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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 7, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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we have the inside scoop on those speed cameras in d.c. it's a special assignment report you have to see before you hit the road tomorrow. >> another teacher in charles county facing charges for getting involved with a teenager. parents are calling for change. >> come along as we continue our mission. >> i just happen to have a $100 bill in my pocket. >> spreading random acts of kindness. >> and it's election day, we're all over those suspicious robocalls to voters in virginia, but first to the results. let's get started. a big night for democrats. let's get right to it. up first the race for virginia governor, that office will stay in democratic hands. virginia's current lieutenant governor ralph northam won over republican ed gillespie. this race was neck and neck the last couple days. here's a live look at northam's
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underway at george mason university in fairfax. our peggy fox is there trying to track him down. we're pretty sure we'll have him in the show coming up in a few minutes. >> let's get you up to speed on the other major races tonight. the democratic candidate won the virginia lieutenant governor's race, too. justin fairfax will fill that role defeating jill vogel. fairfax is only the second african american elected to statewide office in virginia since the civil war. the first was lieutenant governor and later governor, doug wilder. the democrat candidate won the race for attorney general, too. mark herring was reelected to serve as commonwealth top attorney winning over republican challenger john adams and a major upset in northern virginia. long time republican delegate bob marshall lost tonight to a barrier breaking candidate, democrat danica roem, a transgender woman who has never held office before.
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we'll talk with virginia's first transgender delegate in just a few minutes. >> we are tracking several other races in maryland and virginia tonight. the results for those will scroll at the bottom of your screen. >> turnout was strong for virginia most of the day. how do you get millennials to show up and vote? give them goats. really? a group of organizers set up a petting zoo at virginia tech today. just one rule, no playing with the animals until you've done your civic duty. we've got more political news ahead for you to the. our debra alfarone spent some time with danica roem as the results came rolling in. we'll check in live with her in a few minutes. if you want to read more about the results, the digital team is hard at work now on the wusa9 app. it happens every inning is l day, cars flying down -- single day, cars flying down the road in d.c. and the speed cameras
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wusa9's kevin caldwell breaks it all down. >> reporter: we've all been there before. you're driving down the road and then you see that flash of doom. you've got yourself a speeding ticket, but you're definitely not alone. we decided to look at the numbers. last year they collected some $170 million from speeding cameras and in a seven month period this year the latest data they're giving us they've collected some $87 million already, but we wanted to fine the top hotspots, the places where you -- find the top hotspots, the places where you really want to slow down. here we are, the biggest speed traps in the city. they've gotten me more than once. no. 5 is at south capitol street, more than $5 million collected on this southbound camera and this is what the camera looks like from down on the ground. it's facing the southbound lane, as you can see, but here's where it gets really interesting. if you look behind me, there's another camera
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the northbound lane and it is at no. 7 bringing in under $4 million. that means right here at this stretch of road, that's $9 million being brought in. slow down going by nats stadium. meanwhile stop no. 4 takes us right here to k street by 25th street. i want to show you the exterior camera right there on the left. then this has got a lot of money. so far in that seven month period, $5.5 million had been collected. that's a lot. >> it's photo enforced, yellow sign, which is typical. >> reporter: while in foggy bottom we picked up council member mary cheh. she wrote this letter to vdot asking them to look at all of the speed cameras to see if they're speed traps. >> if signage isn't working, i wondered if maybe something else would work because the ultimate objective is not to give tickets to people but to have them drive in the speed limits and not run red ligh.
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3 takes us to 295 southbound heading towards maryland about a mile south towards exit 1 you'll find this camera. this camera got a whole lot of people, nearly 41,000 tickets in the seven month period for a whopping $6.3 million. that's a whole lot of cheddar. meanwhile no. 2 on the list takes us back to foggy bottom to a very familiar sight, k street once again literally across the street from no. 4 on our list. the westbound camera has brought in more than 45,000 tickets adding more than $7 million in fines. that brings us to no. 1 on the list, this guy right here at 600 kenilworth avenue and has made an absolute killing. it's given away 64,000 tickets for $11 million in again just seven months. here's what's confusing about it. it's not even facing 295. it's facing this side road and when you look at it from the driver's perspective, things get even more confusing. when coming up to the camera, you
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hour sign, but as you get closer, you see the 50 mile-per- hour sign. that's for the highway, but very easy to think it's for you. there you go, the top five locations in the city where you really need to slow down. if you want to see where in your neighborhood some of these cameras are? we put the entire list on our website just take a look, find out where your neighbors have been caught the most. remember if you don't want to get a ticket, just slow down. following the speed limit, kevin kozlov, wusa9. speed cameras aren't the only ones to be on the lookout for. there are also the district's red light cameras and they rake in some pretty good change as well. tomorrow on wake-up washington at 6 a.m. we're going to show you where the top money grocers are tomorrow morning right here on wusa9 at 6 a.m. now to a surprise that people actually like, when we set out to surprise people with an act of kindness, we had no idea how much life would surprise us. our team wa
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apartment complex in prince george's county and found a group of good samaritans trying to help a young boy trapped outside on a balcony. after about 20 minutes the boy was about safely inside and that's when we realized one good deed deserved another. >> i heard the baby cry. i heard somebody cry. i came by and it was a child up on the fourth floor of this building here. >> reporter: we could see him. he looked like he was in a panic. >> he was panicking. i was scared myself, too. i'm looking around and wonder could i go in the building and go inside and find what floor the child is on or something? it's a sad situation. i would not have left here if this child wasn't taken care of. i had to do something. >> reporter: so what we're doing today is random acts of kindness and so i just happened to have a $100 bill in my pocket. >> oh. >> reporter: and i was thinking that maybe you might want this. >> oh.
