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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  January 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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so there's plenty of good things to talk about on this monday morning like the skies will remain sunny through the day but the temperatures definitely remaining much cooler as well look at how nice of visibility is across norfolk clears the dow winds are calm and the pressure is rising route thirty six attempts has been dropping a little bit over the last couple of hours of use and when in the upper twenties for a few spots it was just petersburg now wakefield a richmond getting a little chilly are as well. low to mid thirties on the eastern shore down around the outer banks upper thirties era and many a thirty six in chesapeake. as we take a look right now over the eastern part of virginia beach from the west in looking back out towards the coast you can see again visibility pretty good forty to the hide a day that's it now will get warmer tomorrow but another blast of cold air comes in for wednesday and i'll be back they all about that in just few minutes i'd his to the look the ride into work and wonder what she's watching out there now i know there's an accident earlier
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watching that accident a bit of good news with that but probably more bad news than good as we head to our traffic camera will start with a bit of good news here is we take a look at the camera now just a couple of minutes we'll pull that out of rehab it up and running that are produced there it is okay so this is an orphan sixty four westbound right manchester boulevard the outside to the plane's still sing loud flashing lights that one accident. here's the good news ok so now the accident is just off to the shoulder doesn't look like in the lanes are blocked at this point which would probably make up the bad news for yourself take a look at all this traffic making its way out about in norfolk headed toward five sixty four making its way further out into the tar bt one to show you our second camera really quickly here is sixty four west of military highway that's two miles behind the accident scene. that's where delays are beginning in the inside and outside to blame and also know that military highway. it poured a half mile away from the five sixty four split. if you're headed toward naval station
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head to the base take him to boulevard instead do not want to deal with the major backups here and on five sixty four west of the latest in a slow down to norfolk coming up in eight minutes and breaking news in the music world this morning rock legend david bowie has died he was sixty nine years old the singer's family confirming his death early this morning saying that although his official website said he went peacefully following the eighteen month battle with cancer. i've only just turned sixty nine years old on friday that's the same day also tuesday the twenty fifth album the black star the first at the british charts back in the late nineteen sixties with his alter ego ziggy stardust is glam rock style caught on in the us in the seventies and eighties we also took active roles starting in the mid seventies legendary artist leaves behind a son director duncan jones his daughter alexandra and his wife model them on the breaking news here at home and is in the hospital and a police canine is dead after barricade situation in norfolk said the man
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street after a domestic situation officers spent several hours trying to negotiate with them they say that the man came out of the home and shot and killed the k nine officers returned fire are lisa brown she's working that siege can have more for you in an update in about half an hour and of course will continue to follow breaking news we all morning long he can keep it like you're on the latest updates in the park or the team is now well today we can learn of the supreme court will review former virginia governor bob mcdonnell corruption conviction or if he's going to go to prison. the high court met friday to further consider what cases it will hear this term last year in federal court sentence mcdonnell to two years in exchange for favors the wealthy businessman macdonald's wife maureen also is appealing her conviction say lawmakers will return to richmond this week for the start of the twenty six the legislative session passing a billion or one hundred billion dollars two year budget will tb top priority for them among other big issues that they're going to tackle is health care
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the midway point of governor terry mcauliffe limited term as governor supported time new information in the federal case against the norfolk city treasurer norfolk sheriff bob mccain is calling a recall if anthony berkeley will step down our partners at the virginian pilot reports mccabe is up while brought it up rather was campaigning for the mare over the weekend now barefoot per foot rather faces several charges including perjury wire fraud conspiracy off camber berkeley told thirteen news now he's confident his name will be clear a new year means new co pays for people who use tricare starting febuary first. people with the military insurance will be paying a little more co pays are going up two dollars for a thirty day generic prescription costs four dollars for thirty the brand name prescription for those who use mail order a ninety day generic prescription will remain available for no co pay. two men allegedly involved in a shootout with virginia beach police are
