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tv   13 News 11  ABC  January 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. our breaking news tonight a rash of robberies in seven eleven stores in north and tonight an honest man is on the run were told robberies were reported at three seven eleven across the city the most recent one happened on chesapeake boulevard the same store where a clerk was shot during a robbery over night brian carroll is live at the scene right now brian what else have you learned. what do we have a mix of police and security and what may be some customers as well as in police here along chesapeake boulevard again this isn't a quarter of fisherman's road the edge really of a view to see some of the people inside there some of the police and detectives forensics just cleared out a little while ago we do know that the call for this keen in just before
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mentioning as you were talking that there were a few robberies that actually took place tonight. those were over in west ghent there was a seven eleven that was rob berry or packs in reiki the other one was in the anti colonial and princes and they happened within the span of about an hour so i mention this one. the call came in about ten o'clock just before ten o'clock the others were right around corner of ninth inning shortly after nine o'clock at this point we basically know that the calls came in at those times we have not heard anybody was hurt that does not seem to be the case at least at this point you mentioned this was the one that was robbed this morning that was around two am we were two clerks inside the robber in that case did shoot one of the clerks he was taken the hospital expected to survive again at this point three rob recently in about an hour to an hour fifteen minutes time we don't know at this point if any of those are connected to each other that one from early this morning live in norfolk brian carroll thirteen years now. while nine others were just mention one of the stores it tonight again
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was shot during an overnight robbery as brian mentioned it happen on chesapeake boulevard just after two a m you're looking at the surveillance video right here. the man you see shot one of the clerks then forced the clerk to hand over cash the twenty three year old employee is expected to recover but again that suspect got away. other news now tied part of the test of the bay bridge tunnel remains closed after a truck driver took other steps of guardrail and won that in the water tow crews have a section of the southbound side blocked off until they can repair the damage the driver in the hospital tonight recovering from his injuries brian farrell talked to some of the people who rescued the driver from the water injuries to his arm his hand his chest injuries that a tractor trailer driver should survive the bay bridge tunnel police that he put his truck to a guardrail and ended up in the water after he tried to pass slower moving vehicle wednesday afternoon when they reached him he was conscious
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to give them information obviously he was able to tell him where he was heartened when he was you know what pain he was having what condition was in virginia beach police sargent brian ricardo was on the bay bridge tunnel as members of the department's marine patrol unit pulled the truck driver out of the water they were the first to get to him after hearing the emergency call go out. the officers launched from lynn haven municipal marina followed by members of the fire department and virginia beach ems people with the priest tells police department got at the marine patrol officers to the spot where the driver was floating with the life ring someone toss to him. we had when we had a good job going on out there and know that cold water gets debilitating very quickly back to full effect on the five major concern as officers transferred to drive a fire boat which the eastern shore side of the night gail picked him up there and flew into the hospital. brian farrell thirty news now the bridge tolls chief of police said there is damage to the guardrail as well as the concrete on top of the bridge crews will be out
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making repairs snow tonight a suspected bank robbers are on the run after hitting up a bank in moii ah the content since office tells us is happened just before four thirty today a town bank of car talk. one of the robbers was seen in these surveillance photos but this sense office is looking for a two man they believe the suspects got away and a white ford focus or fusion sheriff's office has also asked authorities in virginia to be on the lookout. two people dead and a home in hampton and tonight their deaths still are a mystery officers found the bodies after someone asked them to do a welfare check this morning at home on charlie's ron we know police found the bodies of a man and a woman in that house no one else was inside. police have not released the victims' names. new tonight congress and legislation to president obama is dusk in an effort to repeal his health care law there have been dozens of previous attempts in the house and senate. today's vote and house marks
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actually makes it to the white house president of obama will veto the bill but republicans say they are fulfilling a promise to voters. governor mcauliffe is back from his trade mission in cuba announcing a deal to increase trade but for genovese delegate jason mary says instead of only focusing on the economy and embracing human culture. the governor should have addressed human rights violations in cuba kerry says his family fled cuba because of those violations back in nineteen sixty five the governor can find time to have cocktails at the havana at the event and the sea but i think it's disturbing you can find fifteen minutes to meet with political dissidents or other political prisoners the governor was not available for comment but his press secretary told thirteen is now the focus of the trip was the economy and the newly established diplomatic relationship between the us in cuba is the first step toward discussing human rights an investigation is
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north korea successfully tested a hydrogen bomb the country's state television station is reporting that is north korea's right to defend itself from quote evil war mongers like the united states. abc's marci gonzalez of the united nations headquarters in new york where the security council held an emergency meeting tonight. today north korea's alarming claim. well each one is that it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb for the first time sparking condemnation from around the world. i commend the dprk sees any font on your protective case the u n security council holding an emergency meeting today after the televised claims that a five point one magnitude earthquake near north korea's nuclear testing facility was caused by a hydrogen bomb a weapon that can be a thousand times more powerful than atomic bombs like those
