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tv   WVBT Local News  FOX  January 18, 2016 10:00pm-10:45pm EST

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tonight clear and cold. lows: 13-17 inland, 17-22 coast. winds: northwest 10-15. tuesday sunny, with a high near 29. northwest wind 10-15. tuesday night clear, with a low around 16. northwest wind 5-10. wednesday increasing clouds, with a high near 39. west wind 5-10.
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soared for decades. eagles founder glenn frey has died in new york. the band said he had been fighting pneumonia for weeks along with other illnesses. frey started the eagles in the 70s along with don henley to form one of the most successful songwriting teams ever. titles like take it easy, hotel california, and desperado propelled the band the eagles were inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. glenn frey was a deadly crash in chesapeake. police say he ran off blackwater road near margaret drive this afternoon, after some kind of medical emergency. sharon dugan sent us this video. investigators say he crashed in a ditch and died. we'll let you know as soon as we have more information. if you lost electricity in virginia beach or chesapeake today, it's because a goose flew into a power line. dominion virginia power says the animal knocked out service for 45-hundred customers. crews were fixing the downed line at indian river road near military
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a spokesperson said most customers had their lights back around seven this evening. signs of controversy in chesapeake. a local business owner tells us, she's losing customers thanks to a city code about advertising. 10 on your side's matt gregory is in the newsroom now. matt, why is this law causing her problems? in chesapeake's city code, putting up advertising signs or flags near your business is prohibited. but one chesapeake owner says she didn't know that and now, she's faced with making a change or move her shop. when it comes to donut sales, each ingredient, no matter how small makes the difference between a one time stop and a loyal customer. mary jane hamblin / amazing glazed c0029 17:32:54 "we offer 13 icings and 30 different toppings which comes out to 9 thousand combinations of donuts." 17:33:02 combinations that amazing glazed owner mary jane hamblin says should bring in customers. mary jane hamblin / amazing glazed
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would say i drove 2 miles past you. so we thought the only thing that we could do is get a sign that says donuts are here 17:34:12 for a year business heated up. 17:34:16 "till a couple of months ago when the city contacted us and said you need to take your flag down." 17:34:22 then it got worse. 17:34:45 "but then we get a citation and we got a fine a notice to appear in court because we still had this up." 17:34:51 the city of chesapeake doesn't allow flags or signs not attached the business. the signs went down and business with it. 17:36:18 "we are down at least 35 percent." 17:36:20 when hamblin went to city hall... 17:38:38 " a couple of them explained that we passed this for the benefit of the city to keep things looking nice." 17:38:44 still no help. this month the city council passed an ordinance to allow certain signs. 17:38:06 "it would be a sandwich board that you could put your menu by your front door, but that really doesnt help us." 17:38:12 hamblin says she may pack up. 17:37:45 "i love great bridge and thats why i want my business to be here. i just recently
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vriginia beach and if we cant find a solution then we wont be able to afford to stay here." 17:37:56 a sign her time in chesapeake may come to an end. i spoke with a chesapeake councilman. he tells me he'd like to see more changes like the new ordinance that allows sandwich boards. unfortunaley the oridnance doesn't extend to the signs amazing glazed had. in the news room matt gregory 10 on your side. a navy salvage ship is helping in the search for 12 marines, but there still hasn't been any sign of survivors. they vanished thursday after two helicopters crashed off the hawaiian coast. crews are still searching for them with boats, divers and helicopters. the coast guard says it has found debris, but the ocean has scattered the wreckage far and wide. dedicated to trying to locate and bring back these service members." s/shayne enright/honolulu emergency medical services :11 "very difficult time for all of us involved. this is a nightmare for all first responders, something that you never ever want to do, but we want the
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know that we are doing everything that we can." the marines have identified the service members who are missing. the coast guard says it is working with the marines to figure out how long crews should keep searching for them. new tonight. dueling ideas over how to handle firearms in virginia. those for and against gun control rallied outside the general assembly in richmond today. those against asked lawmakers to undo some of democratic governor terry mcauliffe and attorney general mark herring's policies. supporters of gun control say republicans are blocking measures that would reduce violent crime. there's baby steps being taken by the left to take our rights and they don't realize how many of us are against what they want to do (butt) we need to do more and i am committed to all of will continue to fight for what is right. mcauliffe has threatened
