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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  November 14, 2017 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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facing tough questions about his previous testimony where he claimed to be unaware of any trump meetings with the russians. mola lenghi is at the capitol with more. >> jeff sessions swore to tell the truth before the house judiciary committee this morning but democrats want to know if he told the truth during his confirmation hearing when he testified he had no knowledge between the trump campaign and russia. >> i will not accept and reject accusations that i have ever lied. that is a lie. >> form er er trump campaign aide george papadopoulos said that he suggested a meeting between then candidate trump and russian president meow tin in front of trump and sessions. >> i recall the meeting at the trump hotel that mr. papadopoulos attended but i have no clearol
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that meeting. >> sessions had to recuse himself from the russian investigation because of his meeting with russian ambassador to the u.s. that led to the appointment of robert mueller. >> now the attorney general is looking into whether another special prosecutor is needed for another russia probe. they will look into whether an investigation is needed to see if clinton foundation donations were tied to an obama administration approval of a deal allowing a russian company to produce a mining company in america. >> the president said that he was disappointed in to d.o.j.'s lack of action as he left for his trip to asia. cbs news capitol hill. >> former d.o.j. officials said they believe the investigation is part of a long-term strategy to discredit special counsel robert mueller. mueller led the fbi at the time of the obama administration's approval of the
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following his 12-day trip to asia president trump is on his way back to washington hailing the trip a tremendous success. his primary goals were securing better u.s. trade deals and building support to reign in north korea's nuclear ambitions. here in the u.s. they are talking about his meeting with vice putin. it apparently pay to flip off president trump. a gofundme page for the woman who gave the finger to the trump motorcade has raised $77,000. she lost her job after that. a campaign was started on behalf of her. in a message on the gofundme page the 50-year-old mother of two said through your generous donations heavy burdens have been lifted. thank you. the online fund raz
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$100,000. house speaker paul ryan added his name today to the growing course of lawmakers calling on alabama senator candidate roy moore to step aside. the move comes after another woman came forward to accuse the conservative republican of misconduct decades ago. more from capitol hill. >> u.s. senate candidate roy moore remains defiant. >> this is absolutely false. >> moore said he doesn't know the latest woman to accuse him of sexual misconduct in the late 1970s. >> this race being just 28 days off this is a political maneuver and it has nothing to do with reality. it's all about politics. >> beverly young nelson was 16 years old when she said moore offered her a ride home from her job as a waitress. >> mr. moore reached over and began groping me. he put his hands o
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of stopping he began squeezing my neck attempting to force my head onto his couch. -- crouch. >> with al legations mounting some are calling for him to quit the senate race. >> if he cares about the values and the people he claims to care about, then he should step aside. >> he should not be a united states senator. >> i hope that he steps down immediately if these accusations are true. there would be no place for him in the senate. >> if moore stays in the race some republicans are considering a write-in campaign for luther strange who lost the primary to moore. alabama voters go to the polls on december 12th. cbs news capitol hill. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell called for moore to with draw. moore shot back on twitter last night saying mcconnell should quit. a search is under way for two men
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police this morning. a witness spotted the pair in a car, one of them had a gun in plain sight. when police approached the men they put the car in gear and sped off. the car struck a police cruiser before the men bailed out on wheeler road. one was seen heading towards prince george's county, the other into the district. there were no injuries. we should find out the winner for the key seat in the virginia house of delegates. activists are still fighting to get absentee ballots counted between bob thomas and joshua cole. they said no one picked up the ballots from the polling place last week but they were in on time. democrats picked up 15 seats so far in the house of delegates. if they flip one more the chamber would be tied. now to a major development in the case of a murdered teenager from prince george's county. eric brown is set to make his first appearance
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45-year-old navy veteran is charged in connection to ashanti billy's death. her body was found after she failed to show up for work in norfolk. i'm in utter shock. we all would be to have someone downtown just steps away from my business. >> there are new fears in tampa, florida that a serial killer has struck again. a man was gunned down in the seminole heights area. it's the same neighborhood where three people were killed last month in the span of 10 days. john shumo has the latest. >> police swarmed a tampa neighborhood early tuesday morning after reports of gunfire. they found the body of 60-year-old ronald felton in the street. they believe that felton was shot from behind in another unprovoked attack. >> we need to catch this killer because we have to notify one more family that one of their loved ones is dead.
