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tv   13 News 4  ABC  January 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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the man in charge of all your friends finances has been accused tonight of lining his pockets and defrauding the city where live outside federal courts were at the bar for the mayor's first appearance more more virginians obtaining gun permits from the state of utah why they're in such high demand cutting the ribbon for your continued transfer station but city officials are calling a new era of transportation and stones take over our studio our ward for a job well done being role models its goal of the four starts right now our breaking news tonight norfolk city treasurer anthony burr for just wrapped up his initial court appearance and federal court on a shocking allegation a thirty page indictment spells out a tale of corruption birth but faces several felonies including perjury wire fraud and
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send him away for a long time marcello robinson joins us live from norfolk and marcella what can you tell us about the remake and the numerous accusations fly like you mentioned bar but i was just in federal court where he was a rain. he appeared in court was brought into the courtroom in handcuffs wearing that suit for the judge read those very serious allegations and those charges that he's facing now barefoot was granted bond and we came out of the courthouse this evening he didn't let his attorney speak on his behalf who said that her foot is innocent and that these charges allegations are going against him are completely false that the investigation against burke was led by the fbi was a very lengthy one in court records show that her foot is accused of using his official capacity as vice mayor and councilmen and a deputy treasurer for his own personal game with thirty two page indictment says he accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars on the construction development company tie vest in exchange
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the company's president of dr s is currently serving a four year prison sentence for fraud in south weber for the tourney again says these accusations are false and they plan to take this to trial. this is a case of a man who's been indicted for crimes that he did not commit this is a false accusation it appears that people who do not have anthony burke which best interests at heart have said things that are not true that while there but is out on bond he is not allowed any contact with witnesses in this case has also been asked to surrender his passport coming up tonight if i do hear reaction from city leaders and you'll hear much more limber for a tourney in our lives in norfolk marcella robertson and thirteen is now so what about that development company edmonton and bar for its indictment time best development and construction is currently a defunct company. former president dwight etheridge was sentenced and twenty
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prison for charges that include conspiracy to commit bank fraud and aiding and abetting this application of bank funds. this is all part of the seventy one million dollar bank of the common law fraud trial and often shares and mayoral candidate but mccain weighed in on versus indictment. italy's berkeley to take a leave of absence a statement says in part everyone is innocent until proven guilty however due to the serious charges of using his office for personal gain there is a loss of public trust and confidence in mr burr foot to oversee the tax collections of individuals and businesses in the city of norfolk and our coverage on this story continues tonight we're bringing you the latest information both on air and online and stay with us at five for the newest developments and reaction no official decision yet from the supreme court on whether to take up former virginia governor bob mcdonnell to appeal a jury convicted
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corruption charges back in twenty fourteen mcdonald's seconds until all the way to the supreme court and if the justices decide they want to hear the case will have to report directly to prison for his two year sentence right now is most likely the supreme court will issue a decision on monday night were gearing up for the weekend folks the best we can with this gloomy weather take a look at the virginia beach oceanfront i were tracting somewhat weather for tonight and possibly more over the weekend yet but this for tonight in for this evening especially there are much higher chances and one half of the area than the other half ok so let's show you what's going on was foggy out there but luckily not terribly thick haven't heard about any significant delays at the airports yet or not. hopefully we'll get to much worse looking though at the radar you can see what happened talking about you draw a line from southwest to northeast later right here across the metro area and
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the heavy rain occurring right now down across areas in northeast north carolina but it's moving to the northeast that's why said raul line a little bit from the southwest to northeast roughly along this sort of a trajectory that will be obviously a little bit of rain here and there in these other locations as well but the batch of heaviest stuff is going to tend to stay here cross extreme south side are in the north carolina and future cast matches that perfectly as we put in motion through the evening notice how we keep heavy rain to the south some scattered showers here and then just isolated activity across here is the pencil gradually that lose out during the overnight and a decent forecast again some rain at times as we head into the weekend but for now it's cloudy and actually stays pretty cloudy i'll be talking about temperatures we are not for part of the weekend in the sixties when i return i think very much virginia beach police need your help finding a bank robbery suspect want to show