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weaken gun laws in virginia. investigators say the man who shot and killed a police officer in ohio, is in custody tonight. police say the ex-girlfriend of 32- year-old herschel jones called 9-1-1 to let them know jones was armed and targeting police. deputies say they found officer thomas cottrell dead in danville, sunday. investigators say jones has a criminal history. in one case, court records say he tried to claim insanity. they're holding him on an unrelated charge, but they plan to charge him with cottrell's murder. charges; police believe he shot four people in gloucester county. one of them died, but investigators expect the other three to survive. 18-year-old dijon whitter is behind bars following sunday morning's shooting. police say it happened near the intersection of ditchley road and gill. 10 on your side learned the shooting happened down the road from a big party. we'll let you know when we have another update. decision 2016, took republican presidential
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virginia he spoke at a packed arena at liberty university in lynchburg. trump claimed record attendence levels, even though it was a mandatory event for students. he promised to protect christianity, making this appeal. pl03m 1;23 s/ donald trump / (r) presidential candidate :17 2 corinthians, right. 2 corinthians. 3:17, that's the whole ball game. where the spirit of the lord, right, where the spirit of the lord is, there is liberty. and here there is liberty college, liberty university but it is so true. trump also planned to hold a rally in new hampshire today. meanwhile in the u-k, parliament is debating whether to ban trump, as his campaign wears on. more than half-a-million people signed a petition for the ban, forcing lawmakers to discuss it. the petition started after trump suggested a ban on muslims entering the u-s. a family is back together in the warmth of their williamsburg home, following a long and often times stressful search for a missing
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searched from above, but zeb gross was under their feet the entire time. crews found him in a crawl space under his home. his family reported him missing this morning -- and said he didn't have a coat. nearly 80 people --- including volunteers and public safety agencies looked for him in frigid temperatures. they used bloodhounds and a state police helicopter. c0083 - eric stone - young man and put him back with his family. obviously, due to the cold weather, we were getting concerns going into the night. 5212 the fire department says it's not clear why the boy went in the crawl space. they say crews searched that area for him earlier, but couldn't find him. crews say zeb is in good health. investigators are trying to figure out how an apartment fire started in portsmouth. firefighters say they got the call around six this morning on des moines avenue. only 10 on your side can show you this video of the burning building. everyone made it out
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demonstrators shut down a major bridge in the name of reverend doctor martin luther king junior -- hear more about why they did it. some celebrities say they won't be taking part in the academy awards this year. hear one actress explain her decision to boycott. an update to an animal rescue that had to close its kennel. hear how many of the dogs from our original story
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new tonight, invoking the memory reverand dr. martin luther king jr., protesters stopped traffic on san francisco's bay bridge -- the black lives matter off-shoot chained their vehicles together, creating a mess for drivers. protesters say they planned to stay chained to the bridge for 96 minutes, representing 96 hours of demonstrations in oakland over the weekend. the group has also been peacefully marching through the streets -- chanting about police brutality. in south florida, dozens of dirt bikers and a-t-v riders swamped the roads. their way of honoring dr. king. police near miami say they were better prepared for the annual "bikes up, guns down" rally. organizers say it's designed to discourage violence. we haven't heard of arrests at this point. one person was hurt. in our area, many spent the day commemorating the 30th anniversary of
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for dr. king. 10 on your side's brandi cummings joins us with a look at how people across hampton roads honored his memory. tom- we did some digging and found according to a survey done last year, 37-percent of american employers give a paid day off for martin luther king, jr. day, from students to church leaders, in hampton roads hundreds spent the day off sharing dr. king's message of equality. cover this with martin and his legacy which was a legacy of unity and peace. bringing people together along racial and cultural lines. 47;29 on this sunny but cold monday, dozens took to the streets of norfolk. community leaders began the day with breakfast then a wreath laying ceremony to remember dr. martin luther king, jr. had he lived, dr. king would have been 87 this year. kaeja cox, odu student clip 90 21:54 i feel like what he not. just me being able to go to this university is a direct impact on what he did. 22:04 old dominion university students
