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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  November 30, 2017 5:00pm-5:29pm EST

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after. >> this young man was preyed upon, and the manner in which bell presented himself didn't allow for this victim to offer any questions. he came up to him, give me your id. pats him down. if we have anybody who has had contact with this individual, and something happened to them, we need to know about it because we need to hold him accountable for it. >> reporter: police tell us the rape happened inside that vehicle at another location in the hidesville area. there's also new charges involving a firearm. police say the victim is much smaller in size than the suspect, and they say the suspect used his force to make that victim perform sex. here in prince george's county, stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> very disturbing story. stephanie, thank you. police won't say where exactly, but they tell us bell both worked for
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and had his own business. officials called it willful deception on a massive scale. a man in prince george's county practiced medicine for years. but officials say he used fake information to get his medical license. now the wusa9 special assignment unit is speaking with patients who say the hospital let them treat him. >> how does a man collect 11 aliases, four social security numbers, two medical licenses, and a long list of patients for years before someone puts an end to his scheme? that's what patients of dr. charles acoata want to know. now they're demanding answers from the hospital, and taking their cases to court. >> very traumatic. very emotional, very angry experience. >> reporter: five years ago, jasmine tinsley delivered her son after 16 hours of labor. the emotional pain lingers. >> i'm scared
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hospitals now. i'm angry because i put trust, and i put my life, and my son's life, trustworthy in the hospital. >> reporter: jasmine says she gave birth here, and was treated by a man who says his name was dr. charles acota. >> what he was doing was causing a tremendous pain to the point where i'm screaming, and crying, and begging for another doctor. >> reporter: she since learned acota's medical license was fake. now she's suing. her attorney jonathan acor calls acota's case shocking. >> this is one of the most severe cases that i've seen. >> reporter: he was sentenced earlier this year after admitting he misused a social security number to fraudulently obtain a maryland medical license. during search an
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officials found a false social security card in the acota name. a false nigerian passport, and fraudulent, or altered documents related to immigration, medical diplomas, medical transcripts, letters of recommendation, and birth certificates. this all could have stopped years ago. in 2000, a residency program in new jersey figured out he gave them incorrect information about his identity, and kicked him out. in 2012, the federal government says he gave them a social security number that was not accurate when he applied for medicare. according to federal officials and lawsuits, acota saw patients, delivers babies, and performed surgeries until 2016. >> i don't feel comfortable at all going to hospitals anymore. >> reporter: a background check performed by an outside source validated the social security number he provided.
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acota is the identity of a licensed, and trained physician. dr.acota was board certified by the american board of gynecology in 2014. writing, what's in a name? that which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet. the same principle rings true here. we tried reaching out, but we haven't heard back about scheduling an interview. we also reached out to the agencies that gave him a medical license. >> all right, so we know so far of at least 12 women who have come forward, saying they're filing lawsuits against the former parent company of prince george's hospital. by the way, did you feel something shake? it was real.
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of an earthquake, centered essentially by dover. it was felt as far away as odenton. don't have any reports of damage or injuries yet, but that's the epicenter right there. and again, about 5.1 magnitude, which is a pretty substantial earthquake. i remember a while ago, back in august, we had earthquakes from 4.1, to about 5. that will rattle dishes, and knock things off the shelves. let's talk about the lighting of the national christmas tree. we actually raised the temps a little bit. 45 to 54. mostly cloudy and cool. i still think a hat, and boots are a good idea. you will get cold when you're out there for several hours. we will come back, and talk about a pattern change. former today show host matt lauer is breaking
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the network terminating his multimillion dollar contract after another employee filed a complaint about what happened during the sochi games. the situation reportedly continued after the games. the today show began with a statement from lauer read by savannah guthrie. >> there are no words to express my sorrow and pain and regret to the people who i have caused harm to. some of what's being said about me is not true, but there is enough truth about these stories to make me embarrassed and ashamed. >> they published allegations by additional women. variety reported he allegedly dropped his pants in front of an employee. in a separate investigation, a woman told the "new york times," lauer quote sexually assaulted her in his office in2001. now congressman
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hospital. reports say the 88-year-old democrat is being treated for stress. he is facing sexual misconduct allegations. both nancy pelosi, and speaker ryan called on conyers to resign. john mccain said he would support that $1.5 trillion tax reform bill. the republicans are revising the measure to appease deficit hawks. senate leaders would like to see a vote on that tax bill this week. there is some more behind the scenes intrigue at the white house. senior administration officials say there is a plan to replace the current secretary of state, rex tillerson, with cia director mike pompeo. tillerson has had a turbulent rein. he reportedly called the president
