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tv   13 News 530  ABC  January 7, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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we're here to three square mall. the people are not happy about this mall officials told us who would be happy. that's a lot of jobs to lose and a big name to lose face the cameras or reporters in area malls do not want to be on the property. chesapeake square mall did issue a statement saying how disappointed they were but that quote has southeastern region is popular family shopping dining and entertainment destination we will continue to offer shoppers a compelling mix of national and locally owned retailers and quote that i feel really bad cause a lot of people that work there i go there all the time it's one of my staple the shop and a lot of people that at the at that for fifty years so it is sad the three macy's are closing and wrote three other ones will remain open leaving small green worm on patrick henry mall in newport news. not a great way for area residents to start
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and again did napa ca tom does not replace a couple of places that was very very much the same quality think was his macy's closing before the sixty nine associates will lose their jobs in chesapeake square mall ninety five in oregon one hundred and six at the hampton store only they have some bad weather clothing dye though i not only was this visit and explore to this move by macy's is a nationwide cut back closing forty stores not good. while i was really disappointed because we lived in this area thirty years and this not a lot of shops and back out here live just like that respect residents and they're losing some confidence out here as far as the future of the mall well that's where the confidence seems to be dipping among shoppers we spoke to joe flanagan thirty news now the big retailers closing one hundred and fifty stores finish line made that announcement today the sporting good stores blaming a drop in sales for the closures which will happen over the next four
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which stores will close in hampton roads the company has stores in chesapeake virginia beach newport news and williamsburg two robberies happened just fourteen minutes apart in hampton last night police say the same man is behind both crimes. police say he first targeted the family dollar on lasalle avenue near settlers landing road. then he robbed the chinese restaurant a few blocks away. the suspect used a gun in both cases police and the surveillance pictures of the suspect but he didn't hide his face no information on a death investigation in an office walmart early yesterday police found fifty five year old richard winters lie in the parking lot of the walmart on north military highway. he was unconscious not breathing. doctors pronounce winters dead at the hospital the medical examiner is investigating what caused his death. we've also learned the name of a man killed in a shooting on waverly way in norfolk monday night police still however do not know who shot and killed twenty seven year old christopher allen found his
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waverly way. investigators say that same night another man walked into depaul hospital with a gunshot wound and police believe the cases are connected. us stocks fall and worries intensify about china's economy and dropping oil prices the dow closed down three hundred and ninety two points today. china's main stock index plunged again triggering a second halt in trading this week the price of oil sank to its lowest in twelve years. us crude is near thirty three dollars a barrel traders worry a slump in china the world's second largest economy would mean lower global demand for energy president obama is expected to veto a bill aimed at trying to dismantle a signature healthcare law the gop led congress passed the bill yesterday house republicans now i've tried more than sixty times to repeal the affordable care act a procedural rule means the matter can go straight to the white house republicans say obamacare isn't working sign up for coverage under the plan now have topped
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kerry says iran may be days away from complying with last summer's nuclear deal kerry says the iranians intend to satisfy their obligations quickly and the white house is prepared to do the same meeting the us would immediately suspend nuclear related sanctions on the islamic republic south korea responding to north korea's latest nuclear test by resuming propaganda broadcasts broadcast infuriated the northwest summer leaders in seoul are also in talks with world powers including the us looking at ways to punish north korea for testing when he claimed to be a powerful hydrogen bomb the u s is skeptical the bomb was really that hydrogen bomb looks like this has more on six of seven kayla times far too small to be even a failed h bomb experts say it may take weeks or longer to confirm or refute the north's claims of facebook posts got a teacher in trouble now she's looking for a new job. find out what
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needed extra help and first airlines then the usps now another group is banning hover boards and were mainly dry across the area right now holding on to plenty of clouds i am tracking chances for rain to let you know when the rain arrives and move out coming up in my full forecast was to track the trouble spots on to sixty four will have her first camera in norfolk a two mile back up to sixty four westbound from bramble to enter the downtown tunnel due to an earlier breakdown of the two and our second camera in virginia beach check out this three
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the texas state trooper charged with perjury in the sand or bland case just turned him self and bland and died in a texas jail last summer and authorities say she hanged herself in her cell or family disputes that claim. trooper brian sr arrested her for allegedly assaulting the trooper during a traffic stop a grand jury indicted in senior yesterday
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saying the perjury charge isn't good enough. i wanna be crafter to really handle the bright blade with our folks who are all connected that is what i am the mom one day that's what's most important and here so no i'm not super excited about this not at all i want to see true justice. that's what i want to see if they did this and saying yo will face up to a year in jail and a fine of up to four thousand dollars the texas department of public safety also announced that it will fire in sr seventeen miners trapped eighty storeys underground are now safe all of the miners were rescued early this morning from deep inside a new york salt mine. they were trapped in an elevator for ten hours rescuers were able to communicate with the minors and sent down blankets he packs and other supplies. rescue teams win with a commercial crane and a