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the southern bank on kim's hill road near centerville turnpike officers tell us this morning before eleven this man walked into the bank and handed a note to the teller saying he had a weapon and to give him cash he ran off with the money towards a mcdonald's on indian river road. if you know who he is contact police at one eight lock u up fair winds and following seas right now the last and ask anna what is out to sea for a six month deployment. today's appointment comes after a weather delay earlier this week while deployed to the crew will supply food fuel and supplies to navy vessels and the mediterranean sea. they all civilian crew of eighty nine people is expected to return in july northside is celebrating the ribbon cutting of its new multibillion dollar downtown transit center this morning mayor paul frame and others marked the start of what they call a new era for transportation. starting sunday january seventy riders
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for the bus instead of standing in the elements elise brown has a story people say me very excited to get out of the harsh weather one family tells me this will make a big difference in their daily commute from amazon writing every day every morning every afternoon waiting for the bus in the wind rain and snow and he isn't fine ma'am sneak a weston says especially when the new baby. more folks a new bus transit center will come in handy to endorse a lie when it does rain and have a web is a lot of people to stay inside china have a you know find a shelter or something to stand or have to run into a store in a missing a bus mayor paul frame and other officials cut the ribbon on the project friday cost the city from around four million in the commonwealth invested two point seven million our hope is that it will encourage more people to use transit on average an estimated five to six thousand people a day
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access to several bus routes while they wait to board will be in a climate controlled area with access to restrooms in a customer service area lasted haven't writer appreciates the little things sometimes asked if i don't like spam homies reits like a shopping mall or just get on the bus and his rise from ten a pleasure to see the fountain in norfolk elise brown thirteen years now and as we talk about conditions right now on the roadways as several crashes work across the area let's dive right into it and take a look at thirteen years now track the camera we start now hawkeye between chesapeake and suffolk six sixty four southbound at portsmouth blvd we have an accident in the clearing stages but still blocking the exit ramp they are at portsmouth boulevard that accident does involve a tractor trailer as you can see traffic very happy passing the scene. expect a four mile back up past college drive for a second camera we had to virginia beach into sixty four where the accident just cleared
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the backups are still in place we were backed up past the sixty four interchangeable to military highway in norfolk and on that rapid network maps big trap the trouble also in norfolk a five vehicle accident with injuries one of those vehicles a tractor trailer on the sixty five hundred block in the sixty five hundred block of tidewater. you can see the road is actually close in both directions the exit ramp from sixty four teeth at tidewater is close as well traffic is being de toward i'll have much more on this coming up in just a few minutes are nancy thank you alot and will be driving out to get those powerball tickets jeff has his already the jackpot is now ballooning to eight hundred million dollars can you believe that lottery jackpot records are being shattered. everyone is trying to get their hands on some precious tickets with dreams of striking it rich the drawing is tomorrow night and it's still possible for that jackpot to grow even more if you win and you're the only winner and you decide to take the cash up
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ninety six million dollars wow and over get to see if you are the big winner. you need to watch us because we're your official model station joins air during our newscast and thirteen is now eleven. you can also find all of the winning numbers on thirteen years now dot com again the big powerball drawing is tomorrow night at regina block of south main to our new changes are coming for virginia's concealed carry permits gun owners are taking action and looking out of state for solutions and
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stelara may increase your risk of cancer. always tell your doctor if you have any sign of infection, have had cancer, or if you develop any new skin growths. do not take stelara if you are allergic to stelara or any of its ingredients. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems. these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. serious allergic reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you or anyone in your house needs or has recently received a vaccine. in a medical study, most stelara patients saw at least 75% clearer skin and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara helps keep my skin clearer. ask your doctor about stelara . . i changes to concealed carry rules and virginia have done owners worried their permits will be honored in other states attorney general mark herring announced last month that virginia will recognize concealed gun permits from twenty five other states
