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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  November 8, 2017 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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virginia as you know is the only state in which you have four years. and that's it. and so we need to hit the ground running. and i plan to hit the ground running. >> virginia stays blue as ralph
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democratic sweep in the old dominion. thank you for joining us at noon, i'm andrea roane. at this hour, governor terry mcauliffe is welcoming governor- elect ralph northam to his soon to be new home the virginia executive mansion. riding a wave of anti-trump sentiment, democrat northam scored a big victory over republican ed gillespie. along with the governor's race, democrats swept statewide contests and saw major gains in the house of delegates including the first transgender delegate in virginia. president trump blasted gillespie in a tweet this morning, saying ed gillespie worked hard but didn't embrace me or what i stand for. don't forget, republicans won four out of four house seats. and with the economy doing record number, we will continue to win even bigger than before. one-third of virginians in a new cbs poll said they voted for northam as a way to oppose president trump. the democrat's strong showing on election night sends a message to the white house that more gains for the opposition d
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mola lenghi has more. >> reporter: democrats picked up big wins in gubernatorial races tuesday. in new jersey, phil murphy beat a republican 56% to 42%. in virginia dr. ralph northam defeated republican ed gillespie 54% to 45%. the new governors say their wins show americans want unity. >> the politics that's tearing this country apart is not -- that's not the united states of america that people love. it's certainly not the commonwealth of virginia. >> we declare the days of division are over. >> reporter: but party leaders from washington are viewing the victories as a direct repudiation of president trump and his policies. >> people are so sick of these twitter tirades. they want leaders they can be proud of and that's why people like phil murphy and ralph northam were able to win because they're sane. >> reporter: president trump took a different view on things. he tweeted -- ed gillespie's loss wa
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didn't embrace him or his policies. president trump's push to kill obamacare was at the forefront of many voters' minds as they went to the polls. cbs news exit polling revealed health care was the number one issue for voters in virginia. >> if there's anything democrats may take away, it's that seeing health care is the number one issue may give them some ideas on how to campaign. heading into 2018. >> reporter: republicans did pick up a win in utah where republican john curtis easily won the race to replace jason chaffetz's congressional seat. mola lenghi, cbs news, the white house. >> one of the new delegates has to overcome immense tragedy to get to where he is today. chris hurst won the race for the house seat district 12 in southwest virginia. but before he was in politics, herself was an anchor in -- hurst was an anchor in roanoke in 2015. his girlfriend allison parker and her photographer were shot to death during a live broadcast.
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for office. he beat incumbent republican joseph york. meantime attorneys at the aclu and officials at naacp are looking into reports of robo calls that apparently misled some voters about where they were supposed to cast their ballots. investigators are working to trace those calls back to their source. president trump continues his five nation asia trip this afternoon with the stop in china. he's talking trade and appealing for help from chinese leaders to contain north korea. before leaving south korea earlier in the day, mr. trump had a message for north korean leader kim jong-un. we have more from beijing. >> reporter: president trump has touched down in china. the third leg of his asian tour. his first stop? the forbidden city. where he sat down were a welcome tea with chinese leadership. in addition to trade the president is expected to focus heavily on raning in north
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korea. >> history is filled with regimes that have foolishly tested united states resolve. >> reporter: he smoke at the national assembly in seoul urging kim jong-un to abandon his quest for nuclear arms. >> the weapons you are acquiring are not making you safer. they are putting your regime in grave danger. >> reporter: mr. trump though did dial back the fiery rhetoric he has sometimes used in the past and insists there is a peaceful solution to this conflict. >> it begins with an end to the aggression of your regime. a stop to your development of ballistic missiles. and complete verifiable and total denuclearization. >> reporter: the president's day got off to an inauspicious start and an attempt to make a surprise morning trip to the border with the north was aborted just minutes before landing due to a soupy fog that blanketed the demilitarized zone. president trump now begins two full days
