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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 7, 2017 6:00pm-6:29pm EST

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wherever they could. it was so scary and that man was shooting. i mean he was shooting hard. >> investigators looking for a motive now focusing on threatening messages he sent to his mother-in-law. she attends the church. she wasn't there during the shooting rampage. they have his cell phone but have not been able to unlock it. a single family lost nine family members in the church shooting. grandfather brian -- and his wife carla, his son and his daughter. crystal and her unborn child and three of her children, emily, meg, and greg. >> if you start thinking about who these people in your life would be, that would be taken all at one time
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not com pre-hencable. >> they're not lost, they're not gone. they are with the lord himself. >> also among the dead, 71-year- old lula white, the shooter's grandmother in law. and the pastor's 1-year-old daughter. >> -- 14-year-old daughter. >> david brown's mother was shot five times in the leg. when he drove from houston he didn't know if he'd see her alive. she survived and was able to recount the fear she felt. >> the shooter was making his rounds and he ended up there and started shooting this lady multiple times and the lady looked at my mom the whole time and my mom was looking at her and telling her
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you're going to heaven. and then she knew it was her turn to be shot and she started praying that god would take her soul to heaven. >> at this moment, a man who lives across the street from the church began firing at the gunman. she could be walking normally in three weeks. among those who gathered for a vigil in sutherland springs were the two men who chased the gunman away from the church. johnny-- is seen hugging steven williford. he is the one who ran out of his house and shot kelly. >> i am no hero. i am not. i think my god, my lord protected me and gave me the skills to do what needed
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gotten there faster. >> kelly's car flipped off the road during the chase. by the time the officers got there, kelly was dead. and police believe he shot himself. >> reporter: a report found that 54% of mass shootings relate to domestic or family violence. >> there are many people who do gauge in domestic violence and never go on to become mass killers. but because it's prominent in a number of cases we've seen over time. it really does need to be considered as perhaps one of the warning behaviors. >> a few of the warning signs to look for the, the person becomes obsessed with other mass killers, he acquires more guns or becomes angry over his life. keep up with any
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and stay with cbs evening news coming up at 6:30. and at 7:00, we're discussing the politics in the way of new gun legislation. >> it's election day and the main event is the virginia governor's race. the two are running neck and neck. and it's been a nasty race and now there are accusations of dirty tricks being used to affect the turnout. >> some voters are getting phone calls that try to send them to the wrong place to cast their ballots. >> this election day trickery is nothing new. a lot of elections have been plagued by fake robocalls. we don't know how many of these have gone out. but there have been scores of complaints. and we don't know if they'll have much of an impact. this election according to the polls, the election for governor is razor thin. >>
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ignored it. and i saw online that they are coming from -- >> they suspect they may have gotten one of these robocalls over the last few days. investigators are asking that the calls be recorded and then sent to election officials, the naacp or the aclu. >> i was hoping they would call last night. >> the loudoun county naacp president has gotten dozens of e-mails about the calls. all of the calls telling people there had been a change in the polling place. he calls it a voter suppression effort and says it's nothing new. >> you kind of expect it. we're at the tail end of a nasty campaign. >> it
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can't you? you can come up with something better than that. >> the elections commissioner has received a number of complaints about these phone calls. he says he is going to pass the complaints on to law enforcement for further action. but this kind of thing can be very hard to track down. in leesburg, wusa 9. thompson thinks the phone calls might have the opposite effect. instead of suppressing the votes, they might push more people to the polls. >> hopefully, you got out and voted. it's your civic duty. and some blamed their bosses. >> because of work i couldn't make it to my assigned voting area. >> there should be a national holiday so people with long work hours can cast
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votes. we thought we'd verify do your employers have to give you time off to vote. and good news for those of you in maryland, employers must give you up to two hours to vote on election day. and it's paid too. just one catch. the employer can ask you to bring in proof that you voted. and we found that's not the case for voters in virginia. >> the only law that virginia has concerning election officers and if you're one of those, as long as you give your employer reasonable notice, they cannot -- you know, you don't have to use sick paid leave or vacation time to serve in that duty. >> sorry, unless you're working as an election officer in virginia you are not getting a break. the same rules in the district. your boss doesn't have to pay you while you're at the polls. let me
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people voted, people died for the right for all of us to vote. and they did it regardless of what the weather was or if they were working long hours. voter, in new jersey are replacing republican chris christie. it's considered a referendum on donald trump's presidency. >> the polls are open to 7:00. and polls in maryland close at 8:00. we'll have all the results at and on the wusa 9 app. hasn't been the nicest of days to cast your vote. we had a bit of a warning about how things were going to trend. >> we still have heavy rain in fairfax. and everything is pushing off to the east. we'll tell you when the rain tapers off to showers. and when we'll see
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blast of arctic air. concern for wayward manatees. at least one spotted in the chesapeake bay.
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isis is claiming responsibility for a deadly attack on a
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in kabul, afghanistan. gunmen disguised add police officers opened fire after a suicide bomber blew himself up at the gates of the complex. dozens were injured. it was the first major attack on an afghan media organization since the taliban was ousted from power in 2001. and in just a matter of hours, president donald trump will address south korea's national assembly. he met with the south korean president speaking at a joint news conference. he struck a more reserved tone when talking about north korea. there's no reference to the rocket man. and president trump did not rule out direct talks. >> it makes sense for north korea to come to the table and to make a deal that's good for the people of north korea and the people of the world. >> president trump is not expected to visit the border with north ko
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aides say a visit to the dmz would be too cliche. some say it might provoke kim jong-un. next stop for the president china. the search for a wayward manatee spotted in the chesapeake bay.