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think would be really great. what if i gave you another $100 bill to give to someone else? >> oh, yeah, absolutely. >> reporter: like what if you could do that right now. >> of course. >> reporter: who would you give it to? >> her. >> it's a cliff hanger. jennifer knew just who needed that act of kindness. you'll see who she picked tomorrow morning on wake-up washington at 6:45. you've got to see the end of this story and then join us tomorrow night for another surprise. >> you get all the fun assignments, lesli. in montgomery county the minimum wage will soon be $15 an hour phased in over the next seven years with smaller companies having more time to meet that mark. montgomery county is the first jurisdiction in maryland to pass a $15 an hour minimum wage. a second sex scandal is rocking the school system in charles county, maryland. another teacher is charged with having an improper relationship with a student. john henry brings us that story. >> repor
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it's been a year full of scandal for charles county schools. you'll likely remember this face, carlos goal. the former teacher's aide stands accused of -- bell, the former teacher's aide who stands accused of sex crimes with over 40 children. this woman, 40-year-old latoya parker, is accused of sex crimes with a minor. she taught science at high school but was recently caught sharing inappropriate photographs and electronic messages with a student. she's been hit with these charges. the timeline of this case has made people very angry. authorities accused her of committing the crimes between fall, 2016 and march, 2017. they were ultimately reported just two months later. some parents told us they didn't understand why they were just learning about it now. now another parent believes school leaders just aren't up to the task. >> it's heart breaking. i really feel that the seve
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the superintendent -- school board officials and the superintendent are in over their head. >> reporter: the school district said they only notify the public when an employee is charged. they said they wanted to allow for due process. in a statement the superintendent added, "we are committed to keeping our community informed." >> parker stopped teaching at st. charles high school in may and was reassigned to the district's administrative offices during the investigation. she has broken a big barrier tonight. we're talking about danica roem, a transgender woman who is headed to virginia's house of delegates after winning over a long time incumbent. we're going to hear from her just ahead. >> plus a look at d.c.'s mosaic rhett forecast. topper is here -- most accurate forecast. topper is here to start it off. >> 30s and 40s by 6:00, 37 at gaithersburg, 44 downtown, 41 in bowie. by 8:00 clouds but no showers, 30s and 40s. we'll tell you how far nort
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back and look ahead to the arctic air rolling in later in the week. >> and which redskin says he has the neatest locker on the squad. our sports director darren haynes has the answer in tonight's 9 cribs. >> so much more to tell you about on this election day edition of the news here
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upset in northern virginia, democrat danica roem, a transgender woman unseating long time incumbent bob marshall. debra alfarone first introduced us to danica not only after she announced she was going to be competing in this race and tonight debra is in prince william county. >> reporter: danica roem is the story tonight and
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she took away this seat, the house of delegates in prince william county from 26 year incumbent socially conservative republican bob marshall. now she came right here to take her victory lap earlier and i was the first person to get to ask her a question. [ cheering and applause ] [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: so you made history tonight, didn't you? >> no, no. we made history tonight, we. the people in prince william county made history tonight because we'll now have a transwoman who can finally win. we won because i am a transgender woman, because i am a reporter, because i am a lifelong resident of manassas, because of my
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identifier. i never ran away from them. i champion them and because of that, yeah, prince william county is now more inclusive than it was before this election. >> reporter: what do you say to the young girl, the young boy, whoever it is sitting at home who may be transgender watching this right now? >> if you feel safe, if it is okay for you without anyone pressuring you into doing something you don't want to do, it's okay to be you. i know what it's like to be that to be that closet case and to be too afraid and to cry myself asleep about it. it's okay to be you. >> reporter: okay. so the power of live tv, i'm standing here doing this live shot and guess who walks up. danica, congratulations on your win. i know you've done a lot of door knocking. you've been busy. how are you going to celebrate? >> i want to say i'm just going to sleep, but i keep getting asked questions and you know me, i'm a reporter, i'll talk to reporters and i believe
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i believe that a free, independent free press is vital to a representative democracy and that yeah, i'll talk to, you know, any neutral disinterested third-party observer any day of the week because this is what we do. vetted facts matter. this is where the public -- this is the last line of defense that the public has from their politicians and so we have to be accountable and like i said before, i will always be a reporter before i'm a politician. >> reporter: thank you so much. as a reporter, do this with me. let's tag out here, okay? in prince william county debra alfarone and -- >> danica roem. >> reporter: wusa9, back to you guys. attorneys at the aclu and officials at the naacp are looking into reports of robocalls that apparently misled voters about where they were supposed to cast their ballots today. thankfully almost all of the voters that received those calls were too smart to fall for at
