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tv   WVBT Local News  FOX  February 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:45pm EST

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help. 19:25:28 "from the way i saw it the back window was smashed out and the kids were on the ground." two young boys - according to police - thrown from this mangled mini van. tonight, one, just 9 years old, is dead. and a the other kid didn't have after witnessing this pick-up truck crash into the van in norfolk's park place neighborhood just after 5. he ran for help, and called 9-1-1. a mother, behind the wheel of the van, screaming for help. 19:24:29 "she was crying hysterically saying 'that's my son.'" 23:50 "i was on the phone talking to 911 and the other people at the scene were actually trying to revive them, doing chest compressions." investigators determined the pick up truck had been traveling southbound on llewellyn avenue, the minivan westbound on west 27th street - when the crash happened. hetherington says he was behind the truck, just
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stopping for a red light. 24:14 "he didn't hit his brakes at all it just looked like he wasn't really paying attention, i'm not really sure." the pick-up truck driver and his passenger were treated at the scene for minor injuries. police say the minivan continued through the intersection after the crash, striking a utility pole. 24:40 "just pretty shaken, shaken up that's about it" the mother behind the wheel was also taken to the hospital, she is expected to recover. again, a 7-year-old boy is in critical condition. a 9-year-old boy is dead, he was pronounced at the hospital here. police haven't identified him. the crash remains under investigation - we're a role. live in norfolk, liz kilmer, 10 on your side. police are investigating a deadly accident. they say a car hit a man mercury boulevard
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it happened around six-thirty tonight. he died at the scene. police say they are still reaching out to the man's family, so they can't tell us who he is yet. the driver was not hurt. police have not mentioned any charges yet. new tonight. newport news police are also investigating an accident. dispatchers say three vehicles crashed at oyster point road and jefferson avenue. they say first responders had to cut one person out of the wreck. we'll let you update. hundreds of people came together to honor a murdered chesapeake family tonight. it's been four days since police discovered six members of the dooley family dead. they say 26-year-old cameron dooley shot and killed his brother, landon; sister, brooke; mother, lori; father, todd and grandmother, doris-- before killing himself. 10 on your side's liz palka was at the emotional memorial service. liz? nicole - it was for everyone. the memorial service was standing room only. law enforcement from all over the region were there. to honor this family for all
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this community. we have video we can show you of the dooley family relatives arriving at deep creek baptist church this evening. they were escorted by three chesapeake motorcycles...and greeted by the honor guard, who saluted the entire family. patriot guards riders were also there to stand with the american flag before and during the ceremony. it was in honor of todd dooley's years as a chesapeake marine patrol officer. c3 18:52:19 - he did 27 years and it's not an law enforcement officer. so that's why we're here. to show our honor and respect for his life. :28 i saw law enforcement and over hampton roads. police from fairfax and the raleigh durham area were there, service. there were about 10 to 12 people who were to speak about the dooley family and each of the people who died. funeral plans have not been publicly
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palka, 10 on your side. in norfolk, family and friends held a vigil for a mother of seven children tonight. police say one of 43-year-old sonya hunter's sons shot and killed her over the weekend. investigators found her on westcliff drive saturday, and they say she died at the hospital. family tells us the shawn hunter, struggled with brothers discussed the connection with us tonight -- c0020 06;40 she had 7 kids it's a tragedy my brother could do that to our mom -- i would like to see him spend the rest of his life in jail for what he did. hunter is in jail without bond tonight. he faces a second degree murder charge, and police have not released a motive in this case. the super doppler 10 weather team has been tracking rain across our area tonight. let's bring in chief meteorologist don slater -- don, on top of that, you
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overnight a chance of a few showers, mainly between 10pm and 1am. cloudy, with a low around 44. light and variable wind becoming north 5-10 in the evening. tuesday mostly cloudy & cooler. highs: 50-55. northeast wind 10. tuesday night mostly cloudy. lows: 45-49. east wind at 10 becoming south after midnight. wednesday a chance of rain, then rain likely and possibly a thunderstorm after 1pm. mostly cloudy, with a high near 70. south wind 10 to 20, with gusts as
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new tonight -- local coast guardsmen helped rescue a woman from a cruise ship. the coast guard says they found the woman unconscious about 230 miles east of cape hatteras. crews from elizabeth city flew her off the norwegian breakaway this afternoon. they say she's in stable condition tonight. power is back on for most customers in virginia beach tonight. dominion virginia power says some kind of cable failure knocked out service to more than eleven-thousand customers. that was around six tonight. power was restored to most people around eight. quiet. focused. friendly and outgoing.
