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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  November 8, 2017 5:00pm-5:29pm EST

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the virginia house of delegates. according to the washington post, four races are so close they qualify for a recall. when the dust settles, democrats may end up with control of the house. first up, let's hear from the governor elect talking about the big issues that brought voters to the poll starting with gun violence. >> i think that we, as a society, we as virginians need to come to the table and have a discussion and find things we can agree on and that's responsibility gun ownership and do what we can to prevent these tragedies from occurring. i believe that health care is a right, nobody should have to decide whether they have to put food on the table or see a provider and i remind people all the time that no individual, no family should be one medical illness away from financial demise. >> let me correct something i said real quick. four races in virginia qualified for a recount, not a recall. polls show health care
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one item on the minds of virginia voters. >> people are so sick of these twitter tyrants. they want leaders they can be proud of and murray and northam were able to win because they're sane. >> murray becoming the governor elect of new jersey. from his trip overseas, president trump tweeted gillespie worked hard, but didn't embrace me or what i stand for. don't forget republicans won four out of four house seats and with the economy doing record numbers, we'll continue to win bigger and better before. a familiar republican face in virginia politics is weighing in on the election. corey stuart is the at-large chairman of the board of supervisors in prince william county and here's the chairman of president trump's campaign. >> as he, you know, went further to the right, his poll numbers did improve and i think t
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had the election been two weeks ago or three weeks ago before he started the move. the voters saw through it. last week the right wing publication bright mart called gillespie a quote culture warrior. they declared gillespie a republican swamp thing. >> and roem becomes the first transgender -- one of the commonwealth most social and conservative republicans and women played a huge role in the democratic win in virginia. most of the winners were women who beat republican men in the virginia house of delegates races and the epi center of what's called an election tsunami was prince william county and that's where we find our bureau chief fox. >> many women. >> many, amazing.
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>>reporter: a single mom of two and cyber security specialist was one of several women celebrating their enormous wins last night in prince william county. like the others it was paula's first time running for office. >> what does this mean for virginia? >> i think it means positivity and it means a step forward and it means hope. it means we're no longer for haters, we're for lovers and we have gotten a heart transplant. >> i'm getting emotional. >> it's about the progress we're going to make. we're going to be able to fight for working families and give them health care. it's humanitarian. >> she said medicaid saved her son when he was little. she needs to find a job first. p your job to run for office? >> yes, ma'am. >> it was that important to you?
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i don't know if that people understand that, but -- >> how did you pay your bills? >> i cashed in my 401k. it was very scary. i cashed it in, paid my bills to a certain point and i don't know what's going to happen after this, but i'm just praying, hoping and i'm so happy that i'm going to be able to help people [indiscernible] in richmond. it makes -- it's a heart. >> she's looking forward to getting started at the state capitol in richmond. >> we get to walk in the halls of thomas jefferson, our four fathers who probably never thought a woman would be in there. we give meaning to women in t
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>> peggy fox, wusa9. >> the former news anchor chris hurst was pushed on -- his girlfriend parker was shot to death on live television in 2015. last night he seated a three term incumbent. hurst reports stricter gun control and he shared his thoughts about his late girlfriend. >> i think she would be proud. i also think she would be bending my ear to make sure i fulfilled on the promise that i just don't talk the talk, that i walk the walk too. that this year is an opportunity where people have invested across parsley lines, across ideologies in me because they trust me. >> hurst also promised to speak out about bigotry and injustice. at 6:00, we'll look at what this election means to republicans moving forward. in our new development, deadly churchho
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with survivors of the shooting and victim's families. 16-year-old kruger was among the 26 people killed. her best friend allison gold is trying to make sense of it. >> why these people? why these innocent people. why would you do that to them. what have they done to you. >> a dark history is emerging about the shooter. patrick kelly was caught sneaking weapons onto the air force base where he once served and he threatened to kill his commanding officers and kelley received a bad -- the air force admits it failed to submit kelley's history to authorities and it would have presented him from buying guns and the pastor says funeral services will be held there -- here's a look at what
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we're following. a former news anchor is coming forward with an accusation again spacey. tonight we're talking to local parents and students who have strong opinions about this decision. and look who showed up for jury duty. new cell phone video of former obama shaking hands and having fun in chicago. we're going to look ahead. we're going to look at friday, the oldest air of the season. arctic air is going to drop south of the canadian u.s. border on thursday. then thursday night, it rolls through the metro area. we wake up friday. we're looking at windchills, believe it or not in the teens and 20s friday morning and then actual temperatures saturday morning will be in the teens and 20s. so the coldest air of the season. we're looking at the end of the growing season period after this rolls through as we get into friday. so again, we're okay tomorrow. and even tomorrow night, but it rolls through late
