or the trump campaign colluded with the russian government. >> reporter: george papadopoulos was revealed to have pleaded guilty earlier this month. he admitted to lying with dealings with the russians to the fbi. the white house insists investigators are looking in the wrong direction. >> there's clear evidence of the clinton campaign colluded. >> hillary clinton, at an event, called it a clear and present
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danger to western democracy and criticized the president for not coming down harder for its interference. >> trump is ignoring the intelligence community about the threat. >> reporter: lawmakers from both sides of the aisle warned against firing robert mueller. the white house suggested they have no plans to pursue either. the indictment lays out 12 counts including conspiracy with the united states and conspiracy to launder money. according to the indictment, manafort is accused of laundering more than $18 million. >> thank you, hannah. it is the indictment of george papadopoulos that may lead to the heart of the mueller investigation. did russia work with the trump
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with russians, more senior cam pin officials knew about it. >> reporter: president trump showcased his foreign policy team for editors on march 21st, 2016. among them, a political unknown in his late 20s. >> george papadopoulos is an energy consultant, excellent guy. >> reporter: papadopoulos admits he went to work right away, setting up meetings with russian operatives who said they had dirt on then candidate, hillary clinton, including thousands of e-mails. two months passed before the democratic national committee blamed russians for hacking their computers and stealing data. according to papers, papadopoulos had been e-mailing and meeting with russian contacts regularly. a former assistant director of the fbi.
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russians were trying to do by reaching through him to the trump campaign? >> they were dangling bait to someone who appeared to be willing to grab that bait and pull the two orbits closer. >> reporter: he met his main contact in london. he also met with a female russian national he initially believed was a relative of vladimir putin. they allege pop papadopoulos cultivated the relationships. the russians composed a high level meeting. the trump campaign rebuffed requests. on july 14th, papadopoulos told the russians a meeting has been approved from our side. that meeting never happened, but others did, including june 9th at trump tower when jared
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with them claiming they had dirt on hillary clinton. they had been ducking reporters asking about a publisher. last week, he wanted recommendations for a speaker. he won't be sentenced until the mueller investigation is over. he is already contemplating a future of books and speeches. cbs news, washington. >> the cbs news legal correspondent james crawford says the first three indictments are just the beginning of a long process. >> the lawyers say the indictment of manafort and the plea deal with papadopoulos have a common purpose. that's shake trees and get with it to cooperate with the broader investigation. papadopoulos met with government lawyers and cooperating after his arrest in july. manafort and gates so far have not. now, the threat of
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flip, if they have information mueller would be interested in. it's a common approach in wide ranging investigations. they are not just one big case filed at the end, but a series of interim cases throughout. >> one former prosecutor told cbs news the investigation is going ahead. there's been fallout from the manafort/gates indictment. to tony podesta stepped down from a group. mueller is investigating work podesta did on behalf of manafort for the ukraine government. his brother, john, served as hillary clinton's campaign chairman and adviser to president barack obama. russian election activity. executives
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about activity on their services surrounding the 2016 election. facebook says the russian group posted more than 80,000 times on its service reaching 126 million users. a militant suspected in the attack on the u.s. compound in benghazi, libya five years ago has been captured and is expected to be brought to the united states in two days. it's not clear how he was involved in the attack in 2012. four americans, including ambassador chris stephens was killed. he will face trial in u.s. district court in the district of columbia. bergdahl's sentencing hearing will continue today. he unexpectedly testified today, apologizing to the military personnel who were
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searching for him. he left his post in afghanistan and held by the taliban for five years. what is left of a severe storm system is expected to exit the northeast of the united states today. strong and sometimes hurricane force winds and drenching rain hit the region yesterday. there was widespread flooding. by yesterday afternoon, 1.2 million homes and businesses were without power in a half does zen states. utility companies warned power for some could be out for days. some new england towns pushed back halloween due to safety concerns. coming up on the morning news, new problems for kevin spacey. an award is revoked and show is ending. transgender service members score a legal victory. this is the "cbs morning news." when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse.
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former president, barack obama's ever foundation summit gets under way today in chicago. prince harry is scheduled to speak and chance the rapper will perform. world civic leaders aimed to inspire a new generation of leaders. michelle obama is set to speak wednesday. fallout from the kevin spacey scandal. people magazine says kevin spacey's founder's award has been revoked. it comes a day after anthony rapp says spacey made a sexual toward him. spacey apologized. netflix said they are ending "house of cards" after the sixth season. a danish ien
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dismembered the body of someone. her body parts were found at sea. he initially said she died when something fell on her head. he now says she died of carbon monoxide poising. president trump's plan to ban transgender from the military. the judge issued an injunction. a group of transgender service members would have a strong chance of prevailing in a lawsuit to have it declared unconstitutional. "the new york times" says the u.s. pledged money for anti-terrorism force in africa made up of soldiers of five african nations including niger. congress must approve the money.
