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tv   13 News 11 Weekend  ABC  January 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:20pm EST

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. breaking news out of norfolk police say they are on the scene of a barricade situation on woodland street near virginia beach boulevard officers tweeted about the incident saying a person barricaded himself inside a home there after some kind of domestic situation they see no one has been hurt negotiators are on scene we
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the way there to that home are the big story tonight gunfire at an apartment complex. three people hit by bullets sent to the hospital police are trying to figure out exactly what happened that trouble shooting took place earlier tonight outside an apartment complex in the with section of hampton call about a keen in around seven thirty police got there and began counting the victims. here's to her canton police say the shooting happened right outside the colonial landing apartments. neighbors say they heard multiple gunshots followed by police sirens the chaotic night in hampton for people and keep it and wrote about and to the gunshots people at colonial landing apartments say they heard two men and a woman in the hospital. police say someone shot them outside of the apartments expected all of them to survive many people here say they've had enough yet concerning that is
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the ridiculous george skinner has been living at the apartments for about seven months or a movement places into a receiving zone can simply say right now the investigation is in the early stages and the working to figure out what led to the violence anyone who saw something that could help us and we were very early in the investigation right now so we are still trying to get suspect information can simply say anyone with information about the shooting or a possible suspect is asked to give them a call in hampton she knew her thirteen years now police say the driver of a pickup truck may have been drinking before he plowed into three parked cars in chesapeake officers one yeah can read a little before nine tonight they say the driver had a couple of cars and kept going hit a third and couldn't go any farther. medics took him to the hospital to be treated for his injuries police are looking for the person who robbed an atm customer late this afternoon. emergency dispatchers tells it happened
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the providence square shopping center on camp school road the robber had a gun when he went up to the victim at the wells fargo atm and took money from him the victim was not her portsmouth police are trying to find the two people who robbed a convenience store last night one of them had a gun when he walked in the diamond express on victory boulevard around ten forty five pm they got money and left no one was hurt. it was the fourth time someone robbed the business since october so that officers say two people were carrying guns when he robbed a convenience store in chalk it up this morning have a little before one a m at the seven eleven on god when blvd right near kings highway robbers took money from the clerk then ran off. if you have information about either convenience store robberies can call crime line at number one eight lock u up the richmond sheriff's office is investigating the death of an inmate at richmond city justice center twenty six year old gregory hill was in custody for just a few days officials believe he had a heart attack and do not think
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lawmakers will be in richmond this week for the start of the twenty sixteen legislative session passing a one hundred billion dollars two year budget will be a top priority for them among other big issues they'll address health care criminal justice and gun laws. this january marks the midway point of governor terry mcauliffe limited term as governor democrat may have some trouble pushing through some of his agenda items because republicans control both house and senate on the flip side he can veto items approved by gop members police in italy are trying to find the person who killed a thirty five year old american after someone found her dead inside her apartment in florence the victim ashley olsen florida. someone found her body. saturday her neck was bruised and scratched police have questioned olson's boyfriend a local artist but say they do not have any suspects. i kanna much in the past and he would
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kind of useful friendly love to go and it's an awful shock we've got to a great community here of people and everyone loved to olson moved to florence and twenty twelve becoming part of a large expatriate community award winning actor sean penn finds himself wrapped up in a real life story line involving the infamous drug lord el chop o mexican government is investigating penn and actress kate del castillo who met with lakeville chapel has been after he escaped from prison months ago authorities captured him last week rolling stone magazine published portions of an interview along with an article by penn mexican authorities say they were aware of the meetings involving actors and use them to track al chop o the us largely is deferring to mexico when it comes to handling the situation well and somebody else sort out what was a champ and didn't do. chavez way should be in rolling stone article penn
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him about supply more drugs to people and anyone else in the world travel is expected to be extradited to the us where he faces drug trafficking charges a puppy stolen then put up for sale twice she's home with her family tonight after one of those buyers realized what happened. details ahead. and coming up later on the sunday sport special wild and two wild card weekend several nfl teams struggled at home struggled and failed and that
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seventies today colder air is wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past.