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others in the seminole heights community last month. anthony was shot dead, benjamin mitchell was killed at a bus stop and less than a mile from there police found monica's body in a vacant lot. >> if you own a gun and it's in your home, go to your home right now in your house and find out if your gun is still there. >> police previously released surveillance video of the suspect. since the murders officers have saturated the area going door to door looking for clues that could lead to an arrest. residents are on edge. >> i'm in total utter shock as we all would be to have someone downtown just steps away from my business but more importantly it's a senseless , senseless murder. >> police believe the person responsible for these murders lives in the community. >> john shumo, cbs news new york.
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are at about 58 degrees. we are looking at the capitol building where, again, we have lots going on inside. it's mild as i said. it's 58 degrees. it's a cloudy day outside. when will those clouds break? will we ever see the sun today? i hear there are more changes coming in the weather roller coaster. >> oh, there is. so, yes, we have some clouds that have been sticking around throughout the morning. what we are seeing is the sunshine starting to poke through those clouds. that's really going to be the trend for us as we look throughout the next several hours this afternoon. in dc right now we've got a temperature of 50 degrees. still a northwest wind coming in. took us a little while to start breaking through the low clouds this morning. as we look towards the afternoon the northwest winds will help to clear the clouds out. current temperatures in the 40s. it's cool but it's comfortably cool out there. we have 48 degrees in frederick right now. winchester at 45 degrees. 49 in cullep
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us one more day tomorrow leading to more sunshine for parts of your day tomorrow before we track the next weather system bringing the chance of a shower into the area tomorrow night. today more sunshine, up to the low 50s. coming up i'm going to tell you why greenland's weather could impact our weather thanksgiving week. you'll want to stick around for this one. you can of course always get that 7-day forecast on our wusa 9 app. >> me luis sashgs -- melissa, thank you. ahead a wusa 9 health alert, half of the u.s. has high blood pressure under new guidelines. >> the three ucla basketball players lifted on shoplifting
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welcome back to the news at noon. new video evidence is leading to more than 150 new charges in the death of a penn state f
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prosecutors say restored security footage from the basement of a frat house shows tim piazza consuming at least 18 drinks over 82 minutes. the district attorney said the brothers gave the 19-year-old every one of those drinks. >> i don't know that as an adult who has had drinks all his life i'd be able to tolerate one-third of that. not even a quarter. >> 12 new fraternity brothers were charged in piazza's death. they are accused of involuntary manslaughter and aggravated assault among other charges. there's been a stomach flu out break in ocean city. 164 people said they got sick after a beer an oyster festival at the island restaurant. now the exact cause is unclear. the restaurant has opened back up and there's been no illnesses since. for the first time in more than a decade the american heart association is changing the guidelines forig
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half the u.s. adult population is living with hyper tension and at an increased risk for heart disease and stroke. chris martinez reports from santa monica, california. >> let's check your blood pressure. >> charles has been working to lower his blood pressure for the last 10 years. >> tens of millions more americans will soon be learning they also have hyper tension. >> the american heart association and american college of cardiology are now defining a top reading of 130 or more or a bottom reading of 80 or more as high blood pressure. the old definition of high was 140/90. >> most of them just need to know they are at high risk but they can manage that problem on their own. >> the change is expected to have the biggest impact on men and women under the age of 45. >> that would mean that they would have to exercise more, have a better diet, a diet that's low in sodium, restrict alcohol and lower stress
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or less is still normal blood pressure but up to 129 is considered elevated. 130 begins different stages of high blood pressure and an increasing risk of heart attack and stroke. even though 14% more people will be diagnosed with high blood pressure only a small portion will take home prescriptions. >> preventing hyper tension is much better than treating hyper tension. it's good to treat it when it's there but it is way better to prevent it. >> try to eat a heart healthy diet and exercise. >> charles checks his blood pressure every day and now more americans will be getting instructions on how to do just that. chris martinez, cbs news santa monica, california. >> the new guidelines emphasize making sure readings are accurate. the authors of the studies said they should be based on two or three readings from at least two different sittings.
