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tv   13 News 6 Weekend  ABC  January 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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into your monday morning near freezing closer to the water and we could see those spots and twenty five and one so here's a look at the high temperatures today we actually climbed to sixty eight degrees that was the forecast i made it to seventy one in virginia beach seventy with my temper temperature chesapeake and sixty seven in newport news so the temperatures are continuing to fall were down to fifty nine right now and north at fifty six at the airport and on newport news and fifty nine right now was the city fifty eight degrees and while silence of the temperatures are falling as the skies clear some not tracking anything on satellite and radar the clouds have continued to push offshore but is going to be pretty chilly not only with the colder air moving and also the winds making it feel a lot colder than it actually is. this is pretty breezy fourteen miles reporting in newport news fifteen in chesapeake are up to seventeen right now in virginia beach so it will continue to be a breezy night and it will be a chilly night with temperatures falling into the mid forties by ten o'clock we're going to start off in the thirties by
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lot of sunshine are going to climb all that much will talk about that full forecast and i seventy coming up in a few minutes are eight a convenience store in portsmouth rob for the fourth time in three months this time two people held up the diamond express on victory boulevard in fort smith police say it happened around ten forty five last night one of the men had a gun they got money then left no one was hurt and insult the police are looking for two people who robbed a convenience store in chalk it up early this morning officers say the robbers went into seven eleven to god when boulevard and kings highway little before one am both had guns they got money from the clerk then ran. if you have information about that robbery or the one in portsmouth you can call crime line that number is one eight lock u up a person who admitted he killed a man during a bar fight in chesapeake is expected to be sentenced tomorrow thirty seven year old ronnie cisco say he and charles satchel got into an argument about a football game last year recently cisco pleaded not guilty to a charge of second
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entered a guilty plea to voluntary manslaughter according to sentencing guidelines cisco faces a maximum of ten years in prison the judge could give him more time than that state lawmakers will be in richmond this week for the start of the twenty sixteen legislative session passing a one hundred billion dollar two year budget will be a top priority for them among other big issues they'll address health care criminal justice and gun laws. this january marks the midway point of governor terry mcauliffe term as governor the democrat may have some trouble pushing through some of his agenda items because republicans on the flip side he can veto items approved by gop members family in portsmouth is complete again after someone return the stolen puppy somebody took four month old alice out of the backyard of the last or family last week and put her up for sale online. after the family shared stories with thirteen years now. so what did return
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and he is live in portsmouth a new ride the four month old pit bull named alice is back home with her family today on avondale road here in portsmouth she was returned on wednesday the sixth after being taken on the morning of new year's day now that morning her family letter out in the backyard was fenced in to use the bathroom. that's where she was taken from college in the last two later came across ads on social media selling doubts that so she called police and started a campaign all mine to get the word out. turns out lester knew the mother of the person who took dallas they were able to get her back home even though she had been sold twice after being taken. he's been home for about two days le. she hasn't left my side she's been super happy to see everybody and everybody is excited to have a home with the colossus is right now they're trying to
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purchase dallas to help them get a pimple too because he bought dallas for his daughter and so they're trying to help the family finally fall for the daughter because they didn't know dallas was stolen when they bought her so happy ending to this story in one family helping out another one enforcement schumer thirteen years now the powerball jackpot now at a mind blowing one point three billion dollars the largest in united states lottery history. not that the previous jackpot wasn't free mind blowing. no one managed to get all the numbers for the drawing last night when nearly nine hundred fifty million dollars was the prize. well no one may have gotten all the numbers but some people in virginia did match enough to become big winners that include someone who bought a million dollar ticket in suffolk. joe flanagan explains why holland wrote quickly is becoming millionaires row the virginia lottery officials letting everyone know this convenience store on holland road and suffix or
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saturday at the may the mayor come all the while the president were the sole vendor jimmy that al won ten thousand dollars for selling that ticket he expects to find out who won the million after that person collects at the lottery office in hampton with them think they want to see the money when they need the practice goes into combat and goodman died the peak of six month ago we were learning this stretch of holland road and some think is a hotspot for lotto winners the light that fell out of the detail a million of the road are a couple days ago. yep a couple days ago someone else had a million dollars right here at roy and rick keyes barely a half mile pollan wrote in suffolk winner ricky connor's brother donald told this will be one of course the raffle. new year's eve and honestly i couldn't believe that it aided the cause of packing point five mile into was buying into wednesday's
