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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  November 16, 2017 7:30pm-7:58pm EST

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tonight -- justin and selena caught kissing. how they're taking their romance to the next he'll and the weeknd getting back with his old flame. serena williams pressed for the guest list to her wedding. how kim k. made $10 million in four hours? "snl" legends reunited. they share their all time favorite 340e789s. do prince harry and william have cameos in the new movie? this is "entertainment tonight." if a picture is worth a ou
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new shot of justin bieber and selena gomez say about their friendship? >> we have got scoop on that and what is going on with selena's fof former boyfriend, the weekend. ♪ can't keep my hands to myself ♪ >> congratulations. you and selena getting back together. >> you guys going to make music together or what? ♪ i'm the one i'm the only one ♪ >> well, if you wanted proof jelena was officially back on, this kiss is it. 10:30 last night. justin played in his weekly hockey game. that's justin right there. selena and her cute dog were showed up later. the pda was congrats after bieber's team won. ♪ the heart wants what it wants ♪ >> so, what is happening? is first love true love? a source tells "e.t." -- their exclusive. they have both grown a lot over the years and are excited to be reconnected. justin has to prove himself to regain
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they can see this time is different. now here's where the story gets even juicier -- remember, just weeks ago selena was still with the weeknd. well, he is also back with his ex, bella hadid. yep, it seems like rebound roulette with singers. >> how do you feel to be back with bella? >> the weeknd didn't respond to questions but we are told he's hanging out with bella because bella will take him back and it's his way at getting back with selena. is the weeknd's maker jealous tactic working? we are told know, selena is completely over it and moving on with her life and is in a good place. >> love is definitely in the air. why don't we add
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news? no expense was spared today at serena williams tied the not with alexis ohanian . >> serena's florist delivered her bouquet this morning. thousands of them. when it comes to the toast, no shortage of champagne. another truck dropped off cases of bubbly. we are told the wedding will have a beauty and the beast theme. we are betting that's serena's dress in the bag. we are told it will be a no phone zone. so why all the secrecy? it is believed serena has social media as serena has signed a deal with "vogue" for exclusive pictures of the wedding. the guest
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told jay-z won't be there. our source also tells us kim kardashian is attending, as well as ciara. eva longoria is already there. in big easy. she attended the last night's rehearsal dinner. the dried was spotted last night after the dinner returning to her rented home. she paired her dress with nikes. >> i like the touch. only serena can do that. >> yes, she can. >> back to kich kardashian west. she's having quite the week, isn't she? >> she is. it seems that in less than four hours, she's cashing in -- that's with a "k". >> kim kardashian smells like white florals. >> and now? success. that's because within 24 hours of launching her "crystal gardenia" fragrance, it's reported kim has already made $10 million. launched yesterday and
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and with 300,000 bottles produced, with an average price of $47? that means it can bring in $14 million. i sat down with kim exclusively just before the launch. is there pressure sort of still at this point in the game to reinvent and create new at all times? >> absolutely. i mean, even pressure just from myself because that's who i am. >> and last night kim appeared on james corden for a "spill your guts or fill your guts" challenge. >> there have been lots of rumors about your sisters khloe and kylie being pregnant. >> this savvy businesswoman had to make the stomach turn choice of a sardine smoothy or confirming outside the brand. guess what she chose? >> are they true, yes or no? oh my god! the after taste. oh, my goodness. now, that is
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there. disgussing. >> oh! we both did the same thing. let's talk about something a little more appetizing. get your popcorn and red wine ready. tonight is the winter finale for "scandal." gladiators, i don't know if we can handle what's coming. >> there's a lot that goes down. it's a lot of mixed tum. all the use complicated feelings. >> in this speak peek, we see olivia on a mission to find her. >> i want to entire federal government turned into a machine for finding quinn. i want them to understand who's fight and then i want them finished. >> katie is facing a new jury charge of her own. i had a baby five weeks ago. it is six? what day is it. he smiles. it's probably jus