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six other states will honor virginia permits that is some virginia gun owners turning to a utah concealed carry permits in the utah are more recognized more than thirty states utah specific permit classes are now becoming more popular ever since the attorney general's announcement our classes have just exploded. we've had an the calendar to accommodate folks were seeing just literally dozens and dozens of phone calls and emails each day people asking about the class when the new rules go into effect virginia permits will continue to be recognized in twenty six other states including north carolina governor mcauliffe has ordered the abc to implement all changes recommended by a task force following the bloody arrest of a uva student mart east johnson after the controversial arrest caught on video. it was recommended the abc focus more on enforcing regulations instead of law enforcement
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for abc to better train engines a state police investigation determined ages were not overly aggressive johnson has said that president obama veto legislation to repeal his signature healthcare law the repeal push by republicans in congress would have cut federal funding for planned parenthood. this was the first health care repeal measure to actually make it to the president's desk the veto was expected but republicans say they met a goal by passing the bill by showing they have the ability to repeal the law if a republican wins the presidency president obama is also turning to talk tech experts in california for guidance on counterterrorism top national security officials met in the silicon valley today to brainstorm how to disrupt spices and other groups one of the goals is to find better ways to stop terrorists from radical i think people on line and
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attacks and alleged terrorist recruiter is free after spending fourteen years in custody at guantanamo bay by as mohammad al khan khan ari was sent back to kuwait u s military officials say a government review board determined it was no longer necessary to keep holding him at guantanamo last year pentagon officials identified alec and ari as an al qaeda recruiter and propagandist a report from the associated press five sexual assaults at the three military academies surge the two thousand fourteen fifteen school year from the past school year reported assaults rose more than fifty percent at the u s naval academy in annapolis u s military academy at west point and us air force academy in colorado there were ninety one reported sexual assaults up from fifty nine during the previous school year a senior defense official says increases are because of students' growing
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system and more awareness programs. wells i should a minute ago medication just tuning in getting home from work or school lot of heavy rain right now just south of virginia and even extending up a little bit toward back day there but for the most part all the heavy stuff down in the tar heel state is moving to the northeast though so it's going to clip parts of the chesapeake parts of virginia beach. but again very heavy downpours. i even saw a couple of the thunder strikes reported a little bit earlier lightning strikes reported as you can see a water lily are right here on waterloo road of very heavy downpour as i mentioned that is moving to the northeast so right now norfolk light rain and fifty fifty one both newport news and down and north carolina elizabeth city the difference is there's no rain in newport news at least at the top of the hour there was and where as elizabeth city was reporting some heavy rain wall of silence no rain either but they're one degree cooler at fifty teachers out
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back in the center virginia but most of us are fairly close fifty to about fifty four in c fifty four to be chose a forty nine showing up in something but again most areas around fifty or a couple degrees above that goes that heavier rain off to the northeast tonight temperatures not moving much at all stayed very steady maybe drop a couple of degrees into tomorrow i don't think we'll see much rain until later in the day will have a lot of clouds let's consider ourselves lucky if we get any breaks in the class. temperatures will be milder again back in line i think you're the coastline we're going to tend to stay more like the mid fifties but then i have some sixty showing up after that on sunday as a brisk wind sets in from the south so go ahead make your plans for tomorrow later in the day we go the better your chances of rain that continues into early sunday before things begin to clear out again sunday afternoon looking pretty nice here's this big storm swirling around in
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toward the northeast that's pulling the warm air out ahead of it up across parts of the eastern seaboard spot on forecasts for tomorrow says fifty six degrees will see if we can keep our street going the forecast for today was fifty four. we know we've had at least fifty one so far so i make five in a row. try make it six for tomorrow night forty six breezy and chilly. a few showers fewer showers north and south where it's more like occasional rain the next couple of hours fifty six tomorrow cloudy and mild isolated showers mainly late but then tomorrow evening tomorrow night periods of rain likely breezy and mild easterly winds are really becoming southerly of fifteen rising temperatures actually overnight that leads to a seven day forecast with some showers again arriving late saturday lasting into early sunday clearing out and then look at the change from monday on in the mid forties and then only upper thirties on wednesday and sometime next week in the east coast
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have a feeling by next sunday monday. it's going to be mainly north east of us but we'll certainly keep an eye on that for you. i think the facility now sending students pose as all the news about our kids is bad you're about to meet some young people who want to be role models and they're taking over our studio we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you.
