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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  November 2, 2017 1:37am-2:06am EDT

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ralpand as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all. ♪ tonight -- wendy williams cries, explaining her collapse on live tv. >> it was scary. >> is a behind the scenes scandal to blame? and olivia munn's disturb story. >> i turned and confronted a wakiig
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she is calling out today. only on "e.t." derek hough announces a career change. >> it's something i'm passionate about. mariah's hollywood honor. and only we're with bob newhart for his return. plus -- >> heidi klum's thriller transformation. >> you look so ugly. >> how she pulled off her most epic halloween costume yet. this is "entertainment tonight." everybody is buzzing about wendy williams suddenly fainting and the middle of her talk show. and the clip went viral instantly. >> it was a frightening moment to watch her collapse on live tv. today, wendy was very emotional as she explained what happened. >> i'm feeling like hot and a little dizzy. our first caress. that's when cow saw me with the eyes. because
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was -- scare -- it was scary. >> reporter: overcome with a wave of emotion while detailing her terrifying on-air faint, wendy explains what viewers didn't see once the show quickly cut to commercial. >> oh, it's chaos behind the scenes. i'm on the floor. i was told i was only down for three seconds. next thing i know, my husband comes out and collects me. brings me backstage. >> reporter: a team of paramedics ultimately determined wendy lacked essential electrolytes due to dehydration. but a production source tells "e.t." staff members are concerned the stress of an alleged affair by her husband of nearly 20 years, kevin hunter, is taking its toll. in september, "daily mail" tv reported kevin was carrying on a ten-year affair with 32-year-old massage therapist sharina hudson. they aired this photo of them together in new jersey. >> you can believe what you want. but -- >> reporter: wendy took to her
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show days later, slamming the allegation. >> don't believe the hype. if there was hype, bloof me you, i would let you know. >> reporter: wendy has been open to "e.t." before in the past. >> infidelity does not mean you throw it out. >> reporter: -- our source tells "e.t." that when it comes to the latest report, quote, this is so catastrophic for her. >> at the end of the day, the bottom line is, that we all want wendy to be healthy. >> we certainly wish her the very, very best. in other news. three more hollywood heavy weights stand accused of swal harassment. beginning with oscar-winner dustin hoffman. a female who worked on death of a sales man in 1985 claimed hoffman grabbed her buttocks and made vulgar comments. he said, i have the utmost respect for women and feel material that anything i might have done could have put her in an uncomfortable tu
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>> the second is against jeremy piven. an actress claims he groped her in his trailer when she was working on "entourage." he says i unequivocally deny the appalling allegations. it dd not happen. finally, olivia munn is one of six women claiming they had very up inappropriate encounters with a block buster director. >> reporter: olivia munn told "the l.a. times" she was sexually harassed by the film maker brett ratner in 2004. ratner is one of the most powerful men in hollywood. he directed the "rush hour" franchise and "x-men: the last stand." munn says she was still an aspiring actress at the time. and was visiting the set of ratner's movie, "after the sunset." munn wrote about the alleged incident in her 2010 book but didn't name mitt at the time. at a book reading, she described what she says happened after she was called to his trailer. >> i turned to
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think, i offered. i need to go. don't you know who i am? he took off a few of his bigger box office block busters hoping to jog my memory. i turned again to leave. wait, wait. he begged. slowly, like in a bad horror movie, i turned around once more. >> reporter: at that point, munn claims ratner performed a sex act in front of her. the director was asked about the incident a year later. >> this is the truth. she -- i used to date olivia munn. i'll be honest with everybody. she was hanging out on my set of after the sun set. i [ bleep ] a few times. i forgot her. i get it. she's bitter. >> reporter: days later, he said that wasn't true. she told "the l.a. times" that persistent false rumors that she and ratner had been intimate infuriated her. and prompted her to speak out. as well as the more than 60 women who say they were sexually harassed by another hollywood mogul, harvey weinstein. >> hey, everything coming o
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week, do you have anything to be worried about? >> reporter: ratner ignored a paparazzo's question last month. his attorney has issued a strong denil of all the accusers' claims. categorically disputing the allegations. meanwhile, warner brothers, who has a partnership with his production company is reviewing the situation. brett has directed ten music videos for mariah carey. she's not commented on the allegation. but, today, mariah made history. >> it's an honor to be here. i hopeky walk in these shoes. that's all i can say. >> reporter: you chose some louboutins. >> yes, i did. >> how do you choose? >> styling, darling, styling. >> reporter: mimi immortalized. mariah was honored today in true hollywood tradition. hands and strappy-sandaled feet in cement at the famous grauman's chinese theater.
