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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  October 31, 2017 5:00pm-5:29pm EDT

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you're watching wusa9 new at 5:00. we'll continue to watch the breaking news you see on one side of your screen from manhattan. here's what we know so far, at least six people were killed when a rental truck slammed into people walking, and riding on their bikes. these are live pictures now from new york city. we're told at least nine other people were hurt. sources say this appeared to be deliberate. it is being investigated as a possible case of terrorism. we'rewaiting for a news conference that is scheduled to happen in the next hour. we will bring that to you as it happens. but you're looking at chaos now in manhattan. a rental truck and
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into everything, and everyone in its path. initially some people thought it was a prank because of course, it is halloween. but they realized very quickly this was the real thing, and it was indeed serious. so again, right now, we're looking at breaking news out of new york city. at least six people killed in a truck attack there. we'll continue to monitor this, and go back to it as soon as we get more information. as we await those further developments, let's touch on local news. the decision to move plaques inside of a historic church drew a political attack today. corey stewart blasted the christchurch's decision in alexandria. northern virginia chief, peggy fox has the story. >> reporter: we heard some pretty harsh language today,
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>> only a weirdo would start taking down monuments to our founding fathers. >> reporter: corey stewart, a champion of confederate monuments stood in front of christchurch. stewart criticized the church's recent decision to move to large plaques that memorialized both of those men. >> now they're going after the monuments to the founding fathers. the next thing, and i would not be surprised to see this happen, is they will take the name christ off the name of this church. >> reporter: victor noel simmons says the decision was made, because some parishioners find the plaques on either side of the alter distracting. >> he sees this very differently than we do. in our estimation, what we are doing is we are creating a worship space in which we can worship christ more faithfully even, without distraction. we're hoping to move the plaques, not remove them. we're
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where we can more fully understand our history, and we can view it. >> the same amendment that gives this church the right to do whatever they want inside of this church. but my right, and our right as citizens is to condemn the church for dishonoring the father of our country in that way. >> it's hard to make a case that the church is disrespecting george washington. this pew here, a block pew, it's called, is the washington family pew that was built when the church was built in 1773. you can even come here and sit here where washington sat. lee's family pew will also remain, along with both men's signatures on silver plaques. >> we couldn't change the history of the church if we tried. the history is what the history is, and it's a history we're very proud of. >> reporter: in alexandria, peggy fox, wusa9. >> the washington an
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plaques are to remain in the sanctuary, until a new place can be determined. president trump's chief of staff, john kelly says the decision to remove the plaques is wrong. last night, kelly called robert e. lee an honorable man who quote gave up his country. the comments on the civil war sent that topic to the top of the twitter charts. today, during the white house press briefing, sarah huckabee sanders defended what kelly said. >> there's certainly, i think some historical documentation that many people and there's pretty strong consensus, people from the left, the right, the north, and the south believe that some of the individuals engaged had been willing to come to some compromises it wouldn't have happened. >> on twitter, one po
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so i guess slavery on sunday's, mondays, and tuesdays would have stopped civil war. president trump ignored shouted questions today about federal indictments for his former campaign officials. >> are you going to pardon manafort? >> thank you, everybody. >> trump's former campaign manager, paul manafort, and his business associate rick gates are accused of hiding tens of millions of dollars in foreign banks. another adviser, george papadopoulos pled guilty to lying to the fbi. papadopoulos is a cooperator in trump's ties to kremlin. there are other field indictments that have already been filed. >> one of the things that we looked at when you decide to plead guilty, are you a
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government everything you did? or are you a quote, proactive cooperator, meaning in essence, you're working for the government? >> paul manafort's lawyer said there is no collusion, and it took place long before he came to the campaign. few people knew the volunteer named george, who has already proven to be a liar. new information tonight. police in prince william county. >> reporter: this is a just before halloween story thats are really has some neighbors here in woodbridge terrified. it started as a road rage incident out here on spring woods drive. police say a 19-year-old got into some kind of conflict. they're still not sure exactly what, with three people in another car. the three people started
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taunting him, tailgating him. he was terrified, and he rushed to his family home. came inside the townhouse here, but it didn't stop there. the three followed the young man inside the house and started attacking his father. his mother, she grabbed a baseball bat, tried to protect him. that bat was wrestled away from her. a woman pulled a gun. one of the suspects. and threatened to shoot the doctor and kill him. two of the other suspects attacked him, and stabbed him repeatedly. they finally left. the dad had to be taken to the hospital, but when they left, that was the chance for the family to call the police for some help. >> we went up the street here, and the ambulance was over here. >> reporter: neighbors say they are really shocked by all of this. >> it's crazy how people do stuff like that. >> that's, you know, a little bit terrifying to know that can doppen, especially here next
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continue their hunt at this point for those three suspects. but they say, should this ever happen to you, don't go home. not the right thing to do. head for a well lighted spot, gas station, something like that, even better, head to a police station. >> investigators say the suspects were driving a black honda with a yellow stripe on the side. it you know anything that can help, call crimestoppers or the prince william county police. we know a lot of you mom, dads, and kids are getting ready to hit the streets for some trick or treating. >> i think it's almost picture perfect. it's cool, comfortable right now. it is 57 in frederick, and leesburg. we'll talk about the timeframe. 6:00p.m. to 9:00 p.m., it's going to be cool, it's going to be dry. temperatures 45 to 55. if the kids are out later
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9:00, if you're out 10:00, or 11:00, up near frederick or gaithersburg, or leesburg, you might see temperatures in t he30s. we made some big changes to the weekend forecast. >> thanks topper. right after the break, new details on the sexual harassment allegations against kevin spacey, involving his brother. and big news for the house of cards program. >> and of course, we're continuing to stay on top of this breaking news from manhattan. at least six people were killed when a rental truck driver barreled into people walking, m mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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adams argued before the supreme court to give employers control over your access to birth control. adams also supports giving employers the power to block access to affordable contraception for 1.6 million virginia women. and adams opposes abortion even in cases of rape, or incest. john adams: wrong for women's health. wrong for virginia. independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd.
