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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  October 31, 2017 7:30pm-7:59pm EDT

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♪ tonight -- >> j. lo. >> a-rod. >> the steamy text that rocked their romance. then, the kevin spacey scandal causing "house of cards" to crumble. the news from the set today. and -- >> wendy williams collapses on live tv. what we just learned. plus, oh, bieber, we know who you're calling. >> are you and selena back together? our jessica biel exclusive. will j.t.'s super bowl performance mean super perks for her? >> someone's in trouble. and hmargot robbie's trance formation. >> what wind of person bashes in their
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this is "entertainment tonight." you won't believe the photos of j. lo and a-rod getting sexy. they finally reveal how their red hot romance really started. >> wait until you hear his pickup lined the risque text that sealed the deal. ♪ i didn't see it but i see it now i think i love you ♪ >> reporter: their romance, which seemed to come out of left field, all started with a bold text to j. lo which said, quote, you look sexy as -- yeah, we can't finish that sentence on air. jennifer tells "vanity fair" she received that text while on their first date inside the exclusive hotel bel air. during dinner, alex excused himself from the table and sent that sexy message. and once she read it? j. lo says quote, the fire alarm went off, and we had to evacuate. ♪ you and me gonna need a little privacy ♪ >> reporter: behind the scenes of the sultry malibu cover shoot, their chemistry is undeniable, as alex holds tight to jennifer's enviable curves.
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>> my favorite thing is to watch her dance. she's the most amazing dancer. >> she loves to dance. when me and the girls are dancing, he loves it. >> reporter: but what makes this couple work? alex says, quote, we are very much twins. that echoes what the couple told "e.t." earlier this month. >> i think we're very alike. in many ways. i think that's why people respond. >> quooer alike, except i can't sing, dance, act, and i don't look like her. beside that, we're twins. >> reporter: they are both proud latinos raised in new york city. and as we discovered in our "e.t." archives, years before getting together, they shared a near verbatim stance on career gratitude. >> i think, how lucky am i? >> how lucky am i? >> i find myself incredibly blessed. >> every day, i just count my blessings. >> they are so perfect. a-rod will be part of the pre and post game show for game six tonight of the world series. not sure if jennifer will be there. she was busy today getting her
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kids together for trick-or-treating. work has stopped on "house of cards." production has been suspended until further notice. and more news now. nischelle turner is here. let's talk about justin bieber and selena gomez. are they a couple again? selena wasn't in hiding after her breakup with now exboyfriend the weeknd. >> just like wiriding a bike. that's what she did. she made a surprise stop at a school on a bike. shot some hoops. >> justin was out. he was driving. >> not on two wheels. four wheels. behind the wheel. he was this the same clothes as the sleepover with selena. he was not talking. he rocked out the an amazing sound track. >> how is selena feeling? ♪ ghost busters >> you recognize that song.
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who just season calling is evidently selena. speaking of plenty of morning shows got into the spirit of halloween today. is there this was scary here. wendy williams got real scare. she passed out on tv. how her costume was the culprit. >> reporter: the 53-year-old struggled to speak before stumbling backwards and collapsing to the ground. the live broadcast immediately went to commercial. when they came back, wendy was alert and blamed her sequined statue of liberty costume for making her feel a little green. >> that was not a stunt. i'm overheated in my costume. and i did pass out. >> reporter: williams was all smiles leaving the studio. >> wendy, are you okay? are you okay, wendy? >> reporter: she later tweeted -- everybody, relax. i'm doing fine. just need some water and electrolytes. over at "live with kelly and ryan" it was all about the countless costumes.
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>> i actually had decent posture being kelly ripa. >> you were amazing. >> reporter: we were behind the scenes for all the quick changes. >> you didn't reverse that. >> reporter: from wonder woman to a kardashian, kelly raved that ryan looked his first "live" halloween. >> a 1,000 out of a 10. i knew he was going to be major. i just didn't know how major he was going to be. now to the "today" show's country spook-tacular. ♪ >> we knew blake was going to be here. megan did not know shania was going to be here. >> i started working on his mullet in 1989. >> reporter: the morning of surprises included matt lauer as dolly. >> these are presson nails. i've lost seven of them. >> reporter: and kathie lee as a pretty convincing miley. >> do a side by side. i dare you to compare. am i right? >> kind of. >> the "today" show for the win. al roker as
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what can i say. let's move on. a festive premier of "a bad moms christmas." >> dax was all in. kristen, not so much. did you see your movie daughter dressed up as elsa? >> think i saw a tiny picture. you're still angry about it. >> i'm not angry. >> i'm not superpsyched. >> i don't feel vld or celebrated. >> reporter: kristen was a supergood sport. dressing up not as ana, the "frozen" character she voiced. but as elsa, made famous by idina menzel. ♪ let it go >> i said, don't you want to be ana. she was like -- she just doesn't. >> i saw dax. wasn't he wearing the christmas sweater. i was like, i love you so much. he's the best.