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up, friday morning we're looking at the coldest air of the season. weekend teens and 20s and saturday morning, teens and 20s. back to tonight. clouds hang tough. this is 9:3t . 45 downtown and 42 in manassas. no green blog, but clouds. tomorrow morning, and we're looking at a lot of clouds. a couple of showers here and there. temps 40 downtown. 42 in bowie and 32 in frederick. a chilly start. we'll tell you how many showerse flying around tomorr
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there are new sexual assault allegations involving kevin spacey. >>
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says he grabbed the genitals of her son. heather says her son was 18 at the time. >> to kevin spacey, i want to say this, shame on you for what you did to my son. and shame on you for using your apology to anthony wrap to come out as a gay man. that was an appalling attempt to deflect attention to what you are, a sexual predator. >> no reaction from spacey on these allegations. more than a dozen men have accused the actor of sexual molesting them. usual requests from you. if it cracks down on revenge form. did
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for a baby's heart in thel, first 12 weeks of pregnancy. and a future when prenatal pediatrics leads to healthier children. it's being the number one newborn intensive care unit in the country. and giving parents peace of mind. it's less recovering in our bed, and more jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. florida state university took quick action after a student died at a frat party, but others say this is too bold and
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the rules. wusa9 michael quander is here and mike, this is something people have a lot to say about today. >> yeah, that's right, leslie. 7,000 people joined a conversation on my facebook page and there were viewers spiralled up. before we get to that, you have to understand how we got to this point in the first place. >> we just wish we could have saved this individual. >> andrew was pledging -- at florida state university. he was found dead on friday after a party. now his death plus two other fraternity brothers from a different organizations arrested for selling drugs prompted the university to crack down, temporarily banning all greek life from campus. no parties, no meetings and no charity events and no organized participation in the school's homecoming. fsu put a stop to all alcohol at student events. >> so a horrible tragedy.
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university of -- greek life is a part of his life. he says what went down at florida shouldn't have never happened and he understands a decision, but has mixed feelings about how the university responded. >> the frat messed up, would you be -- >> i would. because i think i'm trying to do the right thing. >> the concern for many, this is happen -- this happened before. maxwell died at louisiana state after a frat gathering and piazza died in february after a frat party at penn state. >> ask questioned. >> many sounded off on facebook live and cheryl calling for a permanent ban. >> stop the hazing part and it hasn't worked. how many more young lives will have to be lost before they put an end to this. >> it doesn't hurt to investigate these things and honestly i think this needs to be done more often. >> carol told me he worries all the time for his kid, but
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like adrian and jenny says greek life help shape a student -- >> i think it's wrong and i think it's not right to do it at all. >> the ban at fsu is going and serious changes here in maryland and virginia. there's laws against hazing. >> michael, thank you. it may have faded from the daily headlines, but the people in puerto rico are struggling to -- the prince william county police department are being deployed to the island to assist first responders and they'll work with virginia and the prince county -- the first rotation of 8 officers are flying to puerto rico today for a 14-day assignment. two other groups of officers will head to the island over the next six weeks. a monument task ahead of them. and there along with first responders from across the country and others helping out
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and dc chef andres down there. >> and -- it's going to be -- it's going to be years. it's something you can't snap your fingers and fix. >> you can snap your fingers and give us the forecast. >> i can. we'll start with a three-day guarantee. it has been tricky the last three or four days. northeast winds and clouds. 50 for a high. and something to remember, it'ss a cool day for us. okay. but it's an improvement of yeste look outside. 49 right now. dew points low 40s. that tellst going to get crazy cold tonight. probably hold in the 40s and 30s in the suburbs. a lot of clouds and chilly. bus stop temperatures, 36 to 48. dry between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. a slight chance of a sprinkle. clouds hanging tough and a passing shower. so we're looking at some showers, not quite enough for a yellow he
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passing showers possible, and very cold friday and also saturday. we keep lowering temps on saturday. we have no windchills to worry about saturday. we will on friday. 55 tomorrow. 47 friday. 44 on. then 54 on sunday and 52 on monday. and again, losing site of this, average highs of 61. we have spent most of october above average. our third warmest weather on record. tonight, future cast, 8:00, clouds. temperatures in the 40s. 38 in frederick. 10:00, 44 downtown. 43 in la pd 44 in bowie. by 6:00 a.m., sprinkles here and there. 40 in leesburg. clouds are socked in. i don't think we're going to see clouds tomorrow. at this time yesterday i thoughk s, frederick and leesburg west, but i don't think we'll see it