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louis desk was a schedule for motions hearing and ten pounds is expected to plead guilty today to charges including attempted murder of a law enforcement officer police say last may vasquez and jails held the customer hostage during an armed robbery at a boost mobile store on baker road the man allegedly fired at police as they left the store officers fired back hitting restless later today several local macy's stores are starting clearance sales as they go into business for good the sales will run between eight and twelve weeks. there are thirty six stores closing nationwide in our area. those include the one in chesapeake square peninsula town center and military circles almost three hundred people will be left without jobs protests in the streets of germany demonstrators are blaming the crimes on people who are not from germany one politician is now proposing and we're now hearing from the muslim woman booted from
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breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at good monday morning it's gonna be a chilly one today the temperatures are cold right now and it's not going to war much at all today with the captors of just a little bit from what we're starting so we'll take a look at that get kids ready for school as are out the door you could see the skies are going to be
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generally in the mid to upper thirties near the coast we do have low thirties and even some upper twenties out away from the water. sunny skies to launch thirty nine and leisure afternoon high right around forty to suggest not a lot of fluctuation across the area. i did i mention it is going to be sunny today so get ready for that temperatures tomorrow a little bit warmer and the reason for that will see a push of warmer air before another cold front side through tomorrow night so we'll see temperatures creeping up in the low fifties and then dropping off highs on wednesday staying in the mid maybe mid to upper thirties and that's about it it will be sunny again in a lotus fifteen percent chance for showers maybe a sprinkle tomorrow night that front coming through. maybe a stray flurry on the backside of that prize that comes by i don't think we have much to worry about it all there but i just mentioned much colder on wednesday of the rest of
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minute right now it can i do have some new information that we're going to check here in just a live look around the downtown tunnel i've been promising that for about fifteen or the back so that we haven't been able to get there. so the brooklyn bridge westbound and eastbound onto sixty four moving fine. now let's check on that accident because they do have to get new details from police. they tell me that this is not one but two accidents on sixty four west chesapeake boulevard right before you get to tidewater the good news it looks like the bull off the right shoulder. the bad news is the mess surrounding the accident and then before and after this point we're still very jam just to give you an idea to backup starts on sixty four west white past northampton boulevard several miles from the scene you see it's a math passing the theme and it's going to be like that until basically you get down to the base gates on five sixty four west so major backups on tracking this morning to have the latest for you coming up at six
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you'll be armed militia group that took control of the national wildlife refuge in oregon says it does not plan to leave yet ahead to what the mother of one of
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in germany a
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sexual assault and robberies blamed mostly on foreigners led to protests women's rights activists far right demonstrators and left wing counter protesters took to the streets of cologne. amid the public pressure one politician is pitching stricter laws regulating asylum seekers six fourteen to time new this morning we're hearing from one of the people escorted out of friday's donald trump rally at winthrop university. we now know not one but two muslims were taken out according to reports security remove the rolls homemade from the event after she stood up behind trump in silent protest this comes after the republican frontrunner call for ban on muslims entering the us and suggested syrian refugees fleeing the war torn countries are affiliated with my sis to bro hof the second person escorted from the event says trump's speeches are offensive to be awesome on the yes part of it is to bring attention to trump the rhetoric how nasty
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how dangerous it is and sometimes does not curry puff at mit are now demanding an apology from the truck camping gma will have more on the race to the white house as democrats or republicans that neck in neck in the polls that's at seven o'clock right after daybreak investigation is underway into a fire at the home of former police officer accused of shooting and killing an unarmed black man last april this is video of the scene in south carolina soon after officers got to michael's leader's home last friday witnesses reported seeing a person dressed in black run away from the house. a judge recently released later on bond he said to going trial in september for walter scott's death. well that militia standoff an organ is entering its second week and now the mother of the standoff leaders asking for more supplies yesterday a state lawmaker visited the militia. this follows a visit from the sheriff again he urged the group to leave peacefully with the group says they pose no threat the armed groups as they are
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the federal occupation of land in the west this morning united airlines has to fork over almost three million dollars the federal transportation department officials fined the company for not returning wheelchairs to disabled passengers when flights landed. it's also accused of not helping those passengers move through airports the government also fined the airline for leaving fliers on planes on the tarmac for more than three hours the new ranking of the world's safest airlines is now ault is now out in whatever early monday we all know this website airline ratings icon says that quantity is the safest airline once again this is the third year that the australian airline is being the safest have a fatality record of zero throughout its ninety five year history. other airlines in the top twenty. alaska airlines hawaiian airlines and united airlines jetblue made the less for being a safe low cost airline merger now six seventeen thirteen