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describe two virginia tech students, facing charges in a teen's death. 18-year-old david eisenhaur and 19- year-old natalie keepers from maryland appeared in court today. police believe they had a hand in abducting and killing 13-year-old nicole lovell from blacksburg. she vanished last week, and investigators found her body near the virginia north carolina border. police have not released a possible motive in this case. all new tonight. federal prosecutors say a north carolina man tried to plan a terror attack and kill his parents. they indicted justin sullivan from morgantown with trying to support to isis, and paying someone to kill his parents. court papers say sullivan believed his parents would interfere with his plans. he's in custody awaiting trial. new tonight. one of four security contractors is officially appealing his conviction. nicholas slatten, formerly with blackwater worldwide, says the justice department was "vindictive" and "determined to find him guilty."
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for first degree murder. slatten and three other guards killed unarmed civilians in 2007. the other guards were convicted on lesser charges. an update to deadly helicopter crashes in hawaii. we now know, the marines fired the squadron's commander days before the accidents. am hi missing marines latest 01/17 two helicopters went down last month. the marines declared all 12 marines involved -- dead. today, a spokesperson said a general lost confidence in lieutenant colonel edward pavelka's ability to lead. the marines did not say how that may have factored into the crashes. lumber liquadators may have to pay more than 13-million dollars in criminal fines as part of its sentencing -- the announcement came from federal court today. the toano-based company pleaded guilty to five charges involving illegal lumber trafficking. the lumber came from illegally- logged timber in russia. the department of justice said: the penalty is one of the largest for timber trafficking in history. the u-s supreme court has denied a g- o-p request
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boundaries. virginia republicans wanted to put a new map on hold and let the 20-16 elections take place under the old boundaries. here's a look at the old map. the new map could help democrats win the 4th congressional district, which republican randy forbes represents. a breaking news update from the iowa caucuses -- former maryland governor martin o'malley has ended his democratic bid for the white house. he has earned less than one-percent of the vote tonight -- we're following the results as the 2016 presidential race continues. more precincts are beginning to report. hillary clinton is in the lead for the dems with 51-percent of the vote, bernie sanders has 48. for the g-o-p, senator ted cruz is leading with 28-percent of the vote. donald trump has 25, and senator marco rubio has 22. thousands of people have been packing caucus sites across the state -- and candidates were excited before the voting started. (sot hillary clinton/ (d) presidential candidate too short to super) "i'm feeling so energized because of all of you!" (butt) (sot sen. bernie
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(sot sen. marco rubio / difference tonight. we're really excited." (butt) (sot sen. ted cruz / (r) presidential candidate (sot donald trump / (r) presidential candidate too short to super) "win, lose, or draw. i love you folks all. i love you all." we'll be sure to keep you updated on the results. the zika virus is now closer to home. we'll tell you about a case at the college of william and mary-- and what medical experts are saying about the mosquito- borne disease. local residents-- worried about contaminated water in their neighborhood, will soon get their questions answered. we'll tell you about a meeting that's scheduled with federal and local agencies. no sign of texting before a deadly train accident. hear what else federal investigators said about last year's amtrak derailment in
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the zika virus has been spreading from spots in central america -- all the way to a local college campus. officials at william and mary say one of its students caught zika while traveling, but there is no health risk. school leaders say it's not a threat to people on campus. students we spoke with
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sot - ross anderson, apprehensive about it, life is pretty much continuing normally for me. 19:12:06 break in the community or any second email so im not that concerned about it. 19:06:38 sot - katie slacin, freshman w & m student - clip 4 19:09:56 i don't know how much of a concern it is right now. it might officials say they will monitor travel warnings but stress that they believe there is no health risk to the campus. the world health organization says the zika virus has become a public health emergency. the group predicts up to four-million people could catch the virus over the next year. health experts are concerned about pregnant women getting infected because they say the mosquito-borne illness may cause birth defects. they've been studying cases of babies born with small heads in brazil and other latin american countries. the c-d-c says most people only get mild symptoms of zika. you have the chance to learn more about contaminated water in our area.