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but it's like the world stops singing. >> last night they inducted shon do. oprah did the honors. >> she's not bossy. she is the boss. shonda rhimes, this is your time. >> i was like, i wanted to take over the world, and that sounded fun, but i never dreamed of this. >> only 11 episodes left until the series ends. >> are you going take anything from the set? >> the thing i want to most, this is insane, the over office rug. >> she wants it too though. >> where you going to put it? it's a giant rugal maybe she'll take half and i'll take half. >> give her the rug. >> she's got pull, people. >> it's the oval office! come on! we were looking for kerry washington last night, but she couldn't be there. she's working. she's directing an
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episode. her costars tell us kerry is crushing it. someone else doing the same. dwayne "the rock" johnson. he's all about family first. now the proud papa is passing the torch to his 16-year-old daughter simone, who's about to rock a hollywood tradition. you see what i did there? >> simone garcia johnson. >> she was selected to be the 2018 golden globe ambassador. >> i am excited. i'm nervous. i'm a combination of all of those things, but at the end of the day i'm so excited for this whole experience. it's going to be amazing. >> my beautiful daughter. >> simone attended the awards with her dad last year. in january, she'll help present golden globes on stage during the awards. the rock continue be part of the event because he was shooting "skyscraper" in vancouver. >> i've been talking to him. i facetimed him yesterday, and he's so excited for me. it's awesome. >> we have seen her on
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girl. >> as she gets older you start to realize how crucial but awesome the daddy relationship is. in my mind, i'm only going to be daddy. >> the best piece of advice that my dad gave me was just to have fun and live in the moment, and i'm keeping that in the back of my mind with everything i do on this journey. >> in the past, the honor given to the sons and daughters of hollywood royalty was known as miss or mister golden globe. sylvester stallone's three daughters were the previous honorees and had this advice for simone. >> be confident and don't trip because that's the one thing we were most good about. so practice your walk in the shoes you're going to wear. >> don't fall. just don't fall. you've got this. >> that's great advice. >> at least i don't have to wear high heels. >> the awards are live january 7th on nbc. >> coming up next, the royal
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hair are i and william have officially gone to the dark side. the two princes, yep, they have shot cameos as storm troopers for the next "star wars" movie. >> this is what they do now -- they
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>> these will royals though. >> daniel craig confirmed he had appeared in a scene. the last jedi hits theaters december 14th. i'm counting down the days. me too. "modern family" hit its 200th episode. >> that's great. what's next for them? meeting a certain cast members new boyfriend as etonline found out. have you introduced wells to them yet? >> no. we are waiting, wells. right here in the dunphy living room. feel tree to show up whenever you want. >> no pressure. the relationship may only be a few weeks old, but it sound like she's already got her tv mom's approval. >> she just showed me pictures and flirty texts. there was nothing naked
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like that. >> this crew is celebrate almost a decade of working together. back in 2009, we could tell they were already bonded for life. >> what do you remember most about the pilot? >> julie covering her belly because i was pregnant with twins. >> at the time time nolan was this tall. what did you name him? the baby blocker. >> the kids went through the whole puberty thing. she had braces. >> he was 13 or 14 at the time. all these dudes coming up with me saying, what wassic i think like growing up with sofa vergara? i didn't know. i was like, she's my grandma. >> hottest grandma of all time. >> back together for a big honor. "sat
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heard from the set. >> favorite "snl" moment. >> you don't have to bite my toenails. >> julianne hough sharing her first christmas with her hubby as she reveals her next dancing partner. closed captioning provided by --
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what if there was only one paper? now what if there was only one mattress? one is not a choice. choose your mattress with tulo. everything you want in a bed, in a box.
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what if there was only one pet? now what if there was only one mattress? one is not a choice. choose your mattress with tulo. everything you want in a bed, in a box. that's documentary last night was better than i thought it would be. >> could have been about samuel morris the way they telegraphed that ending. >> i already pretended to laugh that that joke once. >> that's an exclusive look
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i know initinischelle loves it. >> it's funny. samuel morse the inventor of the telegraph. that's funny. the legends of "saturday night live" reuniting last night. >> that's aconnick. i was there. the motley crew of comedy was induct at. >> this a catch-up session? >> the ketchup section? >> "snl" vet lilly tomlin presented the honor to members of the original cast, including a now 80-year-old garret morris and 70-year-old jane curtin, fondly remembered by her coneheads costars. >> favorite "snl" moment? >> the coneheads. >> we had to eat fiber glass and it was made out cotton candy, and i thought, this is a great job.