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. right now are following an accident on tidewater drive norfolk this is near tidewater n wheaton road asked me what can you tell us about the accident average of the sixty five hundred block of high water right now you can see this accident. five vehicles including that one right there a tractor trailer so we do know there are injuries involved in this accident and police are telling us that tide water is shut down right now between legion road and northview avenue so at this point traffic is being de torres resuming the kind of give you more perspective about what's going on right there is seen as the being investigated but we do now again things are totally
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being detoured from tidewater on to full street and from there onto grand be to continue you continue your commute you can use grammy as an altar out your other alternate route would be sold point road. either way try to avoid tidewater drive will be back on the scene here in just a few mins with the very latest but again remember tidewater shut down between weeden and northview avenue right now our task we thank you for that update. get ready now to see students take over our studio. one way we get back to the community is allowing stem grew smaller hit the roads that were our em sta what it's like to put on a newscast. it also gives us a chance to hear from them about the good things going on in the schools and the group you're about to be to some green run high school in virginia beach and all i can say right now is janet reid a najaf. watch out welcomes you to use stun seized our studio ali khan and we were more than happy to come on i'll see you now
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the camera smile the court the case sunday. ok so it can be a sign that some sixty nine degrees. they that were a job the end we should clap for them go you guys g ma's room minority achievement club. what do you know who it is known for the tots the color run the day that turned things can stop most of ours and we had a great high school. their leaders at their school email servers like big brother so it's like a support system tried as an example for their peers and a visit to thirteen is now is one way to say job well done yes they proudly wear their commitment as african american as it can come together and do special stuff is on a community to help everybody else out how much does it mean for you to be positive role models to the young kids who follow you alive and being successful or that my child to be
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role models for school or after school my om my mentor mrs jones picking back up so wonderful responsibility i think more people get involved we can really make a difference for young people we hope that difference leads to a sunny future will become a newscaster don't worry about it. that's an ally of the great groove back to you down. yet the ground we hosted all year long and g mac and a green run you keep up the great work and in your words janet regina back to you john thank you for a glass eye well be the hardest
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the breaking news involving a hampton police officer we just learned that fifty one year old michael anderson was arrested today in york county where he lives. anderson is
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assaulting a juvenile crime allegedly happened in nineteen eighty two before anderson became a hampton police officer in nineteen ninety anderson resigned from the hampton police division after his arrested a wealthy your posts insurance office and hampton police are investigating how i would talk about a lot of clouds out there in fact this is the direction where the clouds begin to get thicker and thicker. this is to the southeast and as we look to the southeast that's where we have the rain and heavy rain occurring across extreme southern portions of virginia beach and then down mainly in the northeast north carolina places like knotts island now getting some heavier rain moving to the northeast. here's the projected amount of rainfall through tomorrow morning and as you can see not much here across the metro area the seven cities only a few one hundred if that hit down south though that story again have that heavy rain will continue to move to the north in the east
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and as we get later into the weekend mainly saturday night and sunday and you can see those beasts morse them some more significant amounts here is everything then moving off to the north and east. isolated showers for the pencil metal pencil eastern shore. scattered showers from southside and turning to occasional showers north carolina state the umbrella for some of you and i'll talk about much warmer air for party weekend when i return i actually a few minutes ago are keeping an eye on the situation in tidewater drive norfolk and that's still very much working still gonna be a big problem for folks in that area because again tidewater shut down between we join in or view a very popular area in a popular ride home for a lot of folks are willing to watch that and i believe we have a shot that will see a little bit later again just in case you missed that last shot to show folks what's going on out there but for right now we have three other accidents working that will also be traffic trouble for folks who take this live look at hampton roads in general just on the interstates and
