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grade boys stand true tactical vests. richardson was shot by police after shooting cry her. police say he raised his weapon and posed a threat to officers this after hours of negotiation with richardson to lay his weapon down and surrender peacefully. long says these canines are brave members of the force and deserve to have the best protection in the line of duty. they're going to do their job and that's it in the display showed off everything else i mean it doesn't matter they're they're giving a command they go nuts you like to learn more of a longs organization will have a link on thirteen years now dot com tonight richardson is in custody but in the hospital in critical condition. love nor fiction to her thirty news now just into the newsroom we've learned portsmouth police are investigating the death of a baby or told a parent call nine one one around two am this morning when many scott to the home of deep creek boulevard they cannot resuscitate the two month old boy to pronounce the baby dead on the scene the medical
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the exact cause of death in hampden a gunman is still on the loose after a triple shooting someone shot two men and the one that last night near colonial landing apartments some tickets and rode in the with neighborhood neighbors say they heard as many as ten gunshots police say the victims should survive. investigators have not named any suspects and call the crime line. if you know anything about the shooting not a city treasurer is under mounting pressure to step aside more city leaders are calling on anthony performed to take a leave of absence after the federal government indicted him on a number of corruption charges last friday eric cain spoke with norfolk city officials about the issue. absolutely we stopped by the treasurer's office to try to speak then we were unable to reach and though about these new calls for him to step aside norfolk city treasurer anthony buffett back at work monday and under pressure to leave on friday the feds
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the thirty page indictment alleges perfect wielded his influence as a council member directing projects to a businessman in return for hundreds of thousands of dollars in kickbacks so far counted and barclay when an enterprise you're a candidate for mayor have called upon perfect to step aside but i think it's probably awkward spring is a big t leave of absence allows that to occur unless in the river's defense. sheriff bob mccabe another candidate for mayor has also called upon perfect to leave his post as manager of the taxpayers' money. this position calls for i have access to tax records of businesses and individuals and do the type of charges of use in your office for personal gain in those type things that those are pretty serious. mccain has gone as far as to throw his support behind a possible voter recall if bertha continues to
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arrow says the recall is not practical. that is not going to happen the way our federal judiciary in the federal system works and we did reach out to all city council members including the mare were still waiting though to hear back from most of them as to whether buffett should stay or go. he faces up to twenty years in prison. eric came thirteen years now alright if a recall effort does begin count of thirteen is now to bring you the updates we will also bring you the latest on what's criminal case no news can be good news for former governor bob mcdonnell the u s supreme court took no action on this appeal a federal corruption convictions some legal scholars and supreme court observers think the delay may need mcdonnell may just get his day in court again my gut and joins us now with details and janet the justices did take no action at least one leading watcher of the high court has weighed in on why this may be a good thing for mcdonnell a jury found mcdonald guilty of public
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of twenty fourteen. he was accused of accepting more than hundred sixty five thousand dollars in gifts and loans in exchange for political favors though mcdonnell has maintained he only extended routine political courtesy is virginia's seventy first governor was sentenced to two years in prison but he has remained free during the appeals process macdonald's lawyers argue that the government's case criminalize is normal political activity and that if the verdicts are allowed to stand every elected official and campaign donor risks indictment in a lengthy list of cases the supreme court has agreed or declined to hear posted today on its website. no mention was made of the mcdonnell case noted court watchers code is blogged tweeted today that the interaction increases the chance of review legal scholars we talked to today agreed that it is a possibility in the roberts court in recent years when they've decided to hear a case they've often re listed it and waited a week or two
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hear the case says curtis bok has noticed that trend and if i was a betting man i would say that they're probably going to hear the case it might mean that they're going to deny it but one of the justices was to write a defense to the denial. it can also mean that there's a few justices who want to grant the petition as others who don't and they're still trying to to work out those differences that takes four justices to grant a petition so that's the big number that and the governor needs and i must note here that public now is a nineteen eighty nine graduate of the rings regent university law school. we did reach out to the doll defense team and the mcdonnell family both declined comment today the next regularly scheduled posting of the supreme court orders less is next monday january nineteen. reporting by kevin thirteen years now now the supreme court decision will also have a big impact on maureen mcdonnell she is also appealing a corruption conviction but her case is on hold until the high court decides whether to take her husband's
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and a day in prison. it is not clear if she will get to remain free during her appeal it's a thirteen years now investigation parents need to see a teacher now facing a sex crime charge could have had access to your kids while under investigation by the state we're talking about ryan garrett them and we were first to tell you about who was indicted by a north carolina grand jury last week investigative reporter laura geller joins us now with new information. well baby here's the discovery that is frightening parents we talk to you. turns out even after the school system found out about the allegations of sex crimes. it listed garrett as a tutor each year dare county schools put out a tune or directory is a list of teachers available to tutor your children outside of the normal school day up until we called the superintendent. we were able to find the man accused of having sex with a student listed in an on line version of that directory. our discovery comes seven months