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and was an army doctor for eight years. in richmond, dr. northam helped pass longer sentences for gang members and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because i'm a pediatrician, and for ed gillespie to say i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable.
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more big news tonight, surrounding actor kevin spacey. >> netflix is now suspending protection on the upcoming 6th season of "house of cards." yesterday it was announced that the sixth season would be the last. a decision supposedly made before the recent allegations. also today, spacey's brother telling the new york post that their father sexually abused them for years. fellow actor anthony rapp claims spacey picked him up, threw him on a bed, and laid down on top of him back in 1986. spacey apologized, but says he does not remember the incident. a warrant for actress rose mcgowan. authorities say she left behind personal belongings that tested positive
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of this. she tweeted out yesterday that the warrant is a load of you know what, and we're paraphrasing it. the actress says this warrant is just an attempt to silence her. coming up tonight, a wusa9 investigation into marriages involving minors. how young is too young to tie the knot? >> plus, their story is taking on a bit of water. new problems with explanations from two american women who claim they were stranded at sea for nearly five months. >> right after the break, the latest on that possible terror attack in new york city that killed six people.
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breaking news from lower manhattan tops our newscast. at least six people were killed when a rental truck barreled into people on bikes and on foot, and running along a bike path. sources say it appeared to be deliberate. all the latest details. what do we know now, marcella? >> reporter: a really
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situation unfolding, and police investigating this as a possible act of terror. six people are dead and more injuries are being reported. this all happened just after 3:00 this afternoon. witnesses say that a man drove his truck into cyclists, runners, and pedestrians, and another car near a bike path. i'm told we do have cell phone footage of the suspect. miss say he got out of his -- police say he got out of his truck after all of this transpired, and came at police, and nypd shot at him after he came out of his car, with what they're calling imitation firearms. that suspect has been taken into custody, and into the hot. for a short time, a nearby high school was also on lockdown as a precaution. we're expecting a briefing from police about what happened here. we're also monitoring social media for you, and will of course give you those updates as we
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>> so anything to ease the congestion on i-95 in virginia has got to be good news for commuters right? tonight the north stafford extension is open for drivers. sky 9 was over the scene of the new flyover ramp this afternoon. the extension will operate under the same rules. an update now on the maryland woman who survived after being shot during the las vegas massacre. tina frost was moved out of the icu yesterday. she lost her eye after being shot in the head. family members say she is continuing to persevere. frost is writing on a white board, and is trying to walk on her own. her loved ones say her next challenge will be relearning what she has forgotten. two am
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after being stranded at sea in their sail boat for nearly five months. now it appears that story is starting to sink. at no point did the women activate their emergency beacon. >> the coast guard petty officer said we asked why during this course of time they did not activate the eper. she stated they never felt they were truly in distress, like in a 24 hour period, they were going to die. >> had they not been able to locate us, we would have been dead within 24 hours. >> remember, the women claim their mast broke, their communications systems failed after encountering hurricane force winds. they sailed into a huge storm that lasted 3 days. there is no evidence of any organized storm systems in or near hawaii during that time. how
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get married? 15? 16? 17? these are legal ages to say i do in our area. now there's a push to raise the legal marriage age across the country. tonight, whitney wild is talking with people who were teen brides and grooms. here's a preview. >> reporter: britney is raising her 22-month-old daughter, and 2-month-old son alone in annapolis. two years later, she's getting divorced. >> we began to argue a lot. it seemed hike we just didn't know each other anymore. >> reporter: britney's voice is on one side of the debate about the right age to get married. you might meet sharon and douglas. her wedding dress still hangs in the wardrobe. >>
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you? >> a lot. >> that's our great-grandson. >> reporter: five children, 11 grandchildren, and two great- grandchildren later, it's clear life hasn't cracked their bond. >> first of all, whitney, do we know how wide spread it is? >> there were about 5300 kids in maryland who were married between 1995 and 2015. in the country, it's into the hundreds of thousands. we're talking about a pretty big group of people who have engaged in this. >> we're going to stop you right here. we're getting that live press conference from new york about that accident along the bike path. governor cuomo and mayor de blasio. bill sweeney, in charge of the fbi offices, standing up here