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this friday afternoons let's go ahead and get into what you can expect as you make your way out the belle of the interstate and on the primaries this afternoon we'll head for thirteen years now track the camera still watching an accident six sixty four south airport boulevard in chesapeake that involving a tractor trailer as well and blocking the exit ramp and then back on the traffic network maps will talk about the rest of your issues getting up now to newport news a three vehicle accident. jefferson avenue northbound that in yorktown road the northbound lanes are blocked in his resume out here don't forget about the big traffic trouble in norfolk avenue accident sixty four east before to sixty four add to facebook and twitter for details skies back to you. i think daschle right now the only highway crossing over the kurds have found is the right to memorial bridge to see video of this but now construction with them in the current bridge project will speed up north carolina's transportation governing board approved expert guiding the project. the seven mile project includes a two lane bridge that connects curtain
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this project is an estimated forty four hundred forty million dollar plan so far the completion date has not announced a landmark case involving parental rights for same sex couples today are virginia beach judged a full parental rights to a woman for her non biological son that woman is a strange from her wif the biological mother of the boy eric caine has been on this case today i married this could have big implications for same sex couples across the state. yeh jana gay marriage has been the law the land here in virginia for over a year but there's a lot of uncharted territory when it comes to parental rights for same sex couples today a judge weighed in with the ruling that could set new precedents lauren poole waste years from arise as a virginia beach judge gives her full parental rights to a non biological son is amazing to finally hear larry knew where any
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also breaking down this morning after hearing the landmark ruling. i never thought we'd be here we are so uh i'm gonna embrace it and make the best of it like it because that's what's important. my son is the most important of all this he's the one suffering so that about him before the two women faced off in the courtroom they were happily married in maryland back in twenty thirteen a year later the couple found a sperm donor and karen became pregnant through artificial insemination but six months after the boy was born the couple separated just differences between the two of the citizens have been allowed in here. karen took out a protective order against her partner leaving lauren in legal limbo i haven't seen him since may of twenty fifteen. i've been on the subway from amazon's i was with him. gay marriage became legal in virginia in october twenty four teen issues relating to rights for same sex parents were left unanswered. karen's attorneys argued lauren should be considered a step parent but
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new precedent for state marriage laws all of the laws all across the country are going to be changed to reflect the new legal landscape with regard to same sex marriage specifically with regards to parenting and children know it's unclear at this point if karen's attorneys plan to appeal the judge's decision a hearing is scheduled for late this month to discuss visitation rights for lori and eric came thirteen years now. now one of the top trending topics the president's town hall on guns last night at george mason university. this comes just days after unveiling executive action to tighten gun control. the president pointed out the changes won't stop all attacks but he hopes that more safety to the process. the town hall led to the hash tag guns in america. elise abraham g has
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that has to. if there isn't ready are we making some quick adjustments to the news cast the story out of philadelphia tonight the police officers in the hospital today after investigators say he was shot several times by men who claim to the ice is inspired the attack last night caught on surveillance camera. abc's martha gonzalez shows us why the police chief calls this the scariest thing ever chilling surveillance images of what philadelphia police call an ambush on one of their officers by a suspect they say pledge loyalty to isis the photo show the suspect firing at least eleven times into a patrol car bag i mean the way he's got his arm inside that vehicle and he knew he was going he was trying to
4:32 pm