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get a jumpstart on twenty sixteen will be giving away a special prize every day this week today we are keeping up with colonial cpa offer free complimentary tax preparation to a dollar value tune in to the six o'clock hour right now sometime before seven o'clock and we'll tell you today's special keyword then go to thirteen years now. com and click on the features tab and you'll enter the keyword to win. yes much cooler monday then the weekend we had all these centers up and down are really playing with a lot of folks i think around the building here over seconds of both the snap polls and ashby or frost bite of everything. sorry i tell u guys had a little tradition myself heroes battling but not with sickness. it was my kashi granola bar. o oh man i'm telling ya i wanna hide the granola but it was lunch united because going to make it through the last update
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shape mainly clear and chilly today morning temperatures down twenty to thirty degrees from yesterday morning that's certainly one of our weather headlines. skies will remain sunny today tomorrow will get warmer and then another cold blast for wednesday. don't worry temperatures will rebound a little later in the week so plenty to talk about as we go along take a look at the forecast today highs in the lower forties am going for an official high around forty two will see some areas will reach the lower to mid forties that i think officially the airport not much more than forty two as you can see we are sweeping clear right now i add in the satellite images and we pick up a little bit of cloud cover over parts of west virginia and kentucky but it's really this year up here over seven candidates going to dive to the southeast and through our area. the next class coming in to cool us down for wednesday in the meantime plenty cold today. low forties i mention it will remain sunny through the afternoon mainly clear this evening is he a few cirrus cloud showing up with
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tomorrow is going to be a mostly sunny day as well temperatures a little warmer with highs in the lower fifties. now that cold air is common it's going to be pulling up back out to the west behind that front that front comes through tomorrow evening there could be a few stray sprinkles very light activity most serious probably won't see anything at all but there could be a sprinkle and as that colder air rushes in on the heels of this motion kind of coming through there might even be a stray flurry or two out to the west again out looking for anything significant but it's something we'll watch and then behind the system skies clear out for wednesday and thursday but it will be alot chilli or with the colder air. highs wednesday staying in the mid thirties winter is here. high temperatures right now starting off upper twenty s to near thirty out to the west emporia franklin suffix all reporting thirty degrees in upper twenties along i ninety five closer to the coast mid to upper thirties and the temperatures
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this time yesterday were thirty four degrees cooler this morning that it was a wakefield temperatures down thirty two degrees in chess be twenty degrees cooler in virginia beach. obviously a much colder air mass caused a clear though we will enjoy the sunshine highs is a mention in the lower forties lows tonight near thirty degrees and then tomorrow back up to fifty one. get ready. another blast of cold air for a wednesday and temperatures back upper forties and fifties thursday friday and that's normal for this time of year. chance for a few showers late saturday night sunday not looking too bad. are we breaking traffic out there ashleigh that one action really creating some big issues at crate and we have just confirmed that it is not one accident actually three in the same area someone ahead now to our cameras actually does have something that just popped up here in the insides of the blame. i didn't see this a couple seconds ago and it could just be police responding to all the backups out there i'll check on that let you know what i do know
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can see everything working right now. this is in norfolk sixty four west near chesapeake boulevard right we get the tidewater we have this accident here and a separate accident here all to the right shoulder right there in the outside lanes with you can see it's called the major mass on the roads in the outside and inside the plane again with a check to see what that other car was doing with other police officer there something going on the inside said the latino here in just a few minutes but right now flashing lights everywhere brake lights everywhere and a quick live look at our second camera just to show you where the back up again so the sixty four westbound just stop asking north hampton blvd really that the delays began back at north hampton so that's a big mess as well that's about four miles or so away from the accident scene and don't forget once you pass the accident scene at the naval station norfolk all of five sixty four was backed up so it has the bass just do not take sixty four tall to take him to boulevard is that going to get there a
