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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  December 21, 2017 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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investigators say a driver plowing onto a crowded sidewalk in australia was deliberate. but so far, there's no evidence of terrorism. good afternoon and thank thank you for joining us at noon, i'm andrea roane. here's what we do know about this morning's attack in melbourne. at least 19 people were hurt when it happened. four of them are in critical condition. li
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they say the 32-year-old man has a history of drug use and mental illness. we get more on the investigation from gavin romjohn. >> reporter: amateur video shows police in melbourne arresting man shortly after the suv rammed into a crowd on a street thursday. >> at this stage we believe it is a deliberate act. >> reporter: authorities say more than a dozen people were taken to the hospital. police say the driver a 32-year- old australian citizen of afghan descent has a history of drug use and mental health issues. but police say there's no evidence connecting the attack to terrorism. >> he is on a mental health plan and receiving treatment for a mental illness. >> reporter: police arrested another man. a 24-year-old they say filmed the incident and was carrying a bag of knifes but at this point they don't believe the two men are connected. >> this is horrific. it's evil. >> reporter: the area near the city's main train station was filled with christmas shoppers when the suv
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and slammed into pedestrians crossing the road. the vehicle then crashed into a cable car stop. >> i talked to somebody who actually saw what happened and she described it as -- people flying through the air like rag dolls. >> reporter: police will increase security around melbourne in the coming days even though there's no immediate threat of danger during the busy holiday season. gavin ramjohn, cbs news, london. >> this is the second car attack this year in melbourne. in january, six people were killed when a man with mental health issues drove onto a sidewalk and into pedestrians near the same site as today's incident. there are less than 48 hours until the government closes its doors and not just for the holidays. mola lenghi is on capitol hill with details on the effort to keep the government running. >> reporter: lawmakers are saying fears of a government shutdown are overblown. >> are you so confident the government is going to stay open? >> i do. >> reporter: but congress has until
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a new spending bill or government doors will be closed. the latest proposal would keep the government running until january 19th. it would also include funding for the children's health insurance program through march 31st and extend the foreign intelligence surveillance act. conservative republicans say that's not good enough. >> there's a coalition between defense hawks and freedom caucus people who believe we need to give the military what they need and deserve. >> reporter: democrats are taking a stand saying they won't vote for any spending bill that doesn't provide legal status south so-called dreamers. >> you have needed our votes on almost every fiscal issue that's passed this house. >> so i would urge you to include an amendment which says that those dreamers will no longer be twisting in the wind. >> reporter: but republican leaders doused the hopes this morning. >> it will not be done in this bill. >> reporter: which means they need a reach a
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>> i don't see a shutdown scenario. i do see that there's still work to -- to get to 218 votes with republicans only. >> reporter: and the clock toward a shutdown keeps ticking. mola lenghi, cbs news, capitol hill. >> gop leaders are unlikely to schedule a vote on the house floor until they're confident they have the votes needed to pass the bill. now here's what some of you are saying on social media. deplorable sherry tweets, let me get this straight, in order to avoid a government shutdown the dems are most concerned about daca being included? wouldn't you think concerns over military funding would take precedence? maybe they aren't too concerned over north korea. worried about dreamers. and jay lang woods tweets we didn't have all these destabilizing amateurish shutdowns when democrats held congress. this is bad governing. so what do you think about the possibility of a government shutdown? join the conversation on our wusa9 facebook page
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@wusa9. any attempt by this president to remove special counsel mueller from his position or to pardon key witnesses in any effort to shield them from accountability or shut down the investigation would be a gross abuse of power. >> strong words from virginia's mark warner. he's the ranking democrat on the senate intelligence committee. senator warner said he hopes special counsel robert mueller is looking into connections between trump, russia and deutsche bank. warner said the senate committee's and mueller's investigations will be concluded by december of next year. warner later tweeted that any white house interference in the special counsel's russia investigation would cause a constitutional crisis. it only took a few hours overnight from the time the memphis city council approved the removal of
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confederate statues if city park until crews actually removed the statues of jefferson davis and general nathan bedford forrest and hauled them away. the city sold the parks to a private group which allowed they would to be removed immediately -- them to be removed immediately. well, we are just a few minutes into winter now and it's certainly feeling chilly out there. but plenty of sunshine. high temperatures right at -- temperatures right now rather right at 42 degrees and winds are calm. so this is a lovely start to the winter season. not much warming today with cooler air in place. high temperatures between 43 and 47 degrees. just cool and pleasant out there. with calm winds. so one of the things we noticed about today is that it is the shortest day of the year. december 21st. we only have about nine hours and 26 minutes or so worth of daylight hours. as you get closer and closer to spring, march 250th, you will etc -- 20th, you will notice more and
