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tv   WVBT Local News  FOX  March 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:45pm EST

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hampton roads. the polls are closed, and the newsteam on your side is following the results of the 20-16 presidential primary. our political expert, joel rubin, also joins us in the studio to break down those numbers. here's why your vote is so important tonight. virginia is just one of 13 states-- including alaska and american samoa-- going to the polls and caucusing today. hundreds of delegates are at stake-- and could help the candidates make some major decisions in the morning. team coverage starts on the republican side. here's a look at the current standings in virginia for the remaining candidates: businessman donald trump, florida senator marco rubio, texas senator ted cruz, ohio governor john kasich and doctor ben carson. it's official: virginia republicans have chosen donald trump as their pick for presidential candidate. he just addressed his supporters from his headquarters in palm that's just spectacular a
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some people who helped make that win possible have been watching the results in virginia beach. 10 on your side's andy fox is right there with them. andy-- what are they saying? im andy fox at pembroke pizza where trump supporters were gathered there was pizza, beer, and a lot of donald trump at pembroke pizza and even more cheer when trump took virginia (sot) a diverse crowd, latinos for trump maria sanchez-93 years old (14:05 43) ((i like immigrants to come here paper job come in legally)) runs: 08 eli valentine likes trump's fiscal background
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the state of our country 19 trillion dollar debt we need someone with a real business sense.")) runs: 05 marcos montes is fully on board (14:39 44) ((he is not controlled by any super packs self funding his campaign big factor why i am supporting him today)) runs: 06 and to the republican establishment gary byler says (16:00 45) ((rejuvenation reaffirmation democratic process who want to hold on to the past watch out because the tsunami is here and it is hitting ground)) runs: 10 andy fox toys trump has fared well with virginians. this in
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congressman scott rigell sent a scathing letter denouncing the frontrunner. rigell, the soon-to-be-retired representative of the second district, asked voters to cast a ballot for anyone other than trump. he went on to say letting trump win the g-o-p nomination would be catastrophic. rigell represents virginia beach, norfolk, parts of hampton, newport news and the eastern shore. here's what trump went on to do in rigell's district -- specifically virginia beach. and here's how the republican votes stacked up in newport news. ohio governor john kasich was in northern virginia today. the republican candidate says he is not expecting to win voters in the commonwealth, and he's already looking ahead to the next primary round of primaries: set for saturday. (governor john kasich) "we never thought that super tuesday was gonna but we're headin' north and that's what we've
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that brings us to the democrats: less than a minute after polls closed - officials called the win for former secretary of state hillary clinton. 54;53 "we have to make america whole, we have to fill in what's been hollowed out" chants usa usa usa 55;05 here are the results for both candidates in virginia. let's take it out to 10 volunteers watched the results roll in. we had some happy hillary clinton supporters here at guad's on granby
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them spent the day at her campaign office here in norfolk making phone calls to voters. here's some of what they had to say tonight. kismet nettles - clinton supporter brandon randleman - clinton supporter trt -- :20 seconds c48 23:49 - i knew we had it. we had it, right guys? we worked hard enough. :54 anything for granted. so we know that if she becomes the nominee...we have a lot of doors to knock on, a lot of phone calls to make. :20 a lot of yard signs to put out. and we have to get our people out to vote. about 25 people gathered at guad's to watch the results come in. many of them longtime supporters of clinton. they told me they often hold phone banks at the norfolk campaign office - or even meet at restaurants to make calls on behalf of the democratic frontrunner. they also wanted to see who won on the republican side. with some strong opinions on
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sot -- kit coffey - clinton supporter c48 25:52 - donald trump in a way is the best thing that could happen to the democratic party. because there's going to be so many people that are going to mobilize to make sure that he never becomes president. im liz palka toys now to the candidate who wants to beat hillary clinton for the democratic nomination: bernie sanders. the vermont senator addressed his supporters shortly after the polls started closing president -- it's about creating a political revolution cheers erin kelly joins us from sanders' campaign headquarters in norfolk. erin -- what