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with me too. we have cy vance, and members of the state police. first of all, i want to say today there was a loss of innocent life in lower manhattan. the dead and injured were just going about their days. this is a tragedy of the greatest magnitude. for many people, for many families in new york city and beyond today. i want to commend the response for nypd officer who was on post near the location who stopped the carnage moments after it began. also the work of the first responders, including the fire department, and ems personnel, truly helped save additional lives. i'll give more chronology in the next can couple of minutes. right now, i'd like to introduce mayor de blasio. >> thank you, commissioner. it's a very painful day in our city. a horrible tragedy on the west side. let me be clear, based on the information we have at this moment, this was an act of
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cowardly act of terror, aimed at innocent civilians. aimed at people going about their hives who had no idea what was about to hit them. we, at this moment, based on the information we have, we know of eight innocent people who have lost their lives. we know that this action was intended to break our spirit. but we also know new yorkers are strong, new yorkers are resilient, and our spirit will never be moved by an active violence, and an act meant to intimidate us. we have been tested before as a city, very near the site of today's tragedy, and new yorkers do not give in, in the face of these kinds of actions. we'll respond as
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we will be undeterred. and i want to thank everyone at the nypd, all our first responders for their extraordinary efforts in the midst of this tragedy, starting with the officer who stopped this tragedy from continuing. all the first responders who came to the aid of those whoer injured. the investigation is underway. to get all the facts, and what we know is preliminary. but we know we'll get down to the bottom of what happened. i want to ask all new yorkers, all americans to keep the families of those lost in your thoughts and prayers. they will need our support, and i want to ask all new yorkers to be vigilant. we know it's halloween night. and we know in days ahead, people
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we ask all new yorkers to live by if you see something, say something. tell an officer. be vigilant, and know there will be extensive additional deployments of nypd officers this evening, and throughout the evenings ahead. we will also keep you posted as the nypd gains more information. governor cuomo. >> thank you. first, our thoughts and prayers are with those new yorkers who we lost today. it reminds us all how precious life is. they left the house this morning. they were enjoying the beautiful west side of manhattan on a beautiful fall day, and they're not going to be returning home. and that shock and that pain is going to bevery real.
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our first responders did an extraordinary job. the nypd, the fdny, the fbi, the new york state police, ems. we have the finest security on the globe, and to see them in action today proved that once again. the new terrorist tactic, which they've called for publicly, are these lone wolves who commit an act of terror. this is only preliminary. only a few hours, but at this point, there's no suggesting a wider plot, a wider scheme, but the actions of one individual who meant to cause pain and harm, and probably death, and the resulting terror. and that
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we will be vigilant. more police everywhere. you'll see them in the airports, you'll see them in the tunnels. it's not because there's any evidence of any ongoing threat or any additional threat. it is just out of vigilance, and out of caution. and the truth is new york is an international symbol of freedom and democracy. that's what we are. and we are proud of it. that also makes us a target for those people who oppose those concepts. and we've lived with this before. we felt the pain before. we feel the pain today. but we go forward together, and we go forward stronger than ever. we're not going to
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win. and if we change our lives, we contort ourselves to them, then they win, and we lose. we'll go about our business. again, there's no ongoing threat. there's no evidence of that at this time. so there's no reason to have any undo anxiety. you will see more security forces, but that's only because it's an abundance of caution. not a signal of anything else. and there will be some continued investigation, and justice will be done. but to those who lost, they're in our thoughts and prayers. to the first responders, thank you, thank you. you put your life on the line every day. you do it better than anyone else. and to new
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yorkers and live your life and don't let them change us or deter us in any manner, shape, or form. thank you. >> thanks governor cuomo. thank you mr. mayor. as i said, i'm going to go through the chronology here. we're not going to go too deep into it, it's only two hours. after i go through the chronologies, dan is going to talk about the injuries. at3:05p.m., a man driving a rented home depot truck began driving southbound, striking a number of pedestrians, and bicyclists along the route. at cambridge street, after the commission, the driver of the truck, a 29-year-old male existed the vehicle brandishing two hand.
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assigned to the first precinct, shot the suspect in the abdomen. a paintball gun, and a pellet gun were recovered at the scene. the subject's identity is not being revealed at this time, pending further investigation. at this point, there are eight fatalities with this incident. several more people have been injured. the commissioner will discuss that. >> thank you, jim. as police commissioner said, six of the people died, they were pronounced at the scene between housen street, and chamber street, they were all males. two others were transported in traumatic arrest, and were pronounced at the hospital. we also transported 11 people, all with serious, but at this moment, not life-threatening injuries. the injuries are what


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