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proud boyfriend brian tafaka was there snapping pics. but twins, roc and roe were not there. she said they were in school. >> i love you, mommy. >> reporter: mariah already had idol status. this was extra special. what does this moment mean to you? >> i'm humbly. i'm here. >> reporter: he said she has a golden heart. her boyfriend said, that's right. that's right. >> that's nice. >> now mariah's ex, nick cannon, was not there. they seem to co-parent valely well. they're not the only ones. >> they're not. so nice to see. many hollywood exes showing a united front yesterday all in the name of halloween. first, ben and jen. >> garner not after neck was the caped crusader in malibu
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trick-or-treating. he gave us bruce wayne vibes. no sign of ben's lady. jen not talkative in her other costume, a miami. another superhero dad, tobey mcguire. this time last year, is when they broke things off. finally, proving exes can be friends. kate hudson hit up the same bash as her chain-saw carrying ex. matt bellamy. he brought girlfriend, elle evans. in case you missed it, bradley cooper was there with kate. that's him dressed up as care bear. nice choice, bradley. meanwhile, heidi klum continues to reign sur preem pr the queen of halloween. >> i
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homag toerks michael jackson didn't stop at the costume. that's the 44-year-old supermodel dancing under all that makeup. ♪ she learned the "thriller" choreography step by step. >> i'm not as good as michael. no one is. i tried my hardest. >> reporter: for heidi's 18th annual halloween party, she chose the zombie wolf look. how many hours in the makeup chair? >> i think it was about seven hours. >> reporter: you look so ugly. >> thanks. >> reporter: her body was covered with latex prosthetics to look like wolf skin. i don't know how she could speak through the fangs. somewhat the most uncomfortable part of this today? >> the teeth. >> i'm sorry. heidi klum has moves. the dance break was on fire. so was the costum
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>> she continues to up her game. every year. that's what i love about her. >> i never thought heidi could look ugly. that's a compliment for halloween. >> you're so silly. coming up, kristen bell stunned by her co-stars. the moment that left her speechless on the set. >> i was like what? what? plus, country star kelsey ball reenny is taking us to her hometown. >> i wrote it three weeks after we met. and i was -- i was like, this is aggressive. z2kqoz z16fz
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y2kqoy y16fy dick van dyke was honored at the british aca
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♪ no halloween costume for ashton kutcher and mila kunis. they were among the capacity crowd at the dodgers game. rob lowe took a turn with the flag. as did lakers legend kareem abdul-jabbar. >> whatever they did, it's working. they won last night. it comes down to tonight. can we hop back to mrs. kutcher for a second? her new movie, "bad moms christmas" opened today. >> you see the movie. you will laugh. one of my favorite moments comes between kristen bell and cheryl hines. your first reaction seeing cheryl walk out in those paja s pajamas. >> i didn't know she was wearing those. i saw her in
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trailer. >> how did she react? >> i mean, think she was slightly shocked. and slightly flattered. i mean, her face is all over the place. >> reporter: a bad moms christmas is all about holiday stress and the complicated mother-daughter relationships. >> i canno wait to spend every waking minute with you. >> oh, no. >> susan sarandon place kathryn hahn's mom. she said the pajamas are not as nar out as you might thing. >> when my daughter had a crush on lee owe dicaprio. i made a -- whole sheet set. with pillow cases with her head superimposed on kate winslet's body. with leo. so i have put faces on -- faces on things myself. starting with that. that was my first
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>> wow. i gotta step it up as a dad. those justin bieber sheets are coming your way. what do you think? >> bieber sheets? >> i'm just saying. coming up, love life secrets from country music star kelsey ba kelsea ballerini. plus, the exclusive with derek hough. >> i didn't realize. i was like, wait a minute, i feel like i have been dating you my whole life. closed captioning provided by --
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you're my obi wan. >> i'm not -- i'm not familiar with that. >> you're dead, so i'm going let that slide. >> that is the last time we saw the late professor proton on big bang theory. bob newhart is back. but still dead. nischelle turner has an interesting relationship with the show. we all like it. she's obsessed. >> i went to cal tech in pasadena hoping i would see any of them. >> it's fictional. >> dead or alive, bob's character hasn't missed a beat. >> hello, arthur. >> what part of rest in peace don't you understand? it's great coming back. >> i love that you were once again dressed as ob
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>> you love it. i don't. >> i suppose you heard the news. >> i'm a figment of your imagination. i don't hear news. >> a grumpy figment. >> what is it like just acting opposite of him? >> the it's -- really, really unpredictable. in really good way. i mean, like, he's solid. i love it. he's so great. >> this is bob's fifth time guest-starring on the show. his first appearance in 2013 won him his first and only emmy. >> it's good writing. i know it's going to be good writing. that's hard to find these days. it's done in front of a live audience. which i always did my shows. [ laughter ] now i'm mad. >> what is still on bob newhart's bucket list? >> well, the presidency? no. well, i'm 88. so -- if i didn't work out, i would only be 92. >> there you go. >> then they could find another
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>> age ain't nothing but a number. i say do it, bob newhart. do it. let's talk about derek hough. this guy is a renaissance man. we knew he could dance. he can sing, too? >> oh, he can do it all. but singing and dance rg not his only passions. apparently, so is his long-time crush on shania twain. ♪ >> i have had a crush on shania twain since i was a teenager. is ♪ that don't impress me much >> it's funny. i look back at people i have been attracted to. girlfriends in the past. she was the prototype. ♪ i feel like a woman >> i didn't realize that until i saw here. i was like, wait a minute. i feel like i have been dating you my whole life. ♪ like a woman >> yeah, now that you mention it, derek's girlfriend looks like shania, too. the dancers have been together for almost two years. your best friend mark got married.