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chinese president xi jinping. >> a night at the op are was included -- opera was included in beijing. he watched a performance by the peking opera. he told reporters he was having a great time during the visit. the president and first lady will leave china for vietnam tomorrow night. it's an international incident that has nothing to do with president trump's visit to china. ucla men's basketball play easilyanglo ball and riley and hill are out on bail following their arrest over an alleged shoplifting incident in china. the trio is accused of stealing sunglasses from a louis vuitton store. >> it could be days, it could be weeks it could be months. theoretically speaking even years. until they're allowed to leave china. >> ball is the younger brother of the number one nba draft pick lonzo ball. the state department says
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and is standing by ready to help. shoplifting in china can result in a prison sentence of three to ten years. vice president mike pence heads to texas today to meet with victims and families of those killed by a gunman during a church service on sunday. 26 people were killed when devin kelley opened fire in sutherland springs. an estimated 6% of the small town's population died in the deadliest shooting in texas history. pence will also deliver remarks to the vigil before returning wednesday night to washington. >> how did he get slipped through the cracks and what has to be done? because this man should not have had a gun in the first place. >> that's house speaker ryan echoing the same question investigators are trying to determine. how did man with such a violent past along with an extensive history of mental health problems slip through several cracks that should have prevented him from legally buying a
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police report, the 26-year-old gunman once escaped from a mental health facility and was described as quote a danger to himself and others. that report was filed five years ago and on top of that, the air force is admitting it failed to report kelley into a data base that would have prevented him from legally buying weapons in the first place. >> it's pretty clear that the checklist that we use was not followed by the local office. and his fingerprints should have been put into the data base and they were not. >> two congressmen one republican and the other democrat, have announced new legislation they hope will strengthen current laws to try and track those mistakes and correct them. hamilton creator lynn manual miranda was in puerto rico tuesday bringing hope and help. he made sandwiches, took selfies and announced a partnership with a nonprofit group for a $2.5 million hurricane recovery fund. hurricane maria hit puerto rico on
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4 storm. nearly 40 of puerto rico's 78 municipalities are still without power and nearly 20% of the island remains without water. and it's not just puerto rico. even in the virgin islands they lost some power september 6th. when irma hit. so over to st. john and st. thomas and st. croix got hit with maria as well with puerto rico. the all right let's talk about what's happening here. cloudy and kind of cool. a couple of sprinkles trying to go down there in southern maryland. if this is doing anything, and you can see how these echoes come and go. i mean it may just be a little drop. a light drop on your windshield. maybe you feel a little bit of moisture in the air. that's about it. these look like a couple of bona fide late showers. north of salisbury headed to ocean city. but other than that, the clouds are hanging tough and you see this disturbance passing wet south of us now. so -- well south of us now. so norfolk, virginia beach right along the virginia and north carolina boarderer seeing the rain. we may have a couple of sprinkles in the mountains he
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chilly side with temperatures right now hanging in the 40s around here. low 40s out on the shenandoah valley to mid 40s here. so what we're looking at as we check out the futurecast, relatively quiet and cool afternoon and hides are going to be around the 50 degrees. in town. maybe holding in the 40s in many suburbs. so certainly on the cooler side than what we've seen for much of the fall. but we're going to get some very cold air moving in here. not so much tomorrow with the stray shower and 50s but by friday, expect windchills in the 20s and 30s and we'll talk about this arctic blast when i seen you again in a few minutes. check out the forecast anytime you'd like on our wusa9 app. it's a free download. andrea that? thanks howard. still to come on wusa9 news at noon, a solemn salute to the brave servicemen and women at the vietnam memorial. and temporarily banned decades ago, what a new follow- up study reveals about the long- term safety of silicone jell implants.