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>> you're that clever shark, aren't you? >> candy gram. >> the shark, i loved it. >> also honored, the late john belushi and gilda radner. >> i liked being in there late on friday night. that was my favorite time. when it was just us, we and crew. that was beautiful a time. >> it continues to be great. >> oh, yeah. it's the greatest political satire show ever. >> hilarious by the way. >> donald trump has basically made it even bigger. >> i sent melania with a very convincing lookalike. >> lorne and donald trump are like kim john un and donald trump, you know? they need each other. >> that's an analogy i'm not going touch, dan akroyd. >> no, not at all. >> well, how about this all-star reunion? kristen bell and idina menzel, aka anna and elsa, will perform
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for the first time in forever -- get it? during abc's "the wonderful world of disney: magical holiday celebration." >> they're not the only ones. is. >> julianne hough and the guys from 98 degrees. and you were there for all the magic. >> yes, julianne clearly getting into the christmas spirit. and no better place to do that than the most magical place on earth. julianne is kicking off the holiday season from disneyworld. she'll soon be celebrating her first noel with husband brooks laich. >> this is our first christmas as a married couple, and i think we're just honestly just going to be home together. but we've always said that between the two families, we'll always have a year in between for ourselves. >> 98 degrees! >> nick lachey and 98 degrees are also in the spirit for "the wonderful world of disney: magical holiday celebration." ♪ it's got me believing this feeling's enough ♪ >> do you get the families together? what is the tradition? >> for a lot of years, we spent the holiday season together.
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own families and kids. it is a special time of year. you want to be with the people you love, and i love these guys. >> julianne and nick will also be doing an opening number dance routine together. >> do you think being on "dancing with the stars" helped nick with his moves and his stage-ography? >> i think maybe just the few moves that we do together, definitely, absolutely. thanks, peta. >> the two are also a part of "disney parks magical christmas celebration" airing on christmas day. is there any possible way 2018 can be better than 2017? this is a pretty killer year for you. >> i mean, 2017 is incredible. getting married to the love of my life was the best thing ever. it's going to be hard to top. but it's all about moving forward and embracing what is coming next. >> merry christmas! >> yeah, so what is actually next for julianne? she was returning as a judge on "dancing with the stars." it's the start of the finals. w
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the victoria's secret fashion show airs november 28th on cbs, and only we are with veteran angel adriana lima as she preps to spread her wings once again. >> i'm still nervous every time. >> adriana's gearing up for her 18th show. her first was back in 1999 as a fresh-faced 17-year-old who we met backstage. >> i feel a little nervous, but i can't wait to begin. >> i remember all the girls arriving -- tyra banks, heidi klum, stephanie samer. and i kept looking. i'm like, oh, my god, can't believe i'm next to these girls here. it was like a dream. >> this year's runway will be in shanghai, china. so, how's adriana prepping? she's working out. and watching her diet. >> right now, i get vegetarian. >> but the 36-year-old brazilian bombshell isn't all work and no play. just ask her kids, 8-year-old valentina and 5-year-old sienna. one of them just mige
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>> i think my oldest, i think. i imagine in a few years from now, maybe they are seated watching here. how crazy. i would have so much fun. beautiful girls. beautiful mama. coming up, meet
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models of all sizes. >> we have models from size 2 to 22. travel consideration provided by --
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tomorrow, the "justice league" uncensered. >> if you could tweet one thing about your customers. >> i would probably make car keys a little smaller. >> they're unbelievable behind the scenes story. tomorrow on "e.t." good boy. awe, that is jimmy fallon getting a high five from his best forehand gary. >> it's a girl. >> all right. jimmy made the cut of "people" magazi magazi magazine seyiest men and their bets. >> i could go all day on this story. he says he learned a valuable lesson when he surprised his
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because she realized all the work that goes into it. not the best surprise. >> if you can't win giving a puppy has a gift, you got to shot, right? >> for more video go to the peoples tv app. bye-bye everybody.
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can we start the movie? before sheldon gets here? last time we did that, he didn't talk to us for a month. so do it! hold on. where is he? well, according to his text, he was on the second floor, then he stopped to tie his shoe. (phone chimes) all tied, and... hello! hi. sorry we're late. amy took forever tying my shoe. koothrappali: all right! who's excited to see a documentary? oh, i know this one. nobody ever. hey! this one's going to be great. this is about the rivalry between a cool renegade scientist, nikola tesla, and his arch-nemesis, thomas edison. it's the greatest scientific feud of all time. i mean, you can forget about leibniz and newton. done. so, tesla's the one that invented the electric car? (laughter)


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