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are you feeling the pressure? >> actually, it's the adverse effect. i don't feel pressure. more like i want to take time and enjoy it. >> here's what else you didn't know. the 32-year-old is in love with his facial hair. he's growing out his 'stache in support of the charity, the movember foundation. when i shave it, i don't recognize myself. i was a late bloomer, too. >> two, not only does he dance. he sings. he took us behind the scenes of the the music video for his single, "hold on." he hopes the song will raise awareness. >> when i go through a dark time or a difficult time, i pull away. i think the more we talk about it, the easier it is to express those feelings. i feel like that's what we need to do. >> more music in the future? >> uh, yeah. this song i wrote for a friend five yours ago. it's something i'm passionate
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suicide prevention. ♪ when you're falling >> he's the third wheel to his sister and her husband. >> i lived with them. while -- i've been building this house for seems like 20 years. i'll be out, soon. here's what's funny. hey, guys, i'm leaving the house soon. and they're terribly sad about that. don't leave. stay here. >> yeah, they're just trying to be nice. they're in their honeymoon phase. get out of their house. leave them alone. >> he would be fun to have around. now to country music's newest superstar. kelsea ballerini. she has a new album out on friday. i love what she did to celebrate. she returned to her old high school. we were there for kelsea's sweet visit. >> knoxville, tennessee, how we doing? >> tell me about what brought you home? >> i have always wanted to do a show at my high school. ♪
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we're at rita's bakery. this is where we got cookies for girl scout meetings. for school. like, it was this t place. >> reporter: her new album is not the only big milestone. in just a few week, the 4-year-old will say i do to morgan evans. he lends vocals to the title track on her album. ♪ i'm unapologetically in love >> what was his reaction the first time he heard that song? >> i wrote it three weeks after we met. and i was like, it's aggressi aggressively quick. i didn't show it to him until a couple of months later. he loved it. >> their romance resulted this in a proposal nine months after they met. the secret to their success, they never spend more than two woex apart. >> we have only broken it once. it was one day. >> you have to make a habit. ♪ yeah, i'm calling
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working. coming up, victoria's secret $2 million z2l2xz z16fz
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y2l2xy y16fy daughter. justin timberlake and jessica biel went to inif ity and beyond. proe know considerations provided by.
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angel is selected to show off the highly coveted fantasy bra. >> they're brazilian. >> some of the veterans who have worn it in the past. >> but this year, the honor goes to. another brazilian. it's model rarks berau. >> are you nervous about wearing over $million? >> still. i have a body guard. i literally was outside. three body guards were waiting for me. i'm so nervous. excited. everything at the same time. >> i mean, whether it's fantasy bra or sneaker and tennis shoes, she's a beautiful woman. the fashion show ard november 28th on cbs.
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school 30 years ago. this snapshot captures their excitement before boarding a flight to new york. it was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime. the men wearing matching deshirts with the word libre which means free to honor their three decades of friendship. five were killed. among them, ariel urlidge organized the trip using his money to help friend buy plane tick tets. also killed, a 31-year-old, young belgian woman visiting sister and mother. leaves behind a 3-year-old and 3-month-old. 23-year-old nicholas kleeves killed. the new yorker software engineered described as those who new him as a sweetheart. >> he had everything going for him. nice guy. everythingen the world you can imagine. >> james drake says darren drake was his best friend. he says his son was the most innocent and delicate kid in the world. the 33-year-old was a project


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