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tv   WUSA 9 News at 530pm  CBS  November 17, 2017 5:30pm-5:59pm EST

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it will not burn gas. never need the brakes replaced. and it can go 500 miles on an electric charge. even with an 80,000-pound load. that's wusa9 news at 5:00. but we're still trucking. the news at 5:30 starts right now. and it starts with a series story. more victims are are coming forward today. women and men after last night's special assignment unit report on rape in the military. we're getting new information from the pentagon about the statute of limitations for reporting those crimes. >> less dee, the department of defense rivers to this as mst. or military sexual trauma. but many victims are telling us that vague acronym makes the crime more acceptable. they believe it should be called what it is, rape. >> i was repeatedly raped by a high level senior in
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of command. it at no time stop. >> being raped twice in the military while you were serving in the military do this to you? >> it did. i wasn't like this before. instead of trying to fight. i froze. >> you're doing this to your own people. this is not an enemy from another country. or some faction group. this is somebody who wears the same uniform as me. >> frozen. not believing this would happen. he was a marine. supposed to be my brother. >> i just froze. i was kind of drunk. i didn't know what to do. the second time i did. i was like you need to stop. he didn't. he rape
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being raped or the betrayal of one of your brothers ? >> in a is actually a really hard question. and i don't know if i can answer it. >> i felt ashamed and i felt dirty. >> even though you didn't do anything wrong. >> even though i didn't do anything wrong. >> i was threatened directedly with my career. i will end your career. i will make your life a living hell. >> did you report that? >> i just got into a new unit. >> you think reporting it would have prevented you -- >> it would have for sure. because there would have been an investigation. you blocked this whole ordeal out and deployed to afghanistan? >> yes. >> that disappointment and betrayal stays
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your leadership failed you. >> this is hell. trying to pretend you're normal. because you don't want to admit that you have a mental illness that shouldn't be something you have to hide. it shouldn't be something that's shameful. it should be just as normal as having a broken wrist, a broken hand. >> did you leave the military because of these two rapes ? >> i did. a nervous break down. >> the betrayal caused me to not be able to trust anybody else. you're supposed to be able to trust them with their lives. and i can't trust them. >> i quit. that's the resentment i take away. >> you don't strike me as somebody that quits
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anything. >> no. >> you said you just want people to see you as normal. >> people are like oh, you're broken. >> five years of my life i blocked it out. and i'm still dealing with it. it didn't make it go away. >> trying to get help is not easy. and they have the mental health clinics at the va. but you wait for hours. and you never see a doctor. >> over the years i realize by not speaking out, i carry the burden. i shouldn't be mine to carry any more. >> why are you brave enough to talk to us today? >> i'm sick of being silent. i want people to understand that this happens more than people think. >> we asked the pentagon whether there was a statute of limitations for reporting and prosecuting rape cases. a spokesman referred us to article 43 of the uniform code of military justice.
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and sexual assault cases may be tried and punished at any time without limitation. andrea, let's talk about the feedback that you're getting. you're hearing from people all across the country. >> absolutely. victims who are men and women. who have not reported. and it's a tough position. wondering whether we should encourage them to report. i heard from one gentleman who was getting help locally. he was raped by a fellow service member when he was just 17 years old. >> they deserve so much better from the country that they serve. >> they dedicated their careers, their lives to our country and serving us. and this happens. but the good news from all of this is the three women that we showed you in this report feel empowered. they're getting wonderful feedback. because they had the courage to come forward. and that's really important to us as journalists. that they feel good about
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and they have obviously made a tremendous difference in the lives of others. >> and we are so grateful for their service. and for their speaking out. andrea, thank you. if you've been victimized and you need assistance, we posted a link to our wusa9 facebook page. and our website where you can report the crime. we've also provided information on places to get help outside of the military. still ahead, the gop tax plan could be in trouble. why republicans are divided over the bill. plus jz demands justice for a fellow rapper. why he says the criminal justice system is stalking black people. here are the current windchills. it feels like it's 50 downtown. not bad. it feels like 45
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rapper jz wrote an ad in the new york times in support of a fellow rapper. he says this is one example of how our criminal justice system entraps. a philadelphia judge sentenced him to two to
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prison on probation violations citing a failed drug test and not restricting his travel. jz says probation ends up being a land mine with a random misstep bringing consequences greater than the crime. george clooney is headed back to the small screen. he'll star in the series of the classic novel catch 22. he left the show er to pursue his film career. not a lot of time for ice sports in nigeria. first the jamaican bobsledders. now these three women will hop into the bobsled and try to make history. among the many obstacles, they don't have a sled yet. that happened to the jamaicans too. 10,000 dollars has been raised for the efforts so far. until then, they'll practice on their wooden left. thdo
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either. is that right? more money requested for three areas devastated by hurricanes. but some say it's not enough. and is the republican tax bill in trouble? face the nation hosts john dickerson to discuss, on the way next.