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focus - positivity, justice, and advancements african americans have made since dr. king's famous 1963 speech. nats of king "i have a dream" in chesapeake a breakfast was focused not just on dr. king, but first reponders as well. sot - bishop e. w. jackson, sr., chairman of chesapeake martin luther king leadership breakfast - clip 10 47;30 we are honoring youth, we're honoring law enforcement and we've been told that those two dont seem to work together. we'll we're showing that in chesapeake they do. 47:39 sot - sheriff jim king did as long as we communicate with our localities and that we're transparent and have those relationships that will provide very successful. 55:10 the urban league of hampton roads 32nd annual martin luther king jr. community leaders' breakfast was held at norfolk state. the keynote speaker: wilbert james, president of toyota motor manufacturing. sot - wilbert w. (wil) james, toyota motor manufacturing - clip 50 5:00 it is also a day to remind ourselves and our communities that the work is not yet done. 5:07 so what is that work, one
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encouraged people of all backgrounds to fight for equal opportunity saying, "our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." today, we heard the voices of many with the purpose of keeping king's message alive. i'm brandi cummings 10 on your side. tonight clear and cold. lows: 13-17 inland, 17-22 coast. winds: northwest 10-15. tuesday sunny, with a high near 29. northwest wind 10-15. tuesday night clear, with a low around 16. northwest wind 5-10. wednesday increasing clouds, with a high near 39. west wind 5-10. tonight clear and cold. lows: 13-17 inland, 17-22 coast. winds: northwest 10-15. tuesday sunny, with a high near 29. northwest wind 10-15. tuesday night clear, with a low around 16. northwest wind 5-10. wednesday increasing clouds, with a high near 39. west wind
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the odds may not be in your favor, if you're looking for a job in hampton roads. hear the reason more people are choosing to leave the area -- a product recall from trader joes is new tonight. see the food that may be tainted with salmonella
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you may want to check your cabinets after this: trader joes is recalling cashews. sunday, a supplier told the company they may be contaminated with salmonella. the recall affects the 16-ounce non- resealable bags of cashews like the one you see here. no one has reported falling ill, but the company is asking you to throw the cashews out or return them for a refund. a local animal rescue says it's still finding homes for dogs in need, months after it closed its kennel in isle of wight county. we told you operation save a shelter dog planned to move from its building in november. the organization needed homes for nine dogs. since then, the rescue says families have taken in all but one from that original group.
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police. you might wait in line too, if you saw gas prices going for 47-cents-a-gallon! where drivers stacked up for a cheap fill up. some celebrities say they have a problem with the oscars -- hear one actress explain why she's boycotting the
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we were below the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole! if you're dora the explorer, you explore. it's what you do. >>what took you so long?
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weather in duluth, minnesota today. just look at the steam rising off lake superior. temperatures reached nearly 15- below, but the wind made it feel like minus 35! tonight clear and cold. lows: 13-17 inland, 17-22 coast. winds: northwest 10-15. tuesday sunny, with a high near 29. northwest wind 10-15. tuesday night clear, with a low around 16. northwest wind 5-10. wednesday increasing clouds, with a high near 39. west wind 5-10. tonight clear and cold. lows: 13-17 inland, 17-22 coast. winds: northwest 10-15. tuesday sunny, with a high near
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tuesday night clear, with a low around 16. northwest wind 5-10. wednesday increasing clouds, with a high near 39. west wind
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instead of moving to our area, people are actually leaving. the reason? there just aren't enough jobs. 10 on your side's katie collett breaks down the numbers and has more on possible ways to reverse the problem. (pkg) there's a certain beauty to our area. a place steeped in history...surrounded by
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breathtaking views. but when you take a deeper look...there's an ugly truth. (jim spore, reinvent hampton roads) -05, 20:52 - 20:57 if it wasn't for births exceeding deaths, we would actually be losing population as a region. losing population. people are leaving...and can you blame them? (graphic - chart 1) check out these jobs numbers by the bureau of economic analysis. between 2010 and 2013, hampton roads came in last at growing jobs out of 35 regions with a similar population. our area is growing jobs at a rate 1/4 the national average. (graphic - chart 2 - reveal) let's break those numbers down even further. since 2010, the charlotte area added more than 167,000 jobs. raleigh added more than 86,000. but in hampton roads? jobs added total slightly more than 17,600. it's a problem...and one many residents we spoke with say all comes down to lack of cooperation. -01, :12 - :16 i think each city is for themselves. -04, 3:33 - :3:37 i think norfolk, portsmouth, virginia beach are in it for themselves. kimberly mcvey virginia