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the crowd here was still energetic, and we heard cheers after it was projected that sanders won oklahoma. they tell me this race is a marathon, not a sprint. nats supporters of senator bernie sanders gathered around the television to listen to him speak -- after it was projected that he lost the primary in virginia. about 30 to 40 people filled his campaign office off little creek road in norfolk. c0030 - natasha phillips - sanders volunteer - 1240 i already knew it was going democratically, so this is not a shock, really. 1249 volunteers started the day early with literature drops, canvassing at polls, and knocking on doors. natasha phillips was one of them. c0030 - natasha phillips - sanders volunteer - 1052 when it comes to being consistent on things that matter to me, even when it wasn't popular to be for some things, he was for it 1100
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rumble, cast her ballot for sanders in virginia beach. c0028 - molly rumble - voter - 5958 i feel like bernie sanders is really in touch with the populace in general and i think his economic policy is something we should all take into consideration. 0007 c0031 - charles mcleod - sanders volunteer - 1347 i'm so glad super tuesday is over. we can now concentrate on what really matters, which is building the coalition behind bernie sanders and making sure the entire country gets an opportunity to have a say, not just a few states 1358 tonight at his victory speech in vermont, sanders told his supporters he will win hundreds of delegates. that's what i heard from some of the volunteers here tonight, who think sanders is positioned to do well now let's put all these numbers into context. political expert, joel rubin, joins us in the studio. joel -- why do you think the primary
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remember, you can track the super tuesday results with our special election coverage on wavy dot com. you can also see pictures from the polls today. my full forecast coming up coming up-- hear from the family of a homicide victim in suffolk. but first -- the law enforcement family honored prince william county police officer ashley guindon today. a suspect shot and killed her, on her first day on the job. hundreds turned out to say goodbye at her funeral in northern
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guindon responded to a domestic violence call saturday with two other officers. the suspect - 32-year-old ronald hamilton - allegedly shot all three officers as they approached the front door. the two other officers were taken to the hospital and treated for wounds. hamilton is also accused of killing his wife, who officers found dead inside their home. the couple's 11-year-old son fled before the shooting started. prosecutors say they may seek the death penalty against the active duty army staff sergeant.
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shooting. geico for your boat.
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now to a developing story in suffolk. police are a looking for the person who killed a man. officers say they found 42-year-old anthony watford dead in the pleasant hill cemetery. 10 on your side's liz kilmer joins us from the police station tonight. liz -- you've just spoken to watford's family. what did they have to say? this was their worst fear. they say watford had his troubles - constantly in and out of jail. but loved ones always hoped he would turn his life around - a life now gone. c34 keith edwards 47:20
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hurt nobody, he always hurt his self - and i tried you know to talk to him and help him go straight." keith edwards says he never gave up on his brother-in-law, wayne watford - a 42 year old killed after a life spent on the streets - and behind bars. 50:34 "he would go to jail and get out of jail, he didn't have any clothes and i would take my clothes --:40 whatever i could give him you know to get his self back, get his self back on his feet for a little while and then he would fall, he would fall again." according to police - watford's body was found around 1:30 early tuesday morning - in the pleasant hill cemetery off of old dill road. edwards' wife was too distraught to talk to 10 on your side. she had just seen her brother last thursday - at a store where she works. c34 52:55: "she said 'yeah i'm fine, you just stay off the streets i don't want you on the streets cause i'm afraid something's gonna happen bad to you wayne so you need to stay off the streets' and - he was like alright and that was
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watford - a father of two - to be remembered as a friendly guy - always willing to help you out. 49:45 "i loved him and ugh i didn't want to see nothing happen to him - not like that -- i don't wish that on nobody." as family members process this pain -- they hope to send a message to others -- 53:47 "if anybody, if you got any loved ones out there on the street, please, do whatever you can to get em off the streets, help em anyway you can." family members have no idea who would have wanted to kill watford - police haven't provided any suspect information. we're working to find out how watford was killed. if you have information, call the crime line. live in suffolk, liz kilmer, 10 on your side. tomorrow, jesse matthew junior is expected to plead guilty in the deaths of two virginia college students. 10 on your side will be in albemarle county for his court appearance.