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the president publicly criticized tillerson for quote wasting his time with a diplomatic outreach to north korea. here's a look at what else we're working on tonight. >> we are just hours away from the kickoff between the redskins, and their dreaded rival, the cowboys. >> one of maryland's first medical marijuana dispensaries is just days from opening its doors in silver springs. >> and the trump administration has strong
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c1 and there it is. the lighting of the national christmas tree. president trump there with melania and family. the pomp and circumstance is now underway. we are officially in the holiday season, with the lighting of the christmas tree. there is an hour's worth of events going
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of course, this is a tradition that dates back 95 years to president calvin coolidge. >> never gets old to see the national christmas tree shining in all its glory. >> a lovely irony about the tree itself. it's a 30-foot tall tree. it is a colorado blue spruce that they harvested from virginia. so a noodle on that there for a couple of minutes. there will be plenty of activities, concerts going on, on the ellipse as we head through the holiday season you'll be able to check out. >> we'll talk about this and the other news as we come back from the break. ♪ [ music ]
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a montgomery county family is dealing with a painful loss after an 18-year-old wheaten high school ud
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crashment it happened yesterday after a terrible collision. there were several vehicles involved. the teen who died was yonatan pedros. his sister posted, unfortunately, i lost my brother in a very terrible car accident. please keep our family in your prayers, god bless you all. the crash is still under investigation. if war comes, make no mistake, the north korean regime will be utterly destroyed. >> strong words there from u.n. ambassador nikki haley. a video shows wednesday's launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile. haley says the third icbm test in 6 months brings the world closer to war. the u.n. is calling on china to entirely cut off the regime's oil supply. president trump is
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more heat over his re-tweeting of anti-islamic videos. the group that originally posted the clips is called britain first. anambassador to the u.s. calls it a hate crime. president trump has since removed the videos from his twitter feed. some lawmakers in britain have called on may to cancel the president's visit. but the prime minister says the invite stands. the actor best known for playing a bumbling marine has passed away. >> his husband says jim nabors died at his hawaii home. he was 87 years old. andy griffith saw him singing at a nightclub. he turned it into the character gomer pyle on the andy griffith show. it was such
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spinoff show. after same-sex marriage became legal in washington state, nabors married his long time partner. there is a new allegation of inappropriate behavior against minnesota senator al franken. his list of accusers now stands at 5. the 41-year-old army veteran says it happened when she was deployed in kuwait back in 2003. franken was a comedian at the time, visiting troopers with the uso. she says franken groped her breasts while she was in line for a photo. hip-hop mogul russell simmons is stepping down from his companies after a woman accused him of sexually violating her. recounting an incident from back in 1991, it started with a car ride home. she says she was later intimidated into having sex
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incident differently, but understands the fear was real. he goes on to apologize for being thoughtless, and insensitive. now to the latest on that botched pilot schedule at american airlines. it left thousands of travelers worried about the holidays. american says their pilots are stepping up to make sure everyone gets to where they need to go, and only a few hundred of the 200,000 december flights are still unassigned. perhaps that offer of time and a half urged them to volunteer. the union is blaming a computer glitch for giving too many pilots the time off. today is the last day of the 2017 hurricane season. for many, it couldn't end soon enough. courtney takes a look back at six stormy months. >> reporter: 2017 was the most expensive hurricane season on record. and no one
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than houston resident emilio gutierrez. >> i'm broke. >> reporter: gutierrez, like millions of other victims across the country was displaced both physically and emotionally. >> this is a nightmare that came true for me. >> reporter: a nightmare that brought 17 storms. 10 of them hurricane. for the first time, 3 of them reached category 4 status. the reported death toll from 2017's atlantic storms now stands at 438. although the actual number may be higher. according to research scientists, mark johnson and chuck watson, the storms that came to shore cost more than $200 billion. that includes at least $32 billion in damages from maria, $60 billion from hurricane irma, and $114 billion from harvey in texas, where the mayor of houston says federal dollars are in high demand. >> not only to put us back to
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but to help to put us in a better place so that we're more resilient. >> reporter: because the 2018 season is just 6 months away. >> they say it's a 500 year flood, but you never know. >> reporter: the fear is not knowing whether next year will be even worse. cbs news, houston. we've got a bit of a situation going on. >> you've got hurricanes and earthquakes. >> we'll talk about hurricanes first. we'll get back to the earthquake in a second. of course, it was an extremely busy year. let's break it down. every storm, tropical storm, and also hurricane. a tropical storm in yellow, a hurricane in red. it was a fairly active year, but what made it so incredible was how many storms actually hit the continental u.s. 12 is the average. 10 were hurricanes. 6 of those were major hurricanes. 111miles an hour. average is 3. the