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had a message for winning vendor jimmy that i totally need to share what they can come across everyday in suffolk on millionaires row joe flanagan thirty news now too terrible to kinsler has won fifty thousand dollars one in something a different store in holland road the other was in hampton at your next chance to win is on wednesday to catch the one point three billion dollars joint right here on abc thirteen your official powerball station he hoped that hollywood would tell a story hollywood actor now is part of al chop those real life events sean penn inadvertently led mexican authorities the drug kingpin because at the academy award winning actor is under investigation. plus coming up
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for an award winning actor facing criticism for all that had nothing to do with film or television it appears sean penn met with the infamous drug lord joaquin el chapel has been after guzman escaped from prison and was on the one week after guzman on friday abc's matt got me has looked the part pen may have played in that as well as what's next for l trouble here it is a handshake with hollywood. rolling stone magazine documented proof of this secret meeting between the world's most wanted drug lord chop oh and two time oscar winner sean penn the net meeting three months before this photo was the kingpin back in handcuffs re arrested friday after six months in iraq but perhaps even more stunning than were the one of hollywood's elite
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person but this is a video chat answering questions. yes and no sound and the accused killer in a recording for pen and mexican actress kate del castillo who he hoped would make a movie about his life when all americans but what neither a chapel or pen and go kiss you'll realize their communications were not so secret mexican officials saying the user's communications to help track the drug lords authorities recaptured after a gun battle in chapel initially escaping through the drainage by the hundreds of yards of the whole crew here and even crowds about three feet high extremely claustrophobic until i became that he looked so guilty now the chapel is back behind bars and is under fire for these american actors who want to go find all over a criminal a drug trafficker in their interviews they have a constitutional right to do it i find that grotesque well
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what was a champ and didn't do our job was wary should be but he may not stay that since god has demonstrated his ability to break out to see max prisons he could be extradited to the us that these charges that got me an abc news the smokies mexico mexican government officials say that n and l castillo are under investigation because of the interview with guzman the u s department justice is not saying anything about the situation it may consider penn a working journalist in this case and
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welcome back everybody after spring line breaks a day are spring like day i should say today remember a big cooldown as we head into the workweek temperatures today actually taught that in the upper sixties low seventies well and have highs in the forties for your monday here's a look outside the sun has set and the temperatures have fallen temperatures right now i'm generally in the fifties or so holding on to sixty one in
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current average fifty nine right now norfolk fifty seven and sari were coming in at fifty six and newport news and fifty four and corey is about to head out the door definitely grab the jacket temperatures holding at sixteen million and sixty as well and eating soon as i mentioned we're going to fall pretty quickly as we head through the nighttime hours. we do have clear skies so that's helping to contribute to the cold temperatures the clouds are now off the coasts and so is the rain so let's take you to the rest of this evening temperatures dropping into the forties pretty quickly as we head into the seven eight o'clock hour we're going to start off the day on monday with temperatures closer to the coasts and the thirtieth but would have a lot of twenties a little bit farther and when definitely bundle bundle the kids up tomorrow despite a lot of sunshine were only going to see highs tomorrow afternoon in the forties right around forty four degrees but it will feel like it's in the thirties with a breezy conditions holding steady and as we had a tea or tuesday morning notice we will have a few more clouds very similar
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the coast twenties a little bit farther and one but it will remain dry and then another blast of cold air will move as we head into tuesday night but high temperatures before that front crosses the area will climb into the fifties closer to where we should be for this time of the year to thirty four degrees and i clear skies cold and breezy with those went out of the west ten to fifteen mph and here's a look at how tomorrow's shaping at temperatures right around forty by lunch time climbing into the low to mid forties as we head into the actions of the seven day forecasts were going to watch tuesday because once that second dose of cold air moves and we flew a few flurries of a tongue twister there could be a few flurries by late tuesday nights are going to be watching that for him to be updated but temperatures will fall into the thirties for highs on wednesday and then we're actually gonna start off in the twenties on thursday with highs climbing closer to where we should be in the water to climb above normal by friday and saturday