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eye on this check on that other situations too much of what happened there in the inside of weight check and ended up being reactive is a movie a very very busy and are switching gears now i know you have us because he was sure what this might be a blessing it is however absolutely will show you those now so these are the lovely middle school students at larkspur in virginia beach they're part of the avid program which is a college prep program and so they invite off folks that are in the community pride in their careers to come out and speak to these kids and encourage them so i had the chance to do that on friday morning they were incredible they are also smart and acts much ribbon large for him it'll stay at the big one that you think is like a high school or have knowledge of the middle school the earth. it was great we had a great time over there when he was out to them they're awesome. aren't these allegedly us just ahead
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i a video making the rounds on social media chose a man literally giving the shirt off his back to a homeless man this happen on the subway in new york the good samaritan saw the man sitting on the train with no shirt on so we walked over gave him his he even
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them half as well. very cool yeah. ten o six twenty six going to be a cold one practice tracking bitter temperatures just ahead and we continue to gather new information on the officer involved shooting in your back. the suspect allegedly shot and killed a k nine police canine a reporter on the scene just before the neighbor can have a live report on this a major backup on i sixty four norfolk we talk about the three axis is still the brake lights right there. several several police cars on the cc or flashing
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get out of the past. get fios. . where syria's top of that breaking news out of norfolk or a police canine was killed a man seriously injured after an officer involved shooting police were called to land a street that's not very far from east virginia beach boulevard for a barricade situation that was around six o'clock last night charlie brown she has been on the scene all morning long we see this but with a neighbor about this. lucy andrea one woman said the gunfire was so loud and woke her up now we see the how to shoot a man
6:25 am
killed a police dog now police are still here they've been here since six o'clock yesterday police the husband and wife were involved in a domestic disturbance and see the husband had a gun police took out four warrants on them and including abduction and robbery based on the domestic disturbance were told the husband who barricaded himself into the home police said he spent several hours trying to negotiate with him. they say the man eventually came at home but was armed police say they told him to put the gun down but they say he didn't follow orders open fire and hit that canine were told that man police opened fire hitting that man and he was taken to san terri norfolk general with serious injuries will keep you updated as we get more information live in norfolk. elise brown thirteen years now i really thanks a lot of layers to the store and keep bringing you the updates as we get more
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to say good morning and was suppose to the monterey senior time now six thirty when we get run over now to ashley smith. she's been tracking a major backup on i sixty four westbound and ashley this is near chesapeake boulevard. that's right on track ahead right now to the scenes you can see what's going on as you start to plan the morning commute to take a look at this of you going to be in norfolk on sixty four in the inside or the outside lanes here around just the boulevard and discussed about the ways you can see what's working here we have not one but two accidents in that area you can see the two separate accident scenes on the right shoulder in the outside said before you get to tidewater drive to traffic is really jammed out there in both the inside and outside of lanes as it took a quick live look at our second camera is wishing now that the back to the scene. this is around northpoint boulevard before you even get to northampton boulevard. here's where the traffic back ups began and that is three miles away from the accident scene itself and then i will point out once you pass the accident scene. it's going to be a slow go on to
6:27 am
sixty four is jammed all the way into naval station norfolk so we have major back up this morning. if you can take him to boulevard into the base i would suggest you do sell on a check on this in just a few minutes to be the very latest right now let's check in with craggy and good news is weather related incidents great now the weather's fine out there skies are clear the visibility is excellent the roads are dry. it is chilly out there but we really don't have any weather problems to speak of that all across syria look at your horizon right now the sun is coming up and it is going to be a fantastic day when you look outside and step outside you want the coat you want to make sure that you're dressed appropriately right now thirty six at the airport is even chili or for the inland area's many spots down now upper twenties to near thirty degrees so really again take this cold pretty seriously as we go through the afternoon the temperatures warming up only in the low forties officially i think right around midday will see a temperature of about thirty
6:28 am
hike close to forty two. our temperatures will warm a bit tomorrow i'll be back full forecast on that but another arctic blast moves in for wednesday stay tune to expect later today a person who admitted he killed a man during a bar fight in chesapeake is supposed to be sentenced today to run a cisco is due in court and this morning the thirty six roe said he intros satchel got into an argument about football last year originally cisco pleaded not guilty to a charge of second degree murder. he later entered a guilty plea to voluntary manslaughter according to sentencing guideline cisco faces a maximum of ten years in prison but the judge could give him more time than that we should update you after today's schedule sentencing and later today sentencing is set to take place for marine veteran accused of scamming people out of donations friends henry is his name and he's doing a virginia beach courtroom this morning on fraud charges a court found that henry was guilty of obtaining money by false pretense in september last year henry told thirteen