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accept a plea deal to avoid the death penalty. he faces murder charges in the deaths of 18-year-old u-v-a student hannah graham and 20-year-old virginia tech student morgan harrington. harrington's mother, gil, says even though she hasn't heard details of the agreement, she's satisfied. (gil harrington/ morgan harrington's mother) and to anticipate another year of motion hearings and then a long trial was daunting for us. we, you don't get over your daughter being murdered but you can get past it and we want to do that. matthew is already serving life in prison-- for a sexual assault in fairfax county. look for our coverage of this case starting tomorrow on wavy news 10 at 4. tonight: showers roll in after midnight. mild with lows near 50 degrees. wind: s/nw 10-20mph. wednesday: morning showers early, clearing
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with highs near 50 degrees. wind: nw 10-20mph g. 30. thursday: cold morning and a cool afternoon with increasing clouds. highs in the mid 40s. wind: n, light. tonight: showers roll in after midnight. mild with lows near 50 degrees. wind: s/nw 10-20mph. wednesday: morning showers early, clearing by mid-morning. cooler with highs near 50 degrees. wind: nw 10-20mph g. 30. thursday: cold morning and a cool afternoon tonight: showers roll in after midnight. mild with lows near 50 degrees. wind: s/nw 10-20mph. wednesday: morning showers early, clearing by mid-morning. cooler
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degrees. wind: nw 10-20mph g. 30. thursday: cold morning and a cool afternoon with increasing clouds. highs in the mid 40s. wind: n, light. tonight: showers roll in after midnight. mild with lows near 50 degrees. wind: s/nw 10-20mph. wednesday: morning showers early, clearing by mid-morning. cooler with highs near 50 degrees. wind: nw 10-20mph g. 30. thursday: cold morning and a cool afternoon with increasing clouds. highs in the mid 40s. wind: n, light. tonight: showers roll in after midnight. mild with lows near 50 degrees. wind: s/nw 10-20mph. wednesday: morning showers early, clearing by mid-morning. cooler with highs near 50 degrees. wind: nw 10-20mph g. 30. thursday: cold morning and a cool afternoon with increasing clouds. highs in the mid 40s. wind: n, light.
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after midnight. mild with lows near 50 by mid-morning. cooler with highs near 50 degrees. wind: nw 10-20mph g. 30. thursday: cold morning and a cool afternoon with increasing clouds. highs in the mid 40s.
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a woman caught in a tornado says god helped her survive. see the moment the storm hit while she was still outside. a local firefighter fell through the roof on the job today. hear how he's doing tonight -- and how his team responded. i'm bruce rader and coming up in 25 minutes on the sportswrap, 4th ranked virginia can't lose at home, but would they be able to win at clemson? i've got highlights--and we'll visit with hoo's guard devon hall from virginia beach. the redskins finally make a call on the future of quarterback kirk cousins, and other
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texas senator ted cruz says he is the only one who can stop republican candidate donald trump. the g-o-p candidate is speaking to his
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cruz won the primary in oklahoma and his home state of texas. an 88-year-old woman died when a car and an e-m-s vehicle crashed today. it happened at lynnhaven parkway and north mall drive in virginia beach. the medical vehicle had two people inside including doris baxter who died. the second woman was not badly hurt. emergency officials say the e-m-s driver is on administrative duty while police investigate. a man faces charges for another accident involving first responders -- this one in newport news. police sent us these pictures of the crash. investigators say a truck driver turned in front of an ambulance at warwick boulevard and mercury. the truck driver, 65-year-old james davis from chesapeake, faces charges. police say no one was seriously hurt. a family member tells us about the local woman who died in a fire last week. hear her brother explain how she saved a life before losing her own -- it's a homecoming nearly a year in the making! see astronaut scott kelly's final tweet from
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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tonight: showers roll in after midnight. mild with lows near 50
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10-20mph. wednesday: morning showers early, clearing by mid-morning. cooler with highs near 50 degrees. wind: nw 10-20mph g. 30. thursday: cold morning and a cool afternoon with increasing clouds. near 50 degrees. wind: degrees. wind: nw
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the same storm system that killed three people in our area also spawned tornadoes in the deep south. we can show you some incredible video from louisiana. 140-mile-per-hour winds slammed into a hardware store over the weekend. while employees sheltered inside -- a delivery
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editor start at 0:29 watch as a woman comes running up to the doors. she pulls on them, but they're locked. she takes shelter near a soda machine, before it tips over-- and the whole building appears to explode! somehow someway, kyra johnson says she survived. when she saw this surveillance video -- she couldn't believe she was myself right here between the coke machine and i wasn't even holding on, it was just to brace myself." kyra johnson tornado survivor) "god! there's no explaining it, god because after i seen the video, i didn't know what it really looked like, i just figured i was in a time." the storm destroyed the hardware store, but johnson says it helped her form a bond with the owner. right now an american astronaut is headed home. scott kelly is traveling from the international space station to earth with cosmonauts mikhail kornienko and sergey volkov. the suyoz capsule will land in kazakhstan
