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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  November 9, 2017 7:30pm-7:58pm EST

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new album drops, why stay is getting trash talked now. plus, mariah carry of weight loss surgely. then -- >> i'm completely in love with him. >> what is she saying about babies. >> what you never knew about the star of "young sheldon". >> he has the biggest head you have ever seen, i'm not kidding.
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tonight." kevin spacey has been dropped from his key role because of the sexual harassment allegations even though the movie has been completely finished. thasz never happened in hollywood before. >> mr. getty. >> "all the money in the world" >> director ridley scott ultimately made the decision to replace kevin spacey with actor christopher plummer. >> how much would you pay to release your grandson, if not $17 million? >> nothing. >> it is an unprecedented and incredilby expensive endevor. the current december 22nd release date. that means there are only six weeks to reshoot and re-edit the film. in the movie, kevin plays a supporting role as j. paul getty. he shot for around eight days this past summer. he has an estimated 10 minutes of screen time in the two hour and five minute film. according to the hollywood reporter, the film's stars mark wahlberg and michelle williams will be involved in the reshoots, expected to begin immediately.
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this dramatic development comes just 11 cays after the allegations were made against the actor. >> kevin spacey sexually assaulted my son. >> yesteray, former tv news anchor heather unruh became the ninth accuser to go public. she alleges her then-18-year-old son was a victim of unwanted groping. >> he's committed to doing what he can to stop kevin spacey. >> lawyer says quote, kevin spacey denies the alsos. just a few months ago, spacey portrays himself as an actor on set. >> when i see examples of others who mistreat others on set, i call them out on it. because i think bullies are not used to being confronted. >> the fallout continues with
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former star. five women accuse louis c.k. tonight's premier of his movie "i love you daddy has been cancel canceled. let's turn to tomorrow. that's when taylor's new album will drop. she has been promoting all over the place. >> all over social media. her reputation for watching over every little detail has gone too far. >> are you ready for this? >> i wouldn't want to do this if i didn't have 100% control over what i wear, what my message is, what my lyrics are. >> the new headlines? taylor is overbearingly protective of her image. made a demand for full editorial control. and she doesn't feel like she needs to do interviews to sell albums anymore. ♪ look what you made me do >> so
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diva? >> everything about this album is a secret. >> taylor has no sitdown interviews scheduled. her one big appearance? performing live on "snl." the 27-year-old has kind of become her own social media machine. dropping behind the scenes of her music videos. and she did four secret sessions, allowing only 500 fans to get a listen of her new album. tay's also been super secretive with the other thing that we all love -- her new boyfriend, joe alwyn. so, what does taylor think about all the smack talk bashing her image? >> wounded by it. you don't understand why someone would make something up about you like that. you think it's personal and really, it's honestly a money thing. blogs need to write about me to get hits. it's a money thing. you just laugh at it. >> are you ready for it? >> taylor is laughing all the wayth
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reputation is already projected to be the biggest selling album of her career. none of her singles have hit me at home yet, so i'm excited to hear the entire album. >> taylor does what taylor wants. believe that. something else who does what she wants to do? mariah carey. earlier this week, we learned she underwent weight loss surgery. well, it seems that was just the beginning of mimi's emancipation. >> i've been pretty consistent with this bleak diet i've been on. >> a source tells "e.t." mariah was, quote, put on a liquid diet following her surgery and is now, quote, feeling great. we're told carey underwent gastric sleeve surgery to shrink her stomach about six weeks ago, right after haters targeted her. they compared a trim shot of her to this less flattering image of her on stage. >> i'm not obsessed
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the difference you're like, okay, i get it now. >> in the past, the diva sometimes turned to traditional diets, using jenny craig to slim down after her twins. >> look at me. rah rah rah! bathing suit next. >> but one source says mariah's always been insecure about her body and weight. quote, she always fluctuates and it makes her upset, but it's hard for her to manage. >> but i've been working hard, so -- >> post surgery, we're told she is feeling much better about herself and this is a new beginning for her. part of that new beginning -- parting ways with the manager that led her to her reality show "mariah's world," stella bulochnikov. >> going mean. >> our source says carey is, quote, ready to move forward without her and is less stressed now. i don't know about you, but i am one op those stress eaters. when i'm stressed out, i just start eating. so i get it.
