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tv   13 News 11  ABC  January 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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good night. . that's scary because it is a big chance in the end when the powerball
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hundred million dollars people across the country lineup for their shot at the date when we will have results in just a little bit in hampton roads convenience stores and their parking lots were packed throughout the day you heard me the rounds catching up with many powerball hopefuls some share their techniques mothers answered the big question what would you do with nine hundred million dollars than nine hundred million dollar question who is the big winner of this huge lottery winning of course everyone by crossing their fingers hoping it's that the one in two hundred and ninety two point two million. those chances on scaring off any one time the wintertime that with another one in sales before my life the amo but i'm going to win some lottery jackpot sits at a whopping nine hundred million dollars the largest in any lottery gaming u s history that kind
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the buyers wondering if you cross that is in a few do so by the god given call new boat to get a wife number one put an educational sense for my children that money can put your children to nearly fourteen thousand semesters including room and board itself to increase their chances of winning big. each person came with their own strategy committees are to dubai where you buy a seat yeah i think you have to realize you actually want that's the secret. we looked it up actually. so we discovered doesn't remember her most commonly the most cuddly one. one take it to take its three tickets. it doesn't matter people are doing what it takes to beat the odds. gossiping is a prelude to the winners before so we don't never known in chesapeake. she knew her thirteen use now say they have an idea of what you would do with nine hundred million dollars the question what could you do and here
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buy ma striker entries no coop for yourself and more than thirty one hundred and fifty people and if you're saying why drive when i can fly you could pick up thirty six lear jets each one costs eleven and a half million dollars now you're gone transportation want something more with the family that you can do. you can go on more than one million one day trips to disneyland the virginia lottery expected people to bite nearly seven million powerball tickets in the commonwealth today and if you're lucky enough to match all the numbers you can collect the nine hundred million dollars in thirty annual payments or take a one time cash payment of five hundred and fifty eight million that cash option amount is before taxes financial experts say spreading out the payment is the better choice because you lose money if you take the lumps on spreading out the payments also makes it easier to manage your winnings. the first thing a jackpot winner should do keep the big news to yourself that may be hard but lottery
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for scam artists angry people experts say you also want to have lawyers and accountants lined up before you clean the money and we are minutes away from the powerball drawing abc thirteen the only station here in hampton roads we can watch it. stay with us to find out if you are a powerball winner geoff lawson is if nobody wins tonight the powerball jackpot should reach one point three billion dollars and we are having a wet and the weekend here the rain falling right now the weather authorities keep an eye on showers that moved in hampton roads time to check in with jeff lawson the pre powerball winner i hope so i've got one of the willing of the first number least unofficially in the studio i have it on one of my tickets i may not be back here for the later part of the broadcast. anyway right now some light rain across most of the very few pockets of heavier precipitation definitely some heavier rain up there around richmond. we had one batch of showers moved through earlier this evening i was almost
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about now the steady rain starting to move in as well again a couple of pockets words even heavier with mounts for about an inch an hour luckily they are not lasting for an hour but under some of these areas back there for emporia and he can see in the greens were talking more like the green shaded areas more like a few one hundred seventies but then it's close to an inch an hour and some of those morley yellowish an orange ish areas here's the future cass rainfall through ten or eleven o'clock tomorrow morning. generally anywhere from around four ten seven inched up maybe six tenths of an inch. notice how from eleven o'clock on though it really doesn't change much that shows you that the rain should generally be in the morning and i expect a pretty nice afternoon i'll talk more about that a very my return. ari thank you jeff a person is recovering from a gunshot wound after taking a bullet to the side this morning it happened around five fifteen a m the twenty third street and roanoke avenue in newport news
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a shooting victim officers got the area and could not find anyone around the same time a forty three year old who had been shot showed up at a hospital. someone even write their police did not know what his connection is to that person detectives in norfolk are trying to figure out what led to the shooting death of a person in ocean view officers were on pretty lake avenue near second base street around twelve forty this afternoon. someone found a twenty eight year old shot inside a home there please classify his death as undetermined and simply say they know who robbed a credit union yesterday now they need help finding him twenty seven year old anthony edge of area is accused of robbing the langley federal credit union in willow oaks village square on fox hill road officer say he had a gun got money from a teller then left in a white car. if you know where he is he can call crime line at number one eighty eight lock u up deputies in york county are looking for a person who walk into a drugstore in grafton and ran out with medication. they say he one of the rite aid at
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seventeen and zero this afternoon he walked over the pharmacy area grabbed a number of pills then took off deputies say he did not have a weapon. nobody was hurt. a bicyclist is in the hospital with serious injuries after a car hit him this afternoon in chesapeake it happened around four forty five on western ridge boulevard police say he was right against the flow of traffic when a car that was coming out of a shopping center hit him. doctors are treating an esoteric norfolk general hospital. more anti government activists are supporting the efforts of a small militia that is occupying a national wildlife refuge in oregon. the group has been there for more than a week. this morning a convoy of pickup trucks brought in more men and more guns they offer to act as a peacekeeping force in the standoff that the militia says has to do with land rights is not about the hostile takeover was
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single for the security of a priest a low regulation through regulated militia is necessary just there to help out. ammon bundy who is leading the effort adds that the group will leave when there is a plan in place to turn federal lands over locals occupation began after the group demonstrated against longer prison sentences the judge gave two to ranchers convicted of arson the united states navy released video that supposedly proves an iranian ship conducted a rocket test firing the rockets less than a mile away from uss harry s truman a navy spokesman says the incident happened in december as the truman us as barkley and the french frigate provides travel through the state of hormuz strait of hormuz rather other commercial traffic was in the area at the time commander kevin stephens with the fifth fleet tells the ship to see belong to the iranian navy he adds that the crew members on those ships radio they were conducting an unannounced live fire exercise twenty three minutes later one of the ships fired a missile. it was aimed away from the truman and the other