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he dreamed about flying a plane since boyhood. on tuesday that dream ended up taking the life of former major league baseball pitcher roy halladay. his former team the philadelphia phillies called him one of the most respected players the ever play the game. tony dokoupil has more. >> roy halladay has thrown a no- hitter. >> he was an all-star on and off the field. >> what a show put on here this afternoon. >> reporter: the two-time cy young winner dominated the pitching mound before retiring from baseball in 2013. he then set his sights on the sky. an avid pilot. his twitter page is filled with videos from the cockpit. >> when i retired that was one of the first things i wanted to do. >> reporter: a month ago, halladay became one of the first to own a 2018 icon a-5
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he filmed this promotional have had for the company that -- video for the company that made it. >> this is your baby. >> pretty cool. >> reporter: he was flying that plane when it went down near tampa on tuesday, investigators say he never made a mayday call. >> they said the plane had gone down. the tail number goes back to roy's plane and you know at that moment your heart sinks. he loved the fly. he -- to fly. he would talk about flying and refurbishing planes and how he grew up doing it. >> reporter: this is not the first deadly crash involving an icon a-5 this year. in may, two icon employees were killed when their two seater plane went down in california. the ntsb blamed that crash on pilot error. icon says it is saddened by his death and will support the investigation into the crash. halladay leaves behind a wife and two sons. tony dokoupil, cbs news, new york. >> roy halladay was just 40
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frank meadows pit kin. russell pardon moore. >> that's the annual reading of the names at the vietnam veterans memorial. and it will continue through veterans day. and there's a different way of saying thank you for your service to the military men and women who sacrifice so much for the country. this saturday, american family care is offering free flu shots to any veteran with proper id. just show up between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. no appointment is necessary. american family care is the nation's leading provider of urgent care and accessible primary care, we have a link on our website to help you find the afc facility nearest you. silicone gel implants are they safe? after a health scare three decades ago they were temporarily planned. the ban has been lifted but questions remain over their safety. a current breast implant follow- up study is offering some encouraging news to manufacturers and women seeking implant options.
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silicone implants. even if they ruptured they don't go anywhere, migrate anywhere. >> reporter: since the 1960s plastic surgeons have used implants but almost 30 years ago a doctor says their safety for breast augmentation was called into serious question. >> in the late '90s, 2000s, there was some junk science basically a lot of media hysteria. that related to the safety of these from a few cases and the doubt was seeded into people's mind that these may not be safe. so the fda imposed a moratorium on it. >> reporter: when the fda lifted the moratorium on silicone gel implants in 2006, it also required that manufacturers do a follow-up study on the long-term performance and safety of their product. nearly 55,000 women with primary or revision breast augmentation were primary or revision reconstruction are enrolled in the follow-up. researchers are looking for any adverse post operative effects versus national norms and saline implants seen as the
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at the halfway point of a ten year evaluation, dr. sink a study author says they have critical new data to support what they've always known about silicone gel implants. >> it shows they're just as safe as saline implants and incidences of rare diseases like cancer or connective tissue disorders or neurological disorders or even suicide are the same as everybody else in the population. and are the same as if patients were getting saline implants so in other words, they're safe. >> reporter: so five years into the analysis, the takeaway for women seeking breast augmentation or reconstruction is they now have more options and peace of mind. >> now we know they can have a saline or silicone implant and it won't adversely impact their health. that they're safe and they're emboldened with the choices. >> dr. sing adds science never rests so this silicone study will continue monitoring patients post surgical outcomes through the year 2020. a common form
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protection against cervical cancer. researchers from the university of southern california found the incidences of cervical cancer was a third lower in women that used intrauterine devices, it's the third most common cancer in women world wide. a statue of former mayor marion barry is one step closer to standing outside d.c.'s city hall. the city council approved a plan to erect the 8-foot tall bronze statue last night. that was mostly a procedural step because there was no real opposition to his statue going up. the barry statue will likely be unveiled sometime next year. cold this morning. had the heat on and will i need it again tonight? >> you will need it tonight. and if you didn't have the heavy coat you are certainly going to need it by thursday night and friday morning and saturday morning i wouldn't be surprised if some of the outer sub you ares are in the teen -- you can subs are in the teens. means business. we can have a hard freeze. so i got to remember i
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of the automatic timers on the front yard hose. get that in because the cold will crack that up. get your cold -- plans in place. because it's coming. let's talk about this afternoon. plenty of clouds. little bit of color still out there. we've seen some good color in pockets near spots if you will. it's up in hagerstown yesterday. i saw some -- on monday. saw some beautiful trees out there. temps now are only going to make the near 50 -- to near 50 this afternoon and north winds running 5 to 10. not a lot of wind. we showed you the disturbance passing well south to the. a couple -- to the south. a couple of sprinkles might affect the areas at the park and i-81 and shenandoah valley. it's going to be cool. mid 40s in many areas and waldorf and andrews in the low 0s right now. and 30s in the mountains and quite cold coming up. but in town, officially at noon, 46. feeling like 42. i think windchills friday morning will be in the 20s and 30s. so keep that in mind. the cold air, here it is. up in north central canada. temperatures minus 17. minus 22.