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in fact by january a half hour extra of daylight but this is going to be one of the shortest days of the entire year. of course that peaks around june 21st which is summer where we get the maximum amount of daylight around the area and a lot of people are traveling today and tomorrow. let's look at the travel forecast if you are heading north and east, no problems in terms of weather upper 30s in new york with sunshine. a little further out in the midwest some snow just north of chicago. st. louis in the 50s and 51 in kansas city with showers. further down south, we've got 70s out there along with some showers around the miami area. also upper 70s in orlando and plenty of sunshine along the west coast with temperatures in the 60s and even the 50s out in san francisco. you can always keep up with the latest information on weather by downloading the wusa9 app right now. now let's focus in on holiday travel. the experts at aaa say the absolute worst time for getting out of town this entire week is this afternoon. from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. if you are headed moran
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during that window, it could take you an extra two hours to get where you are going. and it won't be much better at the airport where you can run into extra long lines. and the reason why, more people roll traveling this year -- are traveling this year for the holidays at least according to trip adviser. the travel website released a survey that shows 45% of responsibilities are traveling -- respondents are traveling for christmas this year. 22% of you are taking off for new year's up 3%. aaa says today is bad, but trip adviser says the busiest travel day is expected to be saturday. the most popular cities to visit are orlando, new york, and los angeles. a charles county, maryland couple is already parents to a 3-year-old, twin 2-year-olds, and now they're expecting triplets. we told you about robert and nia tole better's story a few -- tolbert's story a
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ago and last night our delia goncalves was there. >> reporter: it was five nights before christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse -- well, there is a super 6-year-old and twin 2- year-old boys. >> where do i make it? >> boys will be boys, tee? >> on cue. >> reporter: the tolbert family getting ready to celebrate their final holiday as a family of five. santa's special gift? coming soon. three baby sisters. to add to this crew coming in march. that's when mom is technically due. >> preparation mode now. it's a game time. >> yeah. fourth quarter. >> reporter: and just as the christmas the cookies were getting in the oven. >> hop in there. >> reporter: a knock on the door. >> someone knocking on the door and i don't know who it is. >> reporter: it was marcel from wusa9. it wasn't old st. ck
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delivery of his own. diapers, and diapers and more diapers. all from you our viewers. >> reminds us that we still live by a community even in 2017 where people are willing to pour anything -- to strangers because they feel the joy and love and so we're very, very appreciative of that. >> absolutely. >> reporter: more children means more of everything. including ornaments and stocking. >> we were just talking he was like did you get three more stockings for the girls? i haven't thought that far. so yeah next year, baby we need a bigger mantle. >> reporter: more love and laughs for this family. >> it will be fun. >> it will be fun. >> and that's the blessing in all of it is it's going to go the way god plans for it to go. and that's usually -- a little chaotic. >> reporter: in waldorf, delia goncalves, wusa9. >> very christmas to the -- merry christmas to the tolberts. find out why the ri
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after nearly 20 years of spreading holiday cheer thro
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the holiday season is full of stories about people doing good somethings for their -- things for their community. that includes professional athletes. diane roberts shows us how a couple of d.c. sports stars are helping younger players by making sure they have the tools of their trade. >> what's your name? >> caroline. >> got it? >> reporter: football and futbol work together to brighten the day of some sports fans. while collecting for a good cause. russell canouse of d.c. united and jonathan allen of the redskins helped collect at the end zone in san lily part of the -- chantilly and part of the pray for pray program. >> there's some kids that love football and soccer and we can make
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>> little more impactful for me i would say just being from the area. and seeing the impact you can have on kids is so great and we love it. >> we remember like -- we were like we had some old soccer stuff and we donated it. >> reporter: allen and canouse helped deliver the equipment to deacon house a place that provides after-school programs for d.c. kids in need and the young athletes appreciate it. >> thankful. good kids and unfortunate and don't have really much. they can get gifts and stuff so thank you very much. >> what's your name? >> talik. >> i play d tackle for the redskins. >> not every day that we have athletes like jonathan and russell who visit us to give our kids encouragement and support and to basically reinforce to them that they're on a good path. >> reporter: diane roberts, wusa9 sports. >> when you were 17 years old, dill you ever imagine -- id you ever imagine you
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history? maame biney couldn't imagine it either but here she is at ability 17 years old -- at only 17 years old and the first black woman to make the u.s. olympics team for speed skating. >> i don't know. i just heard first black woman or first black man do something. like obama. and -- and that's like -- holy cow. and like imine -- i don't think i'm ever going to be at the certain level that obama is at but it's pretty cool to hear. >> look at the senile on her face. -- smile on her face. sports director darren haynes will have more with her for us tonight on the news at 11:00. family traditions are a key part of many holiday celebrations. and one texas couple has been sharing their tradition with the neighbors for almost 20 years. it all started as an effort to make the holiday extra magical for their son. reporter todd unger takes us to the town of flower mound, the site of santa's village. >> reporter: as daylight slips
