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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  November 30, 2017 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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the trump administration is urging countries to sever ties with north korea following its latest missile test. good afternoon and thank you for joining us at noon, i'm andrea roane. united nations ambassador nikki haley issued a stern warning
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kim jong-un's continued active aggression. the only two countries that have any real ties with north korea are russia and china, and russia is rejecting the trump administration's calls for the international community to turn its back on the north. ben tracy is following it all and filed this report from tokyo. >>reporter: [ explosion ] >>reporter: as north korea's most advanced missile launched into the night sky, a beaming kim jong-un was clearly pleased with his regime's accomplishment. the hwasong-15 rocket is the third icbm launched by north korea in the past six months. >> the dictator of north korea made a choice yesterday that brings the world closer to war, not farther from it. >>reporter: at an emergency meeting of the united nations security council, u.s. ambassador nikki haley issued a stark warning about what she calls north korea's continued acts of aggression. >> if war comes, make no
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regime will be utterly destroyed. the trump administration is calling on china, north korea's main trading partner to entirely cut off the regime's oil supply. >> little rocket man. >>reporter: president trump made fun of kim jong-un during a speech outside st. louis on tax reform. >> he is a sick puppy. >>reporter: but experts who have studied photos of the regime's new weapon are taking it very seriously. >> i think it's clear from the pictures that it's a more capable rocket than certainly than the last one we saw. >>reporter: david wright of the union of concerned signties says he's surprised by how -- scientists say he's surprised by how fast north korea is advancing its missile program. >> i'm less skeptical than i might have been that they can deliver a warhead to certainly the west coast, and maybe larger parts of the united states. so i think the threat that they had been talking about is a real threat at this point. >>reporter: after this latest missile launch, north korea says it has completed its nuclear weapons program and stme
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un said it was such a milestone, it should be recorded in the nation's history. ben tracy, cbs news, tokyo now, all of this is playing out as reports surface that the white house is planning to remove secretary of state rex tillerson and replace him with current cia director mike pompeo within the next few months. when asked about tillerson's job status during a photo op about an hour ago, mr. trump simply said rex is here. well, it's a key step forward for the senate version of a tax reform bill, arizona senator john mccain is giving it a thumbs up, boosting its chances of passing by friday. admitting the bill is not perfect, mccain said he still believes it would enhance american competitiveness, boost the economy and provide long overdue tax relief for middle class families. one of president trump's tweets has angered u.s.' closest ally. british prime minister theresa
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from a far right group were the wrong thing to do. may spoke from jordan, adding she's not afraid to criticize friends when they get things wrong. the british ambassador and other united kingdom diplomats brought up their concerns at the white house after mr. trump retweeted anti-muslim videos from the white nationalist group britain first yesterday. well, we're not going to hit 70 like yesterday, but we'll be closer to 60 this afternoon which is several degrees above seasonal averages. check this out. we got a line of rain coming through detroit, approaching buffalo right now. this is ahead of a cold front that will be arriving later on this evening into tonight. now, the showers look pretty solid here, but i think they're going to have less oomph when they get here. out ahead of that front, temperatures are mild. temperatures up to 60 in pittsburgh, 65 charleston. we're 54, again, considerably cooler than yesterday, but that's about
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or the average anyway. so for today look for temperatures this afternoon upper 50s to near 60 in town. it'll be a little bit cooler north and west and then some spotty showers to about 8:00, 9:00 until about midnight or so. they are not going to be very widespread and we have not had a lot of rain here over the last few weeks. radar does show clouds increasing late from the west. clouds this evening with some spotty showers see them there west of leesburg and out in the mountains by 8:00. we'll be in the lower 50s. and then by midnight notice the shower threat mainly east of us, clouds will clear out overnight, so tomorrow morning we'll have temps down to the 30s and 40s, winds turn to the northwest. so another cooler day, but, yeah, for december 1, i mean, here we are at the start of december, we're going to have temperatures by lunchtime in the low 50s, topping out in the mid-50s by friday afternoon. and then the weekend, that's still looking really good around here with highs both days in the 50s. we'll be back in a few minutes talking t
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weather here late next week. you can, of course, check the forecast at any time on our wusa 9 app. andrea. >> thank you, howard. well, get this, imagine finding out the doctor who delivered your baby is a fake. that's what happened to a few patients treated by a doctor charles acota at prince georges hospital center. and now at least 10 women have filed a class action lawsuit. now, the women say their rights were violated. the hospital says it conducted a background check. the man whose real name is olawafami barasi used a fake identity and false documents to get his medical license. officials found the fake documents when they searched his home last year. a firefighter from maryland is out of a job after being found guilty on child sex abuse charges. donald stanphil is from prince george's county but he was charged in charles county. the 39-year-old had been with the prince george's county fire department