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investigators are working to trace the calls back to their source. when my verify team heard about those robocalls, our researchers set out to verify right away would you ever get a call about a polling location change in virginia? our researchers contacted the heads of elections for arlington and loudoun counties and checked with virginia election law. here's what we found. election officials tell us you'll never get a phone call about a last minute polling place change. instead they'll use social media, news stations like wusa9, they put flyers up on the doors of the polling place announcing the change and have somebody actually stationed at the site to help point people in the right direction. when it comes to cases where election officials have enough heads up meaning two weeks or more, they are required by law to mail you a new polling location card. election officials did tell us they have had to change locations in the past for things like
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with proper wheelchair ramps, but we can verify whamo, false. you'll never get that heads up via a phone call. here's a quick look again at the results of the race for governor in virginia. it will stay in the hands of the democratic party. the current lieutenant governor, ralph northam, won over republican challenger ed gillespie. the win for ralph northam is significant for the democrats. northam and his allies tied gillespie to president trump every chance they got. the republican embraced the trump campaign playbook. democrats see north northam's victory that he can win in a swing state and it shows moderates from both parties are stepping back supporting the president's policies. the results also are in on d.c.'s most accurate forecast
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cold. what say you, chief? >> yes. however, how smart and prudent were we to do that midnight high yesterday. we went for 55 is the high. >> you're good. >> well, it was kind of shooting ducks in a barrel as my father used to say. i went 55 and actually it was 56 for the high. we told you to dress for the 40s because temps fell all day. now we're going only 50 tomorrow, kind of a chilly day tomorrow, not as raw. our average high is 61. 43 right now, still some drizzle. most of the showers are pretty much gone, though, winds north at 10. the bus stop temps, 36 to 46, kind of cold but dry at the bus stop. cool with showers south of d.c. tomorrow, maybe even some plain old-fashioned rain into southern maryland in the afternoon primarily, milder thursday and boom, arctic air friday, combeddest air of the season. so -- coldest air of the season, so we're looking at 30s and 20s for wind
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friday. chilly on saturday but dry for the college games, maryland, bison, navy, 50 tomorrow, 56 thursday, only 43 friday, 48 saturday, 53 sunday and i'm kind of worried about the 48. may not even make it to 48 on saturday. we'll be dry for the college games. futurecast 6 a.m. no shortage of clouds but notice no green blobs over the metro area and by 9:00 39 leesburg, 38 gaithersburg. by lunchtime rain and showers to slab a flat a, temperatures in the 40s, maybe 50 in frederick and -- to la plata, temperatures in the 40s, maybe 50 in frederick and by this time tomorrow night clearing skies at least north and west of 95 and temperatures falling already to the 30s. by this time tomorrow night already 35 in frederick,
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andrews, 43 in la plata. so day planner, temps holding steady, low to mid-40s, clouds, clouds, clouds, a little sun at 11:00, more sun at 1:00, 49. that's about where we'll stay, 49 or 50. a little milder thursday, 56, a stray shower and there's the arctic air friday, only 43 for a high friday and 1 again -- once again wind chills in the 20s and 30s all day. now we're looking at saturday temperatures brisk, 40s, dry for the game, maybe a shower late in the game sunday but it should be after the game and 50s next monday and tuesday. strines colt redskins colt
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now wusa9 sports with darren haynes brought to you by xfinity. >> here's what's on my mind tonight. the washington wizards should be embarrassed. how could you let a 1-10 team come into your place and drop 113 points and
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john wall's excuse? we didn't guard anybody. you think? the wizards have lost three straight at home. they didn't lose three straight at home all of last season, people. you want to know why i'm also embarrassed? >> they play the mavericks tonight and the mavericks only have one win this season. that's like going against a jv team. yeah, i said it. >> you can't lose to a jv team, man. bradley beal can't say the wizards are the best team in the east and lose to a team with only one win, make that only two wins. for some reason the wizards have lost nine straight at home against the mavericks and lost 14 of their last 15 games against dallas. i have high hopes for the wizards this season, people, but losing five of your last seven games so far is unacceptable. for more on the wizards loss plus the capitals losing 3-1 against the sabres, like our wusa9 sports facebook page. it's tuesday. that means it's time for 9 cribs. this is where a member on the redskins roster gives