6:29 am
arlington to help raise awareness for ptsd wags four warriors are back to stress but officers arrested him just a few weeks later for lying about his service are also watching another story set to happen later today this one also involves a veteran brian lowe was accused of trying to kidnap a baby at gunpoint his case is set for review hearing in virginia beach was currently being held in a state mental hospital in march and twenty fourteen he pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to attempted abduction in use of a firearm in commission of a felony. lowe is a decorated veteran his wife says he has ptsd that hasn't been properly treated. we will let you know what happens today six thirty five is that i'm not a crime alert of hampton where police are still searching for the gunman who shot three people all are recovering the hospital this morning officers responded to colonia landing apartments on the road when c arrived around seven thirty last night he found two men and a woman with gunshot wounds all three are expected to
6:30 am
what led up to the violence or if police have identified a suspect. if you have any information call the crime line the danish police are looking for the person who robbed an atm customer emergency dispatchers tell us it happened just before six o'clock last night in the province where shopping center. yet this is on campus bill rover told the robber had a gun when he went up to the victim at the wells fargo atm and took money from them the victim is ok if you know anything about this call the crime line at six thirty five your time he suffered severe injuries while in police custody his death touched off violent riots of the tensions are mounting as major movement in the controversial case is expected today plus a drug kingpin is being extradited to the united states the head while he was tracked down and how he was tracked down that has everyone talking more about that plus breaking news an accident on i sixty four westbound to support sb
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. and we continue to follow breaking traffic news in norfolk where we have to re separate crashes on sixty four west between chesapeake boulevard in little creek road you can see two of them here. i'm having trouble seeing the third one on our camera but police confirmed there is another way out there's less talk about these two firsts and sixty four west the outside to blame just
6:34 am
one of them right in this area here. there's another one just a little bit further up and in the third one is going to be near little creek throats all the same air as you can see traffic backed up in the outside in the inside to the plains a quick live look at our second here missy can see where the delays are beginning that this is all the way down to the two sixty four interchange were about four miles away from the accident scene at this point and i expect traffic to back up to two sixty four is going to be a slow go all the way up to five sixty four and five sixty for all the way into naval station norfolk is a master of your head to the base. take a hampton blvd instead or one of the other entrances into the base continue to fall this election when things start to wrap up for now let's check in with greg. all right ashleigh and really the weather not a problem with the commune up this morning or this afternoon and got the green light for both rides weather wise clear and cold this morning he would allow a little extra time to heat up the car especially in areas where temperatures are
6:35 am
thirty that's out to the west closer to the coast when the maid to even up for thirty for a few spots and this evening when a seemingly clear skies so not bad at all for your ride home either this guy right now looking across town point park across downtown norfolk it out to the ec can see just a few thin clouds on the horizon but it is clear overhead as we get to ready for your day temperatures this morning are starting off in the mid thirties to upper thirties near the coast inland areas are much cooler and all these temperatures a lot colder than at this time yesterday we're talking twenty five to thirty five degrees cooler than it was yesterday morning so we started of very warm yesterday today was turning out much much colder and it doesn't warm up much chilli through mid day and this afternoon the high right around forty two with those inland areas hitting the mid forties now will warm up a little bit tomorrow but don't you see that another blast of cold air for wednesday will talk about that. how sure you
6:36 am
coming up with my next update lots to talk about some changes late in the week is while looking for to that time the six forty one a record breaking jackpot of more than one billion dollars is the talk of the town scratch that the nation latest in the powerball
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i knew this morning the extradition process to send mexican drug lord joaquin el chaco goose pond to the united states is now underway. this is as authorities reach out to the actor sean penn about his secret meeting with the cartel kingpin security forces say that they captured all chapel on friday thanks to an interview that sean penn did with him. check out that picture investigators learned the details of the drug lords location by intercepting pence phone call with al chop both the interview appeared saturday on the website rolling stone magazine and good morning america has lived in mexico with much more on the charges little chapel space here in the united states that is ahead at seven o'clock right after daybreak six forty five is your time now to a developing story out of italy where police are investigating a murder