jesse hardin at shot three times in the arm. i'm absolutely amazed that also heart is here with us today despite his serious injuries hurt managed to get out of the car followed the suspect and fire back. other officers soon the rest of the injured suspect identified as thirty year old edward archer police saying the suspect gave an alarming confession he stated that he pledges his allegiance to islamic state he files a law and that is the reason he was called upon to do this according to him you believe that the police defend laws that are contrary to the teachings of the rat investigators now trying to determine how he was radicalized as officer hartman it recovers in the hospital he weighed in at the top they love him very proud very interesting angle here the police commissioner said the nine millimeter gun used was a police firearm that was stolen and twenty
4:33 pm
are trying to determine how the suspect ended up with the gun and whether anyone worked with to plan this attack. well you might want to hold off on ordering that peeks out for dinner tonight it could be damaging your health but not for the reasons you may think of
4:34 pm
we have new information on yesterday's shooting at us a big extended host hotel stay that live in a man in the hospital police have arrested and charged the suspect twenty eight year old from our point of norton faces several charges that include malicious wounding robbery and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony investigators believe he shot the victim after a flight and that hotel room. bryant is currently at the chesapeake
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jobs report that up to look at the headlines for you right now in usa today dot com the labor market and twenty fifteen on a roll employers added two hundred and ninety two thousand jobs last month. way above what economists expected. they say this means the u s economy remains on solid footing despite weakness in china and this week's brutal market sell off the unemployment rate remains at five percent pay a ten to get a cell phone or if you looking for new one a tnt will stop offering two year contracts to subsidize new smartphone purchases a tt customers will now only be able to get new phones even flip phones by paying the full price or paying in installments over time to your contacts are phasing out in the mobile industry and this is the fifth anniversary of the shooting the former congresswoman gabrielle giffords severely injured happened outside a grocery store in tucson arizona loss was meeting with constituents six people died. giffords suffered a severe brain injury it has been a long
4:36 pm
become very active in the fight for gun control last month he wrote an emotional op ed in usa today employing congress and president obama to work to curb gun violence and she was at the white house this week president obama announces executive actions on gun control measures great to see her she looks fantastic he is getting better. yeah thanks my curls are preparing to remove the elevator of which seventeen new york the miners spent up to ten hours stuck nine hundred feet below ground. the miners were rescued yesterday. the crane company supervisor who helped make the rescue says they'll remove the elevator for inspection. the workers were heading to the mines two thousand three hundred ft the floor to start their overnight shift late wednesday when the two level elevator got stuck. another happy ending tonight a relieved mother reunited with her one year old son in california he was found safe after getting kidnapped when a car jack are still
4:37 pm
inside her ear and reports he is my guy when he saw me even when i was a hobby. maria castro describes the moment when she was reunited with her one year old son caleb was in the backseat of the family van when it was stolen. it happened around three pm it s a recycling in montebello surveillance video capturing the whole thing while maria is at work at the bottom of the screen the suspect in black can be seen walking from right to left towards the van that has maria's three kids inside the miami to me and then a stunning diamond mine in iran and a nice on me but being that you can see it all play out on video first one child enters the frame then as the second child and are so does the van quickly backing out and taking off the suspect apparently unaware of one year old caleb sleeping in the backseat. you can see maria running across the parking lot in a complete panic and his lovely baby pants really high and this was maria more than three
4:38 pm
missing. by seven o'clock finally a good sign as eyewitness news reporter maybe gomez was doing a live interview with police watch the detective behind or give a thumbs up. just moments later the announcement came our officers responded at three and happy to report that the baby is fine the van with the baby safe inside was found parked in the shopping center just two miles from where was taken police say surveillance video shows the suspect dropping it off and getting picked up by another car in anonymous call to police let them know the van was there with caleb still inside so i had a baby crying and and as when they call the police the mother and baby are headed to the hospital and despite the terrifying hours she is thankful to have her son back in her arms i knew information about the breaking news we've been telling you about about that accident on tidewater drive norfolk the road is closed right now because of an accident involving a tractor trailer and six other