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-03, 2:52 - 2:58 it seems like it would make the most sense to sit down manager of virginia beach turned president of reinvent hampton roads. an organization created to grow jobs in our region. -05, 4:33 - 4:47 we need to move away from our total reliance on the military and tourism and the port and certainly cherish those as the three stools of our economic foundation here, but we also need to diversify that economy. the question is, how? -05, 6:57 - 7:06 biotechnology for example, unmanned aerial vehicles, cyber security, modeling and simulation. there's lot of existing strengths in the region. senator mark warner agrees and says we should use those strengths. (sen. mark warner - (d) virginia) (warner sot 1a) 21:10 - 21:23 leveraging langley, leveraging oceana, and so many of our navy and other sites. leveraging wallops in terms of the ability to test some of these drones over the
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virginia the leader in unmanned systems. senator warner also wants to focus on bulk layoffs and hirings at the shipyards. (warner sot 1a) 19:09 - 19:16 if we can smooth that out with a little more predictablility, you'll see a lot less disruption in the local economy. both warner and spore agree there is an urgent need to find new ways to grow jobs in the 17 cities and counties of the hampton roads region. -05, 15:05 - 15:10 we've spent lots of time talking about this. it's time to start doing some things that will really make a difference over the long haul. katie collett, 10 on your side. it may have been years since you've seen anything quite like this: gas below 50-cents a gallon! it really happened in houghton lake, michigan. a weekend price war slashed costs for passing motorists to 47-cents a gallon. we haven't seen those prices in decades. rough driving conditions didn't keep eager customers away, and police helped direct long lines of people. by the end of the day, the price war ended and gasoline found its
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a gallon. making note of today's significance honoring civil-rights icon, dr. martin luther king, junior, two stars announced they are boycotting the academy awards. jeremy roth tells us why. let's let the academy do them, with all grace and pinkett smith says she is boycotting the academy awards - and wont be watching from home either. she made the dramatic announcment in the wake of a growing controversy over the lack of diversity among this year's oscar nominees. begging for acknowlement, or even asking, diminishes dignity, diminishes power, and we are a dignified people. her husband, will smith, is one of the actors of
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nominated this year despite critical acclaim for his performance in "concussion" pinkett smith now says -- it's time to re-evaluate things: maybe it's time that we pull back our resources and we put them back into our communities, into our programs. pinkett smith is not alone in her frustration... on social media - many have vented over the lack of oscar diversity. for the second straight year the hashtag "oscars so white" has been trending online. spike lee meanwhile says he's boycotting the ceremony as well. in a post on social media the director asks quote "how is it possible for the 2nd consecutive year all 20 contenders under the actor category are white?" both stars said they wish their friends involved with the oscars production the best -- and pinkett smith praised chris rock -- who will be hosting the show next month. i'm jeremy roth reporting. lee has been nominated for two oscars before. he says the "real battle" is not at the academy awards. he says the nominees won't change until
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>> where making panseared pork chops with the chef.
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luana: thousands have been sharing news of nasa's latest success: growing life in space! commander of the international space station, scott kelly, tweeted this picture of a zinnia flower. the blooms are the first ever grown in space. kelly helped nurture the crop, giving scientists much needed information about how plants grow in different gravity
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how could it be any better? a game winning shot at the buzzer--with your family and friends there to share the moment. the young lady in the spotlight, 18 year old makayla timmons of old dominion. but it's the story behind the shot that made this saturday night so special. i'm bruce rader, welcome to the sportswrap live on this monday night. it's the type of story that makes me glad i do what i do. like sharing the story of a teenager, who played not only for her team. but for a brother she believes was watching
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