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>> let's talk about mariah's former tv gig, "american idol." it debuts march 11th on abc. well, now fox has found its own music competition series to fill that void, and they're pulling out all the superstar stops. it's called "the four," debuting two months earlier than "idol" in january. >> this is our final four. >> it's based on an israeli show called "the final four" and has a twist in the usual format, starting with four competitors who can stay unless they're knocked out by new competition in the succeeding weeks. >> the judges will include a performer. >> the fourth judge will be a performer. we have learned the choice for that shot spot
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fergie, bebe or megan trainer. >> that's me. >> fergie mentored on a canadian competition show, "the launch," and told keltie she loved it. >> just seeing these artists giving their own. being a talented and raw. i was fascinated. i think i caught the bug. >> she caught the bug. >> we'll see. >> yeah, i think she did catch the bug. meanwhile, no competition -- just love -- between "frozen" co-stars kristen bell and idina menzel. >> but that didn't stop kristen from pulling one awesome sisterly sing along. ♪ >> she asked if it was okay to put it up. >> she did? >> i thought, her voice sound nice comes out of her face. >> last night idina, in winter
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l.a. premiere of disney's animated feature cocoa. >> let the holidays begin! >> is there an update on "frozen 2"? >> yeah we have begun working on it, and that is all i can really tell you. it's just nice to kind of go in the studio, no makeup, and play, you know? >> prepare your kids. they'll have to wait until november 2019 for "frozen 2" to hit stheeters. >> what is it like to be a part of a movie that your kid can actually see? >> well, that is funny because my kid doesn't always want to see mommy in her movies. but one day they'll think i am cool, right? >> by 2019, he's going to come around. she's elsa. >> coming up next, cruise is at it again, back to work after his on set accident. we'll show you the crazier stunt he's attempting now. then -- >> are you seeing what i'm seeing. >> mcdreamy is returning to "grey's anatomy."
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hey. did you take out the trash? haha, garbage boy! dad, i already took out ben. it's not funny. gaming is best on a 100% fiber-optic network. so get fios. now, just $79.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee. clearly, ain't no mountain high enough for mr. cruise. it's hard to see, but that really is tom cruise, clinging nearly 2,000 feet above the ground in norway. what's he doing? >> apparently he's doing his own stunts again. i don't understand why that
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ground. >> part of the thrill. >> remember when tom hurt his ankle. three months ago for the movie. if you look hard, you can see he's kind of lumping when he reaches the top of the cliff, but you know tom. nothing it happens the going top him. >> well, i think jennifer lopez is a lot safer shooting her upcoming romantic comedy, "second act." i don't think she does her -- does she do her own? >> i don't know if she'll want to be on the top of a mountain. topping our couple's edition of "know and tell," a-rod's grand slam gesture. j-lo's man paid here a surprise visit on the new york set of her movie. and from the looks of it, she couldn't be happier. all turtlenecks and coats headed out to dinner at, where else, the new york yankees
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next up, miley cyrus and liam hemsworth making a coffee run. but are those wedding rings we spy? the longtime couple was out in georgia where liam is filming a movie. >> liam's brother chris posting the video the other day, showing off her husband's arms. thanks solid. >> and finally, ben affleck and lindsay shookus on date. ben boarded another plane alone, back to l.a. >> yeah, ben had to get back here in a hurry because the "justice league" premier is on friday. we are going to be there. "grey's anatomy"
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its 300th show. kaley cuoco on her love life, big bang, and having a baby. >> you go, oh, should i be doing this too? closed captioning provided by --
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that is the cast of "grey's anatomy" celebrating their 300th episode. they look good for 300. >> not a day over 21. they really do. and for meredith grey herself, ellen pompeo, the show's long jeffty is still a bit of owe shock. >> some days you feel the history and you feel you have been here forever
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you feel it hasn't been 14 years. you feel it's flown by. >> now in season 14, "e.t." was on the set for season 1 back in 2005. >> i told you i would do it. >> long gone are dr. mcdreamy patrick dempsey, dr. mcsteamy eric dane, and katherine heigl. but constantly adding to the cast has helped keep the show in the top 25 in primetime. >> i mean, 300 episodes. i can't believe it. i remember when we were doing 250, and we were like, what? >> when i first joined the show in season five, scottish actor straight from scotland, and they just celebrated the 100th episode, and at the time, i was like, how does anybody ever get to 100 episodes? >> how much longer do you anticipate "grey's anatomy" being on the air? >> oh, i don't even know the answer to that question, because i said, two years, i'm sure. so here we are. >> the show's creator, shonda rhimes, brought her 15-year-old daughter harper to the celebration. and sees no reason to wrap up "grey's" anytime soon. i know that ellen has told you that she will do it as long as you're game for it. do you have an end game in sight? >> no, we ha
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sense. we're going to do it as long as the other one is in, and if the other one is not in, then it really can't happen. >> tonight on episode 300, expect a tribute to "grey's" alumni. >> i think i'm hallucinating. are you seeing what i'm seeing? george and christina. >> george and christina were played by sandra oh and t.r. knight. >> we pay homage to every character that's walked through the doors, all the cast members reloved and miss, and they did it in a really cool way. >> love that. with "grey's" being in its 14th season, it's hot on the heel of "e.r.." i think they're going beat them. >> shon do told me as long as she has a story line and audience -- >> we're in. >> we're in. >> i want
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one way to make that happen, expand the next generation. so is kayley cuoco ready for her character penny to be pregnant? um, not really. >> i don't think we need another baby on set. >> you don't. >> no. >> i think with leonard and penny, they're starting to say, oh my god, are we behind? but i think they're right where they need to be. >> so what we're getting from that is no fake baby bump for kaley any time soon. but really, she's already been there, done that. >> i'm pregnant. i've played pregnant, yes. a lifetime movie. i played pregnant, yes. wait until you see how cute the crib looks. people really take you seriously. they let you do anything you want. you gotta run with it. you're like, oh, i gotta sit down. and they're like, please! >> come on. >> why do you keep doing that with your face? >> because you keep doing stupid things with yours. >> kaley's dishing out relationship advice on "the big bang theory" tonight. in real life, the 31-year-old is in a rock-solid romance with 26-year-old equestrian boyfriend, karl cook. they've been together for over a year and a half. >> he is totally the guy.