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after three devastating hurricanes, the white house is asking for more money. some lawmakers from hurricane hit regions say that's not enough. this is president trump's third request for disaster relief money. it totals now close to $100 billion. listen, i've honored you by allowing you to start off here. what you said is not right. i come from the lower middle class. we didn't is anything. so don't spew that stuff on me. i get a little tired of that crap. >> things got a little heated
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last night at a senate committee when they were debating the republican tax plan. democratic senator brown of ohio accused the gop of pushing a plan that only rewards the rich. the republican senator of utah took offense and said he was an advocate for the middle class. the committee ultimately approved the tax bill. it goes to the senate floor after thanksgiving. joining us live to discuss face the nation host and political director of cbs news, john dickerson. let's talk about this tax bill. when you look at the house and senate side, there would be a lot of different issues to reconcile. even then, some republicans aren't on board at all. >> they're not. but it depends on how many are not on board. the important thing to watch is what's happening in the senate. you have ron johnson from wisconsin who says the benefits are take a minuted too much toward corporations and not small business. that's one thing they'll have to fix in
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basically, including the removal of the individual mandate. part of the affordable care act. that that's going to destabilize the health care market. she won't vote for it unless another bill is passed that will stabilize the market. so you can see areas that republican leaders have to fix to get the majority. they can't afford to lose many republican senators so we'll see that play out here in the next couple weeks after thanksgiving. >> does it seem that the republican leadership is optimistic that these are on tackles that can be overcome. >> they're optimistic. but they have to be. and there's a lot of pressure here to get something done. we won't know until they try to solve some of these problems. what happens sometimes in legislation is it's the old bump in the rug problem. you push it down one place and it comes up somewhere else. t
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create problems in other places. the member of congress looks at the attention and they want a little of that themselves. the dynamics of legislation are very tricky with tax legislation. so whatever we know, we know it will be complicated. >> another huge problem being discussed right now. in political circles. the issue of sexual harassment. we know president trump tweeted against senator al franken today. after franken was accused of sexual harassment. there seems to be a dichotomy that people are calling the president on. >> the larger issue we're debating in american society is what the are standards ? what's at play when a woman comes forward and makes an accusation about a man in power who has abused her? and is the political standard the only one that's important? in other words, if it's somebody on my team, i defend them. somebody on the other team, i call them ou
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in the moment we're in right now is what a lot of people are saying. and they're saying in hollywood. in corporate board rooms and in washington. so we're going to watch this all play out. the other risk for the president is he has issues on his own front. twelve accusers came forward during the campaign and accused him of sexual misconduct. there was also an audio tape on which he boasted about it. he's got a careful situation here and has to wonder whether this new standard applies to his past behavior as well. >> let's hope politicians can reconcile this and it doesn't fall off the table of discussion. on face the nation this sunday, guests include senator tom cotton and representative jackie spear on wusa9. there's still time for you to help us make a difference tonight. you might remember robert and mia. they have a thee
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they're expecting triplets. all girls. so we're accepting diaper donations in all sizes. the address is right there on your screen. and thank you to all of you who have helped out this family. you know, six children all under the age of three in diapers. that's a whole lot of diapers. so we're going to make sure that all of your generous donations get to the family. bros and bows. >> a lot going on. >> i have three daughters. i don't know if i could have handled them all at once. that would have been challenging. they are unbelievable. they're going to go through some diapers. wow. ready for a big change over the weekend? tomorrow is not so bad temperature wise. temperatures fall on sunday. don't be deceived if you get up early and go to church, it's warm, it'll cool off by late afternoon
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dew points upper 20s. a little dry air mass. nothing crazy. winds west/northwest at 7. then they'll switch and become more southwesterly. then south/southwest by dawn. it stays breezy but chilly tonight. some showers tomorrow in the morning especially north. gaithersburg north. up into hagerstown and cumberland. most showers and rain fall over night. then windy and colder. 30 miles per hour here. 50 miles per hour in the mountains. a wind advisory sunday morning in some parts of the metro area. 50s are hanging tough. 59 tomorrow. 56 on sunday. don't dress for that temperature. dress for the 30s and 40s. milder. next tuesday and wednesday. we're back in the mid to upper 50s. so tonight, clear skies. 30s and 40s by morning. clouds roll in. we stay dry. by 10:00, here are the