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on administrative duties when the charges were originally filed in 2016. he resigned yesterday. d.c. mayor meur yool bowser has launched an investigation into stunning revelations about seniors who graduate from belew high school last year. according to a joint report by wamu radio and npr, dozens of those students probably shouldn't have graduated at all. that's because half of the students missed more than three months of their senior year without excuses. >> you don't necessarily know that's true. >> whatever they did last year we have to do better or whatever, and it puts a lot of pressure on us being the new senior class. >> it's just impossible to get the type of instruction you need if you miss that many days or hours. >> and we've learned that d.c. councilmembers are also planning a hearing to investigate graduation rates across the entire city. some good news for dog
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rid of a rule banning dogs from d.c. outdoor restaurant patios is gaining more support. the new law would allow business owners to choose whether they want to allow dogs on leashes at their establishments. councilmembers passed the temporary measure last month that puts the ban on hold, but it's only scheduled to last 90 days. looking for a new recipe? how about one with a little kick? the metropolitan wellness center is hosting a class on cooking with cannabis later this week. according to mwc there will be live cooking expos from 3:00 until 4:30 this sunday afternoon at the fridge gallery in southeast. you don't have to have a cannabis card, but you must be a d.c. resident to attend. you're going to need a healthy dose of the holiday spirit if you're planning to check out the national christmas tree lighting ceremony tonight. that's because traffic is going to be crazy. national park police
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shutting down roads around the elipse around noon, so you may want to consider taking metro to get there and back. the festivities begin at 4:30. more than three weeks before christmas american airlines is facing a holiday meltdown. a union blames a computer glitch for giving too many pilots time off. now, that scheduling mistake to leave 15,000 upcoming flights without a captain, copilot or both. and those american jets cannot leave without them. kris van cleave is at the american counter at reagan international airport with the frustrations of taking off. >>reporter: thousands of holiday travelers are hoping for a christmas miracle after the union representing american airlines' 15,000 pilots warn a looming pilot shortage could ground flights around the country. >> it's super stressful, i mean, when your flight plans don't work out. you're kind of left stranded. >> that's not fair. i was going to fly home to our families, you ow
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>> this was a taicialt screwup by american airlines. it was -- a terrible screwup by american airlines. it was a mistake. >>reporter: pilots normally bid for flight assignments every month. the computer glitch allowed them to drop their scheduled flights during the holidays without confirming there was another pilot available. as a result, thousands of flights were left unstaffed. american declined to go on camera, saying in a statement we have reserved pilots to help cover and we are paying pilot who pick up certain trips at 100% of their hourly rate. >> obviously american does not want to be the airline equivalent of a scrooge and cancel a lot of people's vacations. >>reporter: still the pilot's union has lodged a protest against the airlines' proposed fix saying it violates labor laws >> it's going to require some thinking and some unusual arrangements, perhaps, but none of that can happen actually we are able to sit down and talk about it. >> that was kris van cleave reporting. next see why sometimes it take
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sexual misconduct
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we have breaking news of another powerful man stepping down following allegations of sexual misconduct. jam records founder russell simmons is leaving the company. the move follows allegations from screen writer jenny lemet who is the granddaughter of lena horn says simmons crossed the line in 1991. in a statement release add short while ago, simmons claims his accounts of what happened differs from lemette, however, he apologized for anyone hurt by this. more disturbing details are coming to light about sexual misconduct allegations against fired nbc news anchor matt lauer. according to a variety expos, lauer once exposed himself to a colleague and gave a sex
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another. there are also reports that he could lock his office door just by pushing a button from underneath his desk if he wanted privacy. nbc fired lauer wednesday after receiving a detailed complaint from a female employee about inappropriate sexual behavior in the work place. in most private sector companies you would go straight to human resources with complaints like these, but there's no h.r. office for the people who work on capitol hill. instead they have to follow a complex bureaucratic procedure to report sexual harassment, a cumbersome process that can often discourage victims from coming forward. we asked delia gone solve to break it down for us. >>reporter: it all starts with the office of compliance, that's the o.o.c. now, you have 180 days to file your complaint, then up to 30 day -- 30 days of counseling. after that it goes to mediation. now,
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now, get this, congress pays for a lawyer for the accused. now, the accuser, well, you're on your own. now, this brings us to resolution. there are two options. if a settlement is reached, you sign a nondisclosure agreement. if mediation doesn't work, there's a 30-day cooling off period. now, get this, if you haven't quit by now going through this whole process or found another job, you do have the option to return to the office, act like nothing ever happened. that's your cooling off period, and if the accused hasn't resigned, that means that you'll be working with that person for the next month. now, after the 30 days, your case, you can take it to federal court or you can ask for an administrative hearing with congress. now, all the
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out by taxpayer dollars, and it's a whole lot of money, $17 million, that's for about 260 complaints. they're not all sexual harassment cases. this covers all work place complaints. now, here's the unfortunate side note to all of this. so this whole lengthy process, if you're an intern or a fellow on capitol hill, this does not apply. you do not have access to this process. delia gonsalve, wusa 9 >> now, under a plan that's making its way through congress right now, interns would be covered under a plan. the house passed a bill earlier that requires sexual harassment training. turns out that's not already mandatory for members of congress or the people who work for them. out on the web, the virginia mom charged with a felony for putting a recorder in her daughter's backpack to document bullying in school is breathing now a sigh of re.
