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tv   WUSA 9 News at 530pm  CBS  November 30, 2017 5:30pm-5:59pm EST

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this country for 95 years. it first took place during the calvin cooledge administration. >> entertainers at the event include kathie lee gifford, and the u.s. navy band. the president is expected to give his christmas message pretty soon. people in maryland are just days away from legally being able to buy we'd for medicinal purposes. five years after pot was legalized for medical use in the state. >> when you look around, you can see that this is not a typical pot shop. >> reporter: it's called rise. >> you told me the goal of this store is to remove the stigma associated with medical marijuana use. >> yes, so this facility is a medical facility, and we wanted to be able to provide patients wi a
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medicine. >> reporter: rise is one of 9 dispensaries, licensed by the maryland cannabis commission. >> we saw police officers here touring the store earlier. why are they here? >> we want to partner with the local police, and make sure they know exactly what we're doing, and make sure that we're doing it in a safe way for our patients, for our employees, and for the community. >> i think it's good for the neighborhood to bring more traffic in. more visibility. it's interesting. i think it's on the consulting edge of medicine. >> reporter: former baltimore ravens football player eugene moore is one of the partners. >> eugene saw the benefits of medical cannabis working in the nfl, and playing in the nfl. there was lots of opioids that needed to be prescribed for injuries, and you know, at the end of the day, this is a much safer alternative to the opioids that he was being prescribed. >> reporter: rise is expected to start selling marijuana
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week. in silver springs, i'm stephanie galehard, wusa9. as you may remember, legal battles held back the launch of medical marijuana in maryland. in prince george's county, there were all kinds of protests against these medical cannabis kiss pencerys. it's time for that annual warning about those porch pirates stealing packages off of doorsteps across the country. prince george's county police released this video today. it shows a man stealing a package in broad daylight at a home on west ridge place. the suspect drives up, walks to the front door of the home, grabs the box delivered to the house, and peaces out. police haven't caught the guy. anyone with information about the theft should call crime solvers. fairfax county police also warning of package pirates. the department says sign up for delivery alerts to know when items are delivered. ask a neighbor to keep an eye out for packages. require a signature delivery. and offer to pick up the item in the store, or st
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delivered to your workplace. >> i'm very clear, that re- tweeting from britain first, was the wrong thing to do. president trump's twitter habit is putting some strain on the british ally. teresa may said it was the wrong thing to do. london's mayor, who is muslim, is calling for the president's state visit to be canceled. president trump has since removed those videos from his twitter account. yesterday, he said they were meant to turn the discussion to national security. still ahead, the truth is out for america's favorite pets. see who is smarter once and for all. cats or dogs. >> and instagram revealed its most liked photos of 2017, you might be surprised to see which ones topped the list. >> initially, this earthquake was 5.1 around dover. now it's down to a
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447. if you compare that to our august 2011 earthquake, ours was 50 times stronger, with 350 times the energy. but this little earthquake was felt in montgomery county, and around the d.c. area. we will come back, and look ahead to the first weekend in december, and a big pattern change. >> this monday, december 4, jeff glor takes over for the cbs evening news. he talks about how he began his journalism career. ♪ [ music ] >> i grew up in tonawanda, new york, which is just outside buffalo. it's special, because that's my home. and that's where the rest of my family is from. my dad is gentle, kind, not sure i can ever remember him yelling at me, or any of us. my mom is, for her
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always all about the kids. she had three brothers, and then three sons were inflicted upon her. so she is a saint, because she's dealt with a lot of testosterone. >> this is the cbs evening news with walter cronkite. >> i grew up watching the cbs evening news among other things. i grew up reading the newspaper. my first job was delivering the paper. when i first went to school, i wasn't settled on what i wanted to do, and my uncle, and grandfather were dentists. so i checked the pre-dentistry box, and i took my first test and said this is not for me. the first couple of years for me as a broadcast journalist is like graduate school, you're filing thousands of stories, and learning as you go. working, and working, and working, antr
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if you want to learn how to cook with marijuana, this is your weekend to do it. >> how about getting baked? the metropolitan wellness center and growers are
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a class on sunday on making edibles. event planner says participants will learn how to infuse thc, and cbd in edibles. there are going to be live cooking demonstrations from i guess from about 3:00 to 4:00. >> the cupcakes actually look good. the results are in. and this was the most liked instagram photo of 2017. beyonce announcing her pregnancy with twins. this photo was posted in february, and she gave birth to sir, and roomy in june. the second most liked photo, this one. portuguese soccer star, christian reynaldo. >> you know what would be the number 1 photo? a photo of
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cupcake infused with thc and cbd oil. >> that's not going to happen. just so we're clear. that's not going to happen. here's a question. are dogs smarter than cats? the answer is yes. according to science. researchers at vanderbilt university found that a dog's cerebral cortex contained more than twice the neurons of a cat's brain. neurons are associated with thinking, and planning, and complex behaviors, all strongly related to intelligence. >> the cat people are going to tweet us now. >> we didn't come up with the science. if that wasn't good enough. here is your cute video of the day. two pandas playing in the first snow of the season in central china. they smelled the snow. they rolled in it, they somersaulted over it, they even created some yellow snow later on. >> come on now. >> that's what they do. they pee outside. the announcement of a royal wedding this week has a lot of people wondering who was the
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and meghan markle on a date? we're going to tell you who that matchmaker could be. >> and more men are turning to experts to create the perfect moment. see how proposal planners are changing the way people get engaged.
