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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 24, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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metro hopes a small change could save them millions, how that tweek could affect you. >> and until we can all get behind the small breweries in maryland. >> thanksgiving meal never goes bad, right? we'll verify. >> a family already making christmas meals for those in need. the wusa9 news at 11:00 starts now. but firs
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frigid fall weather could ease up for the weekend. here's melissa nord with d.c.'s most accurate forecast. >> thank you for alling me accurate. accuracy does count. we have to talk about a warmer saturday ahead. it's a little chilly now on this evening of your black friday. in d.c. we're down to 41 degrees and a light wind coming from the south between 5 to 10 miles per hour and with the winds lightening it will be chilly but not as cold as we started out this morning. down to 43 in hagerstown. look at this, frederick 32, culpeper 31. so bundle up. some spots get below freezing tonight, but here is your forecast for those black friday shoppers heading into small business saturday. we'll start in the 30s. lunchtime we quickly climb up with a mostly sunny sky to 55 degrees, more clouds in the afternoon, up to 60 for a lot of spots. that will be the warmest day of this weekend because we have our next little cold front sliding in. at
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coming on the way for sunday. coming up i'm going to talk about the forecast for the maryland terps game and also check out when we could hit the mid-60s. if you like warmer weather, stick around. >> thank you so much. we appreciate that. here are some headlines you may have missed if you were out this black friday. today started with tragedy for one family. a woman 80 years old died after a house fire in capital hits, maryland, around 3 a.m. there was a man inside. he got out. the fire started in the kitchen. there were no smoke alarms in the home according to the fire department. the death toll in today's attack on an egyptian mosque has climbed to 235. survivors say two dozen militants targeted worshipers during friday prayers in the northern sinai peninsula. the suicide bomber detonated explosives. then others opened fire inside the mosque and outside all as ambulances arrived. so far no one
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responsibility. president trump's former national security advisor michael flynn cut off talks with the president's legal team. this is a sign flynn might be cooperating with special prosecutor robert mueller. he's investigating russia's interference in last year's presidential election. time magazine, they're going to announce their person of the year for 2017 on december 6th, but it seems one contender has already pulled his name from consideration. today donald trump tweeted this. time magazine called to say i was probably going to be named man in parenthesis person of the year like last year, but i would have to agree to an interview and a major photo shoot. i said probably is no good and took a pass. thanks anyway. you can vote in the readers choice poll until december 3rd. they made that clear after they released a response today saying that the president is incorrect about how we choose person of the year. time does not comment on our choice until the publication, which is
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now, saudi crowned prince mohammad bin salman is in the lead with 20%. tied with 5% is donald trump, the dreamers and the me too movement. uber keeps making news. this week a driver posing as an uber driver was charged with sexually assaulting a woman at american university. then it came out the company was hacked. millions of users had their data compromised and now a driver came to us for help. here's transportation reporter pete muntean. >> it's stressful. >> reporter: our drive showed us her uber app but -- driver showed us her uber app but not her face. she is worried about her safety and her job if word got out. >> next time i may not be so lucky. >> reporter: our driver said she was assaulted earlier this year. three men came into her car, rude, loud and in her physical space. they left before she could call the police.
