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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  November 14, 2017 6:30pm-6:59pm EST

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taken. and medi-bear advantage. >> reporter: is your health care this good? >> no. ( laughter ) and he has no co-pay. this is the "cbs evening news."
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truck, stole another car and started shooting. >> most of the victims in this case appear to be random selections. >> reporter: a mother and one of her children were hit. >> she was transporting, i believe, her children to school, driving down the road, passed by the vehicle, and he opened fire on them without provocation or warning. >> reporter: the spree ended at this elementary school where he shot several rounds from outside. one bullet hit a student through a window. herrardo garcia works at a nearby convenience store. >> 80-100 rounds going at it, you know, like a small war going. it's-- it's not common out here. >> reporter: the gunman's name is not being released, but we do know he was involved in a standoff with police before being shot by two officers. neighbor brian flint says he'd recently complained to law enforcement about the shooter. >> the neighbor has been shooting a lot of bullets lately, hundreds of rounds. >> reporter: at one of the seven different shooting scenes being
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assault rifle and two handguns. multiple students were airlifted from the scenes and transported to local-area hospitals, including a six-year-old with gunshot wounds. we now know the a.t.f. and f.b.i. are work alongside local law enforcement on this investigation. anthony. >> mason: mireya villarreal, thanks, mireya. families of the sand hook massacre victims -- 20 first graders and six diewltz are taking their battle against gun violence to the courtroom. today, they asked connecticut's highest curate to reinstate their lawsuit against the makeer of the gun that killed their loved ones. don dahler is in hartford. >> remington may never have known adam lanza, but they had been courting him for years. >> reporter: josh koskoff, attorney for the families of some of the sandy hook victims, said remington arms' own advert
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rifle used images and fraises like, "forces of opposition do you bown," and requested consider your man card reissued." >> we have evidence adam lanza heard the message and was driven specifically to the bushmaster for his lone gunman combat mission. >> what happened in the school that morning was horrific. >> reporter: remig ton's lawyer, james votgs, aurals federal law prohibits this lawsuit all together. >> the manufacturer and the saler of the firearms used by the criminal that day are not legally responsible for his crimes. >> reporter: after the case was dismissed on those grounds last year, they appealed, using an exception to the law that holds companies liable for knowingly selling to a potentially risky person. >> this is our way of honoring him. >> reporter: nicole hockney's six-year-old son, dylan, was shot five times. she insists this isn't about gun control. >> this is about sales and marketing practices. this isn't saying we're going to take any guns away. >> reporter: how is this not
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analings to suing an auto make wher one of their vehicles is used to smash into a crowd in a terror attack? >> it would be. for example, suppose ford advertised the truck-- they showed-- they said, "buy our truck," and they showed somebody having just completed a massacre by rolling over a bunch of people. would anybody hesitate to say that ford should be responsible for that kind of thing? >> reporter: cbs news reach the outside outto remington for a response but... >> remington's policy is not to comment on pending litigation, but thank you. >> reporter: if the families win this appeal, the suit is reinstated and discovery begins, wherein the attorneys have access to internal documents as well as marketing strategies. anthony, no ruling is expected in weeks, if not months. >> mason: don dahler in hartford. thank you, don. in tampa, florida, today, a man shot to death in the predawn darkness may have been the victim of a serial killer. mark strassmann is there. >> reporter:
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a.m., witnesses reported hearing five gunshots. 60-year-old ronald felton was shot from behind and killed. tampa's seminole heights neighborhood shuttered again. four murders in five weeks, and a suspected serial killer still on the loose. tampa police chief brian dugan: >> none of the victims knew each other, as far as we know. there is no ties to the victim. >> reporter: with a killer on the loose, fair amount of pressure to get this solved asap? >> this is what i dreaded. i dreaded having to face a fourth family and tell them what happened. >> reporter: investigators say this security video from last month shows a suspect, a black male about 6'2", dressed all in black. the three other victims were all gunned down within 11 days of each other. >> f.b.i. >> reporter: swat teams did a door-to-door search of more than 100 homes here. >> the second killing, monica hoffa, was killed half a block from the house. and this last killing, the fourth one,
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>> reporter: stan lassiter is the president of the seminole heights neighborhood association. you've had added police presence for the last month, and, yet, it happened again. >> yeah. >> reporter: does that create added anxiety? >> it does. the thing is, is we've said all along, whoever is doing this, lives among us, knows the back alleyways. they know where to exphied how to hide. >> reporter: felton, an unemployed construction worker, was walking to a neighborhood food bank to feed the homeless. tampa mayor bob buckhorn has a message for the killer: >> we're going to find you. we're going to hunt you down and then the courts are going to take care of you, and then you're going to rot in jail. >> reporter: police agree the suspect could be hiding anywhere here. anthony, one neighbor told me as his house was being searched, a member of the swat team asked him, in a quiet voice, "are you safe?" >> mason: mark strassmann in tampa, thanks. on capitol hill today, attorney general jeff sessions swore to tell the truth, then swore he always has in his appearances before