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players being held in china are reportedly on their way back home. liangelo ball and two others were detained after being accused of stealing sunglasses from a store near their team hotel. ball is a member of a high profile basketball family. his older brother plays for the lakers and his father is the ceo of the big baller brand. there was heartbreak following the world cup soccer game. for the first time since 1958 italy failed to qualify mcmlviii italy failed to qualify for -- failed to qualify for the game and in rome it is hard for them. joy for the swedish soccer team. they got
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involved in their celebration. so much for that anchor desk. anybody can do it behind an anchor desk. >> my husband is a huge soccer fan. he thinks it's great. may the best team winch -- winch -- win. >> exact ly ly. everybody has a chance at it. >> italy, chile and the united states not in the cup. they have to wait until the next time. >> good for sweden. let's take about talk -- let's talk about your forecast over the next couple of days. over all we have a quiet trend for us but we are talking about the return of colder air again towards the weekend. right now 50 degrees in dc. northwest wind coming in between 5 and 10 miles per hour. today your temperatures running below average. very similar to yesterday. we'll top out at about 52 degrees today. we have some upper 40s to the north and west. 49 in martinsburg, 49 in charles county. i want to show you the trend. look how temperatures climb up a little bit day by day. that's what we see throughout the week. there will be a few odd chances of
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wednesday night into thursday morning. in general this week stays mild. it stays rather quiet. but then the weekend hits. we have to talk about that next big weather system. this is going to be just like last week where we went from warm to really cold. that's what this next weather system is going to do. as we go into saturday it will bring rain and showers with it along a cold front. very cold arctic air following behind this cold front. believe it or not the west ward side of the mountains will get some snow of it and maybe some flurries in some of our western suburbs as it turns colder and windier into sunday. 58 on saturday. period of rain and showers. not a wash out the entire day but the second half of the day certainly does look wet. sunday cold and breezy with some mountain snow. now i told you about greenland's weather and how that will impact ours. i want to explain this. right now what we have setting up over the next several days and into next week is something called a blocking high. it prevents warm air from getting into our area. in
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fact, it allows the jet stream to push really far south and brings more cold intrusions of air into the area. this is what i'm expecting the week of thanksgiving. so we are likely going to see colder than average temperatures into next week. all right, this afternoon we are up to the low 50s. stray shower tomorrow night. some showers turning colder throughout the weekend.
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for the last couple of weeks wusa 9 has been surprising people with $100 just to put a smile on their face. when we went to fair oaks mall it was full of kids with the day off from school.
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stopped a dad and his 10-year-old daughter and they gave us a lesson in kindness. >> i think that we could use a little more kindness in the world. >> i think that she's right. we could always use a little more. >> i have this $100 bill and was thinking that you might want that $100 as a random act of kindness. >> i would always love $100. mom is work ing so we decided to come and get a pretzel. >> daddy/daughter bonding? >> absolutely. >> i have this other $100 bill and i was wondering if we could help us find someone to randomly give it to. >> absolutely. i would love that. >> what keeps dad the busiest? >> he has work. fbi work. >> oh. dad is an fbi agent. >> true enough . yes. >> you're saving us from the bad guys. >> we try. yep. we try. >> ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> so there looks like a nice grandma over there
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table but there's nobody with her. i was thinking maybe we could go up to her and say -- >> want to go now? >> yeah. >> i bet brogan and her dad patrick and i gave them a $100 bill. i told them that it felt so good they should give another $100 bill to someone. brogan saw you and she wanted to give it to you yo. -- to you. >> oh me ? >> yeah, i thought you would like it. >> i would like it very much. i would like it very much. i'm just on my way to sign a lease to rent an apartment. so, yes, i need $100. i can't believe this. this is like make believe. oh, dear. what can i do to share you? >> i can give me a hug. >> i can do that. >> i like hugs. >> hugs are free. >> that's couple of minutesed -- that's wonderful. we need a little more love in this world don't we? >> yeah, we do. >> a little more love.
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>> the real spirit of the season. we'll be bringing you these acts of kindness each morning and afternoon for the next couple of weeks. tune in tonight at 11:00 for a look at our next surprise. speaking of acts of kindness, remember robert and nia from waldorf, maryland? they have a 3-year-old, twin 2-year-olds and now they are expecting triplets. as we shared their story on wusa 9 you showed your generosity, asking us how you can help them. here's your chance. we'll be accepting diaper donations in all sizes on friday at wusa 9 from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. the address is right there on the screen, 4100 wisconsin avenue northwest. we'll make sure all donations get to the fam
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that's it for wusa 9 news at noon. we will be back at 5:00. we are always on
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>> victoria: why were you meeting with our head of security? >> victor: i instructed him to step up the search for abby. >> victoria: you know, we have to take into consideration that abby left with zack of her own volition. so, neil and i were able to spin the story in newman's favor. the event is actually being hailed as a huge success, no mention of dina mergeron stabbing mom or the -- >> victor: sweetheart, i just don't want to hear about this now. >> michael: i am walking into crimson lights. are you on the patio? oh, then how close are you?


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