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leaders were first alerted of a possible issue with his license was revoked and people knew about that about this issue than whoever's responsible for i guess this list or you know on monday night stuff that scoop it out than they should be held accountable if we went straight to the school district to find out what exactly slip through the cracks here you're not going to want to miss what the superintendent has happened and what the school system is doing to prevent the issue from coming up again. our full investigation is new at six. laura geller thirteen years now are looking for to that one and now this story a deadly bar brawl sparked by a football game a year later the suspect in the case learns his fate find out how long that man will spend behind bars and dangling in the air seventy one stories high. find out how crews rescued a pair of stranded window washers. plus new details in the hannah
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happen in court today with the suspect jesse matt and i to be talking about some
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. i a man pleaded guilty killing another man during a chess a fig bar fight learned his fate today the judge sentence running cisco to the maximum sentence allowed for voluntary manslaughter the fight sparked after a cowboys vs redskins argument in a bar got out of the brawl left charles said till dead marcel roberson was in court and has the details. a judge then didn't want to go to ten
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the manslaughter charge will serve an additional four years for probation violation for cisco's family defendant is devastating but the vacancy on things as its justice justice will clark that's what was important charles sensuous fiance reacts to the news that bonnie cisco will spend the next decade behind bars does not affect us out here in society. cisco admitted to killing essential during an argument about the cowboys redskins game that got out of hand. this surveillance video shows cisco lunging toward essential looking around the neck a blow that proved to be deadly. cisco's brother who was at the bar when this all happened is shocked by this sentence was accidental whether one calls on purpose in court cisco's family and friends talked about how he was trying to turn his life around he was released from prison just six months before the incident and seals bar cisco's defense attorney asked for less than the minimum sentence but
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either very awesome guy he got out a loan is best and will look at this point i am satisfied. you know max has given tome and that's what he deserves what ronnie cisco told the judge before his sentence was handed down we'll have that part of the story coming up tonight at six in chesapeake marcella robertson thirteen years now deadly day in the fight against isis the terror group claimed responsibility for a mall attack in baghdad gunmen stormed into the building after setting off a car bomb and launching a suicide attack at the entrance to the building. the terrorists killed at least eighteen people and injured fifty others shortly after the attack. ice is posted a statement online saying more is going to come in congress there's a fight over whether to vote on new war powers to fight isis senate republican majority leader mitch mcconnell says the senate will not take up the issue but republican speaker of the house paul ryan has called for a committee to work on new plans to deal
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proposed a three year authorization to fight isis last year but congress has not yet approved in michigan several fire stations are now handing out bottled water water filters and more because of toxic drinking water. it's part of the effort to make sure people in flint have clean water. michigan's governor recently declared a state of emergency for flint after was discover that lead and other chemicals that seeped into the city's water supply. now city officials are working to keep people safe. we've been to homes shattered in one today with the windows this holes in the windows and his little like young children they can take a little blanket around them and it's these people many of the fallen on hard time starting tomorrow water resource teams will also start going door to door to make sure everyone in the city of flint has the resources they need two window washers are safe after
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a look the workers were on a scaffolding piece of scaffolding when it fell on one side in houston texas the men were seventy one floors up when this happened were told firefighters were able to pull the man through a building window. the men were not hurt and the window washing company says a motor malfunctioned causing the problem severe weather ripped through florida this weekend in cape coral near fort myers an ef two tornado hit one home was destroyed and more than a dozen homes had significant damage to look like a garbage can up on a pole other houses had ripped roofs and damaged windows officials say the tornado left a trail of destruction over about twelve square miles. hartman over a boat flipped over on our i mean there's reason to say now is pretty much trees disappeared is rooted right out of a downed power lines it's it's just a mask florida governor rick scott toured the damage early
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could cost upwards of six million dollars. good news however no one was killed by gas line break the lead to some cold classrooms at newport news middle school today a spokesperson for the school system says virginia natural gas workers disrupted a gas line that feeds one of the malvern boilers at huntington middle school that left part of the school cold so students were moved out of those classrooms were told the problem should be fixed by tomorrow. vendors out there today anywhere from twenty to twenty five degrees cooler than yesterday despite a lot of sunshine helping our grandson yesterday too for a lot of us but anyway right now that's leading to a very nice looking sunset and see some of the brilliant or just showing up out there little bit to read nothing on radar so we can move right onto a chilly forecast right now we're at forty two is probably on a cold cold forecast because now as