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away on the final day before winter officially arrives. >> oh. >> reporter: the holiday fun is already well underway on two acres. in flower mound. >> mostly my wife's fault when i married her, i used to put a star in the front yard and that was it. >> reporter: we're way past that now. >> i made these last year. >> reporter: for 17 years -- >> lots of minions set up over here. we made most of everything here. >> reporter: mr. and mrs. claus have taken a little time away from the north pole. >> usually i'll sit here. >> reporter: to entertain and delight hundreds of families. >> understand what christmas is all about. >> reporter: on forest ridge drive. >> got superhero blowups and dinosaurs and the garage. we have over 300 ceramic houses and castles and trains. >> reporter: the entire leach family plays their part. that's son billy riding shotgun in santa's sleigh. or a cart. >> reporter: when it comes to santa's village as the festive display has come to be called, billy is a big reason mom and
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>> our son is 28. he has down syndrome. and one of his favorite holidays is christmas. recycled work of art. >> reporter: building the entire setup from scratch takes weeks. bill's beard takes months. >> i start about may or june you know and start growing it and he's talking. >> reporter: it was a lot of work which brings us to the reason for our visit. >> just getting harder and harder for me to do it. i just -- you know decided well, we'll just have to quit doing it. give me a hug. >> reporter: yes, st. nick and his number two are calling it a career. >> 1,748 years old. so -- i think it's time. >> reporter: retire? >> time to retire. right. >> reporter: family says since word got out they've experienced a rush some 300 to 400 on weekend nights. >> you know the words from the community what we meant to them over the years, has really been a blessing. >> reporter: they'
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>> it's a lot of fun you know. >> reporter: giving you a final few nights to enjoy what was a flower mound tradition. i didn't get in early enough to get a picture of her doing her winter solstice dance. but we know miri marshall was just so excited at 11:39 this morning: when winter finally officially arrived. >> yeah. right? we're only -- not even an hour into winter just yet. i've been the only one who's been excited though. everyone else has been like -- giving me thumbs down. come on it's fun. let's talk about it. it's a -- it's a good time of the year. so you can drink more hot cocoa and get away with it. >> can't do anything about it. it's going to happen. >> the next three months folk just have to deal with it. so temperatures right on cue with winter. 30s outside right now in the gaithersburg area and d.c. now 42 degrees. so it's certainly feeling like we have that chill in the air. so this is what happens with the winter solstice. he
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hemisphere, the earth rotates -- tilts on its axis and tilts away from the sun. and the southern hemisphere, summer is actually starting for them. so when you tilt away from the sun, those sun rays there lower and the skies you don't get as much heat as you would get as if you are tilting towards it. so that's why we have the winter solstice and it's also as i mentioned one of shortest days of the year. and as you get into january, even though every day -- following today you'll begin to notice slightly longer days as we get into january, you'll notice a bigger amount of daylight and then once you get to march, it's going to look much brighter out there. for a longer period of time. but today's high temperatures, 43 to 47 degrees. it's very pleasant to start this winter and that should put you in somewhat of a good mood but let's talk weather headlines because there are always kings when it -- changes with the forecast. starting out with warmer conditions on saturday. we're kind of like track backing can -- backtracking with temperatures in the 60s and rain out there across most areas. then cold once ag
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flurries are possible christmas manage especially between -- morning especially between 3:00 and 8:00 a.m. only dusting is possible. not enough to build a snowman out there. let's talk about that setup for saturday's rain because we're looking at rain throughout the day on saturday. we're beago warm front to pass and -- getting a warm front to pass and then a cold front. south winds will help to warm us up and get the rain going through the day. as soon as 9:00 friday night we could see our first few rain drops falling across the area especially if you are north and west. and then saturday morning at 10:30 a.m., we still have scattered showers out there. but notice how that rain continues to pour in throughout day. this is at 5:00 saturday. you notice we still have widespread showers and although there's some football games going on the redskins are on the field on sunday at 1:00. still a chance for a stray shower with temperatures in the 40s. and here we can see where the sun will likely make its way in. so 2:00 a.m. christmas morning. there you get the flurries and then early christmas morning by 7:00 a.m. it starts to move over to the east. got to wake up early if you
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flurries across area. so over the next few days we can expect to see the temperatures gradually falling. christmas eve, you're looking at temperatures around 46 degrees with a stray shower possible. and then christmas day, 38 degrees with flurries possible that morning. the redskins' game is playing right here on wusa9. if you don't want to go out and stand in the cold. and if you don't have tickets, so 40s there during game time and then you see that cooling trend sticks around for us. you'll find30s throughout wednesday and tuesday as well.
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wusa9's give hope campaign launched with the goal of helping kids in the hospitals celebrate the holidays. and many of you decided to donate gifts to our drive.
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delivered to children's hospital yesterday afternoon. lesli foster handed out some of the gifts you picked to kids and parents who really needed a little cheer. and there's still time to help. visit and that will take you to an amazon wish list where you can choose a gift. then check out like you normally would on amazon and we'll work with children's national to get all the toys wrapped and delivered. we'll be back.
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all right, a chill in the air as we start winter with a high of 46 today. mid 50s tomorrow with showers friday night and then back to the 60s saturday with rain. christmas eve looks cooler with a high of 46 and 38 by christmas day with flurries. >> that's it for wusa9
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noon. we'll be back at 5:00. until then have a great day and enjoy the beginning of winter! >> yay. [ captions by: vitac 800-278- 4822 email: ]
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