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christmas" hits theaters tomorrow. but what about another sequel? "bad moms 3, maybe bad grandmas". >> i think we should have a vacation off. like, "bad moms" try to go to bora bora. you guys try to go to k arhawai. >> you don't ever get to the vacation. you just plan it. >> true. a good scenario. there's a script. something's brewing. >> on you. gro write it. >> i'm on it. i'll produce it. see what i did? i work myself in there as producer. >> i know why. he just wants to take his shirt off. bad moms vacation with cam on the beach. >> justin hartley from "this is us" coming up. his first interview with his brand-new bride. is he busting out the sexy santa moves? let's move on to chris hemsworth. he was out
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york screening of "thor:ragnarok." >> he's just awesome. >> reporter: that's some chris on chris love. helps -- hemsworth posting this pic about pratt, giving us a major superhero bromance. >> test great. >> reporter: the god of thunder's new movie, "thor: ragnarok" is in theaters this friday. he's out to save his home from the evil goddess hela. >> i'm putting together a team. >> reporter: i've seen it. this movie is epic. you would think chris' three kids would be all into being thor for halloween. well, think again. >> i tried to convince them. they may be fans of wonder woman instead of myself, which is fine with me. i'm fan of wonder woman's. i might dress as her. >> how do i know you're not lying to me right now? >> my kids have a sporadic change of heart. we have a few options.
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costume choice is yet. they're very excited about the chocolates and sweets. >> every kid does that. change their mind 100 times. also going all in for halloween. >> "dancing with the stars." >> it was a real treat. at the end of the show, real trick. >> vanessa and maks. nicky and ar item, it's a double elimination. you're both going home. >> it definitely hasn't sunk in. it's sad and unfortunate. >> i'm shocked pip was so excited to get to the finals, potentially. >> i wish -- we had plans. whatever. that's the worst part. we were planning stuff. >> we did. we had some good stuff. >> reporter: to one knew that double elimination was coming. but vanessa is taking it in stride. >> i get to snuggle with my kids until like noon. we're going to stay in p.j.s all day. until we
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spandex. maybe nick, too, if he'll rare it. >> reporter: lindsey stirling was visibly in pain. >> she needs to rest. needs to ice it. take care of herself. if i have to bench her this week, we will. >> reporter: going into next week, a new front-runner. >> 10! frankie muniz is the only star goat two sets of perfect scores. >> we have done 14-hour days. >> we have. literally. >> i thought you had to limit the hours. >> so bummed about maks and vanessa. what is mel gibson doing in family comedy? rnlgt he does have nine kids. >> that's why he's the perfect fit. i'm on the set with mel, will ferrell, and mark wahlberg. what sit like working with mel? >> tell him. tell him. our exclusive look at "i,
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why it's getting so much oscar buzz. the performances you won't soon forget. >> stop talking to her. that girl is your enemy. >> my entire life, i w when i was 3, children's national helped me beat the odds so i can play with my grandkids. so i can celebrate 50. when i was 14, they saved my heart
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elp cardiac patients just like me. so i can serve my country. so i can do what i love. so i can give back. so i can play in the junior olympics. so i can make plays. so i can do this. so i can race my friends. children's national didn't just help us grow up, they helped us grow up stronger. the breakout star of girls trip, tiffany hadish fights dirty in this comedic pas
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♪ that is jennifer lawrence hitting the mean streets of hollywood with a microphone. she's interviewing people for "jimmy kimmel live" on thursday. >> how great is that going to be. she's going to interview her dream guest, kim kardashian west. she's a huge keeping up fan.