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the common denominator is the horses. it just works for us. we have this special bond. and the animals. >> we know kaley loves her animals . we caught up with her at the "stand up for pits" benefit. >> karl informed me a couple of days ago he wants to rescue another bulldog. doesn't matter at this point. any dog is welcome in my house, appare apparently. >> smart girl, kayleement coparent the dogs first. >> and after tonight's "the big bang theory, it's "young sheldon" starring iain armitage. he's only 9, and check out his list of past co-stars. reese witherspoon and nicole kidman in "big little lies" and jane fonda and robert redford in why the our souls at night." . it looks like he has a type. is that in your contract? >> it's actually on page 29 subsection b. no i've just gotten really, really, really, really,
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lucky. >> we really think it's a lot more than luck. "young sheldon's" premiere was the highest rated debut of any new comedy since 2011. >> my mother never understood that i actually enjoyed being alone. >> jim parsons is both the narrator and an executive producer. he knew iain was the one when he saw this. iain's audition tape. >> that's my father. he's the football coach of the high school i'm going to this year. he has the biggest head you've ever seen. i'm not kidding. >> iain's was mind-blowing in some ways. >> aw. >> it's true. there was a naturalness with it and a spirit with it and an understanding of what you were saying. >> now you're just being kind. >> no! >> what the hell is that? >> i sent georgie on a beer run and tipped him with firecrackers. >> oh, mom! >> was i supposed to stiff him? >> tonight former "designing women" star annie potts joins the cooper clan as mee-maw, young sheldon's free-spirited grandmother. >> the
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affectionate and sweet. it's almost like getting in a pool and playing. >> five more years and he'll be running hollywood. he tweet third down adorable shot behind the camera sfwls i imagine he'll be successful no matter what he
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i was a little bit nervous last night. i'm a procrastinator. i thought, oh, i haven't been studies my lines. >> julie chen from the talk makes her comedy acting debut tonight on "life in pieces". >> are you a regular or decaf girl? >> regular? >> the role was originally offered to her husband, cbs corporation president leslie none yez, but he turned it down. >> two weeks later, suddenly i get an e-mail from my attorney. i said to my husband, look who they want next. >> i get it. boy, would i like to see that. >> in the show, the running gag is that
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julie's character's name. >> julie is also taking over "e.t.'s" instagram story today. be sure to check that out as well. bye, everybody. >> bye-bye. still get a refreshing any size soft drink for just one dollar at mcdonald's? with the days getting shorter and your to-do list getting longer, you'll enjoy this ice-cold deliciousness more than ever. hurry over to mcdonald's. ♪
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hey, uh, who's free tonight? oh, i think i'm... hang on. we've made this mistake before. it's how we wound up at his cousin deepak's tupperware party. hey, you use that collapsible bowl all the time, and you know it. and it's not like that. i just thought we could, you know, hang out and go to a bar. sure. very well. sounds fun. and watch cricket. that sound you hear, ironically, crickets. hey, guys. hey, bert, how you doing? well, you know, we geologists always get a little sad when rocktober's over. wordplay? yes. funny wordplay? what do you think? eh. trust your gut. sheldon, i've got these four-billion-year-old meteorites. i thought maybe they'd show signs of neutrino interactions. i could really use someone like you to help me with the math. oh, so they would act as natural dark matter detectors.


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