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miners they huddled together the menu they could do to keep her warm each other's spirits up the cargill salt mine produces road de icing salt from deposits beneath a lake tractor trailer crash caused a huge mess on i ninety five in new jersey the truck was carrying some kind of metal which spilled across the interstate as rush hour got underway the driver had to be taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. the draft had to be put down following a freak accident at a florida zoo wesley the giraffe was born at zoo miami back in may he somehow lost his head between two poles and sustained a spinal injury. zoo officials say the young giraffe panicked when he realized he was stopped after trying to help him zoo officials decided it would be best to euthanize him. zoo miami is now making modifications to where wesley that stock to prevent future incidents. an appeal in the second friday great route and opening arguments haven't even
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fighting to stay off the witness list twenty foot foot foot tall waves mudslide warnings and sinkholes storms continued to batter the west coast and up next we have a better look at the damage and coming up at six so when steelers feelings are stuck in a box in the bottom of the hole where to go over what to do. there are several ways that they can reach out for help a rise in military suicides has to the woman in the mid-90's showstopper... you're right. it's time to set this bird free. hot blooded, check it and see... got a fever of 103... feelin' hungry? how 'bout a donut? i'm hot blooded..i'm hot blooded! whether it's 30-years old or 30-days old, carmax will appraise it in as little as 30 minutes. and then your only concern will be
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. developing now in baltimore police officer charged in the freddie gray death is fighting a ruling forcing him to testify against another officer a judge ruled william portable have to testify against officer cesar goodson porter's manslaughter trial ended with a mistrial and he could be tried again. his lawyers say he could increase made themself if he testifies in the goods in case gray reportedly suffered a deadly spinal injury in police custody last year the defense department has identified the soldier killed in afghanistan tuesday. staff sargent matthew mcclintock died while when enemies attacked his unit with small arms fire the thirty year old is from albuquerque new mexico and station in washington state. he deployed to afghanistan in july as part of a special forces team
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other soldiers were hurt in the same attack the pentagon is still investigating an atlanta area teachers out of a job after she allegedly insulted a student on facebook. school officials say jennifer lynch made several derogatory and profane comments in posts about a child who needed extra help. one post said thanks alot kid for finally coming to finish your effin final more than three hours after school let out of the post called the boy bad names and pointed out that child has a learning disorder there's no reasonable expectation or explanation for using profane language like that especially when you are not just representing yourself to representing the school that you work for lynch resigned after district officials confronted her about the post the district says that kind of behavior from a teacher any teacher in fact is unacceptable in new jersey six years after clearing more than three hundred unexploded artillery
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back in the area looking for more residents say the grounds for use for top secret military testing back in the forties and fifties at this point crews found unmarked more than seven hundred explosives workers say it may take until mid february to dig all the munitions from the ground californians are bracing for more rain pounding surf and the threat of mudslides more than six inches of rain is already fallen over the past three days. some of the saturated hillsides are starting to give way. abc's brent hit has the latest from los angeles california is taking a beating from a series of new storms the er after twenty four hours of extreme flooding and one dramatic rescue after the next. the damage was extensive. just look at the water pouring in from a roof collapse wednesday at the salvation army store and now the concern is landslides these boulders shut down
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southern california the saturated ground is also shifting thousands of homes are threatened by fast moving mud after a record fire season they've clocked at sixty miles an hour that's according to the year that's according to fire a county fire along the coast. million dollar mansions are also getting pounded by high serve the got mail waves up to twenty five feet high helping to create massive sinkholes like this one the extreme weather catching many tourists by surprise. after lots and i thought it didn't rain here the homeowners are now taking advantage of any break in the rain to clean up before the next storm strikes and that next dose arrive saturday a likely is expected to be lighter rain but still many are nervous in mudslide areas already saturated brain
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by all that severe weather linked to a strong el nino pattern. how's that affecting us here in hampton roads you know i didn't typically without me now we will see colder and wetter conditions across the southern half of the us we had a warm december but were starting to see the pattern changes to that as we head into january so they continue to watch oni knew i would do is show you this particular graphic this is what normally happens were not in an el nino years we have a strong trade winds and they're helping to produce the warmer waters across the western pacific but during al mean you know we actually have those trade winds weakening and so it allows that warmer water to push more so towards the east of the eastern half of the pacific and near the central pacific as well so that we have those warmer waters and that really i will produce some crazy weather across portions of the world not just the country and speaking of california we still have some showers falling into some snow showers. not quite as bad as what they were dealing with
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snow showers the nation's heartland and we've got some showers over the gulfstream just off of our kozma closer to home were actually sitting nice and dry on the radar was picking up on a few very light showers i was double checking some of those observations large rise of you have any plans this evening will remain mostly cloudy and mainly dry just about a ten percent chance of showers mainly across the southern portion of the south side stretching down into north carolina usa due to the rest of the night we're going to hold on to the clouds it will be mostly cloudy and mild even as we start the day on friday we'll have mostly cloudy skies on friday and then others would happen by friday afternoon will start to get a few showers popping up only about a twenty percent chance of another system pushes just north of the area that system will clear out of here and then will see dry conditions overnight friday again rain chances pretty loud even starting off the day on saturday with mostly cloudy skies but then as we head into saturday afternoon and saturday evening will start to notice rain chance is