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yesterday, prosecutors in norfolk decided to dismiss charges against sarah sims. now, sair is admits she did it after -- sarah admits she did it school officials did nothing after her complaint in september. someone heard about it and called for a petition for charges to be dropped against sims. the aclu also got involved. in the meantime, the school is still investigating the bullying accusations sims says her daughter experienced. now, this got a lot of you talking on our wusa 9 facebook page. here's a few of your reactions. patricia says so relieved the charges were dropped against this mom. she's only try to -- trying to help her child. james seems to agree. he writes charges should have been brought against the school for inaction. if you want to weigh in, just comment on the article on our wusa 9 facebook page or tweet us directly.
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>> i haven't seen you. >> i know. >> happy thanksgiving. good thanksgiving? >> that for this? >> we'll see. >> we'll see, all right. >> getting a little lazy. >> what will we see in weather? it is getting a little bit chillier again. >> the real cold stuff will be the second half of next week. by thursday, friday next weekend, you will know that we still have a winter season around here, the heavier coats and sweaters and scarves, yes. we're going to need them. i don't see anything more than snow showers or flurries at this point, maybe late next week, next weekend, but, boy, nice looking day there. the national christmas tree lighting will be this evening. we'll be okay for that with temperatures topping out in the upper 50s this afternoon to near 60, low 50s this evening. a spotty shower, but i am not excited about rain chances, and we could really use some rain. i am excited about the weekend forecast, though. it'll be chilly on saturday, but with light winds i think a pretty good day, 52, and then pleasant on sunday, mid-50s. again, the cold stuff coming on the second half of last
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there was real nice color. if not, i'm going to share some of it with you here at 7:00 a.m. and then the clouds gave way to more sunshine and throughout the morning. really looking nice here. lunchtime across the nation's capital. let's switch it over to the live camera, scanning the region here with the washington monument and just looking good. most of the leaves now, there's a little bit of color left, but most of them are gone. temps in the mid-50s in the warm spots, 56 in waldorf, 59 in cambridge and also in delaware, but upper 40s for fredrick and hagerstown right now. again, still for late november not bad. but not like yesterday. some of these temperatures as much as 16 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago, like in leesburg. and we do see some cold, but not the arctic cold. but just hang in there. you cold lovers it's coming. temperatures now in the freezing range at international falls, boise 31. but we still watch these storm systems coming in off the pacific. so that brings in the milder air. that's going to change. the jet stream coming off the
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coming from canada later next week. short term these showers up in the midwest look like they're going to really lose some of their oomph as they come towards us. we will see some cold air mainly north of us. so a slightly cooler day tomorrow and saturday. and high pressure is going to build in for the wean. it says i like the mid- atlantic, so it's going to stick around here for saturday and sunday. but farce that -- as far as that cold, 850 millibars at the pressure level, 4,500 give or take above the surface. we watch these because it shows a couple of things. the core of the cold early moving east, so the chill is here. we see that retreat a little bit, as this next shot of cold -- this is the arctic air. you see that coming in so that by later wednesday, thursday, here comes the real cold stuff, it's going to pour down towards us and notice the arctic chill here in canada, that's where that's coming from and looks like this chill will be around for several days to come. three-day forecast, not bad at all, 59, good end
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chilly but nice saturday with temps in the lower 50s. sunday still looks good. got some time still 0 for hose who want to hang the christmas lights. and rain or showers as the cold air starts to move in wednesday, highs holding in the 40s. we'll be
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any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. join the millions who have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. and provided by unitedhealthcare insurance company, which has over 30 years of experience behind it. apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan any time you want. so don't wait. call unitedhealthcare now to request your free decision guide. the former twitter employee who deactivated president trump's account for 11 minutes wants to set the record straight about what's really -- about what really happened. bathawa dusack claims that during a interview explained how the mistake happened on the last day on the job. >> it definitely was
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and if i'm involved in this, i really apologize if i hurt anyone, so i didn't do anything on purpose, but as i said, i had a wild time in america, and i was tired sometimes, and everyone can do mistakes, so it might be that i did a mistake. >> twitter didn't publish dusack's name, but he claims he's coming clean so he can move on with his life before you move on, we have one look at
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pretty good afternoon, maybe a spty
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evening, but late tonight we clear out. breezy at times on friday, a really good weekend for december and then unsettled by wednesday with colder air late next week into the weekend >> thank you, howard. that's it for the news at noon. we'll be back at
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