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usa today reports tiger woods will return to competitive golf. he will attempt another comeback next month. he hasn't played since withdrawaling in february with back spasms. he had surgery in april, the fourth in two years. still to come, trick or treat at the white house. the president and first lady host a monster mash for dozens of children. nutrient-dense, protein-rich, real meat number one. this is a different breed of natural nutrition. purina one, true instinct. hey, need fast try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. psoriatic arthritis tries to get in my way? ♪ watch me. ♪
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here is a look at today's forecast in cities around the country. ♪ it was halloween at the white house a day early yesterday. president trump and first lady melania, dressed as themselves handed out candy and cookies for trick or treaters. military families and children from community organizations and area schools were invited. on "cbs moneywatch," france is facing a scary butter crisis. the top choice for the next fed chair. diane hall is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning. >> president trump is expected to name
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next fair. he is a member of the board. he's known as a moderate that would continue janet yellin. following the 2008 financial crisis. an official announcement is expected thursday. the bank's two-day policy meeting beginning today at the close of the meeting wednesday. the fed is expected to announce they are keeping interest rates where they are for now. stocks finished lower, the dow lost 85, s&p 500 fell eight. south korean electronic giant samsung reported record high profit. 150% nearly $10 billion. keep in mind, it is the world east largest maker of smartphones and semiconductors posted the highest profit ever. the food and drug
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is considering revoking a health plan. they will say soy protein protects the heart. they have shown inconsistent results. a alcohol producer is getting into the pot business. constellation brands is getting in canopy growth. several states legalized marijuana for recreational use. they have no immediate plans to sell cannabis products unless it is legal in the states. there's a butter shortage in france, in the country where butter is revered as a critical ingredient. the butter shelves are going empty. a slump in the production and a surge in world demand is to
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here is a look at today's forecast in cities around the country. a home in new hampshire was swept away by floodwaters yesterday after heavy rains hit the area. the one-story house in the town of warren fell into the baker river. it crashed into a bridge and broke
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witnesses say there was nobody home at the time. a new report on global warming says climate change is fueling disaster and hurting health more than previously thought. a team of doctors, officials and scientists said the poor and elderly are the most threatened. they pointed to frequent heat wave, disease, insects and air pollution. questions are raised about the stories from two women who said they were lost at sea for five months. the u.s. coast guard says the women from hawaii had an emergency beacon on board their sailboat, but never turned it on. they said they ran into a tropical storm, but weather records show there were no storms in the area. they were rescued by the u.s. navy last week. coming up on "cbs this morning," jeremy from wisdom
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talk to a doctor about your risk factors to determine what screenings are best for you. make your appointment today, and keep it! this message brought to you by the national association of broadcasters and this station. today on capitol hill, social media and the russia investigation. the revelations we can expect later today. >> in prince george's county a heat ed ed debate is coming to an end as an investigation into graduation rates winds down. >> it's finally halloween so you'll see
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haunted houses out there but are there any places in our area that are haunted? those creepy urban legends later this morning. first let's check temperatures with mary. >> hey, good morning jan and larry. it's a comfortable start to our halloween. 48 degrees in washington and 38 in manassas. we still have a little bit more time for those temperatures to drop out there. a cool start to halloween. by the afternoon high temperatures 58 to 62 degrees. a few clouds will push in and mix in with the sun. we'll have winds out of the west, northwest at 10 miles per hour. here's your spooky halloween forecast. temperatures will quickly begin to drop after sunset so expect temperatures between 48 and 55 degrees as the kids are out trick or treating. ellen. >> mary, we have a couple of incidents. there's a vehicle fire on route 1 southbound lanes right by furnace road. no delays here yet. you do have that vehicle fire going on. we
4:27 am
westbound between sleeve mill and battlefield parkway. it sounds like this is an accident and that's why we are seeing the delays as you head into leesburg. >> thank you, ellen. your time right now 4:27. breaking news out west while you were asleep. a gunman opened fire on the university of utah campus killing one person. >> this morning the fbi and police are searching for the shooter, the guy you see here, 24-year-old austin butane. he's considered armed and dangerous. the university sent an alert to students around 9:00 telling everyone to shelter in place. at this hour that lock down is still in place and there's no word yet on the victim's identity. some new details over night in the scandal swirling around actor kevin spacey. the international television academy has taken away his emmy award after another actor accused him of sexual misconduct. >> spacey said that he was horrified but he didn't remember
4:28 am
his sexuality, actually coming out in that same statement. >> we have learned that will end house of cards after its sixth season. that decision was reportedly in the works already. there's an arrest warrant out for rose mcgowan over drug charges. >> mcgowan left a bag behind after her united airlines flight that landed at dulles. it tested positive for narcotics. >> they have tried to contact mcgowan to appear in a virginia court but they have not heard back. the actress tweeted last night saying, quote, are they trying to silence me? that's a quick look at what is going on this morning. there's actually a lot going on. >> it's a busy tuesday. the news at 4:30 starts right now. >> this is wake up washington on wusa 9. >> ♪ [ music ] ♪ happy halloween, everybody. bust
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>> yeah. >> once a year you have to do something like that. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm larry miller. we are get ing ting your tuesday started off right. a little less spooky this morning. let's check in with mary to see how things will shape up in morning. mary, you're going to take your little boy trick or treating today. >> i am. he will be cookie monster, that's why i have my cookie monster blue on this morning. we have to get through today first. starting off cool. 38 degrees in gaithersburg . we had another weak cool front push through the area. it didn't give us much rain but it will help to reenforce that cooler air. high temperatures today 58 to 62 degrees. a nice mix of sun and clouds with a few more clouds by the afternoon and winds out of the north, northwest at 10 miles per hour. if you're taking the little ones out trick or treating you want to dress them warmly. temperatures are quickly going to drop after sunset. 48 to 55 degrees. that's the range that we'll see. if you're in the
4:30 am
be cooler for you. we stay cloud tree free most of the day -- cloud free most of the day. cooler temperatures. we'll track that for you coming up. ellen. >> mary, a couple of incidents this morning. a vehicle fire in virginia on route 1 by furnace road. i've not seen delays yet. i've only been watch ing it since i got in about 15, 30 minutes ago. i haven't seen any delays from that. then up on the dulles toll road westbound getting into leesburg between shreve mill road and battlefield parkway an accident with delays. the outer loop of the beltway a big area for construction right now. old georgetown road between there and the 270 spur one or two lanes blocked for construction. 395, hov lanes the work tonight has been going on between little river turn park and cleave road. jan and larry. >> thank


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