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locker, no press pass, no vip. all you have to do is watch. this week backup quarterback colt mccoy gets the start. >> quarterback mccoy, touchdown! >> oh, my, what a call. >> i'm colt mccoy. welcome to my locker. i think that i have the neatest locker in here, but no one is a judge here. i just like to keep my stuff clean. this is actually pretty clean. he probably paid off the equipment guys to clean it up today since i was doing there for you guys because a lot of times where i'm standing right here is just like a pig stye over here. austin, texas, guy, one of my favorite products. i'm a normal guy, got my normal cleats. this helmet right here is called a vsr4. everybody is worried about concussion these days, but i've been wearing this same heet
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since 7th grade football and not going to change, all right? fits me right, feels right and i think i look good in it, too. here's one of my favorite quotes called the man in the glass, just the last paragraph here. you may fool the whole world down the pathway of yours and get pats on the back as you pass, but your final reward will be heartache and tears if you cheated the man in the glass. a few sweatshirts, but i don't like wearing sleeves. so no matter how cold it gets i like the freedom. you open this up here. here's my two little girls. reminds me why i play every day. if i lost this, it would be a bad day, a bad day. i actually still keep everything. see, here's my seattle -- my notes my coaches give me.
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kirk is a very neat, organized guy, too. give me some graphing paper. give me a manila folder and everything else stays right here i'm telling you. i'm colt mccoy. thanks for coming inside my locker. >> colt is old school like you, top. >> he probably has like a planner he writes in. i have one of those, too. i can relate to no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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the market.redict but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. following breaking news tonight on one of the hottest races in the country and it's here in our area, the governor's race in virginia, ralph northam with 99% of the precincts reporting northam winning the election with 1.4 million votes with 54% of the votes ahead of ed gillespie with 45% of the votes. we're getting right to
11:32 pm
peggy fox who has been covering this the whole night. >> reporter: i tell you, what guys. this was not close -- tell you what, guys, this was not close. it was a decisive democratic sweep for the democrats in virginia, governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general, mark herring, winning reelection, justin fairfax winning lieutenant governor. in off ticket races like this, off year races, usually it's the republicans who commute strong and also we had the rain, but -- who come out strong and also we had the rain, but people came out big time. we had record numbers of people at the polls. i was in burke and falls church and i asked people why are you here? why are you voting? does president trump have anything to do with it and guess what? they all said yes. this is an anti-trump vote one voter told me and about 10 different people all different colors and races told me
11:33 pm
what's going on in the white house. i'm here to take a stand," so was this a backlash against president trump? that's how the winners here tonight see it. ralph northam, a pediatric neurologist, he took this very stage all cleaned up now, but about an hour ago he took the stage and he said this state needs a doctor to bind the wounds from all this divisiveness. you saw the commercials, right? they seemed to really get into the gutter with those ms-13 ads and all that. he says the state needs a doctor to bind the wounds. he told the crowd here the doctor is in and he'll be on call for the next four years. here's what else he said. >> as i travel around the commonwealth, i listen to a lot of folks and what i hear is no. 1, virginiaians want a job that they -- virginians want a job they can support themselves and
11:34 pm
children have access to a world class education. they want to make sure all of us as virginians have access to affordable and quality healthcare. they want to make sure we live in environments where the air and water are clean. they want to live in communities that are safe where there are not guns on every street corner. [ cheering and applause ] >> and finally something that i'm so proud of and i remind you all the time, we live in a very diverse society. it is getting more diverse every day. it is that diverse society that makes this country great! [ cheering and applause ] >> and as long as i'm governor, i will make sure that we're inclusive, that we welcome people to the commonwealth of virginia. our lights will be on. our doors will be open. [ cheering and applause ]
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>> so tomorrow, my fellow virginians, the hard work governing begins. let's get to work. may god bless all of you and may god bless the commonwealth of virginia. >> reporter: after last year's demoralizing loss, the democrats are ecstatic over this win and in virginia they are picking up 14 seats in the house of delegates and democratic leaders here say that is a record, a record gain. so very exciting night here for the democrats, bigger numbers than they thought. nobody really wanted to take a stand out there for sure because the polls were all over the place really. i tell you what. this is something very interesting. i've never see this covering the last four gubernatorial elections. the race was over by 7:30. 7:30 we saw northam start to get ahead of gillespie even before fairfax county was


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