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kelly has spent close to a year in space so scientists could study the long term affects of space travel on the human body. they will compare some results to kelly's twin brother -- who stayed on earth. kelly has captured millions of imaginations by sharing pictures and videos on social media. he has local ties: serving at n-a-s oceana during his navy years. a newport news firefighter has survived a close call on the job. firefighters responded to a burning church building on 35th street this morning. lieutenant brian sanzo says his crew went up on the roof to cut a hole, and let the smoke and his waist. sanzo says he and other firefighters dropped their equipment, and grabbed him. also in 5:30 pm pkg -- start working. your hands go into motion. you know one of your guys is right there. you don't think about your safety, you don't think about anything but getting that guy out of there. the firefighter went to the doctor, but he was not hurt. investigators say the
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started by a faulty heater. no one was inside when it started. a family is sharing their sadness with us tonight, after their loved one died in a fire. in the meantime, investigators are still trying to figure out how that fire started.. last friday, firefighters rescued 65-year-old claudia ridley, but she didn't survive. 10 on your side's brandi cummings spoke to her brother about his loss. sot - roylen ridley, claudia ridley's brother - clip 1 3:13 i was angry and i was hurt and i was sad and i wondered lord how. 3:21 many emotions coupled with unanswered questions for roylen ridley. sot - roylen ridley, claudia ridley's brother - clip 1 2:42 i wanted to know remains, debris, crime scene tape.... this is what's left of the massive fire ridley says led to his sister's death. today ridley gave 10 on your side new details about what he says his 65 year old sister claudia
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apartment when the fire started. sot - roylen ridley, claudia ridley's brother - clip 1 5:00 my sister woke them up. they were toddler that was 2 years old and they got to the window the 13 year old went out first then she with the baby in her arms tried to get out the window to jump and she lost her balance and she fell. landed on her back. and when she got a chacne to sort of roll and look up at the window she looked for my sister and she never saw her come out of the window. 5:41 fire officials say the woman and children were second floor...she had multiple burns and later died. there is little comfort for this grieving brother...right now he has no answers and no closure sot - roylen ridley, claudia ridley's brother - clip 1 9:12 i want to know how the fire important to me. because
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lost her that way. 9:25 brandi cummings reporting. the family is planning a funeral for ridley but needs help covering the cost. if you'd like to help, search for this story on wavy dot com. a little girl's plan to spread joy in the community has caught on. see the goal she reached-- in a matter of weeks. we're on your side with the latest news, weather, and traffic as you get ready to head out the door every morning. tune into wavy news 10 today - beginning at 4:30. and we're on the air
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a nine-year-old girl in norfolk hopes barbies will bring joy to hundreds of other children. at christmas she set a goal to collect one-thousand dolls. today gianni graham says she has reached her goal. she says word of her drive got around on facebook, and the donations started
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she can pass them on to children less fortunate than her. (1):31 i was building my barbie doll house and i thought of it :37 (butt) (1)1:17 why did you want to do this? because i feel like girls in shelters should have the same as girls that are not in shelters 1:24 graham says she will start wrapping the barbies after school-- and she'll pass them out during spring break. if you'd like to get involved, look for this story on wavy dot com. still to come on the sportswrap. a player from virginia beach has helped propel the virginia cavaliers into national title contenders.
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sportswrap. old dominion at home against liberty, game tied at 6 in the bottom old dominion at home against liberty, game tied at 6 in the bottom of the ninth inning. up steps connor myers. and he gets a hold of it. deep shot to center, and it clears the fence.
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connor myers. old dominion defeats liberty 7 to 6 behind the bat of connor myers who went 4 for 5 with 3 runs and 2 runs batted. monarchs improves to 7-1, what a start for the monarchs. i'm bruce rader, welcome to the sportswrap. college basketball tonight, virginia seemingly unbeatable at home this year, on the road at clemson, needing that win on the road this last week of the season to help get a good seed in the acc tournament. cavs wearing blue jumped out to a 12-oh lead, what a pump fake by anthony gill, then the one handed slam, 11 points 10 rebounds for gill. then it's malcolm brogdon, he could be the acc player of the year, he drives it straight to the basket, brogdon with a team high 18 points. but clemson roars back, cuts the virginia lead to one, but here comes devon hall from virginia beach, drains the three pointer. clemson would not give up takes a one point lead with six and a half minutes to


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