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but all she got was a seemingly canned response. >> i had to think about it do i really want to do this anymore? >> reporter: on monday a former uber drive was charged with sexually assault -- driver was charged with sexually assaulting a woman at the university. he quit driving two years ago but still had the uber sticker on his honda. >> what is it going to take for somebody to do something about the protection of the riders and the drivers? >> reporter: uber is trying to deal with the assaults. the company is giving new training and sent out sexual assault prevention information to all of its users. our driver's idea was in-car cameras and wants a panic button built directly into the app. she said that would prove the company is sharing the burden of a ride sharing problem. >> that would make me feel so much better, just to know that my safety, they care about me, not me in general, but, you know,
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pete muntean, wusa9. metro says it needs to pinch even more pennies, so get ready for some changes. metro will no longer allow you to exit a station with a negative balance on your smart trim card. the gate won't -- trip card. the gate won't open. you'll have to go to an exit fare machine and add to your card. those machines only accept cash. the change takes place january 8th. outstanding balances on smartrip cards have ladded up to about $25 million. here's another metro alert. starting tomorrow red line will not operate between silver spring and ft. totten. the takoma station is closed for repairs. the red line will run in two segments between shady grove and ft. totten and between glenmont and silver spring. this starts tomorrow. the work lasts through december 10th. black friday is almost over, but it might be losing a little bit of s
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for years. usually online shopping is to blame, but there's another culprit. thanksgiving. sales are up 29% from last year with the holiday because those deals began thanksgiving morning. they run all weekend. if you wait until after the weekend, we get to cyber monday. many people wait to shop till then. if you're one of those people, what do we have for you? a roundup of all the deals on the wusa9 app and website. you can find a list of all the best sales. we're just beginning the shopping season, but one maryland family has a full focus on christmas. it's a tradition six years in the making. they're gathering donations and prepping to feed hundreds of homeless people on christmas day. here's marcella robertson. >> reporter: angela cowan has her hands full, a single mom of five, and in he
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preaches gratitude. >> you have to learn how to give back or help out any way you can. >> reporter: a few years ago christmas day she and her family decided to cook for the homeless. >> the very first year was chicken noodle assume, cake and water and crackers in the back of my jeep. it was just that one time turned into six years. this year we'll be serving turkeys, gravy, macaroni and cheese. >> reporter: every year they feed close to 300 people right on the corner of 14th and k streets in d.c. >> it can grow more, you know. it can grow more if i had more help. it's not always about money. it's about you actually coming out, putting gloves on, standing in front of someone that's less fortunate than you and giving back. >> reporter: this year the prepping has already started. >> by the end of next week this whole thing will be full. >> being able to feed them is just much more
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getting like uggs and, you know, playstations and stuff like that. to me that's more rewarding than receiving a gift. >> reporter: full stomach and full hearts from a family just wanting to share a small piece of their blessings. >> so if i can be blessed, i can bless other people and my kids can, too and they're grateful. >> reporter: in waldorf, marcella robertson, wusa9. >> they are looking for donations and more hands to help out especially. we have a way to get in touch with them on our website. there's much more to come on the news at 11:00 including why beer lovers will want to raise a glass to the maryland government after a new beer. >> an act of kindness may not change the world, but it can change someone's day. that's exactly what happened when we started giving out
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thanksgiving is over, but that won't stop us from stuffing our faces with leftovers for days to come. we answered your turkey questions last week on facebook, but now a new question is top of mind. how long do you keep leftovers? so much of my life is spent googling how long left joes last. no need to google. our verify team is here. our researcher went to experts from the usda, the academy of dieticians and first unless you want your work to go to waste, get leftovers into the fridge within two hours of dinner time and when you heat up turkey, it needs to go to 165 degrees fahrenheit to be safe,