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hurricanes hit thecontinental u.s. cold air has been up here for a while. it finally has a mechanism now to drive south. these are 850-millibar temperatures. they're not surface temps. they're about 3, 4,000 feet in the air. but they translate into very cold air at the surface. this is sunday. a little colder air. but look what happens. we get a break, then the second shot of cold air. this is the 5th of december. this descends on us, by the time we get into next thursday and friday. this could be pretty cold air. we could see high temperatures holding in the 30s by the time we get to a week from tomorrow. in the meantime, we close the book on november. what a beautiful, beautiful month it was. we had another day in the 60s today. so that means we had 11 days in the 60s. 11 days in the 50s. four days in the 70s. only four cold days really. 3 in the 40s and that one saturday where the temperature topped out at 39. a live
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there is the tree. 56 right now. dew points in the mid-40s. winds are still south-southwest at 6. it tells you a couple of things. the front still to our west. the dew points pretty high. not that cold tonight. okay, back to the earthquake. about 6.5 miles east-northeast of dover, delaware. a lot of calls into the weather office. no damage. but here we go. 4.4 at 4:47, and to put this in perspective. we had the earthquake back in 2011. it was a 5.8. it compares this 4.4 to a 5.8. ours was 25 at times stronger with 125 times the energy of this earthquake. although it was felt across the bay, all the way into montgomery county. that kind of puts things in perspective, and of course, they're still repairing the cathedral. headlines, just a few showers late tonight.
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38 to 48. a great start to december. we couldn't ask for more. sunshine, and the weekend looks great. sunny both days. temperatures in the 50s both days. so, day planner. look at this. only mid-40s to start. 51 by 11:00, and 54 by 1:00. just a gorgeous day. even saturday is gorgeous. a little cooler, low 50s. then mid-50s on sunday, a lot of sunshine as well. that's a nice start to december. monday, upper 50s. a nice start to the workweek. low 60s on tuesday. maybe a shower late. a better chance for rain and showers on wednesday, 60. then boom, here comes a pattern change. snow showers possible next thursday. all right, be innovative, be bold. that's a part of the challenge at bethesda's christmas program. these are students from montgomery's argyle middle school. you can see they're using their hands to improve
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skills. the hope is these kids will reach their creative potential. on the way next, the future is going to be full of self- driving cars. see how companies are racing to make driverless cars a reality. plus, people in maryland are just days away from being able to legally buy medical marijuana. a look at one of the first dispensaries to open. >> and which animal do you think is smarter? cats or dogs? after decades of debate science has finally given us an answer. >> as we head to break, a look at the stock market as the dow closed above 24,000 for the
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if you haven't picked out your christmas tree yet, a few things you need to know to make sure it lasts all season. the tree provider empire evergreens says the trees that will last the longest are the fir trees. that includes frazier, douglas, and comcolor. any soft needle tree will have the best retension of the needles. spruce is popular, but they're only good in the house about two weeks. you're going to have to take steps to make sure it lives as long as possible. >> the best option to give a fresh cut on the bottom of the trunk. make sure there's always w
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keep it away from drafts, heat sensors. here are the most popular trees, douglas fir, and scotch pine. several companies are raising to make the self- driving cars a reality. cadillac has a car that lets owners drive hands free on the highway now. some tech experts predict we will have 10
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cars on the road. if you're in a self-driving car, you're going to need to do something, right? because god forbid, you just sit there. warner brothers and intel are exploring how to innovate media games and tv shows into the computing system, so you never have to be bored in yourself driving car. can't have that. amazon is expanding its voice activated assistant, alexa into the workplace. the e-commerce giant introduced amazon for business today. that's wusa9 news at 5:00. we're all lit up for the news at 5:30, which starts right now. 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> with that, we have the lighting of the national christmas tree. never gets old. president trump and first lady in lana trump are participating in that event right now, on the
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this country for 95 years. it first took place during the calvin cooledge administration. >> entertainers at the event include kathie lee gifford, and the u.s. navy band. the president is expected to give his christmas message pretty soon. people in maryland are just days away from legally being able to buy we'd for medicinal purposes. five years after pot was legalized for medical use in the state. >> when you look around, you can see that this is not a typical pot shop. >> reporter: it's called rise. >> you told me the goal of this store is to remove the stigma associated with medical marijuana use. >> yes, so this facility is a medical facility, and we wanted to be able to provide patients wi a


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