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tv   WUSA 9 News Saturday at 6pm  CBS  December 23, 2017 6:00pm-6:29pm EST

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>> brad: goloman. washington with the long arms. trying to trap in the backcourt. have to hustle. the pass. hands. got it into the frontcourt. now they'll do a little dribbling here. the clock. and holiday. the veteran at the point. >> bill: they've got the legs. >> brad: goes against gabriel with the left hand off the window. >> bill: the high ball screen. room to rome. -- >> bill: room to roam. >> brad: goloman >> bill: brad nessler, in your heyday, could you ever? >> brad: [laughs] >> bill: nice cross. step-back. >> brad: ♪ it's the holiday season ♪ >> bill: what a pretty play all set up by his
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up, put it on the deck and he knows, the kid is a winner. >> brad: time out with 19 seconds remaining. >> brad: ucla trying to hold on. the final 19.4. nice man cave! nacho? [ train whistle blows ] what?! -stop it! -mm-hmm. we've been saving a lot of money ever since we switched to progressive. this bar is legit. and now we get an even bigger discount from bundling home and auto. i can get used to this. it might take a minute. -swing and a miss! -slam dunk! touchdown! together: sports! >> brad: another look at aaron holiday as
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on that drive with the left hand through our eye vision. >> bill: every coach would like to have him in his stocking. >> brad: allie came over and told us between jrue who plays with the pelicans. >> bill: that's the way to bring in the christmas season. tough to personify this little guy. you could bring everybody back but there is no over the top. >> brad: 18 so far today puts him withible 19 of 1,000 in his career. >> bill: john chaney used to do that. take everybody off so you don't get a silly foul. >> brad: adds to it from the stretch. >> bill: the push if you're kentucky, the quick hit, conversely, ucla, you don't want to foul, stop the clock, keep people in front of you. make them use as much time as possible. >> brad: got them both. 20 for
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>> bill: they go zone. makes the cats think a little bit. the easy drive. >> brad: diallo missed the three. it's no good either. might have a foul on ucla. could be on welsh. >> bill: i think you're right. >> brad: ucla, of course, lost phad to come from behind in the second half of that one, they traveled about a zillion miles this year starting with the trip to china and they've traveled, i think, more than some astronauts, china, east coast, midwest now new orleans. >> bill: it's been exhausting. he said "for me, much less players." >> brad: they're going to try some b
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>> bill: if the cut presents itself. >> brad: a quick foul. steve alford. his fifth season for ucla. his 105th win if they hold on. started off the first year, sweet 16. >> bill: i think that you could call a bad year -- it helped them. how he wanted to go about it, offered to give money back to the school. just went about recruiting. felt he could win at this great institution. >> brad: sweet 16 last year lost to kentucky. now trying a little payback even though it's a regular season game still would bea i nice win for them to go to 9-3. >> bill: a couple of great coaches, been
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his whole life. >> brad: another shot off. >> bill: they won't. >> brad: holiday will hold onto it. a couple of days before christmas, a big win in new orleans. >> bill: impressive. >> brad: good game. >> bill: it was. >> brad: the bruins do go to 9-3. with cincinnati, they've won two this week. kentucky might drop out of the top 10, they go to 9-2 with the setback here today. it's been fun. cbs sports classic here in new orleans. at the smoothie king center. we appreciate the hospitality of the big easy. that's going to wrap it up. for bill raftery, allie laforce, brad nessler, ucla the win. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division
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>> they were worried for their daughter. they allegedly wanted to keep hate out of their home and they may have paid for it with their lives. breaking right now at 6:00, we're following this story. the parents were killed. shocking new details about what may have led to this and what may have gone inside of the home when a couple were shot to death. a teenage boy is now charged with their murder. marcella robertson joins us
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marcella. >> reporter: yeah, debra. i can tell you that police wrapped up the scene here about an hour ago. the mood is somber in this neighborhood. neighbors and friends came together at the couple's home for a vigil to remember buckley and scott. a couple who they say were absolutely amazing. disturbing details coming out this evening. police have charged their 17- year-old daughter -- their daughter's 17-year-old boyfriend with murder. that's what buckley's mother told our partners at the "washington post." the couple was worried their daughter's boyfriend was a neo- nazi and tried to break up the relationship. after being caught in the home early monday, the boy shot the couple and then turned the gun on himself. he is a minor and is not being named this morning. he is in the hospital. friends and neighbors are wrapping their arms around each other during this very