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martinsburg, cumberland, temperatures in the 40s. showers north of i-70. by 6:00, pretty nice down to the south. almost 60. showers continue to the north. these showers roll through over night on saturday. could be a residual shower early on sunday morning. then big time snows west of the divide. wind, 6:00 saturday, winds gusting to 34 miles per hour. by midnight on sunday, winds gusting to 43 miles per hour. then by 6:00 a.m. on sunday, winds gusting up to 44 miles per hour. that may be aggressive. but be advised, winds are coming our way. write the address on your trash can on sunday night. temperatures, low 40s. 50 by 11:00. 55 by 1:00. sunday, windy, cold, a shower, but chilly and nice on monday. low 50s or around 50. tuesday and wednesday milder. maybe a sprinkle. turkey day, sunshine, temps
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now, wusa9 sports with frank hanrahan. brought to you by xfinity. a couple weeks ago the redskins were given little chance when they went to seattle. and guess what? they won. they face the new orleans saints who have won seven in a row. and not many think the redskins have a shot in this game. in the loss of the vikings. not enough plays made. the redskins, a seven point under doll in the big easy. it won't be easy for the redskins who will go without key players because of injury. but so what. got to make the trip and play with who you got. >> it's exciting for us to go down there and take what we got with us. and see what we can match up with. they're number one in offense right now in the league. we got our work cut out for us. we're looking forward to the opportunity to face them. >> each week is
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week. to always start off the next week with a win. we're going to go out there and give it everything we got and try to get a victory. that's the main thing. she showed she could race with the men. but in the end, not a lot of wins cost danica patrick her career. she'll race in the daytona 500 and the indie 500 next year and call it quits. despite her lack of success on the track. she'll be known as one of the most endorse you believe athletes ever. appeared in 14 super bowl ads. most endorsable. >> derek earnhardt jr. and matt kenseth. then we enter the dark season. no racing for three months. >> what will you do without a race? poor thing. coming up at 6:00, wait until you hear some of
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he says he just wanted to put on a fun family event. behind his bar and grill. charles county has gone and shut it down. more than a thousand people shared video on facebook. more than 150 people commented. many say the government has gone too far. what is this controversial event? it's a turkey shoot not familiar? no problem. here's debra. >> what do you think a turkey shoot is. >> a turkey shoot? >> okay. shoot the turkey. >> they're not shooting turkeys. >> no. >> it's really like country boy bingo. >> he didn't realize when charles county shut down the turkey shoot he was planning behind his bar and grill that his facebook video would go viral. really sad. all the guys in my house were pumped and ready for sunday. >> this is another over reach of an arm of government. >> i had to shut off my notifica
5:58 pm
field, here's where the targets are. and people use a shotgun. and what's called bird shots to shoot at a target like this. >> this guy almost took out the red tot in the center. >> i just got off the phone in charles county. they say since 1992 you needed a special exception code to is a turkey shoot. that says you're shooting outside. it could cause traffic, be noisy, kick up dust or another kind of negative impact. >> $242 just to ask the question if it's okay to have it. >> he says that could take months and there's no way he can get it. so the shoot may be off. but the support is a bull's eye. >> i just expect it as normal. >> wusa9. they held their first turkey shoot last week. it's the second one they had to call off. if you're wondering why the fee is more than $1,200? the county says it's to cover the time it ke
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advertising for a public hearing. right now at 6:00, there are calls for democratic senator al franken to resign from office. franken has chosen to stay out of public video since an l.a. radio host accused him of kissing and groping her years ago. the editorial board of the minneapolis star tribune says the incident cannot be excused. too much for him to continue in the senate. >> people are saying he should resign. >> he says franken aggressively kissed her during a rehearsal for a skit on a 2006 uso tour and she produce add photo that shows franken with his hands over her breast while she slept. franken apologized after
6:00 pm
democrats and republicans calling for a senate ethics investigation. franken says he'll cooperate fully. cbs has spoken to 13 of his former female staffers. they all say they've never experienced or seen any inappropriate behavior from the senator. president trump is being called out for his tweet about the al franken accusations. this morning the president tweeted the al frankenstein picture is really bad. speaks a thousand words. where do his hands go in pictures two, three, four, five, and six while she sleeps. the president made no mention on twitter or otherwise about sexual assault allegations against roy moore. choosing to let the white house do his talking. during the presidential campaign. at least 11 women publicly accused president trump of sexual misconduct in the past. the white house says the president's comments are not hyper critical. >> i think in one case, specifically. senator franken has aded


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