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chances as well so a little bit of a roller coaster ride for the next seven days a week or weekend my sis oso i mean first weekend i tried ways and i've been here at the zoo three times insisted the office and even the same blouse and talk about wild wild card weekend in the nfl for the nfl playoffs a tough loss last night for the bengals against
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in order to get back to the super bowl for third straight year seattle had to go through frigid minnesota today to get there the vikings captured their first division title in six years minnesota turning back the clock with the magic former legendary vikings coach bud grant eighty eight i force it was eleven to win show what windshield minus one before the game minus twenty five for wind chill factor and it was all about defense early on. michael bennet doing his part we can have it against minnesota's offense affecting both adrian
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bridgewater peterson held to just forty five yards in the grassy up quarterback russell wilson for better and try to run here gets help shorten the first down was the mouthpiece in the hand warmers everything down three nothing halftime fourth quarter by some nine of the key play here. i'm kind of a miscue what russell wilson make something out of it you'll find tyler lockett for thirty five yards once trod play they had the game in southern minnesota five haywood said of his three yard toss wilson to doug baldwin to get within two with ninety seven c on single one with twenty six seconds left in a game of the vikings with a chance when blair walsh who converted all three field goals for hope that lasts. oh my exam or not feeling that seattle wa diploma for that and nine when they next play carolina in the playoffs who won their last previous meeting in
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eleven to ten that's in the second quarter but to go into halftime the redskins jumped out to eleven nothing lead had a safety field goal pass to aaron rodgers counter with a touchdown as well packers tack on a field goal was all week the bengals had quote throughout the last one from former cincinnati founder and head coach paul brown that said quote the key to winning is poise under stress on quote that the afc wildcard game last night against the steelers pittsburgh and the troll fifteen ten a j mccarron hooks up with the other a j green that is cincinnati up one two point conversion failed. critical point a game for pittsburgh driving them roethlisberger to antonio brown the pass incomplete check that brown gets a vicious hit by the head to head by violent as perfect officials then throw the flag. the steelers linebackers coach joy porter gets into it and so does adam jones shoved an official in the process fifteen yards for
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would set this chris boswell thirty five yard field goal bengals lose the devastating game eighteen sixteen pittsburgh travels next to denver. come to cincinnati getting this win this way just so proud of so many guys as disappointing as it fought their tails off all year fight that off today got back to him distracted herself up off its defense together that chase made easy work of the texans on the road yesterday case in point now dave is taking it back to the house one hundred six yards. they jumped out to an early seven. nothing lead they would force four turnovers against houston quarterback brian hoyer and casey's moving on with they'll next play at new was turning out to beauty marks try to extend their win streak to six games are on
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trey freeman by the beach did everything he could get twenty four points with the golden eagles retook the lead at halftime withstood a late charge for the monarchs and had to go to maine in a top seventy three seventy one loss ole r pruitt who was on or topping a thousand points in his career women marries a posted northeastern heat add to that point total twenty three points as the tribe wanted winning seventy eight to sixty over the skis the hampton pirates their now three and owen to me at. they hosted with equipment former hampton crab or brian jordan helping the cause he would add seventeen points in a game later reggie johnson led with eighteen the dish to quit and chivas a two held on to the seventy five seventy win over the wildcats robert jones in this part of norfolk state trying to squash a four game slide as a host of florida a damn good work inside with the sean taylor had thirteen points led by four at halftime big game
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one to winning seventy seven to fifty six and on the eyes the ads they just find ways to win last night the case against cincinnati in overtime as gabriel were passed with the game winner they want to be in the cycling in overtime three two. they've now won four of their last five games. update to the redskins packers game aaron rodgers at it again they're back in front seventeen eleven lead at halftime probably the only time he was watching the minnesota game the breath coming off a baby on her legs in bertie could see it cold this playoff game ever i believe i just read this new combo gas will go to cold here not quite the not quite that cold temperatures in the forties tomorrow we're going to climb just a few degrees on tuesday but we are watching another strong front that's going to move through could bring a few flurries that for you but high temperatures back into the thirties on wednesday if
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