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air for us, so the core of the cold is coming south and then east. and we're going to see temperatures tomorrow only in the 20s in bismarck and minneapolis. and that moves southeast so we're going to get the edge of that. with the 20s moving in toward new york state and parts of new england by friday. big picture, northern jet, southern jet, the southern jet producing quite a bit of rain there along texas. a little bit of snow and then we have quite a bit of snow in the cold air across areas of montana and north dakota. so what we're looking at on the futurecast, this disturbance scoots east and tomorrow you know there's enough of another disturbance off to the south that we can't rule out a stray p.m. shower but there's the front by thursday evening. from buffalo down to erie approaching pittsburgh. that will move through overnight friday night so that by friday morning, overnight thursday night that is, so that by friday morning, excuse me, the cold's in place. temperatures on friday. some areas north and west of town will not get out of the 30s. and that's going to set the stage for some very cold weather with high pressure building in
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towards saturday morning. i think saturday morning will be the really cold morning. with lows in the phones and 20s around -- teens and 20s around here, three day forecast. seasonably cool today around 50. 42 tonight in town. mid 30s on the cold spots. tomorrow mix of sun and clouds and maybe a stray afternoon shower but it should be milder in the mid 50s. by friday, the only 43. that's national airport. that's why i think some of you are going to stay in the 30s on saturday staying cold. bilge day veterans day. maryland, howard bison navy all have home football games. cold then and chance of showers returning with low 50s by monday. we'r
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the decision was unanimous. in mo
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an hour. it will be phased in over the next seven years with smaller companies having more time to meet that mark. montgomery county is the first jurisdiction in maryland to pass a $15 an hour minimum wage. d.c.'s chances of getting amazon's second headquarters are pretty good according to a real estate research firm. the district ranks third behind new york and san francisco as the most likely cities to land hq2. the two biggest factors in d.c.'s favor? access to great universities and cultural amenities. if chosen, the potential impact the headquarters could have on d.c. is huge. amazon promises 50,000 new jobs. many of them paying over $100,000. we'll have one final look at the forecast when we return.
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yeah the real cold comes friday. get ready for that. >> all at children's national, stronger is caring for a baby's heart in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. and a future when prenatal pediatrics leads to healthier children. it's being the number one newborn intensive care unit in the country. and giving parents peace of mind.
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and more jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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>> lily: [ sighs ] so, this is how my marriage ends. cane over there, me over here, and the judge in between. >> michael: lily, you fought the good fight. you stood by cane much longer than most women would have in your position. >> lily: well, i loved him. >> michael: which is how i know that this is so difficult for you. >> lily: yeah, this is not what i wanted. but i know that cane won't give up hope until it's official. last night was proof of that. [ sighs ] don't ask. i just know that my family's in limbo, and it's not healthy. for any of us. i just -- i want to get this over with.


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