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tomorrow prince harry and his new fiance, meghan markle will appear at their engagement ceremony together. >> the couple met in july of last year. many are now wondering who started this royal romance. the british media is buzzing over the mystery matchmaker who set the two up on a blind date. >> some suggest it could be mutual friend, and fashion designer misha nunu, or a british aristocrat. >> i had never heard about her until this friend said meghan markle. right, give me a
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background. i was beautifully surprised when i walked into that room and saw her. >> markle says growing up in the u.s., she didn't know that much about harry. but now they know a whole lot about each other. >> yeah, it worked out. the royal couple aren't the only ones who got engaged recently. the holiday season is also known as engagement season. >> yeah, chris shows us how popping the question has become a fine art. >> reporter: every detail. >> and down. >> reporter: so carefully planned. >> one more over. >> reporter: for a moment that has to be. >> reporter: perfect. >> reporter: these aren't wedding planners, they aren't bridezillas. no, this is his day. the holidays bring a surge in marriage proposals, and proposal planner says most of her business happens between now and valentine's day. yeah, i said proposal planner. >> this client specifically he told us her favorite movie was gone with the wind
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story in the south. >> the book that's going to be open to the proposal scene. >> dare i name it, can it be loved? >> reporter: and a marriage proposal. who could possibly say no? >> they want something that their girlfriend is going to want to brag about. >> reporter: speaking of that. >> a lot of time, thought, and effort goes into a proposal these days. >> reporter: the surest way to shine is with a diamond, and they find the perfect ring and the perfect plan. >> we run many covert undercover operations. >> reporter: a successful proposal is still all about one thing. >> we've never had a no. >> reporter: and this scarlet o'hare? didn't disappoint. >> i wanted it personal. i wanted it special. i wanted it nice, and i wanted it something unique to us. and they did a great job. >> reporter: now it's one more day,
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celebrate. >> so awesome! >> reporter: during the holidays. there are also now something called box socks. these are special socks that are going to help dudes hide the ring before popping the question. >> okay so i just have to know, what did you do? >> dudes need all the help they can get. >> what did you do? >> i proposed to my wife in bedford, virginia, because she was working there at a small bureau for television, i took the day off, surprised her, showed up all unannounced, suited up, and hid in a store. came out when she was getting ready to leave. rolled up on her. babbled some nonsense. popped down to a knee and gave her the ring. >> i love it! what did you do? >> i rented a hot air balloon. and we went up in the hot air balloon and went over her house and proposed. >> so nice. >> no
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>> he's full of hot air all right. >> i was terrified, i didn't think she's say yes. >> my husband proposed to me during my birthday weekend at neuro's restaurant in d.c. >> it worked out well. >> i'll go back to the hot air balloon story. it's a much better story. they actually keep changing the intensity of this earthquake. so now it was a 5.1 at first, now it's a 4.1. about 447 near dover about 46- miles to the east-northeast of dover. you compare this to august of 2011. ourswas 50 times stronger, because this is now weaker, and with 350 times the energy. ours was a 5.8 in august of 2011. okay, we had a super moon coming this weekend. i know it's big on social media. it's a little closer to
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earth. okay, than the average moon. so what does that mean? it makes it a little bit larger. about 7% larger. it appears to be about 16% brighter. if you miss this one on sunday, there's one on january 1. you have to wait one moon cycle, that's the next one. january1, 2018. a live look outside. it's still 56. pretty warm. winds are still southwest at 6. the front is still to our west. it will roll through late tonight. what about our 3-degree guarantee? i think we're okay. i kept raising it yesterday. i went 58. i think we're going to be okay. i think it did actually make it back into the 60s today. just a few showers late today. bus stop temps 38 to 48. just a little bit on the chilly side. and a great start to december. 52, to 57, which is a little above average, and pure sunshine. a way to ease into
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weekend looks good too. sunny, maybe a little cooler on saturday. back in the mid-50s on sunday. in fact, a mild start here. 57 tomorrow. down to 53 on saturday. but then back to 56 sunday. back to 58 monday. don't look now, we're in the low 60s next tuesday. don't let that go to your head, because the pattern is going to change by the time we get into next thursday and friday. we talked about that earlier. 8:30 tonight. maybe some showers. frederick, back to leesburg. 52 downtown. 50 in bowie. by the time we get to 10:00, most of the showers go away. there's not much moisture with this. by morning, sunshine. 45 downtown with a smattering of upper 30s in the suburbs. mid-40s to start. 51 by 11:00. 54 by 1:00. a great finish to the week. saturday, a wee bit cooler. mid-50s with sunshine on sunday. the next seven days. monday, we're okay. near 60. low 60s tuesday. showers