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authentic looking netflix paper. the school was uncovered by a cyber security firm. the streamer service has this advice. if you're unsure about a link in an e-mail. hover your cursor over the link. if you've already surrendered your information. change your password and contact your bank. similar e-mail scams targeted netflix earlier this year. the company will never ask for payment information through the e-mail. and yes, it's true. scammers are targeting the 10 million subscribers, do not give out your information. and if you have something you want verified let a team of researchers get to the bottom of it all. new at 6:00. something rare and
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spotted in the virginia section of the chesapeake bay. and now it can't be found. and a lot of people are worried. >> wow. 40degrees and raining. this weather is bad. really bad. especially if you're a florida manatee somewhere out there and you're 700 miles from home. here is that manatee seen last week making news after it was spotted by scientists after the virginia institute of marine scientists. that's down the bay about 160 miles from washington. >> i was shocked. i'd never seen one. >> everybody was excited because manatees are rare this far north and a threatened species even if florida. and they are cute. this youtube video is a sensation with nearly a million views. now it's cold
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people with worried that the manatee might not survive. >> manatees can't survive in water temperatures below 60 degrees fahrenheit. and it's close to that point now in chesapeake bay. i'm certainly concerns about it. when i saw him, and then he turned up the river. and so that was not encouraging. the direction to get out of the bay is the other way. >> reporter: last year another wayward manatee died in november. it took heavy equipment to move it. very sad. if the manatee is out there somewhere. the situation is pretty dire. the word is out if anyone sees it. raise the alarm. put out the word because the experts may want to consider staging a rescue. scoot broom, wusa 9. >> there are
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and they were taken off the endangered spree cease list and are listed as threatened. a lot of people have not voted. what does it look like? >> by the time the polls close in virginia at 7:00 it will be raining. and at maryland it will be raining. >> no excuse. >> and we're looking at a transition from rain to showers tonight. and a little better day tomorrow. a live look odds. it's 44. >> winds out of the north at nine. we're looking at good rains across the metro area. over the last hour, you can see the back edge of the precipitation on the east side of i-81. still heavy rain back to warrenton and rain through the immediate metro area. and montgomery county and fairfax and the northwest part of d.c. heavy
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and also heavy rain's west highway and new hampshire avenue. this is moderate rain through -- down to georgetown and over towards much of -- just north of howard university. and this is going to move through howard. down to the south. heavy rain across national harbor. this is all pushing off to the north and east. rain tapers to showers and stays cold. a bus stop temp, 36 to 46. and dry and a cold start. and some showers south of d.c. the best chance -- a bit milder on thursday. and arctic air rolls through on friday. 51 tomorrow. and 56 on thursday. and 43 on friday with wind chills in the 20s and 30s. 48 on saturday. and brisk for all the college games and a shower at the tail end of the
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40s to start. no drops. 45 at 11:00 and sun. and also a little bit of sun. thursday milder, partly sunny, 56. and boom, cold on friday. and only 43. saturday cry, there's the shower sunday and we're back in the 50s monday and tuesday. here's a name we haven't heard. colt mccoy. >> he's the backup for kirk cousins. >> we'll explain how he has all these million dollars players around him. and why
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by getting an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life. cigna. together, all the way. now wusa 9 sports with darren haines brought to you by xfinity. >> all right, people. it's tuesday, that means it's time for nine cribs.
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us exclusive access inside their locker. no press pass, no vip, all you got to do is watch. this week, colt mccoy gets the start. >> quarterback draw and mccoy, touchdown. >> oh, my, what a call. >> i'm colt mccoy. welcome to my locker. >> i think that i have the neatest locker in here but no one -- i like to keep my stuff clean. he probably paid off the equipment guys to clean it up today. a lot of times where i'm standing right here is just like a pig sty over here. austin, texas, guy, one of my favorites. this helmet is a vsr 4. everybody
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concussions these days. aye been wearing this helmet since 7th grade football. it fits me right. it feels right. and i think i look good in it too. here's one of my favorite quotes. the man in the glass. this last paragraph. get pats on the back but your final reward will be heart ache and tears if you cheated the man in the glass. a few sweatshirts but i don't like wearing sleeves. i like the freedom no matter how cold it gets. >> open this up here. and here's my two little girls, reminds me why i play every day. if i lost this. it would be a bad day, a bad day. actually, i keep everything. here's all my -- these are my notes that my coaches give me. >> kirk keeps
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he's a very organized neat guy too. give me some graph paper and a manila folder and everything stays here. thanks for coming inside my locker. good money too. >> that graph paper is impressive. you don't think about -- >> $9 million over three years. $3million a year. >> not bad. [ laughter ] >> we'll sub in for you any time. >> here we go. showers south of town tomorrow. i think we'll be okay in the district. and sun in the surgeon and 51. >> and the same helmet since 7th grade. >> same style. not the same helmet.
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