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iranian officials have denied the accusation in a statement stephen said while most interactions between iranian forces in the us navy are professionals safe and routine. this was not and runs contrary to efforts to ensure freedom of navigation and maritime safety in the global commons the notorious drug lord el choco is back at the prison from which he escaped ten months ago. turns out he had himself to blame for his capture has not gotten tells elle choppers desire to have a movie made about his life was key in tracking him down he wanted to spin his infamy into celebrity instead chapel drug kingpin and when the world's most wanted criminals is back in handcuffs the drug lords paraded in front of cameras as authorities rushed him back to the same super max prison he told his way out of last year and the attorney general says that's thanks to a chapel itself and a healthy
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after his escape last year the infamous criminal wanted a biopic made about him so his people reached out to local producers and actors those communications tracking down the final showdown playing out in his home state mexican re reading the house killing five built up those men and seizing these weapons including fifty caliber sniper rifles and grenade launchers they finally caught up with guzman after ranting sewer tunnels hijacked a vehicle you see what he was caught in that filthy tank top mexican officials quickly declaring mission accomplished as you can view the u s department of justice calling the arrest a victory for the citizens of both mexico and the us he faces charges in multiple u s district for murder and drug trafficking. now mexico is considering its condition back of an abc news mexico was the extradition process starts it could take several
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brought to the united states his organization is responsible for almost a quarter of the drugs trafficked across the mexican us border. get your tickets ready in just seconds you could become a multimillionaire the powerball drawing is coming your way here on abc
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. and if you miss them just a couple minutes ago once again you're winning powerball numbers thirty two sixteen nineteen fifty seven thirty for the powerball thirty jeff lawson still hears i guess he and his jeff and brian smith has promised five thousand everybody so we don't have one see how he's doing this out of the carribean fill the attic theatre in northampton is a sixty orchestra but still pm performances and lessons to children in hampton roads for journalists posse herrera was there for one of those
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than music one two three four well it was all about community outreach to you to give them provide opportunities in music that they may not otherwise have in the week and still has a unique sound and it was kind of very attractive to people of all ages and so we find that it's easy to laura and i like this class because it gives me a chance to explore mars different music styles the yet to develop a certain level of technique before you can produce a sound even get you know some music happening but we still have can easily strike it and to get in on the relative one two moro i didn't want to get them into some extracurricular activity something positive
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all buds on the ad is one of which are going to say practice makes perfect help you keep practicing the new new thing you'll be good at it and built on views and if you wanna help out a volunteer with the mosaic still work history you'll find out how you can do that by heading to links in the news on thirteen years now dot com a little wet evening at times across much of hampton roads again start off earlier in the evening was just sort of scattered showers now it's picking up you can see along the oceanfront lot of what a glistening they're off the sidewalks and such off the boardwalk as we talk about the heavier precipitation right now is up to richmond for a few pockets that stretch down here in the western sections of our viewing area around i ninety five went a little bit heavier across sort of semi western areas that you will of hampton roads versus areas right near the shoreline or even for that matter up on the peninsula where still relatively light right now
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actually win starting to shift in the southeast readings are going to continue to go up during the overnight period and it's going to become windy and windy air pressure is falling is that low pressure heads tortoise and notice the scattered showers coming through occasionally will have some periods of rain early tonight but by morning a lot of the heavier precipitation is going to be out of here and the more concentrated areas and by morning we're going be looking at ratings up near sixty degrees it will be windy as well and i think for the next several hours at least we're going to be talking about a chance of a few isolated showers before the sun starts to return and then it gets all the way up way into the sixties i think these are actually under don i'm going to go upper sixties for a high temperature tomorrow and with that upper level energy that accompanying the low will be a slight chance of a shower still even in the afternoon but the better chances are going to be in the morning and again right near the coastline before things start to improve my night though the chilly air starts
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twenties by early in the morning on monday for the inland area's lower thirties at the coastline than during the afternoon and it stays below normal during the day on monday but we sweat a lot of sunshine to help things out a little bit here's that whole system starting to organize again out to the west you can see it right there spinning around and moving slowly up the ohio valley pumping that moisture up the eastern seaboard spot on forecasts for tomorrow. sixty eight degrees is what i'm calling for. we'll see if we can keep our streak going today i called for fifty six and we said during the actual daylight hours it was fifty three so we had it even accuse the current reading of fifty eight would still be within that three greys that we give ourselves so we're at six in a row now that twenty one day streak and a couple of weeks ago said to my fifty five but breezy with rising temperatures scattered or maybe at times occasional showers went a little more inland. tamara sixty seven a few showers early windy and
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afternoon. marnie thirty six breezy and colder under mainly clear skies in the seven day forecast after the sixty seven look at the drop of forty four for a high on monday then back up ahead of another front the fifty one on tuesday but then only thirty nine on wednesday actually tuesday morning his slight risk of a stray flurry and a bigger system coming in later next weekend looks like and probably be great for us maybe some snow in an unkind word about that. look for in the other day and handle that ninety five thousand dollars yes yes if i unknowingly our ever been shown to know and dedication to his craft is no that's that's if i win because only ten bucks from anyways i'll be at work when
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around there it is.