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wednesday. 60. then boom. big pattern change. only 40 on thursday, with rain or snow showers. ♪ [ music ] all right, so if you don't know this guy right here, lamont roach jr., you definitely sure. he's one of the best fighters in the game, and my man's only 22 years old. he will defend his title tonight. however, his toughest battle may not be in the ring, but in his head. chris williamson has more. >> reporter: lamont roach is about to be in the biggest fight of his career. he's from d.c., and his fight tonight will be the main event for the first time ever. it's in his hometown, and it will be on national tv at the mgm national harbor. >> once i step in the ring, it's one job. that's it. complete
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>> what's the job? >> kill. no one can beat no one. >> reporter: so far no one has touched this guy's approach. he will defend that title tonight. >> i'm going to knock this kid out. so i hope they're ready. it's going to be a party. >> reporter: that party is going to be missing one member. his trainer and cousin died from a heart attack in october. he trained lamont for13 years. >> he was in the gym, training. and i was coming and i went home, and i cried some more. >> reporter: bernard was like a father to lamont. >> his impact on my life was unexplainable. i wouldn't be most of the man today i am now without him. some great values. >> reporter: his mom took it extremely hard. >> i was very emotional and bad for
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i think he's still getting through it. i think he knows that he has a legacy to take on with bernard, because bernard was so well liked. >> lamont's focus level has gone even higher. he's in this gym 6 days a week, at least 5 hours a day, working to make sure he stays on top. >> i know that that's what he would want. there's no excuse from the ground up, by ourselves. he's still pushing in now. >> to see him turning a negative into a positive, which bernard always talks about. how proud i am. >> reporter: lamont's going to dedicate the fight to bernard. >> they can hear him talking. his spirit is still here. >> reporter: in district heights maryland, chris williamson, wusa9 sports. >> great story right there. he's going to
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main event, 8:00. we'll have, of course an update and if he knocked him out at 11:00 sports. >> we wish him well. >> you know that will be on his mind. coming up at 6:00, a divine sign at a d.c. construction site, raising questions about whether churches should mix religion and politics. >> up next, we'll take a walk
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it was a little bit of hollywood d.c. style. sharing the red carpet with rocket scientists at the smithsonian engineering awards. >> some people have called this the golden globes of the intellect, or the academy awards of innovation. that's what it is. this is such a great event, and it honors so many great creators in every field that are helping to expand how we think, and how we view the world. >> reporter: big names, big thinkers, stepping on the red carpet to talk to us. the youngest? she saw a need for books that included girls who looked just like her. >> i've been able to collect 10,000 books over the course of the campaign. my book is coming out january 30, 2018. >> will you give us an interview then? >> yes, i definitely ll
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of rock stars. i met neurosurgeon, scientist, john legend? >> it's about ingenuity, it's not just about artists, it's about people using imagination to make the world a better and more interesting place. >> what is it about john that makes him so cool? >> he's just got it together. got the left brain together too. >> reporter: that's legendary music producer quincy jones. he knows the art of promotion. >> wusa9. check it out. >> loving it. thank you so much. all right, we got breaking news about an earthquake felt in this area. many of you are reaching out to us on facebook and twitter, and we hear you. you felt it, it was a quake. it hit just before 5:00 p.m. the u.s.
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it was a magnitude 4.4, or 4.1. it was centered in delaware, about 7 miles northeast of dover air force base, and it was felt across a wide area here in our d.c. region north to new york city. i've seen people talking about it in philly. the delaware geological survey reports mild shaking of buildings. in new york, items shoved off shelves. so far reports of any major damage or injuries have not come in yet. let's make that a 4.4 magnitude. pressure is mounting tonight on the longest serving member of congress to resign, following allegations of sexual harassment. democratic leadership in the house is in agreement. michigan congressman john conyers should step down. today the highest ranking african american in congress joined the chorus saying conyers should resign. nancy pelosi agrees. it's a shift from her
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on sunday. the senate whip says conyers' resignation would be the right thing to do. marian brown revealed she is the exstaffer with whom conyers settled a wrongful allegation suit. >> he asked me to satisfy him sexually. he pointed to areas of genital areas of his body, and asked me to, you know, touch it. >> i pray for congressman conyers and his family. i wish them well. however, congressman conyers should resign. >> nancy pelosi did not elect the congressman, and she sure as hell won't be the one to tell the congressman to leave. >> tonight, the 88-year-old conyers is hospitalized in detroit with what family says is a stress-related illness. his attorney says conyers has no


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