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nagasaki in world war two the us immediately launch so called nuclear sniffer planes to determine whether the claim is true. initial analysis this is not consistent with the north korean claims of the successful if the claim is later confirmed this would be north korea's fourth time testing a nuclear weapon since two thousand and six but the first time testing a thermo nuclear weapon but experts are doubtful explaining yesterday's explosive results were too small to be from even a dragging and puffing themselves up they don't actually have the capability to obliterate the korean that the trying of north korea already heavily council vows to take further significant measures they didn't give any specifics at un headquarters in new york martha gonzalez abc news
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charged with perjury in the sandra bland death investigation a grand jury indicted brian insignia on the misdemeanor charge plan was found dead in her jail cell last july a few days after she was arrested for assault following a traffic stop the trooper is accused of lying about how he removed plan from her car her death was ruled a suicide the same grand jury decided not to indict sheriff's deputies or jailers in the woman's death a baltimore judge has ruled that a police officer tries in the death of freddie great must testify against his fellow officers william porter had said he planned to invoke his fifth amendment right to refuse to testify today's ruling means he will be held in contempt of court if he does not take the stand against caesar goodson porters on trial ended with a mistrial last month. porter's attorney say they plan to appeal. macy is getting ready to slim down in the new year the department store chain announcing it is closing
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roads make a short gun owners know what they need to do when traveling with their weapons a friendly reminder from the tsa and storms in california flooding freeways in forcing rescues more on the problems caused by the severe weather and bad guys closer where they should be for this time of the year waxing on the climb above
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. i macy's is getting ready to close forty six stores across the country three of them right here in hampton roads stores and chesapeake square mall peninsula town center in hampton and military circle mall in north it will all be holding final clearance sale starting monday more than two hundred and seventy local jobs will be lost or reassigned. officials with the department store blame what they called disappointing sales and earnings last year the hope this is a four hundred million dollars each year through the cuts officials and offered international tell us more people are bringing guns to security checkpoints tsa representatives believe most people who own guns simply forget they have to follow special procedures when fly christina's or jacko has more on what gun owners should do when fly last year six long guns were seized at tsa checkpoints here at norfolk international. that's more
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previous years combined. and for safety officials that an alarming statistic when you see that number go down when i see people packing at the proper way to travel with the peak and uc spokesperson lisa parks nine tells me that across the nation more people have been caught trying to bring gun through airport checkpoints in norfolk international is no exception never one of the environment or slow you down to slow down a traveling companion and the people behind you on first and says that in most cases it was an intentional been none the less disruptive which is why tsa agents are in an educational blitz to show people how to properly travel with guns related to unpack and hard sided case load an initiation is an original box also in case the case must be then locked in to clear to the airline most importantly checked in with your luggage goes into building the plane never in
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want to see a fire a manager in north decrease use for j co thirteen years now virginia attorney general mark herring is getting some pressure from other states to reconsider the changes made recently to gun laws in the commonwealth. starting next month virginia will not recognize concealed carry permits from twenty five states herring made the move saying those states do not have laws that meet virginia standards of north carolina senator bill cook is upset with the change in a letter to hearing explaining the thousands of north carolinians travel to virginia everyday cooks is changing their second amendment rights would impact their safety severe weather is hitting california tonight back to back storms or flooding highways and leaving behind a lot of damage and major interstate in los angeles was swamped and officials in san francisco had to stop all cable cars abc's brandy had reports more outlets weather is in store as super soaking in southern california and
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roads and entire freeways it's down to just the left lane open leaving drivers stranded many with the same story i saw cars going through it so i thought i can find look at these big big rescue a smaller color. this driver even got a push from the highway patrol the back to back the only new storms delivering so much rain water broke through the walls of this island restaurant the saturated ground toppling one tree after the next one to callers as emergency crews also rescue the homeless camped out along fast rising rivers the waist to chest deep water in the hypodermic the concern now mudslides at recent wildfire burn areas sliding mud is threatening homes many families hoping sandbags will save them and while this crew tries to protect the rescue dogs in ventura. others are using the heavy rain and mud to their advantage in this region is out of the woods
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this week a welcome sight for drought stricken california but too much too fast and this is what happens. brady at abc news los angeles and we're going to have our chance for rain as we head into the weekend not quite as much as what they're dealing with on the west coast or rain chances will definitely be going up was sick a look at the temperatures out there right now it is chilly but warmer than what we've seen at the high temperatures will take a look of the current temperatures in just a second temperatures today climbed into the mid forty the north that actually had fifties on the map fifty two inch as a p fifty one. i was the high temperature was the city notices a little bit cooler out to the west and to the north over the eastern shore. temperatures right now are warmer than this time yesterday twenty degrees warmer in wakefield eighteen in emporia and thirteen in chesapeake were going to continue this warming trend as we had over the next several days right now are
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across much of the area we do have some thirty the little farther and when correa thirty seven thirty nine one of rapids we also have some theories on the eastern shore thirty six right now and now has a satellite meant i was sleeping mainly dry it will remain that way as we head to the rest of the nighttime hours but no it isn't that nice thick clouds moving on to the south side they've been holding pretty steady across northeastern north carolina and they're all associated with the trough of low pressure that's really feeding off this coast over the gob stranger they zoom got moisture working out to the west they actually had some tornado warnings in southern california. that's very wear for that part of the country we also have snow showers and rain falling across the central portion of the state isn't stack showers just over the gulf stream we will get our chance for rain as we head into the weekend but we will remain mainly dry eye for the next several days as we go throughout the morning hours will start off with temperatures generally in the forties closer to the coast there is a little bit farther and when we're gonna hold on to