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long should you keep all of that yummy food around for? >> leftovers will keep in the refrigerator for three days and up to three months in the freezer. if you have leftovers on the stove that may be still piping hot, you want to create an ice bath. in a clean sink add water and some ice cubes and then submerge that pan directly into the ice bath and that's going to quickly chill down the food. >> we can verify warm them up, whamo. after three to four days that they've been in the fridge, you got to get rid of them or you might end up tossing your cookies. our experts at patient first medical center if you don't follow those guidelines and store yourself properly in airtight containers, you're in a world of stomach problems, ain't no time for that driving home from grand ma's house. for more food safety tips, head over to >> if you have something for
11:14 pm or reach out to us on twitter or facebook. the new proposal in maryland has craft brewers buzzing about what could be in store for their future. the bill could make maryland brewers competitive with their more lucrative friends in virginia and d.c. here's john henry. >> reporter: it seems with every passing day the craft brewing phenomenon grows stronger. there's plenty of evidence of that here. >> a community brewery to bring people back to montgomery county. >> reporter: the co-founder said the industry is gaining steam locally and that the state of maryland is helping foster that growth. >> alcohol production is starting to take off. people are starting to recognize our state has a lot going for it. >> reporter: it's this latest proposal that has many brewers in maryland excited coming from the state controller. it would do away with the limits the amount
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and sell. in both virginia and d.c. brewers have such limit. it would allow all tap rooms and breweries to stay open as long as local governments allow them. currently most local breweries can only stay open till about 10:00, about two hours shorter than their competitors south of the potomac. it's hoped the legislation will encourage brewers to produce more beer leading to better sales and better state economy. >> let's first try to manage the work-through and figure out loopholes, not loopholes, but kind of figure out ways we can continue to grow within the specific structure that's there. >> reporter: from rockville, john henry, wusa9. >> tomorrow could be a really good day to go out and get some beer. it's going to be warm perhaps? it will be warmer. there's a lot of fun college football games on including one
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it's going to be a nice day tomorrow for some beer drinking or just to do some supporting of small businesses, shop local, small business saturday. we do have a cold front bringing a few changes to our forecast by the second half of the weekend. first that 3-degree guarantee. >> how did you do? >> my favorite part of the day. forecast 55, made it to 53, so it was in that margin. for tomorrow i'm forecasting 60. we'll see how we do. right now in d.c. we've got 41 degrees, temperatures tonight going to be falling into the 30s, a few low 30s below freezing in some of the typical cooler spots, manassas waking up to 31 degrees tomorrow morning, 31 in frederick and freezing in leesburg and montgomery county. tomorrow we have a warm southern flow right ahead of this next cold front. now you look at the cold front and say i don't see a lot of rain and thunderstorms in front of it. there's not. this front is moisture starved. so it will struggle to
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there will be the trance -- chance of a stray shower, but for the most part clouds in the late afternoon hours and then they clear back bringing sunshine, but colder weather on the way for sunday. let's go to futurecast. i want to talk about your small business saturday. we start off at 8:00 tomorrow morning, sunshine, 30s. lunchtime tomorrow a few clouds streaming in, but we're still nice and warm. look at this. winchester 60 degrees at lunch imtoo. then the front starts -- lunchtime. then the front starts to move through, still warm at 4:00. temperatures fall up in the mountains behind the i-81 corridor. the best chance for a shower tomorrow is in the mountains. the front clears. we're looking at a cooler day following on sunday and also breezy day. tomorrow a little southwest breeze for the game for the maryland terps tomorrow. we've got penn state in town. 60 degrees kickoff
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tomorrow falling down through the 50s. then for travel sunday, 50 degrees. it will be breezy and much cooler for sunday and i think that we're going to see plenty of sunshine returning for sunday afternoon as well as monday and tuesday and wednesday. watch this. we've got high pressure building in. so this means we've got really quiet weather, not a whole lot in the rain department this week, but what we do have are some warmer above average temperatures. how is that for the ending of november? 64 wednesday, still 60 on thursday. it doesn't feel like weather for a lot of winter sports. >> not at all. by the way, you know what's going to get hot? redskins got to get going. the redskins season is very much alive after beating the giants last night, more on their outlook and how they could get even hotter and make a run. that's next.