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person. she had a good soul. just wonderful mother. her son adored both of his parents. they were just wonderful people. just good people. >> reporter: and the couple did have a younger son who neighbors and friends say they are very devastated for because yesterday he lost both of his parents. we will have more about this couple and what may have led up to this tragedy tonight at 11:00. marcella robertson, wusa 9. >> thank you, marcel. for the latest on this story, download our free wusa 9 app or head over to all right. let's switch gears and talk about weather. pretty warm today. what about the rest of the night and christmas eve? howard bernstein talk to us. it is raining. >> yeah. a cold front is coming through right now. we were in the 60s today. we will be 20 degrees colder
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tomorrow. only in the 40s. you see the different in leesburg. we're still 63 in town. 65 in annapolis. with the front, we have the rain. heavy rain is forming on the front coming through fairfax through prince williams and manassas and inside the beltway. everything is moving east/southeast at 25 miles per hour. this stuff is coming down at a big clip here. passing mclane right now over to fairfax, moving past burke. so it will head over to 235 as well. get ready, d.c. up to college park, it will be moving in your direction in the next 20 minutes or so. in fact we expect it downtown for the mall at 6:26. bowie, 6:50. upper marlboro at 7:15. with a few showers moving in through the
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tomorrow, 46. we could see a couple of flurries north and west of town. tomorrow night, a blustery christmas day. 39 with windchills in the 20s. then a cold tuesday. highs again near 40. i will be back in a few minutes talking about the potential for a bigger snow as we head towards the end of
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just became whatever whayou're about to dout to do after you get coffee. nothing comes before coffee. that's why we're introducing a new line of café-quality espresso drinks from mccafé. get a small peppermint mocha for just two dollars. >> a young girl is shot and
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george's county. it happened on saint phillips road. that's in the southern part of the county. the child was pronounced dead at the scene. and police haven't released the victim's name or really any details about the circumstances surrounding her death. several families in hillcrest heights lost everything when fire riched through their apartment building on curtis road. christmas gifts were also burned. today, the prince george's fire department, along with the american red cot and toys for tots stepped in to save christmas for a dozen children. they gave them bags of toys and bicycles at the silver hill fire station. >> i seen so much love come to me personally, my family and i, and other families also. i'm quite sure they see it too. it is just overwhelming to have people come to you in your time of need to help you like that. >> the fire department
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parents so they can buy clothes and other necessities that they lost in the devastating fire. after a warm day, temperatures should drop for tomorrow. and howard bernstein, uh-oh, four letter word tracking possible snow. and a mystery after a fire starts at a london zoo. so where did some of the anim
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>> in fairfax county, more than 1,000 toys making their way home with a bunch of really grateful kids. fire chief bailey held a toy drive for local kids this christmas. we were there for all of the excitement. >> reporter: at samuel tucker elementary school. >> my son picked out a toy and he was very happy. >> fire and ice.
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upset about being at school on a saturday. >> listen up. this is going to be chaos. >> reporter: the volunteers say they know this time of year can be really tough on a lot of families. >> sometimes when you're as poor as we are, you have to pick between your bills and putting something under the tree for your children. so i'm glad that we could get something -- a good toy versus no toy. >> one of the kids stole a police outfit. >> reporter: it seems like the whole county is coming together to support their community. >> we have our police department, our fire department, sheriff's office, our 911 dispatchers. and numerous businesses here in the city that volunteering their time and providing these gifts for these deserving kids. >> reporter: for william bailey, toy drives like this are important to be a part of. >> i remember growing up and my family trying to decide with six kids what should we do. >> reporter: before he was the fire chief and on the city council, his family was in similar circumstances. >> i remember my parents bringing to us
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give back. >> how the grinch stole christmas. >> reporter: those just moving into town are feeling the holiday spirit. >> christmas and giving and receiving. and they look like they enjoy giving. >> reporter: in alexandria, bria white, wusa 9. >> got to love a story like that. all right. switching gears. in great britain, an early morning fire at the london zoo left an aardvark dead and some of the cats are missing tonight. several zookeepers and staff were treated for smoke inhalation and it forced the popular zoo to shut down. they're not sure when it will reopen. >> this is a fire that had broken out in the area, animal enclosures and animal adventures that includes where our