6:38 am
it on their hands involves american woman ashley olsen was found dead inside her floor apartment on saturday night the thirty five year old is originally from florida but has been living in italy for years now police have questioned wilson's boyfriend would say at this time he is not a suspect but were in america is live in florence with more on this murder investigation catch a live report at seven o'clock right after they brag about fifteen minutes later today the trial is set to begin for the baltimore police officer who faces the most serious charges in connection to the death of freddie gray officer cesar goodson is charged with second degree murder. goodson was driving the police van that carried great to six locations after his april arrest gray got handcuffed but with unrestrained in that day and he died a week after the incident from severe injuries goodson will be the second of six officers to go on trial and new this morning volkswagen splashy new hire and yet the german automaker's introducing
6:39 am
week's detroit auto show this hype about her suv see right there is a separate electronic motors to power the front and rear wheels a turbocharged gasoline engine is on standby to provide extra of an apple music has passed a huge milestone the six month music streaming service has now ten million paid subscribers. it is nearly half as many as the much older spot a fight which crossed the twenty million mark in june and was good moments during the golden globe awards first most are in the jungle the amazon show winning best tv series second lead over the copy of reaction to lady ga ga walking by to see that check that out and third brie larson red carpet at the stunning best actress winner from the movie role of a special key word here we go
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the irs and was ordered thursday to early for that com click on the features tab and enter that keyword for a chance to win some free tax preparation from colonial cpa that is a two hundred dollars value. tune in to daybreak every single day this week for a chance to win something different. very fitting though. yesterday after the prize you get iowa turning now to traffic we want to get straight over to ashley has been watching that backup on i sixty four westbound a frisbee boulevard a couple of things to ashley at a big mess right now in norfolk and that is due to three accidents we have had in that area again sixty four west near chesapeake boulevard but really the accident had been between just the boulevard in little creek road so let's start with the update as i'm allowed the wages you can see what's going on. if you've been with us for a little while we've been watching this camera here because we can see two of the three accidents on this camera the good news is those accident. it looks like they
6:41 am
again you can see that mess in both the inside outside the plane was hit or second camera because we still have one accident that is working and that is sixty four westbound in the outsides of the blame at little creek wrote about going to still slow you down. notice traffic still very heavy here the outside set in the inside to blame your backups are now pretty much solid back to the two sixty four interchange in jam for miles passing the former accident scene and the current accident scene and that you're headed to five sixty for all of five sixty four west is back not really until you get almost to the runway tunnel so we do have major traffic trouble right now through norfolk. i'll keep an eye on getting the latest in just a few minutes right now let's head over to crate with a check of the forecast good morning good morning guys are right we are taking a look right now and the conditions with a spot on st. very briefly touch on this yes they were calling for a high of sixty eight were sixty nine so the streak extends to seven days to get a nice little streak rolling today
6:42 am
generally in the lower to mid forties it may be a degree or two cooler than at the airport arriving many areas will be in the mid forties so i feel pretty good that we will extend our streak to eight days and you can see game of the official high close to forty to maybe forty three will be very close to that i didn't take a look at the radar it's clear right now skies are clear as well so no problems weather wise you're out the door aside from the much cooler conditions relative to what we saw yesterday it will be sharply colder and it is this morning were down twenty five to thirty five degrees from where we were yesterday at this time over the north central u s much colder ears in snow on the great lakes lake effect snow there but there's another blast of cold air up into canada and it's this next push of cold air that's going to slide south the fruit into our area into early wednesday. that's going to drop our temperatures here so what we're going to find today skies will remain sunny
6:43 am
better have a coat with the new one that through the afternoon into the evening mainly clear skies and then tomorrow starts a little more cloud cover up to the west in with the really cold air out there maybe some snow over parts of west virginia to be traveling back that way sixty four into west virginia around beckley to charleston and areas west of that you may encounter some snow showers out there as the front pushes through our area tuesday evening maybe a few sprinkles on light activity out ahead of that front and then just behind it is a cold rooms and maybe just chilly enough to produce a stray flurry or two out to the last are off to the north. i really don't think we're going to see much and not concerned about this at this point and all but i'd use one a mention in case you do see a stray flurry out there to the north or west later tomorrow night wednesday we clear back out again mostly sunny temperatures will be much chilly with highs in the mid thirties for wednesday when a difference. i today we're