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stronger system approaches the area and that will bring us our best chance for seeing rain late saturday into sunday as temperatures right now in the forties generally were still holding on to the fifties and elizabeth city fifty one degrees for forty seven in norfolk after a high of fifty wine were forty six right now newport news and forty seven on the eastern shore and nancy oh so tonight it's been pretty mild for this time of the year forty five degrees mostly cloudy we should be in the low thirties while above that fifty four for tomorrow under mostly cloudy skies again we could have a stray shower or two before the most part most of the area will remain dry. he won't need the umbrella is really into late saturday temperatures climbing to sixty on saturday low sixties sunday the rain i do think we'll move out of here for the second half of the day on sunday and then we'll finally see more sunshine but cooler temperatures are forecast by monday and tuesday and i'm watching another push of colder air that will head into the region as we head
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the week with highs likely back in the thirties already hover boards are a popular gift right now but some colleges are banning them over safety concerns university of south carolina is the latest school to ban the boards unc chapel hill north carolina central. ecu and unc charlotte have also now hover board fire safety notices students say they have mixed feelings about those pants on one hand the new toys with this news so my views are just a report in not being able to use that on campus who doesn't like it in. i honestly think it's probably for the bats to me we already have enough problems with skateboarders and people invites and everything school say they will continue to evaluate the bans and restrictions and make any changes as needed the consumer electronic show in las vegas is underway in companies are rolling out state of the art products for our homes cars in everyday life. some products of the future include smart refrigerators at everything
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pictures head phones that double as virtual reality goggles and teas and now ours then as credit cards some even double as mirrors cs continues through saturday night more on the question in the race for the white house one that everyone's been talking about for the past couple of days is one of the candidates even eligible to become president. find out why people are questioning ted cruz and dad fixed the suspect in the seven eleven robbery and shooting is still on the run in local stores are doing to protect their workers plus id can
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the donald trump has raised concerns about gop rival ted cruz's eligibility to run for president the texas senator was born in canada to an american mother from says it's not an attack on his fellow republican but he suggests crews take the matter to court to get this issue resolved some constitutional scholars say he has a legal right to run other said the issue holds a stark familiarity to an argument fought by the current president over two terms now it would be quite ironic if after seven or eight years of drama around the president's birth certificate if republican primary voters were to choose senator cruz as their nominee crows are announced his canadian citizenship eighteen months ago this morning trump tweeted that was a wise move donald trump is set to give the convocation speech at liberty university later this month trump last visited the school in twenty twelve liberty university president
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stayed in close contact with from since that visit falwell says the convocation is open to the public to reduce state board of elections is facing a lawsuit three pastors want to stop the virginia republican party for making primary voters declare they are republicans they are requiring a declaration that that that violates the constitution and state law. right now virginia voters don't register by party and anyone can vote in the primary but the state board of elections approved the requirement anyway. state gop officials say they want to keep the democrats out that's all for thirty news now at five thirty would begin at six with the very latest on a rash of seven eleven robberies. it's a troubling trend in less than twenty four hours armed robbers targeted three norfolk seven eleven stores one of those stores was hit twice in the same day and a
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that's right david now security efforts are being stepped up in those stores are ginny lee is live outside the store on chesapeake boulevard where the shooting the clerk who was shot here on wednesday morning is expected to be okay i spoke to the manager here he told me that he is a really good guy he's just twenty three years old he grew up in this neighborhood went to grammy high school and is loved by many in this community all day today customers have been pouring in and out of here checking on him and making sure that he's ok stop here we hope to work a subject is yet to be a male guests at the seven eleven store in the bayview area was targeted by robbers twice in one day the first time it was hit a young clerk was shot in the chest. the manager of the store tells thirteen years now. the bullet was surgically removed and the twenty three year old
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hours really concerned about the stadium in customer service is impeccable. you know always has something positive to stop the kind of magnet add you to come back on a regular basis less than twenty four hours after this store was robbed a store in west ghent was hit in twenty minutes after that a store on colonial avenue was robbed in just before ten o'clock that night a suspect with a gun walked into this scene seven eleven on chesapeake boulevard but a security guard was there he pulled out his gun the suspect ran away watch people you know you the go person to mean in the way they act in nyc with them into something real stupid kevin bristow is a suspect accused of shooting the clerk police are still looking for him. it's unclear if any of these robberies are connected. maybe some changes need to be looked into some caves me to be made because they deftly top executive at the base of man or thing police tell me they are
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throughout the city not just
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