4:39 pm
here and we just learned the driver of the tractor trailer died at the hospital and according to the preliminary investigation police say the tractor trailer crossed the median on tidewater drive and hit two cars going in the opposite direction causing a chain reaction the truck drivers cause of death is unknown at this time it might not be from the accident police a tidewater drive will be blocked indefinitely from northview avenue to wee jin wrote and ashley will continue to monitor the situation and to recap this week's consumer electronics show let's turn to social media and there really is a lot of cool things coming out of this year's show so bear with me these are just some of the highlights from cnn meet umbrella yes smart and great friends your smartphone alerts if there's bad weather in your area or if you leave it behind at a restaurant week whether it also updates weather information from the area to the cloud in real time so this is another invention coming of
4:40 pm
about this walking stick or really made waves at the show it has a gps making it ideal for hikers but the tears and features like an sos button that sends emergency alerts to five preset numbers also to its targeted towards the elderly to help them in case they need as well. so certainly one of the weirder products coming out of the show. everyone's been talking about his diaper. it takes one of the less pleasant parts of parenting and digitize it. the sensor will give you detailed information on the contents of a diaper and possibly gases is targeted at a hospital use right now but who knows guys we might be seen this in stores sometime sail back to you only think so much. right now as we mentioned earlier law to rain down south and east of us not much north and west so if
4:41 pm
the northern neck middle peninsula peninsula. you have to maybe dodge some raindrops at times but overall the only significant area of rain i expect this evening is this batch right down here in northeast north carolina and is moving to the northeast which means it's ready to head out here pretty soon and there's not a whole lot behind it for later this evening fell a few showers again less in terms of the number of showers are fewer showers. the more north you go little bit more in the way of some showers the farther south you go otherwise just breezy and chilly temperatures about forty seven with a little bit of a northeast breeze meanwhile highs today made up look at fifty one a very popular number couple of several fifty five here so most of us in the lower to maybe a few mid fifties to the evening there's that batch of which are moving out and heading offshore behind it not much in the way of moisture not much in the way of temperature change either we're going to hold fairly steady overnight into tomorrow during the day tomorrow then will start to
4:42 pm
trying to return but that's a loft in because it'll be still and northeast cool winter the ground. i think it's going to stay very overcast and we get any breaks of sunshine. let's consider ourselves lucky for the most part it will just be a cool day campers in the mid fifties with a lot of clout and i don't suspect that we'll see much in a way of rain till later in the day tomorrow more like tomorrow evening or even hopefully more like overnight. we know we're probably going to get rain. i think most people prefer that it not and are heading out to dinner or a movie but during the overnight period that's probably when we have the best chance and that in the early sunday before things clear out sunday afternoon and give us even mater readings up into the lower or mid sixties with a huge storm central part of the country spinning around and ahead of it that warm air coming in from the cell again you notice that we also have this moisture right near the coastline but that is moving out to sea. so for
4:43 pm
forty seven or forty eight with breezy and chilly conditions and again a few showers especially south of fifty six cloudy and mild isolated showers mainly late in the day hopefully even more like evening or later rain likely then tomorrow night times breezy and mild only down to fifty two that's above the normal daytime high and that's our overnight low and sixty four with mainly some morning rain on sunday forty five the money look at that big temperature drop and then forty a m back down to thirty nine is another cold front moves and mid forties for a couple of days and then as we head into saturday sunday or public sunday monday. it's eight nine ten days from now looking like a pretty big east coast storm is possible i think most of the effects of that right now i'm leaning toward staying off to the north of us. what a lot more than over the next week popular netflix series is getting a lot of attention online elise it is here to tell us why this is trending now and who's watching this
4:44 pm