6:44 am
off mid thirties around norfolk and chesapeake upper thirties in virginia beach cole dropped to the west outer banks upper thirties temperatures down as i mentioned a lot from this time yesterday in a quick live look you can see the skies are clear our temperatures today close to forty two officially it will be a little warmer inland thirty tonight and then fifty one tomorrow but don't get used to that warm up and drops again wednesday potential rebound as we head to the weekend with a chance for a few evening showers possible loans that are things which greg is coming up on six fifty two hollywood's awards season officially kicks off last night with the seventy third annual golden globes the big winners can believe it sylvester stallone one for best supporting actor in a motion picture for his role as a famed boxer in the film creed and listen can you guess how old sly is in the candy looks about seventy six nine tall. yeah he's holding up pretty well though i will say the martian
6:45 am
comedy and by the way his video and looking at lady ga ga classical to the dentist moment and the winner for the best motion picture in the drama category went to the rev and starring leonardo dicaprio can rest the ankle that has seen it yet i haven't read here. i'm so antsy right now. powerball pandemonium everyone don't feel guilty it's okay love the powerball this week the jackpot is more than one billion dollars. actually one point three billion years and with no end in sight at this point. now the grand prize winner nine on saturday nights with climbing so high the powerball will likely become even more come wednesday night you heard of before the odds of winning it all about one in two hundred and ninety two million part of it knows the right look for much more on that growing powerball jackpot had a good morning america featured some o'clock right after daybreak ri ten o six fifty three keeper right here there is still much more ahead on daybreak including an update
6:46 am
good monday morning coming up next here on gma hollywood's big night the golden globes where a backstage the biggest winners of the night all the highlights live from hollywood this morning and
6:47 am
six fifty six a top story in your morning rush is breaking news out of norfolk were a police k nine was shot and killed a man in serious condition now after an officer involved shooting police were called to land straight that's not very far from virginia beach boulevard for a barricade situation this all started around six o'clock last night. our lisa brown has been live on the scene all morning long gathering the latest least we learned that lucy andre police are still here on the scene they still do have this tree blocked off one neighbor tells me he could get home for about two hours last night no police had been here since about six o'clock yesterday they say a husband and wife were involved in a domestic disturbance and police say the husband had gotten up we took out four warrants on them and including abduction and robbery based on the domestic disturbance were told the husband barricaded himself into the home police say spend several hours trying to negotiate with him they say the man eventually
6:48 am
armed police say they told him to put the gun down but they say the man came out was an arm to open fire and shot and killed allegedly shot and killed a police canine canine now police opened fire hitting them and were told he was taken to north norfolk sent era general with serious injuries will keep you updated as we get more information live in norfolk elise brown thirty news now at least thanks to our top story the morning rush. a person who admitted he killed a man during a bar fight in chesapeake supposed to be sentenced today to write his sisters who are talking about in these two week or ten o'clock this morning thirty six roe said he didn't roll settle got into an argument over football last year over again then releases go pleaded not guilty to a charge of second degree murder he later entered a guilty plea to voluntary manslaughter according to sentencing guidelines the school faces a maximum of ten years in prison but the judge could give him more time than that we should update you after today's schedule sentencing law
6:49 am
attention to traffic today awful back of ash from telling you we're still dealing with traffic trouble out there and now some new truck patrolling the area to reports will start with what we know a woman falling for a while here this is in norfolk sixty four west of little creek road the outside lanes that accident is still working clock in the left lane you can see the traffic backups in the outside in the inside said. and speaking of traffic trouble was we had for a second camera. we had now to virginia beach this is sixty four west just before you get to two sixty four a new accident there blocking the right lane traffic is jammed from providence road in the twin bridges in virginia beach all the way up to the axis accident scene at little creek road and the little creek all the way down to the bay so it is just a headache this morning miles and miles of delays and head to the base just to keep the boulevard which might be back up to but not as bad as that between those of absolutely all there aren't things which i had my sizzler day and yet and the weather really not
6:50 am
at all this is just a pretty off white trash beautiful here we're seeing skies are clear it is chilly i will say that we'll check those dumpsters for you right now in norfolk. we have thirty six degrees thirty five in virginia beach temperatures are cooler. inland temperatures today will top out right around forty two a little bit warmer and led fifty one tomorrow and then another blast of cold air wednesday rebel rebel good morning, america. breaking news -- legendary rock star david bowie passing away overnight. his style influencing generations in music and movies.
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