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thing. the redskins kept their season alive with a win l.a. night. doesn't matter how you do -- last night. doesn't matter howe do it, they got a -- how you do it, they got a much needed victory knocking off the new york giants late last night. it wasn't pretty, but there were some pretty moment. kirk cousins hooking up with jamison crowder who was awesome for a touchdown in the 3rd quarter, in fact, first touchdown for crowder this season. the game winner cousins hooking up with josh dotson in the corner of the end zone. in the defense they were stout. the skins get the win and close it out, now 5-6, visit dallas next thursday night, another big game. we do know this, though, the redskins very much having a lot to play for. >> it's always great to win, but after losing two tough games th
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just feels great to get back on the winning side and hopefully we can just ride the momentum for the rest of the season. >> i'm excited to face dallas. i'm always pumped up to play dallas. this game is going to be bigger than dallas. it's playing for my reputation, playing for a championship. we just have to win and we have to do it together. >> as we saw earlier, what is the deal with this sort of new tradition of the winning team on thanksgiving day eating big turkey legs? there's something strange about watching someone eating a big turkey leg. that's disturbing, but hey, that's what you do when you win. big maryland football class 4a state playoff game tonight and our chris williamson was there. >> reporter: in their first ever meeting against each other what a great save for no. 6, undefeated north point and no. 8 quince orchard. a cougars win would mean back to back state title appearances, mea
11:24 pm
first ever. 1st quarter joshua crumm getting skinny in the hole. cougars tie it up and bonner fighting for the end zone, give me that, 14-7 quince orchard. still a seven-point game. play action, the dartmouth commit throws a bomb to trey wade. he's got a hot date with the end zone, 64 yards, the defense nowhere to be found. he's got some words after for the defender, 21-7 quince orchard. they pummeled north point after that. 40-21 is the final. after such a dominating win to get back to the state championship game quince orchard will take on no. 1 wise in a rematch of last year's 4a state title game. last year the pumas whooped up on the cougars 42-7, so you know quince orchard will be looking fo
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chris williamson, wusa9 sports. >> that will be a good one next
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will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars to those in need. wusa9 is making an impact, how you can help monday at 11:00. we can all use a little more kindness, right? the past few weeks we've had some experiments here at wusa9 to see what would happen if we surprised strangers with just a little gift and asked them to do the same. we've called it acts of kindness. here's a look at some of our favorite moments. >> is it real? is it real? oh, my god. >> it's santa claus. that's what she is. >> give it to me. lord jesus, have mercy. >> he's working today. nobody gives nobody anything like that.
11:29 pm
>> they just gave me $100 and one of the things i had to do was give $100 to somebody else. >> there's a catch. >> reporter: what are you going to do with it? >> give it to my daughter to pay for college. >> reporter: what are you going to do with yours? >> i'm probably going to give it to her. >> i appreciate that. >> reporter: i just happen to have a $100 bill in my pocket. >> oh. >> reporter: and i was thinking that maybe that you might want this. >> oh. >> reporter: what if i gave you another $100 bill to give to someone else. >> oh. yeah, absolutely. >> reporter: like what if you could give it to somebody right now. >> you guys don't know. i have two kids. they gave me $100, mom. yes, i'm serious. >> today is my husband's birthday. >> reporter: you want to give your money away now? >> sure. >> reporter: she wants to carry out a random
11:30 pm
>> hey, wait. hold it. this is random acts of kindness. >> reporter: one hundred dollars. this is your first day here on the job. >> my goodness, thank you so much! >> for real. >> thank you, jesus. this is good. is it real? >> yes. >> i got a blessing. i needed it. >> it just makes you smile. we have an update to an amazing story. a woman touched by a homeless man's random act of kindness has raised over $330,000. if you haven't seen this story, it starts with kate mcclure driving on i-95 in pennsylvania. she runs out of gas. she gets out of her car to walk to the gas station, but johnny bobbitt told her get back in her car because it's not
11:31 pm
there. he proceeds to walk himself spending his last $20 to buy gas and repay him she started a gofundme hoping to raise 10,000 bucks. let's take a look at the page right now. 345,000 bucks and if that isn't an act of kindness, i just don't know what is. it's beautiful. what do you think of that, guys? >> amazing. >> let's end the show on that. that's wusa9 news for tonight. want to take us out? >> am i supposed to read that? >> yeah. read that. >> toodles, everyo
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