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fan. he's acting again. this time in "daddy's home 2." he and john litgow play the dads. what sit about working together that you all love. this is not the first movie you've done. >> i don't know if he likes working with me. >> you never bothered to ask. >> i'm afraid of him saying no. >> if cow saw the first movie, you know in the end, mark wahlberg and will ferrell worked everything out. >> best friends. >> really? >> stop it. >> in number two, you add in grandpa mel gibson and grandpa john lithgow. >> we're both way too touchy feely with each other. mel and mark are a little extreme. >> a loft issues. there's a lot of issues. >> oh, gosh. piercing eyes. like a ve
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>> how is it working with him? >> pretty damn cool. i want to find the perfect christmas tree. >> brad, isn't that a -- >> have you made the trip to wahlburgers yet? >> why not? >> i'm waiting for him to cough up a freebie or a voucher or something. >> give him a burger. >> he needs a voucher. still ahead, only we're with justin hartley and his new bride. the first interview after the wedding. >> i like just saying wife. >> hey, husband. that is not a halloween costume. that is margot robbie as tonya harding. then -- >> i think he put osen the best show of anybody. >> justin timberlake's super bowl surprises. how wife jessica biel is playing a big role in his half time show. closed captioning provided by --
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ralpand as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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♪ i got you babe. ♪ hey tonight on nbc's "this is us." jack and rebecca go trick-or-treating as sonny and cher. is there last night, i hung out with co-star justin hartley who gave "e.t." his first interview with his brand-new bride. ♪ all right. best thing about being marry sod far? >> oh, gosh. i like just saying wife. i like -- >> i know. we've been doing that a lot. like, hey, husband. >> justin and his bride, chrishell
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newly weds. i had to ask the new mrs. hartley about this scene from "a bad mom's christmas." did he practice this sexy dance at home. >> be honest. >> can i be honest. i was like, babe, i'm gonna need you to practice. >> she wanted it with eye contact. it was weird. >> and though she gave it her best shot, mila tells me she can't guest just on the crack. >> i'm like, tell me. come on. i don't know. i am a fan two watches with real people. i got nothing. >> that's insane. how about that, right snnlt i feel you. i feel you. >> you know how committed they are to keeping the secrets. what about getting secrets out of another justin. >> there's a lot of justins on this show today. i like "entertainment tonight" tonight. we're talking about justin t
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ler la timber la timberlake. she has a big role in super bowl sunday. ♪ your husband said that he puts you in charge of all the tickets. >> oh, really? >> he put that on you. >> i didn't know. someone's in treble. and all the tickets will be gone. because i'll be handing them out. >> super bowl tickets? one of the perks of being mr. timberla timberlake. the other, being mom to silas. >> he's hitting the terrible 2s a little early. >> is he done with the terrible 2s? >> a lot of no going on in my house. we're in the midst. >> reporter: her new oh fudge kids camp is society to open in december. >> you can just drop in here if you want to and sit here and watch your kid lay. but we really wanted to be imagination-based.
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creative-based. >> reporter: first, the the family is getting ready for halloween. last year was a nod to justin's "trolls" movie. this year -- >> we're going to be woody, jessie, and buzz. >> jessica's going to be jessie? >> i love that. my godson was woody for halloween this year. >> nischelle approved. >> jessica said she knew justin was the one after they had been dating a few months. she called up a girlfriend and said, i am going to marry this man. >> sometimes you just know. i love that. i love her costume idea. speaking of transformations, margot robbie playing tonya harding on scene is everything. >> everyone has their own truth. >> reporter: margot channels the disgraced skater. >> i was the best figure skater in the world at one point in time. >> reportehe
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days a week because she couldn't skate at all. >> everyone was like, you don't no how to skate? i grew up on the golf course in australia. no. >> reporter: her mom is played by allison janney. >> when i was a kid, did you ever love me? >> i made you a champion. >> it wasn't as big of a physical transformation. the age makeup. prosthetics. >> reporter: they include a fake nose and patd patding to make her appear heavier. >> 4.8. >> how do i get a fair shot here? >> we also judge on presentation. >> and we goat see the attack on her rival, nancy kerrigan. >> tonya, how do you feel? >> i never did this. come on. what kind of frigin' person bashes in their friend's knee? who would do that? to a friend? >> just so you know, the real tonya supporting margot doing this. she texted her bor
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premier of the film. south of the border, keltie knight got a little r & r. we teamed up with secrets resorts & spas. >> tip number one, up the row mans factor with wining and dining. ooh. thank you, sir. one of the best things about unlimited luxury is the gourmet dining. we get to order exactly what we want off this exquisite menu. we were able to reserve a private table in one of the restaurant's stunning wine cellars. that was so good, i cannot eat another bite. i'm done. i'm officially full. i'm done. >> are you sure? >> i'll have one more bite. one more bite. that brings me to tip number two. always save room for dessert. ooh, child. and of course, we couldn't resist one more cocktail in the lobby to cap off our perfect night. >> they had a good time. >> they did. we'll be right back with the
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that way. >> last year, she cloned herself. >> happy halloween, everybody. promo considerations provided by -- hollywood loves halloween. see if cow can guess the stars dressed pup. who is this
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it's halle berry. calling herself the spider witch. >> and i love this milli vanilli combo. it's gabrielle union and dwyane wade. i love that so many nba all-stars went all in. they had grammys. >> bye, everybody. happy halloween.
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independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd. ralph northam went to vmi and was an army doctor for eight years. in richmond, dr. northam helped pass longer sentences for gang members and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because i'm a pediatrician, and for ed gillespie to say i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable.
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