the latest show on netflix is making some anyways so much so that it's got all the way up to the white house take a look. a petition on whitehouse and gotten cut is calling for the party of steven avery and brendan gassy the subjects of the netflix docu series reached enough signatures to require an official response this week. the response however is not likely to appease fans of the show who believe avery and ozzy are innocent of the two thousand five murder of theresa hall back in wisconsin the senior from the white house says in part president obama is committed to restoring a sense of fairness at the heart of our justice system. so for most women sorry for most women to gain pregnancy test is an anxious and emotional experience well first response pregnancy tests has gone high tech endeavor to create a more personal experience throughout the whole process take a look. download first response i west or injured i then connected stick me a blue two you'll be walked through the pregnancy test
4:45 pm
you see was when recognize and entertains you. during that three minute waiting period when your time's up your smartphone will give me the good or bad it was when you launch the app you can tell if you're hoping to be pregnant or not it will tell you that information so pretty high tech fair. yes all coming out of cs. alright moving on some people on facebook and twitter are claiming he doesn't get a kick out of the story that makes and a bowl rub on their feet helps them and their dinner cos they usually know you're supposed to smear the product on your chest or throat to get the best results but now people are saying it's going under feet some courses me out a few things to say about this take a look got people saying vicks on the theme does work still coughing but not as much warning one of these things have been trending all day like this on facebook twitter also the son if he works and smells better and it's like the reflexology stuff with the feet so you know i heard a lot of stuff going back and forth a lot of constructive debate going on today my mom would say i told
4:46 pm
for years my mother in law feeling of ex neighbour read maker procter gamble they issued a statement can be heard all this how bad and they said we would not endorse it being used in that on the using of the mom moved as the agony of defeat i think you are coming up amazon prime video services now available for us troops overseas. what countries the service extends to the head was norfolk city treasurer is facing criminal charges tonight we have team coverage of the case against
4:47 pm
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the orientation of the damage or hell but not for reasons you may think the food and drug administration is now
4:49 pm
found in mini pizza boxes the chemical is called core rate the government believes the chemicals may be linked to birth defects and cancer chemicals are also used in some sandwich wrappers in the lining of microwave popcorn bags almost a dozen groups filed a petition for the ban. amazon prime video services now available to u s troops overseas and twenty four locations. this includes afghanistan kuwait and japan military members and their families who reside within the us military bases abroad and who are prime members have unlimited access to the video service after a two year hiatus red pandas are back at the smithsonian's national zoo visitors can see them at the small mammal house the upgrades to the exhibit are expected to be finished by early summer last november construction began on the indoor retreat to give the pandas are so cute. a quiet spot complete with heating air conditioning and new purchase the one year
4:50 pm
ambassadors for their species now i guess all the happy day for thirteen years now in five starts now. norfolk city treasurer and paper for today arraigned on criminal charge thirteen is now obtain the thirty page indictment today. a detailed allegations of perjury what wire fraud and conspiracy. and this afternoon for food arraigned in federal court thirteen is now reporter marcella robinson was in the courtroom and marcella what we know about all these accusations the afternoon buffet was brought into the courtroom he was shackled he was wearing his suit and the judge read those very serious charges against him. the judge did grant him bond this afternoon and when he walked out of court with his attorney his attorney told us that her foot is innocent that these accusations are false and that they plan to take this
4:51 pm
integrity and compassion that's the platform anthony burr foot drain on for city treasurer are from the picture painted by this federal indictment is facing multiple felony charges including perjury and wire fraud birth but denying those allegations as he walked out of norfolk federal court his attorney speaking on his behalf. this is a case of a man who's been indicted for crimes that he did not commit this is a false accusation it appears that people who do not have anthony burke which best interests at heart have said things that are not true. the indictment alleges birth but accepted gifts and money from companies in exchange for votes on city council the scheme outlined in court documents claim a development company ty best paid in hundreds of thousands of dollars in exchange for votes to benefit the company to divest president is already serving a four year prison sentence for fraud herbert's attorney says any boats made it never benefited
4:52 pm
in the city are made based on
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