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will become cold later on a little bit of a light westerly wind forecast for tomorrow calls for modern readings back up to around fifty three for the high today we were around forty four so far that was the exact forecast for today are spot on street now up to eight. try keep that going from our tempers out there as i said chile should be the forty two at the airport right there also forty two in or on northview forty two and deep creek forty two in creeds everybody really in a fairly tight range from the law while the upper thirties but most of us lower forties to us or low to mid forties same thing here cross some of the northern areas little milder but not by much couple degrees warmer right now in williamsburg at the airport there for just forty five colder thirty six known malas thirty nine and saluted thirty nine west point. there's a couple of thirty seven is on the eastern shore some northern areas dropping is would you expect a little bit more quickly and to the south we have readings that are
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but i see a couple of thirties here thirty nine is that city thirty nine husky i think there's a thirty eight out there behind me in the central areas around conway of sort of north central north carolina so this evening. bottom line is mainly clear skies but cold temperatures dropping back through the thirties and inland areas already before nine o'clock i'm talking really far inland areas down in the twenties during the night we see a little bit of a weak disturbance coming to very very slight chance of a stray flurry but other than that cold temperatures to start your day tomorrow. most spots in the twenties and then rising up through the thirties and ending up warmer than today and actually above normal. i'm going to say fifty three is the high and that is about forty five degrees above where we should be the next front comes in it's a cold front tomorrow night comes plowing through and that dropped temperatures again tuesday night into wednesday and out ahead of the triggers a slight chance a couple of isolated sprinkles tomorrow evening or even a slight
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flurry again before we get that much colder air moving in on wednesday. wednesday will start off twenty seven year thirty a lot like this coming morning but on light tomorrow where it warms up nicely in the afternoon where not even gonna touch the forties for most areas as highs will be in the upper thirties for high temperature during the day then on wednesday and then warm right back up on fifteen or more degrees again on thursday so literally big swings from day to day and then we sort of plateau with some mild readings little bit of a weak disturbance off to the north thirty then tonight mainly clear and cold mid twenties inland and then tomorrow fifty three after that lower thirty the next morning a low of thirty and instead of fifty three we only thirty seven and twenty seven the next morning but in very warm high of fifty two so it's really crazy swinging from sixties on the seventy the fifties the thirties back
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susceptible to getting sick right. i was half a dozen firefighters hurt all because of a big fire see more of the raging flames coming up but first the powerball jackpot is at an all time high with one point four billion dollars on the line we're hearing more about
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i may not have one that massive powerball drawing this weekend but no one else did either. now the jackpot has belonged to at least one point four billion dollars far away the largest so far. abc's lauren lister has more on lottery fever our homeland right climbing to one point four billion dollars monday afternoon when matched all six numbers for saturday's
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million dollar prize. there were some million dollar winners though someone in massachusetts. hopefully it's one of our regulars in suffolk virginia to promote the outcome of all the others still thinking about how they spend of in winnings and felt very comfortable with the rest of my life. yes the money are expendable but it turned out to winning a stash of mega lottery cash can be squandered with stunning speed seventy percent of people who hit a big lose big with in just a few years of on the hose lay on the odds of winning are still wanting to wander ninety two million. yes you're still more likely to get attacked by a shark for my liking but here's a virginia man whose car was struck by lightning and his playing powerball with the message of hope the reality is people do get by like a big to get bit by sharks or that sort of thing could you possible to be that one and two hundred million person who wins and don't be
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with a jackpot of over billion dollars. the issue facing bad news is this site simply weren't made to display a prize that big lauren mr abc news los angeles aisle once you get your take is make sure you tune into abc thirteen wins tonight we are your local lottery station and will have the powerball numbers. first watch the drawing bring thirty news now at eleven am as writing my shopping centre when he sees people running and screaming at him by now that matt is talking only the thirteen years now about the wild atm robbery he saw in virginia beach and military families are about
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costs selling mattresses the traditional way isn't the best way. most are made in a large factory, and shipped hundreds of miles to a retailers warehouse, where they're marked up and up before finally selling and delivering them at the original mattress factory we take a straightforward approach. we have eliminated the extra steps and created a direct line from our factory to you.
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i we begin with a story only on thirty news now a customer's robbed at gunpoint at an atm and a brave witness chases after the suspect this happened around six o'clock yesterday evening at the wells fargo bank in providence where shopping center lesson cancel road by jimmy lee has exclusive interview with the man who follow the suspect when it does happen to be driving right past as this robbery was happening. he tells me he saw the suspect running in
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road he said it was just anything to go after him and now this is going to go to the bank and get my money and that's when joe saw someone running from the main then i see someone who walks be on the corner pointing and yelling my meaty react to news of someone's being robbed he knew he had to do something to how they're already up near this this this building over here south of us and i drive my vehicle up towards the suspect then ran into a nearby parking lot and jumped into a car so i pull up in front of the truck kind of an a t bones configuration i look into the driver's windshield and i see just an elbow to the probably maybe starting the vehicle up or just trying to hide he realizes he's caught the suspect then started speeding down can still grow. joan chased after him including catcher but he was able to get his license
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