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here's justice correspondent jeff pegues. >> i have always told the truth. >> reporter: it was clear from his opening statement that attorney general jeff sessions knew what was coming. >> i will not accept and reject accusations that i have ever lied. that is a lie. >> reporter: but when committee democrats started questioning him, he was not so certain. >> i don't recall. i don't believe so. i don't know. >> reporter: sessions' troubles began in january when he told senator al franken that he had never communicated with russian operatives during the 2016 election. >> i did not have communications with the russians. and i'm unable to comment on it. >> reporter: but sessions has since acknowledged meeting with then-rush ambassador sergey kislyak, and it was also revealed that sessions was in this campaign meet where adviser george papadopoulos offered to go to russia on behalf of the trump campaign. prosecutors say pap dop las, had been in regular
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russian operatives and even proposed a meeting between mr. trump and russian president vladimir putin. >> there were reports that you shut gorge down when he proposed meeting with putin. yes or no. >> yes, i pushed back. i will say it that way because-- >> yes, you answered yes. >> reporter: when asked if president trump or anyone else expressed an interest in meeting putin sessions again replied: >> i don't recall. today, republicans pressed sessions to investigate hillary clinton over a controversial uranium deal involving a russian company and her handling of emails. sessions has cleared the way for his senior d.o.j. officials to look into whether a special counsel is needed. anthony. >> mason: jeff pegues, thanks, jeff. sessions was also asked about the sexual assault allegations against alabama senate canada roy moore. manuel bojorquez has that. >> do you believe these young women? >>
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doubt these young women. >> reporter: attorney general jeff sessions today sided against the man who wants his old senate seat, roy moore. moore is accused of swul misconduct with teenaged girls when he was in his 30s, including with beverly young nelson. >> mr. moore reached over and began groping me. >> reporter: moore has denied all the allegations. his wife, kayla, by his side. >> these things are false. and it's ugly. it's the ugliest politics that i've ever been in, in my life. >> reporter: today, after house speaker paul ryan joined a long list of republicans cawg for him to step aside, moore was once again defiant saying on twitter, "the people of alabama, not the washington elite, will decide this election." senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, who also wants moore out, qjed republicans are-- acknowledged republicans are in a tight spot. >> we had hoped to save a seat and that might require a
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whos love the primary to moore, could be a write-in option, but that could split the republican vote, and provide an opening for democrat doug jones. >> i can't vote for roy moore. >> reporter: ...who has released a campaign ad capitalizing on the moment. republicans are already thinking about what they'll do if moore wins. one option: try to expel him, something that hasn't been done since the civil war. that would require two-thirds of the senate-- 67 votes-- and could face a legal challenge. tonight, moore will rally his fundamental christian baseitate tay revival here in jackson, alabama. but he's upset some pastors bhiewz names appeared nay letter supporting him in light of the allegations. they point out the letter was recycling from months ago. anthony. >> mason: manuel bojorquez in jackson, alabama, thanks. also today, the republican national committee pulled out of a joint fund-raising campaign with moore. now, back to capitol hill, where female members of congress say they've been
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harassment. chief congressional correspondent nancy cordes is there. >> this is about a member who is here now. i don't know who it is. >> reporter: virginia republican barbara comstock told her colleagues today about one of their fellow congressmen who asked a staff tore bring documents to his house. >> and the young staffer, it was a young woman, went there and was greeted with a member in a towel-- it was a male-- who then invited her in. at that point, he decided to expose himself. she left, and then she quit her job. >> reporter: california democrat jackie speier said she knows two sexual harassers, one a democrat, and one a republican, who are still in congress. complaints against them include: >> victims having their private parts grabbed on the house floor. >> reporter: speier herself had to fence off advances when she was a hill staffer. >> the chief of staff held my
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tongue in my mouth. >> reporter: since she shared her story, other current and former female lawmakers have said "me, too" a wake-up call for their male colleagues. >> it's been startling to me that there are that many pigs out there. i mean, i don't know how to else to put it. >> reporter: speier blames a byzantine reporting progress on capitol hill that requires victims to wait at least 90 days before they can file a sexual harassment complaint. >> the present system may have been okay in the dark ages. it is not appropriate for the 21st century. >> reporter: the senate voted last week to mandate sexual harassment training for senators and their aides, and house speaker paul ryan said he would require the same thing if the house, this after 1500 former staffers signed a petition saying that congress needs to be held to the same rules, anthony, as the rest of the federal government. >> mason: nancy cordes at the capitol.