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meeting tomorrow for people living near fentress field. last month, we told you tests uncovered high levels of dangerous chemicals in the water. the navy says it came from firefighting foam -- used in training exercises. the navy, e-p-a, the city and state agencies will talk with residents tomorrow, at butts road intermediate school-- from 4 to 7 p-m. lawyers plan to challenge a permit. it allows dominion virginia power to dump millions of tons of coal ash wastewater into virginia rivers. the southern environmental law center says: it will challenge the permit -- on behalf of a riverkeeping network. a spokesperson for the department of environmental quality says--- he knew about the appeal, but had no comment. a williamsburg woman faces federal charges. investigators say she stole more than a half million dollars from her elderly employer. 82-year-old pete mcdonald says he was a victim. he says he hired dana morris in 2011. he says she spent a few hours a week
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company. in exchange, he paid her 400-dollars a month. three years in, he says he found morris altered his checks, and ordered new ones for herself. pete mcdonald/alleged victim (1) 12:20 i'd say i was more disillusioned and hurt and angry, my god, you're supposed to know people. completely misjudged her, which is the same reaction from people around here who ate with us and knew her and they can't believe it. she's a nice person. :41 morris faces 19 counts of wire fraud. she has pleaded not guilty -- and will face a jury march 31st. overnight a chance of a few showers, mainly between 10pm and 1am. cloudy, with a low around 44. light and variable wind becoming north 5-10 in the evening. tuesday
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wind 10. tuesday night mostly cloudy. lows: 45-49. east wind at 10 becoming south after midnight. wednesday a chance of rain, then rain likely and possibly a thunderstorm after 1pm. mostly cloudy, with a high near 70. south wind 10 to 20, with gusts as high as 30. overnight a chance of a few showers, mainly between 10pm and 1am. cloudy, with a low around 44. light and variable wind becoming north 5-10 in the evening. tuesday mostly cloudy & cooler. highs: 50-55. northeast wind 10. tuesday night mostly cloudy. lows: 45-49. east wind at 10 becoming south after midnight. wednesday a chance of rain, then rain likely and possibly a thunderstorm after 1pm. mostly cloudy, with a high near 70. south wind 10 to 20, with gusts as
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and are those who did the time, getting fair a chance in the job market. still ahead, a 10 on your side investigation. i'm nathan epstein and coming up in 25 minutes on the sportswrap... it's been a bad day for anyone on tobacco road---- duke is out of the top 25 rankings-- and top-ranked north carolina tries to avoid it's first acc loss of the season--- another conferenc honor for odu guard trey freeman--- and the media mayhem begins at the sight of super bowl 50---all next
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the n-t-s-b says there's no evidence a train engineer was texting before a deadly derailment. in a new report, it also says there weren't any problems with the tracks in philadelphia. the 250-passenger train derailed last may. it entered a curve at more than twice the legal speed limit. eight people died. more than 200 others were hurt. february is black history
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it was ushered in to the sound of a bell in williamsburg. (nats of bell can take them from the top of the 5p) the bell rang for the first time since first baptist church in williamsburg restored it after decades of silence during the civil rights movement. descendants of thomas jefferson along with the reverend jesse jackson, congressman bobby scott, and the family of rosa parks attended today's ceremony. (sot-pastor reginald davis, first baptist where they dropped off the slaves so why not come back 10:29 240 years to learn what to do what not to do 240 years to know you can't mistreat people 240 years to mature 10:39 the first baptist church of williamsburg was founded in 1776. you have a chance to ring the bell this month. learn more about how -- on wavy dot com. an eight-billion-dollar idea, to put some life
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of chesapeake. we'll tell you about the plans once councilman proposed- and how you can weigh in. together in retirement. how a former police officer was able stay with his four-legged
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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yeah i ride. one thing i've come to realize: there's no easier way to save on motorcycle insurance than switching to geico. saving money, that's something every rider should do. what is that? it's called ceviche, gary. learned to make it when i lived in tonga. tastes like uh... chicken. you should get out more. chicken. geico motorcycle. great rates for great rides. breaking news from the iowa caucuses -- n-b-c projects texas senator ted cruz to win. he has 28 percent of the republican vote with 85 percent of precincts reporting at this point. donald trump has 24. senator marco rubio has 23. ben carson carries
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with nine percent. governor mike huckabee also just tweeted he has suspended his campaign for president in 2016. overnight a chance of a few showers, mainly between 10pm and 1am. cloudy, with a low around 44. light and variable wind becoming north 5-10 in the evening. tuesday mostly cloudy & cooler. highs: 50-55. northeast wind 10. tuesday night mostly cloudy. lows: 45-49. east wind at 10 becoming south after midnight. wednesday a chance of rain, then rain likely and possibly a thunderstorm after 1pm. mostly cloudy, with a high near 70. south wind 10 to 20, with gusts as high as 30. overnight a chance of a few showers, mainly between 10pm and 1am. cloudy,
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light and variable wind becoming north 5-10 in the evening. tuesday mostly cloudy & cooler. highs: 50-55. northeast wind 10. tuesday night mostly cloudy. lows: 45-49. east wind at 10 becoming south after midnight. wednesday a chance of rain, then rain likely and possibly a thunderstorm after 10 to 20, with gusts as
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when people convicted of a felony have completed their sentence, the law says they've paid their debt to society. but many discover-- making a new life does not guarantee a chance to make a living. investigative reporter chris horne looks at the challenges facing convicted felons-- who are trying to find a job. c 1 13:18 geoffrey beckelic released felon somedays it's tough for me to even look in the mirror... because of the things i've done in my past geoff beckelic had been in trouble with the law
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past decade, and ended up doing three years in prison for grand theft auto. he got out in 2012. of people waiting to get the jobs that were available and a lot of people that were applying for them didn't have convictions. but beckelic was determined to transform himself. programs such as step up, workforce, and thomas nelson community college helped him get his life back in order. c 1 8:51 geoffrey beckelic released felon i knew that i didn't want to go back to jail and i knew that i beckelic was enrolled in refurbishing homes. he told us he was proud to be paying taxes, no longer a liability in the community he said he was living a life that he could only dream of while he was inside.yeah, geoff beckelic was going to be our shining example of how a released felon can turn his life around -- and then the story turned inside out. last week we couldn't reach him. turns out he was back in jail. possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. eight more months.