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sprinkles in frederick and leesburg. i wouldn't get hung up on the location, but be advised a couple of showers possible. 6:00, showers lining up along 51 downtown. 46 in hagerstown and then by tomorrow night at 9:30, clearing skies, winds are still not kicking out of the northwest yet. we're looking at 46 in andrews and baltimore at 49 downtown. even across the divide, winds are still westerly, so that front hasn't gone through yet. the arctic front, that will go through late, late thursday night. but the arctic air will be here as we get up friday morning. partly cloudy, chilly. 36 to 44, winds northeasterly at 10:00. 48 by 11:00. maybe a sprinkle and 49 by 1:00 with a lot of clouds hanging tough. hard to -- breeze on friday. 47. don't dress for that. dress for the 20s and 30s this a
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morning. upper teens in the burbs and upper 20s downtown. 44 on saturday. a bright and brisk day for the games. at least we don't have to worry about windchills. it will not be windy saturday. 54 for the game. showers sunday night. fine at fedex. showers early ol monitor that for yellow weather alert. we're keeping tuesday and wednesday dry. upper 50s. there are [indiscernible] that p the early part of next week dry. >> thanks, top. president trump is getting ready for two full days of meetings with chinese president ping as he continues his trip through asia. he wrapped up his visit in south korea and the president urged north korea's jung-un abandoned his pursuit of nuclear arm. >> the weapons you're acquiring is not putting you safer, but putting your regime in grave danger. th president trump insisted
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the conflict, and that includes a total end to the north nuclear program. facebook has an unusual request as it tries to crack down on revenge porn on the social media site. they want users to send them their own nude pictures. say what? facebook would then use them toe ing intimate pictures against a person's will. basically a picture has its own digital fingerprint and someone trying to up load a picture, if it matched one you've sent them wouldn't allow them to do the up load. the pilot is starting in awe squirl y'alls-- in australia. >> that's not going to happen. our poll question for you tonight, should homework be required in schools? more schools are banning the practice across the country, so we want to know what you think. >> vote on our p
5:23 pm now. we're going to take you -- coming up at 5:45. next, the queen of tv is addressing sexual harassment. see what oprah said about the scandals and how hollywood can fix them. plus how did a woman manage to ring up $1800 in electronics, but pay a few bucks for them. we'll explain this bazaar crime. and new development kicked a popular salon out of a dc neighborhood, but now it's back and the owner shares how she survived gentrification up next.
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dad! cigna. together, all the way. you can put this story in the "how did that happen" file. a woman was arrested after ringing up $1800 in electronics but paid 4 bucks. this happened at a self check out inside of
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no one was paying attention and she's charged with felony grand theft and shoplifting. officers says she covered the bar codes on the items with stickers she taken off merchandise in the clearance department. 25 year old told authorities she was trying to get gifts for her son and husband. that doesn't make it right. >> don't try to do that, ed, because you'll get caught. you may not realize but we're bomb barred with blue lights, it's on our phones and computers, but exposure can be detrimental to our health. a women's hospital in boston studied blue lights for four years and he says it suppresses the sleep hormone tell toe anyone. it's not just impacting your sleep. >> [indiscernible] rhythms has been associated with various types of cancer
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prostate cancer. >> his best advice, if you work nights or you use a lot of devices at night, is use apps or settings so you can use warmer colors from dusk to dawn and avoid those bright screens two to three hours before bed. that's the tricky one. >> we're doomed. the bright lights aren't all bad. researchers say it's good to expose yourself to lots of bright light during the day. it can help with your mood and alertness. and injure ability to sleep at -- and your ability to sleep at night. it's going to be hard for restaurants to hide those menus with calories. a new menu label law is set to take effect in may. that means restaurants at supermarkets and convenient stores and your favorite pizza delivery chains are going to have to tell you what's in the food you're about to eat. this was championed by former first lady michelle obama, and the trump administration is keeping it. the bc crowds will like this goggle feature.
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the company will post wait times for restaurants and grocery store lines, so when you goggle a restaurant, you can see how long you'd have to wait to get a seat. goggle hopes to have this feature on its map and search apps by thanksgiving. what could be the world's largest diamond? oh, my god. that is really -- >> easy, easys expected to get 30 million$30 million -- it will be at an auction in geneva. it weighs 37 karats and this was mined in 2013 and it's being auctioned by an anonymous owner. that's wusa9 news at 5:00. the news at 5:30 starts right now. it starts with this, some people in washington have been forced out of their homes thanks to -- in 2014, the historic shot
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aw neighborhood underwent -- it drove out businesses that couldn't afford except -- the hair salon was the only shop out of 11 to make it back to shaw and we find out how she did it. >>reporter: back in 2004, business owners here on 7th street were given 30 to 60 days development was on the way and for lots of them it meant the end of their business, but henderson fought to stay in this very spot. a battle that took eight long years. >> i was afraid. i was terribly afraid, but the developers and myself were able to come to an agreement. >> you can go home but it will cost you. >> you have to build yourself up financially, emotionally because if you have to move out, you know, when you move out, you lose money, when you come back and start a new business, you're starting all over again. >> for henderson, reporting


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