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. beauty of march with two things on the agenda tonight politics a win over southern miss and that was given not only of three no mark in conference usa but extend their current win streak to six in a row let's head to hattiesburg mississippi that were taken on the golden eagles trey freeman big night for him twenty four points to lead the way monarchs trailed by four and actually took the lead in the second half as much a southern miss is they want to put the lid away from this one was a close one your final seventy three to seventy one other action virginia for drag the country
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georgia tech in atlanta trying to drive in for two of his team high nineteen points they're pretty much behind the entire first half and then the second anthony gill with a bucket there still don't have too much of the jackets quin stephens with a three pointer and then just with under two thirty left that the adam smith mill and three ub lose that second trait filed sixty eight sixty four virginia tech taken on two buzz williams is guys i've taken on the fourteenth ranked blue devils put it simply tech had a long day trip twenty seven at halftime exactly today with a nice little pace line jumper later today on his own on the fast break going coast to coast led with eighteen points nine boards dual chin up there for the blue devils countered marshall plumlee of the plumlee brothers yes double double twenty one points ten boards to cleanse eighty two to fifty eight were even married. they were taken on with eastern tonight in whispered omar prepare on or before the game thousand point mark in his career daniel dixon helping out
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fifteen points grow in just a model of consistency gets cool and the harm twenty three to lead the way try once a third straight seventy eight to sixty the norfolk state spartans led by robert jones they were hosting florida and am this evening charles oliver they were trying to avoid a four game stop a four game losing streak oliver hoop and harm to his twelve points to sean taylor impressive outing tonight thirteen points muscle in his way inside and of course led by jeff sure he was doing his thing fifteen points as a role seventy seven to fifty six the hampton pirates they were home this afternoon taking on with whom cook men early on a chemo mitchell working inside with a baby hook as a token early to nothing advantage then mitchell feeding brian darden the former hampton crab or with three of his seventeen points reggie johnson during the break led with eighteen will flank when chivas for the bucket and a
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to seventy when other action around the area that is marcus evans of rice they were taken on or tech and texas. of course evans from out of virginia beach cape every second leading freshman in the country in scoring behind ben simmons gets the bucket and foul lead with twenty eight points but they would fall to north texas in that contest. other action on the ladies side it was military precision a appreciation day the lady mocs will remain in taking on southern miss and early on that's ashley jackson with the bucket they were led by jennie simms is twenty two points and eight when fifty three to forty five over norfolk state echols hall it was honoring amber brown eyes they were taking on florida and am kayla roberts leading the way for the spartans they wanted with one of losing rather to the lady rattlers
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pirates of canton a triple double. coming from leah take the phrase that was two of her points to lead the pirates and then checked the behind the back easy bucket and they would prevail five when we come back with top wild card weekend it was a big one between the chiefs
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the first game the wild card weekend texans host in the chase and it was all about the cheese in nile davis carter a six yard return it was all kansas city the edges roll past used in furniture nothing brian hoyer had four turnovers all by himself in the loss for houston pittsburgh leading cincinnati in the fourth admirals they were tied at two forced overtime and their homes gabriel valparaiso at the rebound shoot and scores admirals winning their final three to two in overtime they won four of their last five. let's talk virginia
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version of it. here is and it's in the books black and blue division grass field one of creating grundy smithville what fina finishing third among the american colleges kutztown beat minnesota state the apprentice school with six national college i was statements defending champ virginia tech by two old who finished six in the silver division. can i get some oxygen now i was little but if you'd like to take it as the president emerges out the restart of its six the morning every night and wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right?
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