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recidivism is real. but advocates for released felons say their resources can work. c 5 15:49 nat sot madonna flores norfolk prisoner reentry program all they have to do is with norfolk's prisoner reentry program. she says case workers put a major emphasis on job training. c 1 3:19 madonna flores norfolk prisoner reentry program developing a resume, teach them interviewing techniques, they'll also do some job coaching with them to help them with what to expect. which is all great, but who's actually hiring people with a air force bases and high-end hotels. it has about 60 employees. about a third of them have done time. some of those have worked with the company now for trouble once or twice, but they are some of our best employees c 1 6:12 adrienne person human resources manager being able to be with a
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really helps them and helps their morale and here's the face of a felon you might not expect. linda rowland isn't looking for work, but she were people that were making up crimes that they were gonna commit when they go resources manager you definitely can tell when someone is serious about wanting to work, or they're just there because maybe their p. o. really willing to change prisoner reentry program wants more companies to follow that lead. c 1 past, it's about what to show you that they've changed their lives and they want community, should be respected by the employers. chris horne toys
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could change the number of teaching days on next year's school calendar. the school board must decide whether to enact a 183-day schedule, or remove a few teaching days. other cities currently have 180 or 181. school officials say-- a shorter school calendar would mean an earlier start date, end date-- and more efficient staff development days. we'll let you know what the board decides. could a new field house help bring money to the western branch area of chesapeake? a city council member thinks it will. these photos from the proposal show the virginia beach field house -- just for illustration purposes. the building would be for team sports and could also serve as a shelter in case of a disaster. under the plan -- the city would spend about 7 to 8 milion to build it. investing in something that won't return and i think this is a great solution and
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of the box solution. 2353 new sot kathy reagan young - resident so many levels. from a resident's perspective, we're having to drive up to boo williams or down to virginia beach and instead we could stay there and bring our kids right there. 2742 if you want to learn more -- there's a question and answer session thursday at 6:30 at the portsmouth - chesapeake elks lodge. a retired police officer will not have to give up his k-9, after all. the solution a city came up with, so the partners
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the sound of the wind. the warmth of the sun. the smell of the earth. even the rumble of a tractor. we'd love to put all this inside every can of progresso soup. but since we can't bring
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the least we can do is bring you the best, tastiest vegetables. make it progresso. (tom/2shot) a retired police officer in ohio will get to stay with his k-9 partner. (nicole/2shot) this story has been trending on social media -- (take vo) marietta officals say matthew hickey and his dog, ajax, can stick together-- even though hickey is retired. under state law, he couldn't keep him since the dog is considered city property. the city was ready to
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donated. (tom) they raised more than 65-thousand dollars so hickey could buy ajax. the city says they will not make hickey buy ajax if hickey becomes an auxiliary
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let the media mayhem begin ----a see of reporters, cameras and microphones inside levi stadium---the sight of super bowl 50----this year----the nfl chaning things up just a little bit---the first ever super bowl opening night---and front and center---denver quarterback peyton manning--- i'm nathan epstein in for bruce rader. welcome to indeed be manning's last game--- the nfl network is reporting manning has already told his family that he plans to retire after sunday's showdown with the carolina panthers--- manning's been mum on the retirement talk---even after cameras caught this exchange between he and new england patriots head coach bill belichick after denver won the afc championship-- manning apparently told belichick----quote---this would be his last rodeo--- manning's boss----general manager john elway won two straight super bowls before retiring---he says manning can take his time
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