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and our mere cats. and we're absolutely devastated that the aardvark has been killed. and we are still trying to find out what has happened to the cats. >> fire investigators say it may take several days to determine what caused all of this. always watching, always track being. wusa 9's first alert weather. d.c.'s most accurate. >> so i heard you say the s word earlier. >> yes. yes. and if i don't get to it due to time constraints, friday and saturday has the potential to be significant snow. >> significant? >> significant. >> oh. >> it is a little fuzzy but things are coming together. >> that's a tease for the 11:00 show. >> let's tell what you is going on with first alert doppler. a heavy band of rain is coming through right now. this is the cold front. temperatures drop behind it. we're at 65 today. that line stretching out from dwi coming right
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capitol hill, downtown, in through fair tax county now and prince william as well. this is a heavy band of rain moving southeast at about 25 miles per hour. so it won't last long. you get caught in that, yes, you will know it is raining without a doubt. and the heavy rain goes down for print williams. mount vernon, give it five minutes. alexandria, two to three. we're starting to see drying over towards sterling. still a few showers hanging out in lowden county. from martinsberg and hager down and frederick a couple of lighter showers. as far as sunday is concerned, it is mostly cloudy and colder tomorrow. only in the mid-40s. but the winds not too bad. it will be a chilly day. good 20 degrees colder than today. and tomorrow, if you're going out to fedex, keep m
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temps in the 40s. if not, the game is right here on wusa. we have that game starting at 1:00 with the broncos in town. it should be a competitive game, i believe. frank will tell us more in a moment. 40s in cumberland. hagerstown and leesburg, the cold is coming. gusts up to 21. it will turn up to the northwest in a few minutes with the front coming through. a lot of cold air in place. here is the front with the rain that is coming through now. very mild. that will pull away from us. we will have a drier sunday. just colder. now, sunday night, we're going to watch the system coming out of the midwest. a clipper. but passing to the north. it might have enough just to squeeze out -- yeah. there it is. maybe we will see a couple of flakes or flurries late sunday night, early christmas morning. allegheny for sure will. then towards the end of the week, we are definitely going to see -- we
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friday and saturday. the model ares giving us a coating of snow but the gfs says most of us won't see a white christmas. we shall see who wins. i'm not too excited about snow chances tomorrow night. tonight 30s and 40s. early showers taper off. sunday, in the afternoon, highs only in the mid maybe upper 40s. it will be a blustery christmas day. 39. it will feel like it is in the 20s with gusts 20 to 30. heading towards mid week, just cold. there is the snow threat friday and into saturday. now wusa 9 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> just planning out the strength for the redskin who's are hosting the struggling denver broncos. tickets are cheap. if you want to check out the redskins to see if they can finish at .500. it is th
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the redskins tomorrow. they would love a christmas eve victory and put everyone in a good mood. last home game for one. that guy, we asked his favorite christmas day memory. >> my favorite christmas memory is -- i'm going to say coming downstairs on christmas. when we didn't think we would get any presents. my pops told us that he was santa claus and we weren't good boys that year. he got us a punching bag. we called him bob. he was a punching guy. that was the greatest gift because i started beating the hell out of bob for years. >> hey, coincidence john wall gave his team rolex watches before the game last night and then the wizards had the worst game of the year getting blown out
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i thought they were 12 grand each. no. no. not even close. $40,000 range. that changes the whole dynamic. let's see if fortunes change and we can get something better tonight. right, bradley beale. >> it was just bad overall. it was terrible. we couldn't make shots, let alone defend anybody. it was bad. it was really bad. >> yeah. it was really bad. nebraska basketball is about as far away as saturn and our world. they did a cool thing for one of their walk-on players with the coach sort of dressed up as saint nick. >> it is santa and i have one more cookie. and it is for tanner. come on up here, tanner. tanner, congratulations on the scholarship. [cheering and applause] >> that is tanner getting an
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coach. full ride to nebraska. i looked that up. that is $40,000 a year. not cheap. a couple of rolexs. he is very excited. and those videos never get old. >> it is not a rolex, but you're doing a great job. >> these showers will pull away. >> thank you. >> these showers will pull away. colder air moving in. we may see a flurry. friday and saturday, that looks like potentially big. >> big. you got it here. we will
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