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mostly cloudy but by tomorrow afternoon waxing to climb into the fifties and as we head into the overnight hours it will remain mostly cloudy starting off your friday we're going to start a few degrees warmer than tomorrow morning and the mint even low forties in some spots closer to the coast also have those parties farther and went and then by tomorrow afternoon we're going to tack on another one to two degrees with highs climbing in the mid fifties a notice of showers starting to approach along the outer banks retentive that's about twenty percent on fridays and forty degrees tonight mostly cloudy and not as cold winds will continue generally out of the north east it will turn to the release thursday the rain on thursday fifty five by friday as rain chances will be increasing and then as we head into the weekend rebecca well above normal back into the sixties on saturday sixty two on sunday. rain chances will pick up late saturday into early sunday and then once that system pulls out of here will see some clearing
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cooler temperatures heading into tuesday wednesday back into the forties a little bit of a roller coaster ride that next seven days in london rose the macaroni. we are tracking the weather day and the door tomorrow morning check in with thirteen years now at day break starting at four thirty right the season rolls on for the washington redskins coming up a sport it's all about preparing for the first round of the playoffs yes the first
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even larger. the odds of winning are one and two hundred and ninety two million. don't forget abc thirteen is our lottery states and watch the drums right here during thirteen years now. well dozens of women in baton rouge louisiana are proving you don't have to let your age slow you down and taking part of that members of the golden nugget bowling league are all fifty five and older are one of the most competitive players known for bowie. wow in a few when she turns the iowa one hundred but you can tell no one says she started bowling in her fifties and today her bowling average is i'm not sure that one is one nineteen. she even
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and won the race the puppy that loves the lake in my case i'm the one hundred video for the unbelievable number it says the key to long life for healthy life is her faith had a great shot scott can you keep the knowledge that her birth i did a great day my list of numbers here are the odds makers still have the redskins as a slight underdog in the playoffs this week. have you seen the redskins play lately is why when asked more more portly haven't seen the packers play lately the redskins won their last four games i think there and a good position to win this game pack doesn't resemble nearly the powerhouse that they were last few years kirk cousins the focal point for the success but jay gruden is always letting us know cousins has had a lot of help plus his quarterback is making the right decision he's got great arm talent obviously and this is a matter of going through his progression and get the ball the right people on time and let the people do the work for him. that's what i think he's done a great job of
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the field and had him but he's also taken the check downs the backs or tight ends or what have you or maybe the helm of the play and let the receivers do the work for football team the bishop sullivan catholic high school got a whole lot better this afternoon chris scott will be their next head coach chris got the last eight years have been the head coach at ocean lakes and turn them into a power eight years eighty six wins for the dolphins in that time period they won the state championship in two thousand for they were nationally ranked for most of this year they won two regional titles when he was there of course early this year he did serve a five game suspension for violation of recruiting guidelines the virginian pilot is also reporting that caleb born their top running back at ocean lakes and one top running backs in state will also transfer to bishop so maybe that's the start of something as far as transfers go langley speedway we're keeping our fingers crossed things are looking up a bit in negotiations to lease or
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of not opening this year there's been some progress in talks today to make that happen to fall to run langley have leased the property for many years from a land management group in california they were hoping to buy the property instead of lease the talks had reached an impasse. sources tell me today that langley speedway has actually moved out all of its equipment not only has it been some progress still in the negotiations with hawks are also ongoing to make sure the denny hamlin short track event happened this spring langley has been operating every year for the last sixty five years hopefully will make it back for sixty six and many more. when we come back we'll check in on the norfolk admirals they were kicking off a three game wow. the internet is crazy fast here.
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it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past.
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the norfolk admirals were hoping to piece together their first three game win streak this season. that's kind of modest they were spoken out against the orlando solar bears and they came out completely flat orlando scored the first four goals of the game second period jonathan lis are we slowed down makes the shot gets his own rebound and shelves at home to make it forty one took a little bit of a comeback and then still same period in the second period top of the slot samuel no roads going to score that's all they got apples last orlando for two cincinnati comes to town on friday ken griffey jr and mike piazza been voted into the baseball hall of famer junior six hundred and thirty home runs all time at six on the all time list highest voting percentage every got ninety nine point three percent vote better than tom
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percent mike piazza was the one thousand three hundred nineteenth pick of the nineteen eighty eight draft when the sixty second round and gets in the hall of fame a lifetime batting average of three o eight forty twenty seven home runs the best offensive hitting catcher maybe ever get a mention to hampton beat morgan state to invest more in three d game one overtime when chivas had twenty points and eighteen rebounds in the way i think scott will get warmer yesterday. finally add up to the eye and after looking for it is warm out and low fifties tomorrow mid fifties on friday and they were back into the sixties over the weekend but that will come with chances for rain and then we're back into the forties as he hands it to life and that is the thing is now eleven day break starts
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