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senate republicans said today their tax plan would eliminate obamacare's individual mandate, which requires most americans to have health insurance or pay a penalty on their tax returns. with fewer americans insured, the government would spend less to subsidize health plans helping to pay for tax cuts. the house bill would not repeal the mandate. we have new video tonight of a failed rescue attempt in the mediterranean. at least five african migrants drowned and 58 others were injured last week when their rickety boat apsized en route to europe. itarchs peers their supposed rescuers, members of the libyan coast guard, were trying to capture them to return them to north africa. here's seth doane. >> reporter: johanes buyer watched as the migrants fell between their flimsy dinghy and the libyan coast guard boat.
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treading water. >> for me, it just felt like chaos, complete chaos. >> reporter: bear is in charge of the german aid boat "sea-watch" which scrambled to pull people from the water and filmed the libyan's botched rescue. >> the boat you're seeing there is not a rescue boat. it's a military patrol boat. it's not made for rescues. the libyans are hitting people with roams. they're shouting the whole time and put more chaos into the situation. >> reporter: with european union backing, italy has been training the libyan coast guard to boost its capabilities to stem migrant crossings, but bear says the libbians can be too aggressive in trying to turn migrants back. at one point, a migrant hangs off the side of the ship and is kicked. he clings to the ladder as the libyan vessel takes off. on the radio, there's a desperate plea. the voice says, "you're killing a person. you're killing a person." more than 19,000 in grants have been rescued or intercepted in an
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but with the libyan coast guard taking a more aggressive stance, some international aid voarkz stopped their rescue operations in the mediterranean, deeming it too dangerous to continue. anthony. >> mason: seth doane, thank you, seth. coming up next on the cbs evening news, if you try to skip this medication, your doctor will know it. he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong. allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities. with a level of protection in down markets. so you can head into retirement with confidence. brighthouse financial established by metlife.
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>> mason: in a first, the food and drug administration has approved a so-called digital pill. it contains awe sensor that lets the doctor know when it's been taken. dr. jon lapook joins us now. jon, who is this for and how does it work exactly? >> reporter: right now it's for people with psychic illness, including schizophrenia. it's combined with the medication, the person swallows it, it hits the stomach, and the signal is peopled to a patch on the person's skin and sends a signal to the
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medicine the way they're supposed to, so hopefully this could give the patient the ability to get a reminder, and also send a signal, if they want, to the doctor and torg people that the patient chooses. it's very important to say that the patient has to agree to do this. it's not forced on the patient. >> mason: are there potential uses for this, for other diesels? >> reporter: no doubt. okay, so, people who have diabetes, hypertension, other chronic illnesses, when you have to take a medicine, the same medicine every single day or do the same thing every single day, you can forget whether or not you did it. i mean, i sometimes forget whether i sham pood, right. you shampoo a second time and it lathered up and you say, "i shampooed." it hams with a and i will you can imagine over time this may be useful for the population. >> mason: it does raise concerns, though, doesn't it? >> reporter: it does, you have people talking about big brother issues and data inside of a person. there are as you implied privacy throoshz. once you have information going through the air, people could see it, could hack it. but really we s
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medical record in a big hospital and somebody could hack into that. >> mason: brave new world of technology. >> reporter: absolutely gl dr. jon lapook, thanks. and when we come back, a new barbie doll honors women who break boundaries. when you have a cold stuff happens. shut down cold symptoms fast with maximum strength alka seltzer plus liquid gels. it's life insurance and wharetirement solutions toic?
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one of the best health care plans washington has ever seen. chip reid now with pandacare. >> reporter: tian tian means more and more. a good name for him because he's the father of all three surviving giant pandas born in the national zoo. tai shantai shan and bao bao. at 20 years old, tian tian could father more cubs so when he shows any signs of ill health, he's treated like a national treasure. today, good news-- chief
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his sor arm is not the result of arthritis. a more worrisome issue, tian tian has been losing weight, even though his relationship with bamboo is as passionate as ever. they took blood to check for kidney and liver functions and other news. >> cancers will be firmer than the surrounding normal tissue. >> reporter: they finished up with-- yes-- acupuncture to stimulate growth of muscle mass. >> i used to think it was a bunch of hooey. >> reporter: not anymore. he's seen it work. in the end, tian tian passed his exam with flying, black-and-white colors. is your health care this good? >> no. ( laughter ).
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♪[ music ] hello, everybody. it's been an issue on capitol hill, and today we got some details of perhaps some solutions to the sexual harassment problem. today, members of the house committee heard scathing allegations of some of their own. barbara comstock, and jackie spear. >> somebody i trust told me the situation. this member asked a staffer to bring them over some materials to their residence, and the young staffer, it was a young woman, went there and was greeted with a member in a towel. it was a male, who then


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