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. so when hubby is back on sticking close to her family after being sold not once but twice. somebody to a four month old alice from the last or family's
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week and after the game lester down advertisers on social media offer multiple for sale. she says she knows the mother of the person who supposedly stole dallas one second i realized he had a stolen dog he returned her family she's been home for about two days now. she hasn't left my side she's been super happy to see everybody and everybody is excited to have a home with the last years are trying to help the person who returned alice find a new pit bull he bought the puppy to give to his daughter. it is the jackpot just keeps growing power of all the other biggest one in us history coming in at one point three billion dollars jackpot hit the record setting figure after no one managed to get all the winning numbers in the drawing last night potential winnings for that one just shy of nine hundred fifty million dollars although no one support multi millions in virginia one person did by taking in suffolk. that is worth one million dollars that ticket sold at convenience on the go on holland road the winning
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missing only the powerball number two other tickets sold in hampton roads turn out to be winners both worth fifty thousand dollars one sold at another location on holland road in suffolk and the other sold at a store in hampton your next chance to win is on wednesday and you can catch the one point three billion dollar joint right here on abc thirteen your official powerful station form of a very warm day today very spring like we had temperatures topping out in the sixties and even some low seventies across the area but boy were in for some changes so let's take a look at the numbers and will get what's coming up sixty nine degrees is the official high at the airport in norfolk seventy one in virginia beach and seventy in chesapeake was the official high little mccall on the eastern shore sixty four now five and sixty four as well and in korea i hope we're able to get out enjoy it because we do have some changes coming. let's
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the forecast for today was sixty degrees the actual high was sixty nine so that makes seven correct forecasts in a row to the spot on forecasts for your monday it will be a lot cooler with temperatures in the mid forties and again this is for monday's we're going to be tracking those temperatures as we headed to the action and temperatures are falling pretty quickly especially was the clouds cleared out we do have the winds out there and so that's helping the temperature is not quite as quickly as they could but it's pretty chilly forty seven degrees right now an orphan were in the thirties already in korea forty nine renowned current at becoming a forty five on the eastern shore now from virginia beach are sitting at forty nine degrees. it is breezy so once we factor in the wind it feels cooler and look at these guys twenty nine degrees right now in newport news twenty and north at twenty three right now in virginia beach the winslow lesson i'm just a bit as we head into your monday was a factor in the wind it feels like it's in the low thirties in emporia mid thirties in roanoke rapids and low
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even got some thirties on the map and hanson again this is what it feels like on your skin as we go through going to keep the mainly clear skies in the forecast and even for your monday plenty of sunshine on monday despite the sunshine we're going to struggle to climb closer to where we should be for this time of the year which is forty eight degrees we're going to keep a mainly clear skies as we head to the evening hours and overnight on tuesday will start off with susie with plenty of sunshine another cold start the day on tuesday but notice what happens when certain few more clouds moving and out ahead of a tracking this was going to bring some colder air into the region by wednesday and even owners with lots of snow showers is a mix preset towards the western portion of the state or central portion of the state we could catch a flu a few flurries eyes facing north of the south side as we head into overnight tuesday into wednesday warning the right to work tomorrow and thirty sunshine but it's going to be called. especially with those
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fifteen mph so we feel like it's in the twenties even teams as we head into your monday morning so here's a look at the forecast forty four on monday and then climb into the fifties on tuesday again watching the chance for a few flurries as we head into the overnight hours tuesday into wednesday so we'll definitely keep you updated. drop back into the authorities on wednesday and finally climbing closer to normal by the end of the week season doubleheader tonight we'd rather have your than today. often after the ride home. regulators say hazel eyes off god laid on the sunday sport special the washington redskins
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. governor of wisconsin will be enjoying some the best things virginia has to offer after the packers beat the redskins
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involving the outcome of the game going with governor terry mcauliffe is was maryland's governor larry hogan because washing loss to green bay mcauliffe will be sending lawyers in smithfield hand for genuine virginia peanuts hogan has to send a bushel of maryland blue crabs with old bay seasoning and a case of flying dog beer. now if green bay lost walker plan to send the governor's wisconsin cheese and sausage and easements and land cools beer will be doing that last one has a look at that game coming up next the sunday sport special that's it for us for now in thirteen years now and eleven. join us
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sport special chord week and in the nfl is now complete and the redskins out to an early lead in aaron rodgers frigid minnesota russell wilson the seahawks were the ones that show on the vikings and acknowledges this matinee to put on a shelf or nc state against what course we know when to come out of the cold on this not a sport special. now how what was that gentleman one of brian's for the welcome to the sunday sports bets we began the wild card weekend of the nfl so much for having home field
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